Thursday, March 31, 2011


Been running around like crazy lately. I'm spreading myself a bit too thin and I'm beginning to feel the effects from it. Picked the kids up yesterday and went to see my dad since he was home...
I visited and saw this video yesterday. You have to try it, it really does work!!

Just heard on the radio where a group of guys won the Mega Millions for like $319 million!! There was this one guy who always puts money in the pool to buy tickets, but this one time he didn't. Would you not be kicking yourself in the behind if that happened to you??!!
Lilly has ball practice Friday, her father is going to go there after work. Her practice on Tuesday went really well. They played her on first base for a bit and she did excellent. She just needs to work on paying attention and not talking to the runners on base.
Sorry... not really feeling like writing much of anything today. I'm just so exhausted and run down. All I can think about is sleep. Between bottles, diapers, homework, baths, showers, ball practice, doc appts, school meetings, parties, family visits, packing backpacks and diaper bags, laundry, dishes, cleaning, working, driving, screaming, crying, reading books, playing hide-and-seek, having a 'fashion show', singing, dancing, dieting, rocking/swinging/bouncing, grocery shopping, getting pictures taken, trips to the hospital, lugging around that ridiculously heavy carseat......... I just don't really have time to even think.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pics of the kids

So, here's some pics of the kids that we just got done..........

Monday, March 28, 2011

Parties, Practice, Pictures, and Pain

Busy, busy weekend..... did I say busy? I meant hectic.
Friday, I left work a bit early to get my bubby, drove him to a tattoo place to get his tattoo.... looks good, btw. That took about 45 minutes altogether. Then I made him go to Walmart with me so I could get decorations for Lilly birthday party and a few more things. Then I drive him back home. 2 minutes before I drop him off I get a text from hubby for me to come home now. (he had both the kids and I was worried about him having both, I didn't think he could handle it) At this time I realize what time it is and I know Zach is screaming his head off cuz that's just what he does everyday around 7:00 pm. So I hurry and drop off my bubby and try to rush home, but its Friday at 7 and there's a lotta traffic. You can only go as fast as the car in front of you. Hubby sends me another text, "NOW" I tell him I'm hurrying and asks him what's wrong to make sure it isn't anything BIG. He sends me a pic of Zach crying. I finally make it home, Zach has calmed down a bit. I take him and he goes right to sleep. Then I spend the next half an hour spending time with Lilly before I send her to bed. Then I wash bottles, get Lilly's gifts wrapped and put together the goodie bags for the kids.

