Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Look.. I'm stull Updating

Well... apparently the app on my phone messes up some of my pictures. There's one picture that's supposed to be me, Zach and Lilly, but Lilly is cut out of it. I've tried a few more times to get the whole picture to show, but I just can't. Its a really good picture too.
Lilly has ball practice today, so I'm leaving work early and then its a big rush to feed the kids and get Lilly's homework done. And I just really want a nap. That's all. Is that too much to ask? :-)
No, but seriously... I'm so tired. I could sleep all day. Bad thing is that I think my medicine is doing it to me. Fatigue is one of the side effects. I'm always tired, but not like this. I'm just always exhausted now and it seems like I don't ever get enough sleep. No amount of coffee helps either. I need a nap day. I think its about time I schedule me a nap day.
Did I mention that hubby got a new truck. Yep. Hasn't even started on his new job yet and he has a new truck. Oh, and if that thing isn't his baby, I don't know what is. Every little scratch upsets him. The kids had to wipe their shoes off after playing outside before they could get in. Absolutely no eating. He was a little hesitant to even let Zach have his sippy cup in the truck. I swear, boys and their toys. I hope I'm never this crazy about a car. My kids and their messy happiness is way more important to me than any car ever would be. My boss said that her husband is the exact same way. Is it a guy thing? I just don't understand. There's nothing in this world that I'm that crazy about except living, breathing human beings.
Well.. with hubby's new job, hopefully I can go back to school in a couple of years and I think I've decided I want to go back for social work. I love helping people, and what better way? I'd also love to minor in a foreign language. I'd prefer French since that's what I took in high school and I already know some, but I think Spanish would actually be a smarter thing to study since that seems to be the second language of America. I have plenty of time to think about that though.
My race is 3 days away. I'm going to try to get out to run tonight and tomorrow and take a break on Friday before I race on Saturday. I'm so excited and nervous. Past me would never imagine future me to run a race. I love surprising past me. I'm hoping to be able to run the entire 3.1 miles without slowing down, but me not training in the past 2 1/2 weeks will be a bit of a problem with that. I just wish hubby and the kids could come down and cheer me on, but hubby has to work so the kids are going to my in-laws for a bit. I think I'd be happy if I can run a 12 minute mile the entire time. Maybe I should change that to 12.3 minute mile. That extra 30 seconds doesn't seem like much, but it could mean the difference between my knee acting up or being ok. I've been having problems out of my right knee when I run and I ice it every time I'm done. I just don't know what else to do for it. I'll have to research a bit.
Lilly has been slacking off from school. She's forgetting to do homework, forgetting to bring it home, failing vocabulary tests.... I hope my talk with her last night helps.
Almost 11:00 now and I'm going to probably have my lunch here soon since I'm leaving early today. Still wish I could take a nap though.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More pics!!

Here's a split shot of Zach last year on the 4th of July and this year on the 4th

Zach and Oreo

Me and the kids

Lilly shooting her gun

Lilly on the first day of school. She would not let me get a good picture. 

Here's me and my journey with weight loss. The before pic is me in February and the after us me in July. Same shirt. Same pose. Same mirror. 20 pounds lighter. 

Our first picnic under our apple tree

Zachs in the pool 

Lilly's dunking her head. 

Lilly and her softball trophy for spring ball this year. 

The kids playing in water that's being sorted from a fire truck

Kids and Oreo

Brought Lilly to work with me and set her up a little desk to watch movies. 

Zachs washing my car. 

Lilly and her softball team in the Spring parade. 

Monday, August 26, 2013


Here's a few pics to start out with..

