Friday, April 22, 2016

As many times as I've been hurt in the past, you would  think that I would have learned my lesson, right? Well...I have always been a firm believer in second chances, so I decided to give my new fella a second chance.

And honestly, I've heard about people who have given cheaters another chance and their relationship was stronger than before and I never understood how that was possible. Given what I've gone through with my ex husband and the feelings toward that whole situation, I just couldn't see how someone could say their relationship was better. I do now. I get it. I don't know how to explain it, but I do understand now. We are closer. He hasn't lost my trust. Of course no one is happy with my decision to get back together with him.

So, here I this thing another shot.


I got a call on Tuesday while I was at Lilly's game saying that an ambulance had been called to come get Zach from his fathers house because he wrecked a 4-wheeler. Long story short, Zach got 15 stitches all together, his father got chewed out, and I bawled like a little baby. Zach is fine. He won't look at his stitches though and as a boy who likes to show off his boo boos, it is a bit unusual. My fella even insisted on going to the hospital with me. He stayed there the entire 7 hours it took for Zach to get fixed up and discharged and he even shook my ex's hand when we left. The stitches have to stay in for 2 weeks and changing the bandages is like pulling teeth, but Zach is a trooper.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One of the worst feelings in the world is having your heart broken. After my divorce, I ran into this awesome and kind guy. After everything I had went through in my failed marriage, I really needed this. He made me feel special. He made me feel loved. We were great together. We talked all day every day and saw each other often. I fell hard and fast for him and we were planning our future together.

That is until he admitted to cheating on me just one week ago. After knowing everything I had been through in the past and even telling him that its the one thing I will not tolerate, he goes and does it. He thought that he did a good thing by telling me, and I'm happy he did. It gave me the opportunity to end it before I got in too deep and it happened again. He swears that it won't, but after one time of being betrayed, I just can't be sure and I have to be careful.

I've cried for 2 days straight and haven't slept worth a shit. I'm really missing him today. My heart feels so heavy. Part of me wants to give him another chance, but I know I can't do that. I will forever have trust issues with him and you can't build a relationship like that.

What is wrong with me? Why do I keep getting in this situation? I'm hurting more today than I think I was when he told me. Its just hard. I hate this feeling with a passion. Once again I don't feel like I'm not good enough. I keep trying to tell myself that no man is worth this. I'm worth more than this. I deserve more than this. I keep saying it, but I have yet to believe it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Almost My Bday

I know, I know... its been a while yet again. I don't know what's going on. I have time, I think I'm just lazy.
I've realized that I'm a completely different person in my dreams than I am in real life. In my dreams I'm a leader, I'm determined, I'm a fighter. Rarely do I ever end up in any kind of danger or uncomfortable situation. Only a few times have I woken up scared out of my wits and that's usually when I dream of ghosts. I've woken up mad at hubby for things he's done in my dreams, but other than that, I wish I could be the person I dream myself to be. Last night's dream, I was in control, I was directing people, I was the leader in a group, I had great ideas, I had plans. I'm finding it more and more difficult to wake up in the mornings because I just want to keep being this person. I hit the snooze button 5 times this morning. Yesterday, I texted my boss and told her I'd be an hour late... I just wanted to keep dreaming.
I've read a few articles lately about excepting your body and positive body image. I'm trying so hard to except my looks, but its hard sometimes. So here I am, this overweight short girl with feet so wide I can't wear fancy shoes, stretch marks all over my body, acne of a teenager which is rarely on my face, but everywhere else.... but I do like the look of my feet, and I know my stretch marks are from my kids, and I love my smile, my eyes and my hair. I know I'll never get back to the high school me, but I've got to find a way to love the current me or at least do something to change what I don't like. I don't run anymore. I got lazy. I've gained all my weight back. I'm back in my bigger pants.
How can I take the person I am, inside and out, and turn it into the person I want to be? I want to be a leader. I want to take control. I want to be able to run without running out of breath only one minute in.
I'll be 28 tomorrow. One year closer to 30. One year closer to 50. One year closer to retirement. Instead of moping around, I should be celebrating. My birthday is actually on Friday the 13th this year, its the same as when I was born. This year, there will be a full moon that day too. Last night, I burnt my fingers and my brother told me that my luck will get worse as it gets closer to my birthday. It should be getting better though, right? Since I was born on Friday the 13th, shouldn't that be a lucky day for me?
Tomorrow is also Lilly's first all star game. I hope all goes well. During practice coach had her at third base and short stop, but during the scrimmage, he had her in the outfield. Looking at who our competition is, it looks like we will win the championship.
Well... we bought a camper. Hubby got the one he wanted, but I didn't put up much of a fight for it. Now we just have to use it soon.
It seems like everyone in the office is finding different jobs. In the little room that I'm in, 3 people have left since April and one is putting in her 2 weeks on Monday. I want to go, but I find anything. My fingers stay crossed though.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yep...Its May