Saturday after getting up 3 times with Zach, I get up at 6:30 with Lilly. She has ball practice at 11:15, so I gotta get her fed, Zach fed and bathed, both of them dressed, the diaper bag packed, wake up hubby, and go drop Zach off to hubby's sister's house cuz its too cold to take him to the field and we both wanted to go to her first practice. IT WAS SO COLD!!! She had a lotta fun though and she did really well. She's got a good arm on her and she can hit the ball, its just catching that she needs work on, really. She knows one boy on her team from the Y. One girl showed up in sandals. Practice was over at 12:15.
We go to Burger King for a quick bite then we head off to Walmart to get her cake, chips and dip and some pop... oh and candles. Hubby wanted the ones that doesn't blow out.... Then we go to Dollar Tree for some helium balloons, plates, cups, forks and spoons.
Its 1:30 when we get outta there and we head to the Y to start setting up for the party. We have tables to set up, chairs to get out, balloons to blow up, streamer to put up and a giant bowling set to inflate. Lilly's little boyfriend shows up and her best friend from the Y shows up. Then one girl from school and her little brother show up.... and their mom just drops them off and leaves!! Um.... excuse me? I'm not your babysitter. The mom comes up and tells me the kids names and then says, "Its over at 5, right?" I say yes. She then turns around and leaves and then the kids look at me and tell me their hungry. I'm not really serving any food... just cake and chips and ice cream. Who does that?
Lilly's party went well though. They played bowling, basketball, hot potato, and they bounced bouncy balls and played with a beach ball. Lilly loved everything she got. Then it was clean up time. I couldn't hardly get it all in my car. But by the time we got home we were all so tired, but I had to start laundry and try to get some of her stuff put away. Lilly played her Wii games and listened to her CD's and then I put her to bed while watching her new movie. Lilly fell out of bed that night and I got up 3 times with Zach.
I get up at 6:00 with the kids. 8:00 I put Lilly in the shower. 8:30 hubby starts complaining he's in pain. His kidney stone is bothering him. He ends up getting sick and can't move. So... I get the kids ready, diaper bag packed and I call hubby's sister to come get the kids. Me and her have an appt with all the kids to do pictures at noon. Hubby's sister calls her mom and tells her that I'm taking hubby to the hospital.
So we get there and I get his insurance card out of his wallet and they call for him. I hand him his card and his wallet to go register. I go to get a pop, I watch a bit of tv, I text some people.... and I notice that its been a really long time since he went to register. I walk up to the windows where he would have been and he's not there. I wait a bit longer thinking he might be somewhere getting weighed and whatnot. I finally give up and ask a nurse what happened to him. "Oh I was just going to come get you... we put him in his room." Um......... ok. I haven't seen him in like 30 minutes.
I get back there and he's just standing there in the corner like a little kid. Shortly after, his mom comes in. I stay for about 45 minutes, but then I had to leave. I felt bad for leaving him, but he knew I had to.
The place we go to for the pics... they are incredible. They worked so fast and was so great with the kids. The pictures turned out better than I had expected. The entire thing only took an hour, taking the pics, looking and picking out what we wanted.... then 20 minutes later, they were ready to take home. They did such an excellent job. Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to bring the pics and scan some onto my computer and share on here.
After the pics, I go back to the hospital and hubby and his mom are both in a bad mood. Hubby was on pain meds and wanted to sleep but his mom wanted to talk so that lead to fighting. I got there and sat quietly in the corner letting hubby sleep and I guess his mom got the hint cuz after about 5 minutes of trying to have a conversation with me, she finally was quiet too.
I was there an hour and they let him go home. They didn't really do anything. I was hoping they would go ahead and take out the kidney stone..but they just told him to keep his scheduled surgery and go then.
I drop off hubby and go get the kids and look at the pics. Then I take the kids to the fire station for a retirement party for one of the firemen. Hubby meets us there. We eat, we party, fun was had by all. Then we go home and I have to finish laundry, wash dishes, take a shower, get Zach calmed down and asleep, have a fashion show with Lilly so she can try on all her new clothes and get her backpack and the diaper bag packed for the next day. Halfway through laundry hubby wanted me to rest. I've been on the move since Friday and I've been stressed just as long... but I couldn't stop... things needed to be done. The apartment is still a mess cuz I didn't get laundry folded or all the dishes washed and Lilly's birthday presents are still sitting in the middle of the floor. 
Today I am exhausted and still a bit aggravated. I've had 3 cups of coffee so far and I can still put my head down and take a nap..... if I had time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy nurse

Lilly got her glasses yesterday and she absolutely loves them!! I'm so glad that she likes them and she's not one of those kids that are embarrassed by them. She put them on and the first thing she said was, "I CAN SEE!!!" and she started looking everywhere for something small to read. I hope these glasses will help her reading ability. She's had no problems reading or learning, but maybe glasses with make her experience that much better. Of course, her frames are purple....our favorite color.
Then it was off to the doctor's for checkups and shots.The nurse really made me mad. She went to measure Lilly out in the hallway while I undressed Zach. I undressed him and he was fine until I layed him down to get weighed. I had to lay him down on this really cold plastic thing. I would cry too. He started screaming and screaming. The nurse measured him and we went back into the room where she had me lay him on the table...another really cold thing (and it was cold in the room too, I had long sleeves on and I was cold) and he started screaming again. She went over and said, "He's spoiled." And picked him up. I said no he wasn't. He kept screaming while she was holding him and she said, "See, he's spoiled. I bet you hold him all the time."
I said, "No, I don't and he's still screaming. He is cold. His chin is chattering."
"No, see he's spoiled. He wants to be held."
"No he's cold. He's still crying. And its time to eat." So I took him away from her and was holding him as I wrapped him in a blanket and he calmed down.
"See...I told you he was spoiled. He quit crying when you took him."
"No, he quit crying when I covered him up. I told you he was cold."
"Uh huh." She left. When she came back in he was crying a bit and I was getting ready to put him down to make him a bottle. I put him down and he started crying more.
"See....spoiled." I gave her a really evil look. I made his bottle while he cried his hungry cry. Then I picked him up to feed him.
"Told you. He just wants to be held. You can't hold him all the time. You're spoiling him."
"I don't hold him all the time. He is hungry. He can't hold his bottle himself, I have to hold it for him and I'm not going to hold the bottle to his mouth while he's laying on the table. I'm going to hold him to feed him. He's 2 months old. That's what you do."
"No that's how you spoil them. I can tell. He just wants to be held."
"He wants his tummy full is what he wants and he wants to be warm cuz you guys have it so freaking cold in here that I'm even getting chills and I have clothes on!!"
"You'll learn." and she walks out.
 The doc told us that Lilly needed one shot and Zach was getting 3. We talked a bit about his formula, Lilly's glasses, and sunscreen for the both of them. Then it was shot time. Hubby walked in right before they were to get their shots. Lilly got hers first and she was freaking out until I reminded her that her flu shot didn't hurt. She didn't cry. Then it was Zach's turn. He got 2 in his left leg and one in his right. Lilly cried for him. Next time she's not going to be in the room when he gets his shots.
Tomorrow~Lilly's first t-ball practice and her birthday party. No one has RSVP'ed yet. Should I be worried? Does that mean no one is gonna show up? I'd hate it for her if none of her friends from school came.
Sunday~ Pictures with all the kids and a retirement party