Here's Lilly accepting an award at school

Lilly got her face painted at the Y

Me and Zach during Mother's Day tea at the Y

Lilly running to home during a ball game
Lilly chilling during a game

Zach climbing a jungle gym before sissy's game

Zach hitting throwing ball and me not paying attention
Zach has a cold

New Post

I haven't written anything for a while... and honestly, I kinda forgot about my blog there for a bit. A lot has been going on and my head has been kinda scattered lately. I'm actually a little sick today, but had to come into work because the other person in my department is on vacation, so I might leave early. Yesterday was kind of a waste, I slept and puked and felt bad, but still played with Zach. I don't think what I have is contagious, its a mix of allergies, my birth control giving me problems, my new meds, and being a girl. I feel like I've been stabbed in the stomach, hit by a bus, a piano dropped on my head and I've been awake for weeks. I need Advil and sleep right now, but I have to settle for coffee and florescent lights and staring at this computer.
I have no idea when I wrote last so I'm just going to talk. My first 5k is in less than a week and I haven't run for over 2 weeks. Life just gets in the way sometimes. I will still run, but I just won't have a really good finishing time. I'm excited. I've even gotten to the point where I can download the Blogger app again, so pictures will soon be coming!!
Lilly had a blast at Disney World, but she only talked about what she did there a little. She was more excited to tell me about her hotel room and what foods she ate. I never brought up that I knew that a bird pooped on her head. She's loving 3rd grade and loves her teacher. I even like her teacher, but I don't think she's had one yet that I don't like. Fall ball has started and we ended up with the coach I didn't want. The one that yells a lot and throws fits like a little kid, but I'm giving him a chance and so far he is ok. He seems to have settled down a lot. Lilly is actually the best player on the team this time. She's gotten better, but we have a lot of girls that haven't played before.
Hubby has a new job. He starts September 16. He will be working shift work. At first I was upset until I noticed that he's not home a lot right now as it is, so there's not going to be much of a difference. I just won't have him with me during Lilly's games and stuff to help out with Zach, but there was a few that he missed anyway. Not really more money starting out, but he's supposed to get significant and frequent raises. Hopefully by the time Zach hits preschool, I can go to part time and work at the Y so I can still be with the kids, but have a job... and a free membership to the gym.
Zach's growing up too fast. He's sleeping better, but he does have his nights when he's up. He's eating more foods and saying more words. He can even draw a circle when you ask him to. He has to have a stuffed animal to sleep with now, but he doesn't really care which one. He gets his stool out and can get in the cabinets now too. He snuck a cookie the other day doing that. He even likes monsters. A couple nights ago he was yelling for some monsters to come sleep with him.
Oreo is growing too. He still jumps and bites, but playfully and I'm trying to teach him not to. He is good about staying in the yard until he sees another dog. The neighbors have a dog named Sam that Oreo likes to go visit. He'll crawl under the fence, but he's almost too big. He's going to get stuck one day. He's good at playing fetch too and we didn't even have to teach him how.
Work is ok. I just have to keep bearing it until I can get out of here. I keep applying for jobs, but keep getting looked over or turned down.
Tony is back on the road with Chris and my uncle Bill. I'm glad that he's making money again, but I hate that he's out traveling.
Its been raining a lot lately here and my work got flooded again. The hidden elevator and the garage elevator got flooded and so did my office. The hallways stink and there's industrial fans set up everywhere to dry the carpet. I'm sneezing like crazy because there's so much mold.
Mom is smoking again. You'd think after all the trouble she's had out of her heart that she would be smart enough to not pick it up again. Donavan is very upset about it and everyone keeps telling him that he doesn't understand just how hard it is to quit. I let him in on the secret that I used to smoke and I had no problems quitting. If mom can go a month without it, then she can keep going with no trouble. She just doesn't want to quit, that's all there is to it. Mom is going to do whatever Mom wants to do and no amount of talking or badgering is going to change her mind. If a doctor telling her that she needs to quit isn't good enough for her, nothing is. She's going to end up a mess and I wish I could get her to see that she probably won't live to see Lilly get married if she keeps this up. It breaks my heart that Mom is so stubborn.
Cj's baby shower was Saturday and it was fun, with a good turnout too. Good food, fun games, great company and lots of gifts for new baby. I brought my grandma and she had lots of fun too. I was trying to hang out with grandma while hosting the party and making sure CJ stays off her feet. I had to force her to go eat. I told her that we are not going to do a replay of her wedding and she's going go feed the baby and I'll take care of everything. Oh, the food. She had her family and me make stuff. There was little sandwiches, macaroni salad, pasta salad, fruit and dip, veggie pizza, cocktail weenies, meatballs, pepperoni rolls, veggies and dip, chips and dip... and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Her mom made cupcakes- There was vanilla and chocolate and then there was s'more and Resse's cupcakes too. We played a lot of games and gave away lots of prizes. After the baby shower, she was having game night at her house to celebrate her birthday which is tomorrow. I went back home and picked up hubby and Zach, who spent the day at a family reunion, and we headed to CJ's house to play and eat some more. Fun day. We got home after 10pm.
My weight is now down to 177.8, but I haven't really exercised much lately. I almost weigh what I did right after I had Zach. I just have to keep at it. I've come a long way, but I still have far to go. My goal for the year was only to lose 25 pounds by Christmas, but I'm already almost there. I think I'll tack on another 5 pounds and make it 30 pounds by Christmas. I'd love to weigh 140 or so around my next anniversary. I'd love to fit back in a size 10 again too. I've fallen off track a little, but I'm going to hop back on whenever I'm feeling better. I'm running my race Saturday even if I am sick. I'll walk it if I have to, but I'm doing it.
I just finished reading the book Room by Emma Donoghue. Its a book about a girl who got kidnapped and is being held captive for years in this little soundproof shack and being raped almost nightly. She has a little boy while in this room and the book is from the little boy's point of view. It tells of their stay in the room, the escape and then how they adapt to the world. The boy only knew about the room and things inside of it. Good book, but I don't think it ended right. Of course I thought the exact same thing about Gone Girl. I'm taking a break from books for a while so I can concentrate on my weight loss.
I think I've caught you guys up on pretty much everything. I'm going to probably post pictures tomorrow. I haven't posted pictures in a long time, so there will be lots. With the app, I can't put a description with the pictures, but I can talk about them before... I just can't with each picture. Maybe I'll just do a few at a time for a few days. We'll see.   And also with the downloading of the app, I can keep up my smile blog as well!