Oh! Many many things! I swore last time that I was going to keep this up to date, but every time I thought about posting, I got lazy.
My brother, Tony and his now wife Bre is living in my basement for now. Tony didn't want to keep working out on the road and their place was way too expensive. They just got married yesterday too. It wasn't anything big or formal, it was just basically the signing of the papers. I really think having him in my home is helping with my depression, too. I was actually super surprised when hubby said it was ok for them to move in, but now he complains to me about almost everything they do or don't do.
Lilly's ball games are almost to an end and then All Stars start up, but she probably won't be able to play because she'll be having vacation with her father during one of the big weeks. She's so upset. She doesn't want to go on vacation now. Today is 50's day in school and she's wearing a poodle skirt. The very same one she's been wearing since Kindergarten. We just keep adjusting the waist so it fits. The softball parade was a couple weekends ago. The moms that was coordinating everything and decorating failed to tell me that the girls weren't wearing their uniforms, so Lilly was the only one. 
Zach is just Zach. He's been talking and walking in his sleep. I'm just waiting for the day that he sleepwalks down to the basement and crawls in bed with Tony. Zach got his first face boo boo. He kinda fell face first on a sidewalk during one of Lilly's ball games. I really think a boy pushed him, though. One of the new moms has a little boy about a year older than Zach and he's a mean little boy and the mom doesn't even watch him. I've seen him run off toward the football field and she had no idea.
Hubby's been half working on the fence in the yard for about a month now. Hoping it'll get done soon so we can let the dog loose. Its not even a big section of fence.
So much and yet nothing has happened in the past month or however long its been since I last posted. I haven't really done anything. No running, no workouts, nothing fun really. Just work, home, watch kids, bed. Don't even really see hubby much nowadays. Half the time my brother and Bre are out and about. Its just me and the kids.
OH, yeah.... I have vertigo. Its eased up quite a bit the past couple of weeks. I can now move my head from side to side without the room spinning. Now it only happens if I look straight up or go from standing to laying down. And it gets really bad in the dark. At night, if I just roll over or get up to check on the kids, I feel like I'm drunk. The dr told me to take motion sickness pills every 8 hours, but that stuff made me so drowsy I was messing up my work, so I stopped taking it.
Lilly did have a dentist appt yesterday and they said that I should get an orthodontist consult about her adult teeth. They are a bit crowded, but her baby teeth haven't even come out yet. I hope its covered in the insurance. That stuff can get pricey.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stuff and Things