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I know doctors will tell you over and over again, not to lay a newborn on the tummy to sleep...that to prevent SID's, you must put them on their back or prop them on their side. Well....... when we brought Zach home from the hospital, we tried everything. The first couple of days of his life he liked to be swaddled, but after that he absolutely hated it and fought to get out. We tried everything. We tried swinging him, rocking him, even putting rolled up towels under and around him to make him feel like he's being held.... nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked. He cried and cried and never slept in his crib. The only time I could get him to sleep was when he was laying on my chest, and as much as I loved this, I got no sleep myself and got nothing else done. After a week of crying and no sleep for Zach AND me, hubby put him on his tummy. Peace and quiet. He was sleeping!!! I didn't sleep the first couple of nights because I was worried and I stayed up watching him or attentively listening to the monitor making sure I can hear him breathing. But he has always had good head control. When he was just 2 days old he was head-butting everyone. As time goes on his head control has gotten much better and he's not flinging it everywhere now or flopping it from side to side. It goes where he wants it to go now. So anyway... he still sleeps on his tummy. I can get him to sleep on his back if he is laying my legs or if I'm holding him against me, but other than that...he's a tummy sleeper. Lilly was to, and still is actually.
I got a phone call last night saying that Lilly's first softball or t-ball practice is Saturday. I started freaking out cuz her party is Saturday, but practice is a couple hours earlier, so we're good. Now, I say either softball or t-ball cuz I don't know which one I signed her up for. I think its t-ball until next year. I guess we'll see. I should have asked whenever her coach called me. His name is Shawn...something. Her next practice is Tuesday at 5, which means I'll get to leave work early, unless hubby's gonna take her then me and Zach can get there a little after 5. I'm so excited for her. I never played any sports. My mom wouldn't let me sign up for anything in elementary school and by the time she was ok with it, I didn't want to anymore. Cuz by the time you're 15, you should know the rules and how to play and be good at it... Anywho, she's excited. She wanted to play soccer too, but I had just missed the sign ups at the Y cuz, ya know, I was having a baby and all. The sign ups for the community came up right after I signed her up for t-ball. Next year, I'll be sure to sign her up at the Y for soccer and she can play softball for the community. That way she can do both cuz the Y does soccer from the last week of January until mid-March and softball starts the first weekend of April. I gotta find something for her to do during the summer....swimming maybe?
Hubby called me on my way to work today...I was almost at work, to tell me he locked his keys in the apartment. I asked him if he had an extra truck key, that way he can just go to work and not worry about getting in the house right now. He said he did have one, but its in his truck. A lot of good its doing there, isn't it? So I turned around and I went about 5 miles and he called me back to tell me that he forgot he had an extra house key in his wallet........I had to laugh at him.
Today is the kids doc appt. Gonna leave work around noon thirty, go get Zach, get Lilly, go get Lilly's glasses and if the weather is good and not too cold or raining, we will walk the 2 blocks from the eye doc to the other doc. Parking is cheaper at the eye doc. There its only $2, but its $4 at the hospital where the pediatrician is. Zach's getting shots, Lilly's just getting a checkup. Hubby's gonna meet us there and he's getting Lilly to take her shopping for cleats and I'm taking the baby home. I know he's not gonna be feeling good after his shots. Hubby's first idea was that he could pick up Zach and I could take Lilly shopping for cleats, until I reminded him that Zach will probably be a bit sick and sore. Then he wanted to trade. If hubby doesn't get Lilly today after their appt, he's gonna take her tomorrow while I'm getting my bubby a tattoo and hubby's mom is gonna watch Zach. These are the things we talked about last night, but I don't think we ever came to a conclusion as to what we were going to do. Either way works, I guess.
Ordered Lilly's cake yesterday. Hubby called this one local bakery and they said they could do it for $55. We want 1/2 a sheet cake, with 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla with iCarly on it a picture or whatever. I called Walmart and they said it would only be $25...guess who we're going with.
We got hit pretty good by a nice storm yesterday. When I picked Lilly up she was giving me a lecture about what you can and can't do during a thunderstorm. Apparently her teacher was teaching them this stuff. She would say not to do something and said that her teacher said so. Then she started freaking out when she saw lightning on our way home. The wind was blowing really hard, knocked over a couple trees in my neighborhood, the lights went out along the main road and I heard that there was strong hail in some parts, but I didn't see any. I spent a good amount of the storm standing at the front door watching the neighbor boy chase his trash cans down the street.
So, yesterday...thanks to the blog, I wrote an email to my future self 5 years from yesterday. The awesome thing for yesterday was "Sending yourself emails to do stuff in the future" like a reminder to call someone or pick something up.... well a commenter~ Carissa (hey I went to school with a Carissa...wonder if its the same one) gave us all this link to email our future selves. So I got on there and picked 5 years from yesterday and wrote myself this big long email about what I hope to be doing in 5 years, how things are now, and so on. Very exciting. There was also this other commenter (commenter isn't a word, but I have no idea what else to use right now) ~ Jen told us about so I got on there and I wrote a reminder for my bff to tell me happy birthday ON my birthday this year.... she only forgot once a few years ago. Pretty funny stuff.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lilly is 6 Today!

