Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is Near

I feel so horrible. Last night I had a fever and a sore throat. I woke up with no fever, but a raw throat and I'm so drained. I'm eating cough drops like candy today.
Christmas is less than a week away and I think I'm beginning to slack off a bit. I still have so much to wrap and I think I have one more thing to buy. I also need to get all the gifts sorted out that I've already wrapped that are going to other places. I was going to wrap last night, but with my raising fever, I just hopped in bed.
Zach's Christmas party at day care was yesterday. They didn't really do anything. A teacher made ornaments with the kids picture in it, the kids decorated them for about a minute and they ate cookies. I thought Santa was going to show, but he didn't. We should have done some kind of gift exchange or something. Oh, well.
Lilly's pajama day is today. She got to take her house slippers that are the Stompez where when you step down the ears pop up. They are drinking hot cocoa, watching Polar Express and eating ice cream.
My head feels like its swimming and I'm floating and I just wanna go home. I hate being sick at work. At least I'm not throwing up, I guess. (knock on wood) I only have 2 hours left of sick time to take and I'm afraid that I might need it the next 3 days I'm working this year. Its only 2 hours.
I'm off all next week, so don't expect an update unless I decide to download the app on my phone and post pictures. I have some cute pictures that you've been missing out on. I need to get that done. I need to get some pictures off of my phone so I won't run out of memory right when I need it most, like last year.
The weather is warming up and I hate it. Its winter! Its almost Christmas! Where is the snow?? It snowed just last week and now we are going to hit temps in the 70's this weekend!! What is going on with the weather? Its crazy. This is why I'm sick. Mother Nature is so confused. Ok, I'm either going to take a nap here at my desk now or go out for an early lunch and find me some soup or something. If I don't post tomorrow, Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We are having a potluck lunch today and a gift exchange at work... so today is going to be pretty laid back. I couldn't sleep last night. I kept having nightmares and I felt sick too. I have a sore throat this morning, I hope its nothing. I ran out of medicine on Sunday and forgot to order it... so I went without last night. I feel ok today. One day without won't kill me or make me crazy, right? I just don't think I can get any more until Friday when I get paid. I don't know if I should go that long without it. Hopefully with it being Christmas time, my spirits will be up and I won't come crashing down.
Last night, as I lay there not sleeping, I kept thinking of all my favorite movies. I thought I'd share them on here since they seemed to be on my mind. Here they are in no particular order with the exception of Wizard of Oz, which of course if my all time #1
Wizard of Oz
Now and Then
Remember the Titans
Saving Private Ryan
Forrest Gump
Gone With the Wind
Shawshank Redemption
Schindler's List
The Princess Bride
The Notebook
A League of Their Own
... and I think I'm about to add the Hunger Games movies in the mix too. I love the movies so far, and the books were great, but I'm not sure if they are quite worthy of being on my list just yet.
Today Lilly is having a Winter Wonderland workshop at school where the kids get to go and buy some stuff and it helps benefit the PTO. I gave her $6 and everything there is $2, so she'll get to buy for 3 people. Last year she gave me a little ceramic flamingo that hangs on the wall, Zach got a glass votive candle holder, hubby got a 3 piece glass bowl set with flowers on them, mother in law got a Santa mug and father in law got Santa kitchen towels. She was so excited about the gifts. This year she's only getting me, hubby and Zach something. I told her she didn't have to get me anything, but she is. I remember doing these things when I was little. Mom never gave me any money to buy anything. One year I stole 50 cents from her and ended up buying my step dad (at the time) a mini screwdriver. Kids really like doing this kind of thing. It makes them proud to be able to pick something out themselves.
Tomorrow, Lilly gets to wear her PJ's to school. They are going to watch the Polar Express and have hot cocoa. Zach is having his Christmas party tomorrow too. I'm leaving work early for that.
Yesterday I send my big boss an email asking for a promotion/raise. I'm nervous about his answer. I haven't heard back from him yet, but saw that he did forward my email... no idea to who, but he did. I guess that's a sign of progress. I'm in desperate need of a raise. I'm so far in the hole, I've been having problems getting out. Hubby found out just how bad it is the other day and I got yelled at. I can't help it. Day care costs went up, my pay did not. The satellite bill went up, my pay did not. I'm trying. I really am. And with Christmas its just been even harder. Crossing my fingers for that raise!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