I really need to stop waiting so long before I update.
Lilly is 9! Her party went fine even though none of her friends from school showed up. Its funny, I was trying so hard to find a face painter for her party, but it would have basically been a waste of money since no one showed up. She had fun and that's all that matters.
Softball has started back up. Her first game is Saturday. She's been having practice and she's been rocking it. We bought her a new helmet with a face mask since her step mother had told her that she shouldn't wear her glasses while batting in case she got hit in the face. I swear, that woman is going to kill everyone. Its slow pitch and adults are doing it, I'm sure they know what they are doing and won't hit her in the face.
I tried to get hubby to get Zach to pee on a tree yesterday in our yard. Zach was excited about the idea, but then he wouldn't do it.
My brother's apartment is almost all packed up and we'll be moving them in this weekend if all goes well. My basement still isn't quite ready, but it will be when the time comes. Even if I have to take another day off work to get it done.
I'm actually not feeling too well today and was thinking about going home super early, but I'd hate to because I'm seriously running out of sick days I can take and its only the beginning of April. I have to leave work just a little early on Friday because Lilly has a scrimmage.
I woke up around 1am to find hubby outside assembling the trampoline for the kids. I was surprised. He said he couldn't sleep which is understandable since he just came off a string of midnight shifts.
Today is picture day for Lilly and she wouldn't let me do a thing with her hair. I hope she at least gets it out of her face. I've made an appointment for next week to get her hair chopped off. I wonder if she has enough to donate.
April Fools Day came and went without a single prank. I only heard about one from a guy at work that his dad had played on him.
I'm still trying hard to find another job. I'm focusing a lot on non-profits. I would love to get a meaningful job. That's my goal. I'd really love to work with kids, but non-profits for kids are better. I applied to one yesterday and one a couple of weeks ago. I doubt I'll get it, but I'm trying.
I'm feeling a bit depressed today. I could seriously just go sit somewhere and stare off into space for the rest of the day. I have no desire to do anything or talk to anyone. Yet another reason I just really want to go home. I think what I really want to do is to be a stay at home mom. I know Zach will miss day care so maybe I can do that after he starts Kindergarten. It'll be like 2 more years so hubby will be making a few more bucks. And maybe I could get a part time job just to have some money of my own. Something that's only a couple hours for a couple of days. I don't know. I just don't know anymore. I had so many ideas and dreams about what I was going to do with my life and here I am willing to just throw it all away to stay at home. I think if I did stay at home, I'd just end up getting more depressed. No one is around. My family lives so far away, my best friend isn't close enough to where I can just go to her house on a whim. I even thought about just getting a part time job at the day care, but I don't even think I want to do that anymore. Some days I just want to sit and stare at the wall and I know that's not normal. Its not even lunch time and I'm willing to throw today away. Although, I might be a little more productive at home than I would be here. I have no plans to really do anything today at work. Maybe its my medicine that's slowly making me want to just sort of disappear. I need to stop being so f'ing negative all the time. Geez.... I'm just having an off day. Ignore me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Its the First Day of Spring

Its so exhausting being the nice person all the time or being the negotiator or the peace keeper. Between my family and hubby's family, I'm just mentally exhausted. I keep trying to think of ways to make sure everyone is happy, but its just impossible. Especially when most of them are so stubborn and set in their own ways and don't know how to compromise. OR they go back on their word. My brain just can't handle all of this anymore, its going to explode.
Lilly's birthday and party is Saturday. She picked out a Rockstar theme and I found some really pretty decorations and colors to go with it. I've invited some of her friends and I hope some of them show up. I found most of their parents on Facebook and invited them that way. At this age they are still expected to give invitations to the entire class if they hand them out. I'm not doing that. I don't want a kid that Lilly doesn't get along with to show up. Its her birthday party and she has the right to invite or not invite whomever she wants.
Her gifts from me so far are- a big box of clothes with shoes, shirts, jackets, jeans and shorts-Monster High nail decorating set- purple headphones- rubber bands to make those bracelets and a bigger loom - the entire Full House series - and one more thing, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is right now.
I think I'm actually thinking about taking half a day so I can go home and hit the bed. I'm so tired. I haven't stopped yawning and my jaws hurt from it. Zach slept good last night, but I woke up every hour because I just couldn't turn my brain off. I just drank a giant cup of coffee, but I could seriously close my eyes and go to sleep right now.
Lilly's first ball practice is tomorrow. She's every excited about it. We do need to get her a new helmet. Hers is a little snug right now. Maybe a new glove... might hold off on that until the fall when she moves up to girl pitch. She'll need a fast pitch glove then. And she's training to be a pitcher. I think that a hard move because she loves playing first and third base and she's great at it, but I don't think any other girls on the team area wanting to be pitcher. Lilly's got one heck of an arm on her and I know she'll do great. Her father on the other hand does not want her to be pitcher and wants her to be catcher like he was. That makes me want to slap him. Let her do what she wants, not what you want her to do. She might not be good at being a catcher but rock at being pitcher. Or maybe she'll even change her mind and stay on first and third base and keep kicking butt there.
OH, this morning is just dragging on.
My bff and her mom are coming, hopefully this weekend, to get a bunch of stuff out of my basement. I'm charging them $300, which is almost 2 weeks of day care, for enough stuff that could make them $1,000. I don't care. I just need that stuff out. I have GOT to get down there today and tomorrow to work on getting my giant mess organized and put in bags and boxes that aren't falling apart. I have to make sure I separate what I want to keep too.
I thought about leaving early to go home and take a nap, but I believe I just changed my mind. I've already used up a lot of my sick time and its still so early in the year. I should really just stay and suck it up. Maybe I'll head out to my car for an afternoon nap or something.
Today is the first day of Spring and I kinda hope that winter has decided to finally head out. I love winter, but I do want to get out and start running again. The city I work in started a new program where they challenge you to walk/run 150 miles in 150 days and I've formed a team here at work and am going to do it. At the end, if you turn in your mileage, you get a t-shirt and free admission into a baseball game. I'm excited about it. Its the push I need to get back out there and lose my weight that I've gained back.