So, I've been trying to get everything organized for Lilly's party. I've got the papers filled out to reserve the space. I just printed out the invitations. We have to go order the cake and I'm going to get the supplies on Friday after my brothers tattoo. I'm also going to get Lilly just a couple more gifts, too. I'm going to go ahead and get her the Justin Bieber CD and a couple iCarly toys if I can find them. They were everywhere around Christmas time, but I haven't seen any in a while. I've decided not to do the iCarly games I had planned. I was thinking about setting up Lilly's giant inflatable bowling set, but I'm worried that it will get popped. I gotta get some stuff for the gift bags. I was thinking-candy, glow sticks, and some kind of small iCarly maybe stickers or a pencil or whatever I can find. My party planning abilities are getting better. Her first couple of parties kinda sucked, but throughout the years, I have learned. I never really had a birthday party growing up, so I didn't know how to plan and throw one. But I do believe that I'm getting better. Last year went well at Chuck-E-Cheese.
When I went to pick Zach up yesterday he was sitting in a bouncy seat, smiling and cooing at one of the workers. I got down and asked him if he was ready to go home.......... and he started to cry. :-(
I know he likes it there, but WOW. He's still really congested. His and Lilly's appointment is this Thursday. He's gonna get some shots. Before their appt we are gonna go pick up Lilly's glasses. They've been ready for almost a week now, but she's been at her father's and I wanna take her with me in case they need adjusted. I can adjust them for her, but I don't want to be responsible if they break. So, she will have her new glasses in time for her party on Saturday.
Zach's sleep schedule is all messed up again. He was sleeping pretty well there for a while, but he's waking up every 3 hours. He has been going to sleep a little earlier. He was going to sleep around 9 or maybe 10 and waking up about 3 or 4. Now, he's going to sleep around 7 or 8 and waking up at 11, then at 2, and again at 5. I think its just where he's not feeling well. His nose wasn't stuffy at all last night until about 4:00.
Ok, today is 'kick it in gear' day. I'm gonna work my bum off today.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First day of Spring!