100 Thing You May Not Know About Me

2 posts in one day... I'm on a roll

1- I've never been to a beach
2- I'm afraid of deep water
3- I don't make friends ...easily. I tend to keep my distance from people
4- I love to cook but sometimes I'm really bad at it
5- I hate to clean. I do the bare minimum.
6- I cannot sleep with socks on
7- I've never been on an airplane
8- I've been in 2 bad car wrecks that have totaled my car. Both of them in a Ford
9- my favorite sounds are- newborn babies crying and locusts.
10- I quit eating fish when I was 12 up until just a couple months ago.
11- I can't wear high heels. My feet are too wide and just weren't meant to be in them
12- I absolutely love Christmas. I start planning and buying months before
13- I've moved about 20 times and have been in 5 different school districts
14- if I won the lottery, id probably end up giving most of it away
15- I haven't played the flute in nearly 15 years but believe I could still do it
16- I'm in denial about how old I really am
17- anytime I have extra money, I spend it on the kids even if they don't need anything
18- almost every night I have a very vivid, very terrifying, very memorable nightmare
19- one of my biggest fears is having a heart attack
20- I hate having my picture taken. It makes me really see just how much weight I've gained instead of imagining that I'm still the skinny girl I was in high school
21- I love to read but need to take a break between books unless it's a series
22- I love scary movies but find most of them to be corny
23- my dream is to run a marathon
24- I wish I saw my family more
25- I hate folding clothes
26- i still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
27- I love the feeling of a baby sleeping on my chest.
28- I don't like to talk about just how much my kids have grown
29- I hate that I've lost touch with a lot of great people
30- i don't mind making a fool of myself, I don't easily get embarrassed
31- seeing a wiggly tooth makes me nauseous.
32- my favorite color is purple, but my favorite crayon is orange
33- I love rice!
34- I'm addicted to Chapstick
35- I've run 4 5k's so far
36- the first time I rode a roller coaster was on my honey moon
37- I like to hunt but haven't been in years
38- I cry very easily
39- I don't know how to drive a stick shift
40- I hate shopping for myself
41- I can fall asleep at any time of the day in just about any position.
42- I don't have to wear glasses anymore even though I've had them since I was 5
43- my first pet was a Beagle named Dan
44- I like to talk in a Brittish accent
45- I cannot keep a house plant alive
46-I love to watch game shows. Especially the old ones
47- I didn't go to my senior prom
48- I didn't get my drivers license until I was 18
49- I've had 5 different jobs
50- my first crush was on Mikey, the orange teenage mutant ninja turtle
51- my first car was a '91 gray Dodge Dynasty
52- When I was little I accidentally killed my pet duck by feeding it a crawdad with the pincers still on
53- a bat flew in my hair when I was 15 and riding my bike at night
54- favorite all time movie is Wizard of Oz
55- My favorite actresses are Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman
56- favorite actor is Morgan Freeman
57- least favorite actor is Nicholas Cage
58- in high school I was into Egypt and mummies
59- I originally went to college to be a high school science teacher
60- I hate the taste of beer
61- I've been smoke free for almost 4 years
62- I've had the same hair style since I can remember
63- I've never broken a bone
64- I used to paint, write poetry and even started a book
65- I love taking pictures
66- my favorite toy when I was little was a stuffed orange cat that I named Orange
67- the carpet in my first bedroom was yellow
68- I've been to Canada once back in high school
69- I have no desire to go to Hawaii but would love to go to Alaska
70- I got my belly button pierced at 16 but had to take it out at 18 because my pregnant belly got way too big and it looked like the ring was going to pop out
71- I have one tattoo- a big blue Lily flower on my right ankle
72- I had a lisp up until the 2nd grade when I taught myself how to talk normal.
73- my favorite flowers are lilies
74- I lived with my grandparents during the first few months of my first pregnancy
75- I have 6 brothers with 2 of them being half brothers and one being a step brother
76- I took up running this year
77- i saved one of my younger brothers from drowning once when I was 10
78- I am fascinated by space and can spend forever just staring at the stars
79- swinging sometimes makes me nauseous
80- I have scar on my left knee from when one of my brothers threw a cat at me
81- my front left tooth is slightly chipped from when the same brother threw a metal pipe at me
82- I have scar on my left forearm from where my oldest brother burned me with a piece of wood that he just sawed in half
83- I've had 7 stitches in my head
84- I wore a heart monitor in high school for a while due to panic attacks
85- I have bunions on both feet and have since I can remember. Born with them?
86- anytime I smell veggie soup cooking, it reminds me of grandma Lesher's house
87- I have a psycho ex bf that I'm still scared to death that I'm going to see out in public and we broke up 10 years ago
88- I love driving when it's dark
89- I feel awkward in crowds but don't mind public speaking
90- I can't do small talk
91- one day I will go back to school for a college degree
92- I like to add hot sauce or ranch dressing in just about everything
93- there's not much food that I don't like
94- I have 2 kids but they aren't the first kids I've raised
95- my world revolves around my kids
96- I'd love to have a more meaningful job
97- i have a permanent callous on my right middle finger from where I used to write so much
98- growing up, I'd always pick a GI Joe to play with over a Barbie
99- I spent most of my high school years without running water
100- my lifetime goal is to see the 7 wonders of the world