Monday, March 10, 2014

So Much to Write, but so Little Time....

I didn't get that job I was hoping for, but there's still plenty of time to find something I really enjoy.
Zach is potty trained and even does really good at night time. It just clicked one day and he was ready. He moved up to the 3 year old room in day care last week and since then he won't hardly sleep. I'm up every 30 minutes at night with him while he just lays there and cries. Sometimes if I rub his back, he'll go back to sleep. Other times, nothing helps. I am exhausted.
Lilly's birthday is just a couple weeks away. I just bought her a pair of shoes for her birthday and her Full House DVD collection came in the mail last week. I'm so excited for her. I even got to invite a few of her really good friends.
Don't know if I mentioned it yet, but Tony, Bre and Chris are moving into my basement, hopefully by the end of this month. Tony and Chris will be working on the road, so me and Bre will do all the moving. Hard to tell when they will even be back in. They are barely making it where they live now, so I'm going to help them out for a bit. I'm excited and its just the motivation I needed to clean out my basement. I've sold a few things already and have made a couple hundred bucks.
Mom has kicked Donavan out again and he's at Jeff's. I'm not going to get into what has happened right now since its the end of the day and I want to go home, but let's just say that it'll be a while before I can calmly talk to her. I was just down there Saturday....

Monday, February 24, 2014

I Just Want To AHHHHH

Sometime this week, I'm supposed to find out if I got the job or not. I'm scared and excited. I want this so bad. It will open so many more doors for me, it will help me get out of this rut I'm in and this dead end job. But... I will miss it here. I've been here 6 years and I've seen so many people come and go, but I feel like it was here that I came out of my shell. My first job, I wasn't shy at all. I was young and the world was mine. But job after job, I became more afraid of crowds, to even speak my mind in front of people. I'm finally ok with talking in front of the people I work with. It might just be the new group of people here or it could be that I've been here long enough, I feel like I belong. I just want to go back to my outgoing self.
If I get this job, it means so much. Its close to home. Its more money. Its the kind of job I want to do. I feel like its a job that I will look forward to going to every morning. The boss seems super nice. I'll be helping people. I just don't want to get my hopes up. I'm trying to be ok with whatever they decide. I find myself wanting to get everything caught up here at work just in case I do get the new job, but then again, I just want to sit here and wait for my phone to ring.
Moving on
This weekend was beautiful. I finally got to get the kids out to play and I rode my bike a bit. Saturday was also cleaning day. I was on my feet from 8am to 10pm. I was so sore. I cleaned all morning, went outside to play, then cleaned and cooked all evening. My lower back still hurts. Sunday my grandparents came down for a visit and after they had left, we went to my in-laws and ordered pizza. It started snowing before we left there. Beautiful weekend-gone.
I didn't take my medicine last night and I can tell. I'm getting very anxious and antsy and I kind of want to just scream. I was out and forgot to reorder it. I ordered it last night so I should have it to take tonight. I don't feel depressed, really. I did a little bit last night. Today, I just feel very anxious and my heart is racing. My body wants to constantly move, but my mind is running slow. Right now, my fingers are typing way faster than I can think and I have to keep hitting the back button. I'm so tired that my eyes hurt, but my body won't slow down enough to rest. I feel like I want to go outside and run around the block a couple of times and I am just so hungry. I can't seem to stop eating today. I don't know what's going on. I've eaten donuts, my breakfast bar, an orange, a donut stick, 2 cups of coffee and I'm still so hungry. Its not even lunch time and all I packed today was a salad. I might have to just save that for tomorrow and go out and get something. Maybe just the walk out will help calm me down a bit. And itchy... I feel ichy all over. But of course that could be the anxiety.