So...I went to see Smackdown last night. I had a blast. Up close like that you can definitely see the fakeness and the guys looked smaller than I though, but it was still a lot of fun. We were in the second row and I got some great pictures. I got this one real close-up picture of Christian. There was this one guy that sat right in front of us that had this huge sign and he held it up 90% of the time. He was kinda making me mad. His sign wasn't even relevant to the matches. He made a sign for one guy that was in the very first match, and the sign guy wasn't there for that match so I guess he thought he needed to hold it up for the rest of the show. There was a security guy that sat right in front of us and stared at us the entire show. It was a bit weird, but I understand that he had to watch the crowd. At the very end, Edge hopped in the crowd and when he hopped back out, I looked over and security was tackling an old guy. I don't know what happened, but it kinda scared me.
Before we went to the show, we went to the firestation for family night and we played some minute to win it games. It was fun. My team never won though. The fire chief (my father-in-law) was the team captain. I also had hubby's brother-in-law and hubby's cousin on my team. We never won anything cuz we never made it past the chief. One game was to bounce a ping pong ball in a cup and we never made it past him. We all had a good laugh though. Hubby won 3 times with his team. We now own a bright orange umbrella, a snow globe from Minnesota and a windshield sun deflector thing.
My brother (the one that just turned 18) called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to take him to get his first guess what I'm going to be doing on Friday? Yep that's right. I'm so excited! I get to take my bubby to get his tattoo! If I had money I'd get another one while he was getting his. I have a tattoo on my ankle of a Lily flower for my daughter, Lilly and I gotta get a tattoo for Zach. I have no idea what to get. I don't want to get his name or anything. I want to get a symbol or something, but what could I get?
Anywayz.... Lilly had her birthday party with her father over the weekend and he sent me a text saying she got "a little bit of sun." I was thinking, ok, she's a little pink... not a big deal. Well........ hubby's mom just sent me a picture of Lilly and her entire face is red, her shoulders, arms and neck are also burnt. Oh, I am so incredibly mad. He knows she burns easily. Its sad when I have to remind him to put sunscreen on his daughter. I haven't got to talk to her yet to see if she had fun at her party. We're gonna have her party this Saturday, probably at the Y. They haven't gotten back to me yet to let me know if its available yet. We are doing an iCarly theme. I had this bright idea to do iCarly games and stuff too, but after further research, I don't think we are going to. I was going to have "Random dancing" and let the kids make their own spaghetti tacos. If you watch iCarly, then you understand. But I asked 2 kids that are going to be there that are Lilly's age about it, one doesn't watch it and one watches it, but doesn't know it well enough to understand what I was talking about. I don't know who all she is going to want to invite from school. I gotta get the confirmation from the Y and then get invitations sent out. If the Y is booked, I have no idea what we are going to do. Everywhere else is booked.
Lilly turns 6 tomorrow, I can't believe it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zach pics

I finally got Zach's 6 week old pics back and let me tell you....they are sooo adorable. Here are a couple of my favorites........ Love 'em to death!!!!

Not much going on today. Been kinda slow and yet stressful all at the same time. My computer hates me today, but I taught it who was boss, hahahaha.
Just wanted to show off my new baby and his cuteness

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a side note

My boss and I were talking about dolls, dolls she has or will buy her grand-daughter and dolls I've bought Lilly and are thinking about buying.....ok so anyway our conversation led to the Lee Middleton dolls and OMG I found one that looks just like Zach did a couple weeks ago. His face is just a bit more chubbier nowadays and the hair on the doll is a bit longer than his was/is. Here's the link to the nursery page to look at all the newborn baby dolls. There are many more dolls that are just as gorgeous, too

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Another night of not enough sleep. Zach was just getting into a good routine where he would sleep for about 5 hours before needing a bottle. He'd sleep from about 9 or 10pm until 2 or 3am, but now that he is sick, he's waking up more often. He can't breathe. Sometimes he is still sleeping but making noises and every noise he makes wakes me up. he did get to cough up some grossness this morning so at least he was cleared up by the time he went to daycare.
Lilly has a new St. Patrick's Day shirt and she didn't want to wear it to her father's house, but I finally talked her into it. Zach is wearing this cute green onsie with a blue dinosaur on it and it says SILLY. He's got on a brown bib with a green dinosaur and a green frog hat...and blue pants (the blue matches the dino on his onsie). None of his greens match, but he is wearing green. I've got on the only green shirt I could find. Its not very dressy, but I've worn it to work before even though its been a while. When I walked into the nursery I said, "Oh, everyone is wearing green!" and one little boy (maybe he was 2) said, "Its cuz its green day." and we had a mini conversation about it being green day and then he said, "Your baby is even wearing green, WOW! But how come your not wearing green?" I said that I was wearing green and then he said, "That's not green....its brown." and he makes a funny looking face. I said, "Its green! Its not a pretty green, but its still green." He shook his head and said, "Nope...your wrong its brown." and then he walks away like he won. Kids are so funny. My shirt is green, but more of an......olive green maybe? or an army green?... here's a link for shades of green I can see where he got brown.
I think Lilly is having her birthday party with her father this weekend. A joint party with her sister of course, like they always do. Lilly's birthday is on the 22 and her sister's is on the 24....a year apart though. We are gonna do her party next weekend, but we don't have anything planned yet. I have all her presents but one, we don't have a location for the party nor have we invited anyone...can't invite anyone until we have a location and a time. She wants the theme to be iCarly, which is gonna be kinda easy. We did find one cake with iCarly on it and some party stuff, but we've only looked at Walmart. We're gonna look at other places for her cake too. I did buy her some iCarly clothes, so her picking that as a theme is great. I even got her Miranda Cosgrove's CD. I didn't buy her anything BIG, but I got her everything I know she will love. She's got that CD and a Big Time Rush CD, Beverly Hills Chihuahua DVD, a dancing wii game, a Wii game where you take care of a baby...I had to buy the baby and the remote goes inside of it. I got her an iCarly hoodie, purple butterfly shirt that comes with a little backpack, and iCarly pants. She's got a mood necklace with her name on it and a butterfly purse and then some Squinkies to add to her collection. I still need to buy her a CD player. I'm excited. I'm gonna go around and see if I can find me some iCarly balloons, too.
I have this new sense of motivation now that I know people have plans for me here. I've put my butt in gear and am getting things done so I can be trained on new things. I learned something new yesterday that I'm taking care of from now on. I don't exactly know what it is or how to explain it, but I know how to do it and that's what's most important, right?
Last night I was trying to get a good pic of Zach smiling. He was smiling and smiling and cooing and sticking his tongue out......and I snapped a picture..........his eyes were crossed and his head was squished down making his face look really funny!!!!!!! He's sitting in his bouncy chair, he loves that chair. Lilly loved her's when she was little. I use to put her in it and let her watch The Price is Right. She loved that show. It was the only time I got an hour to myself back then. I used that hour to wash dishes or my hair or clean up a little. Lilly's chair was better than Zach's. I bought Lilly's myself. It was blue Pooh Bear and had a toy thing that went over it and vibrated. I lent it to someone a few years back for their kid and it disappeared. Mom gave me Zach's. It serves its purpose and he likes it. Its suppose to have a toy thing, but mom doesn't know where it is. Funny thing is, I still have Lilly's toy thing, but it won't fit on Zach's chair. I don't know why I didn't send it with Lilly's chair.
Ok, that paragraph was almost pointless........... other than to point out his picture.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pic of Lilly at 6 weeks

My step brother got married about a week and a half ago. He's 21, she's 16. Neither one of them are ready for marriage...and she's pregnant...yet another thing they aren't ready for. They might surprise me though and they could take this opportunity to grow up and stop acting like they are 5. She's due in July. I'm sure, though, that my step mom is going to be the one taking care of the baby...she is the one taking care of them. I hope she doesn't drop out of school and he gets a good job.
My (full) brother directly below me turned 18 on the 4th. I went and kidnaped him, took him to the mall and then out to eat at iHop. It was the first time he ever ate there and he loved it. I baked him a cake, too.
Did Zach's 6 week old pictures the same day. It was the main reason to go to the mall, but my bubby was excited to go cuz he doesn't get to very often. Zach did ok with his pics, I was trying to get this one pose of him. Its the same pose I got of Lilly when she was 6 weeks old. I went to the same place, they had the same pillow, the same blanket and almost the same background, but they didn't have the same teddy bear. There was a bit of an issue with the stuffed animal. They had a bear, but it was too big and really fuzzy. The only thing the right size was a bright orange Tigger. So this is a picture of Lilly at 6 weeks. Whenever I get Zach's pictures back I will post it on here. I think he looks A LOT like Lilly at that age. So anyway... it was the end of the day, he was grumpy and tired and not very cooperative. He kept making a crying face, but not really crying and he kept crossing his eyes. He also had some strong focus on his hand. He'd hold his hand in front of his face, look at it with big eyes, go cross-eyed and then stuff his fist in his mouth and suck on it for a while. I finally gave up on trying to get the same pose and told the photographer to just start taking pics. I didn't care if his hand was in his mouth...that's just who he is and what he does and I think its cute anyway. We did get some really cute pictures of him, didn't get the right pose, but they are adorable anyway.
Zach also did his very first artwork at the Y the other day. I brought him home and noticed some green paint under his nails. I knew they painted with the babies, so I knew they did something with him, but I saw it for the first time today. They made shamrocks out of the kids hand prints. I love it!! I have decided that for Father's Day, since its hubby's first one, I'm gonna have the kids do their hand and feet prints in some plaster or with finger paints on some paper. I can't wait. I know he will love them. Last year, Lilly gave him the cards and crafts she made at the Y that said "Dad" on them and he loved them. He teared up a little. They are still displayed on his night stand.
Some more fun memories from labor~
After they had moved me into the delivery room and gave me the great pain meds, one nurse thought that the baby was turned the wrong way.... breech. She went and got another nurse and she told her to do an ultrasound to be sure. He wasn't. He was the right way. What do they know? Another nurse thought his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck or something cuz every time I had a contraction his heartbeat would go down. This coming hours after they broke my water, so they pumped me full of fluid to allow him to float around a bit to loosen the cord. I don't know if that did anything or not. I can't remember right now. Not like it mattered much since they had me go in for a C-section after an hour of pushing.
We didn't come up with the name until after I was given the epidural and was laying there waiting for the doc to tell me it was time. Me and hubby threw out the last minute names while I was still in Triage. They were Zachary Alexander, Zachary David, Alexander David, David Alexander, and Michael Alexander. So after a few hours, right before they moved me to my delivery room, we decided as far as Zachary. Then while I was laying there half drugged up I was listening to hubby's sister tell him that she wished she knew what his name was going to be. I opened my eyes and said, "Dear.......I have decided the name." You should have seen his face. He wasn't very happy. I said, "I'm willing to give up my middle name." and with that he knew that he had won and that Zach's middle name was going to be David. No one knew we had agreed on any part of the name yet, but here was Lilly out in the waiting room telling everyone that we were naming the baby Zachary. How did she know when we only just knew about it? She is the one that picked out his first name. It went on the list as soon as she said it. Proud sister named her little brother.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workin' again