I think soon I'm going to have a yard sale. I really need to get rid of my stuff and I would really like to have the money. I have so much stuff and it just keeps piling on. I did give a bunch away to my cousins, but I still have so much left.
Ok, Ok... back to work I guess. Or lunch...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good News, Sad News

Been super busy again lately, sorry for not posting. I'm trying to get a new job and also trying to get everything caught up with my current job in case I do leave. I've had a phone interview, a face to face interview and another phone interview for this one job that I want. Its so close to home and I'll make more money and it really seems like something I will enjoy doing. I should know one way or the other within a week or so. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!
A lot has happened, of course. Zach is almost 100% potty trained. He is in underwear throughout the day instead of a pull up and even stays dry most of the night. We got him a toddler bed that he loves too. The night we put it up for him, he put himself to bed an hour early. Its certainly made the bedtime routine so much easier. I was worried about him constantly getting out of bed or roaming the house in the middle of the night, but he's been doing really good.
I just signed Lilly up for softball so that should start real soon. She just brought home her midterm grades and I'm very proud. All A's with 2 B's in reading and spelling. She's really been trying lately. Her birthday is a little more than a month away. She's decided that she wants a dance party theme. I guess I'll have the Wii ready to go and also her little disco ball and stuff. I'm still trying to figure this one out. She's getting old enough now where I should have a separate party for family and friends.
Oh, I've also began volunteering at the day care to help out with the kids when I have spare time. I love holding the babies, but will go where they need me. Friday, they were horribly short staffed, so I had some toddlers. I really do love it.
We didn't really do much for Valentine's Day, but I'm not really a person to celebrate something like that. Hubby got me beautiful flowers, I got him a few little things and we went out to eat with Zach (Lilly was with her father) and had Chinese food. I did spend most of the day at the day care because I took the day off and hubby was sleeping since he had just come off midnight shift. The day after I went out and bought a bunch of Valentine candy for half off.
My step dad had his first wreck on Saturday. The weather was bad, we had lots of snow and ice and he isn't a very good driver anyway. He spun out, ran through someone's yard and hit and apartment building. Thankfully he is ok and his truck only has a dent. No damage to the building. I was freaking out, but he wouldn't let me come help him out. My oldest brother was already out and about and he stopped to help.
About a week ago, a guy I went to school with passed away in a car accident. He was a volunteer fire fighter from my home town, an EMT, he was in the army and did one tour in Iraq, he was a first responder and worked for the medical examiners office. He was a very busy guy. Such a nice and friendly person, it was sad to see him go. His best friend said at the funeral that he was now in Heaven helping to put out fires in Hell. And the next week we got sooo much snow. His best friend posted on Facebook that he knew it was because he was putting out fires.
I think that about sums up my past month.

Sunday, February 9, 2014