Ok, I thought I'd leave up Zach's pictures as the main post for a while. I'm pretty sure that as the days go by, things will pop into my head that I'm gonna wanna share about my hospital stay and my maternity leave. I apologize for my inconsistencies. I'll share them by bits and pieces as I remember them.
I had to take a sick leave yesterday cuz a I thought that Zach might have RSV. I called the doctor, but he doesn't seem too concerned just yet. There are 2 confirmed cases in the nursery at the Y, so I'm still worried even thought the doc told me not to be. Although it might just be a cold or his sinuses or something. He can't breathe very well, but he's fine after he coughs up some grossness I'm assuming is mucous. If I can get him to spit it out, he's fine, but if he swallows it, he gets worse. He sounds like a piggy when he breathes. Doc said don't worry until he's running a fever, loses his appetite, or isn't very active anymore. I'm still gonna worry.
Over my maternity leave, Lilly was sick 3 times. First she had a staph infection on her face. Then, she had pink eye, then she had this gross chest cold where she was running a fever, couldn't breathe and coughing her head off.
She's very jealous of the baby, but in a weird way. She doesn't want alone time with me, but she does. She wants time with me, but with Zach there, but I can't be doing anything with him, only her. She got mad at me while she was sick cuz I had to keep leaving her to go feed him or change him and she was wanting to be babied. Then she got mad at me yesterday cuz I was so worried over Zach and wouldn't leave his side cuz I was afraid he's stop breathing. She said, "When I was sick you kept leaving me to be with him, but you won't leave him to be with me." I told her I was sorry, but Zach cannot take care of himself like she can; he can't feed himself or take himself to the bathroom and he needs some play time. She didn't care. The one time we tried to just have mommy time, hubby took Zach to his moms and me and Lilly was free to do whatever we wanted, but for an hour she moped and cried cuz Zach wasn't there with us.
I REALLY REALLY want to pre-order The Book of Even More Awesome but I just can't right now and its killing me. I have opted into my work's health plan and I have more day care expenses. My paychecks look like crap. I'm just gonna have to wait, I guess, and tell someone that's what I want for my birthday in June. I don't think I can wait that long. It comes out next month and I hate that I don't have a copy reserved yet. I'm paying $320 A PAYCHECK for health insurance, and day care is $740 a month. Good news is that I have a raise coming up....bad news is that its only $0.24 extra an hour. My boss said that her new boss doesn't like what I'm being paid and they are gonna try to figure out a way to give me a sort of promotion to give me a good raise. She also told me that he's interested in sending me to school to get my degree in banking or something of the sort and then send me off to trust school as early as next year!! She has confidence that I will be able to take over her position in 8 years when she retires and her new boss agrees. I'm glad she has that much faith in me...cuz I sure don't. I had it in my head that I was gonna look for another job in about a year, but if these changes are made, I'm staying. I like this job cuz I have room to climb the ladder and will be head of a department in 8 years, my time is flexible (if somethings wrong with the kids and I can just go, no questions asked), and its a secure job. The only problems are, the pay sucks, some of the people suck, and I don't feel like its meaningful. Yeah, someone's gotta do the job, but I just feel like I was meant to do something more meaningful in my life other than to 'play' with rich people's money (while I'm making nothing). I am a volunteer for Relay for Life, so that's meaningful. My kids bring bunches of meaning to my life, but I just figured that what I would end up doing the rest of my life for a career would be something better..... something great....something to be proud of.
Oh, so..... I guess I gotta get back to work now. Its hard getting back into the groove of things. grrrr....I just balanced my checkbook...... its not looking good. Hopefully things will get better. I keep telling hubby that there is no way we can afford a house right now, but he won't listen. I'm gonna make him or health insurance.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby pics!

Here's the first time I got to hold him
The first picture we got with both is eyes open
He did and still does this "popeye" look where he only
opens one eye.
Hubby's mom is holding him in the hospital
His first car ride
Lilly holding him once we got home
Lilly doing her first feeding
He just looks so small in the car seat
Gettin' bigger
I was so against my kids sucking their thumbs
until I saw him do it for the first time.
He loves to suck on his entire hand or a finger or two
and even sometimes his arm, but this
was the first time he popped his thumb in there

The first smile I caught on camera

I love this face. "OOOO"

I sit with my legs crossed, and that's
where he likes to take his naps

Love this smile.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm back!

Ok so I'm back! I will post pictures of the baby tomorrow. This post will just be me rambling on and on and on.
Zachary David was born January 21 at 4:15 weighing 7.8 pounds and was 21.25 inches long. He has a full head of black hair and is cute as can be. Lilly has been a great help with him and hubby is still adjusting.

On Thursday January 20 at about 11:30 pm, we headed to the hospital in horrible weather. We were slipping and sliding all over the road. I sent a text to my family not to come that night due to the weather, that they could come the next day or the day after that-hubby's mom and dad came though. I got to the ER, they sent me to triage. At 2:30 am they had me walking the halls cuz I was only 3 cm dilated. They told me that if the weather wasn't so bad, they would send me home. At about 5:00 am I finally went into the delivery room, but was only 4 cm dilated. At around 8:00 am hubby's sister showed up and I was trying to get Lilly there (she was at her father's grandma's house cuz school was closed that day and it was his weekend to have her). About 9:00 am they gave me the epidural. I still haven't gotten any sleep. I've been up since 5:00 am on the previous day.... over 24 hours. At 10:00 I was fighting with Lilly's father's mom to get Lilly to the hospital. At noon, after they broke my water, Lilly was finally on her way. My mom was snowed in, I had no family there except hubby. 2:00 pm my second ex-step dad (who has been more of a father to me than my own) showed up. At 3:00 it was time to start pushing and they turned off my epidural. Why? I have no idea why they turned it off. It was just me and hubby. For the first half an hour, hubby had his head between his knees. Then he finally stood up and was holding my head... yes...head...not hand. I pushed for an hour and the baby went nowhere. They said I was just too tired and I was. I was doing this without any sleep for 36 hours. At 4:00 pm they threw me in to get a C-section. Halfway through I started to feel them and it hurt soooooooooooo bad. I started screaming and they shot me up with more pain meds. I got a nice bruise where I felt them. At 4:15 Zach came out and hubby was trying to show me where he was, but I fell asleep. I didn't get to hold him cuz they had to close me up, so I just went to sleep.
I went to the recovery room and hubby brought Lilly in there and a nurse brought Zach. Lilly got to hold him before I did. (back up just a bit.... Everytime they would check to see how far I was dilated, I would shiver for a few minutes after they was done. Don't know why. I just did) I was laying in the bed shivering uncontrollably. I tried to stop cuz I didn't want to scare Lilly, but I couldn't. She held Zach, I got a pic, then Zach had to go get his tests done and Lilly's father was there to pick her up. She cried. She didn't want to leave. They moved me into the next room where I would be for the rest of my stay and the visitors poured in. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I didn't. We scheduled his pictures and his circumcision. Finally at 11:00 pm, I went to sleep with hubby in the next bed.
The rest of the hospital stay went smoothly.
My maternity leave was spent visiting, making doctor appointments, cleaning, exercising, and sleeping. At first Zach had his days and nights mixed up, but we got that all straightened out now. Hubby's been a great help and so has Lilly. Hubby just can't handle it late at night when its our bedtime and all the baby wants to do is cry. There for a while we thought he had cholic, but he's just fighting sleep. Hubby can do it for about 5 minutes, but then I have to take over.
Zach's sleeping habits have improved a bit, but they still aren't great.
He's a very happy and healthy baby who is loved very much.