Keeping Up Wtih it Now

Ok, I know its been forever, but I'm seriously going to try to keep this thing up to date now. Seriously. I mean it this time. Didn't I say that last time? Well... I really mean it. I hate that I haven't written in so long. So much stuff has happened. SO MUCH.
It seems that ever since I've been on this medication, I just can't seem to get my thoughts together enough to write on here. I'm going to try from now on. I have to learn to keep my head straight.
Weight loss is still at a stand still... well, actually, I've gained some weight back. I've gotten lazy. I vowed last night that I was going to start anew and make this happen. I have so much further to go and I'm not going to ruin how far I've come.
I don't really remember what all I have written about. I know its been a while, but I don't know how far I should go back.
My bff had her baby, beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair. She's about 2 1/2 months old now. I've actually been trying to hang out with CJ a lot more lately. I really need her in my life and I haven't realized it.
I ran the a zombie 5k back in October. It was lots of fun. Not my best time, but I had a blast.
My grandpa had surgery, but it all went fine. He is cancer free.
I came so close to kicking out hubby in October because he was so close to cheating on me. I told him this is his last chance and he will not get anymore. I'm too forgiving, I think.
The kids had fun trick-or-treating. Zach was Spongebob and Lilly was a Monster High doll. They got tons of candy.
I have a bit of my basement cleaned out now. I gave 2 car loads of stuff to one of my cousins. She was worried about providing Christmas for her 6 kids, so I gave her stuff. I'm also giving a lot more stuff away for Christmas. Saved me some money.
I didn't get to go Black Friday shopping this year because I had to work, but a lot of places started their sales Thursday evening, so I went out then. I got just about everything I wanted to get and got in bed around midnight. My brother Tony and his fiancé watched Zach for me and we spent the night there. Zach loves Tony, he calls him his Pony. So cute
Saturday was the fire fighter Christmas dinner. Zach was dressed all snazzy in a suit and was so excited to see Santa. Lilly didn't go this year. She kind of chose not to. I hope she's not starting to not believe.
I am done Christmas shopping and halfway done wrapping gifts. The kids aren't getting as much from me as they did last year, but I did overdo it last year. There was so many things that they didn't even bother with. Sometimes its hard for me to remember that they are getting other things from other people.
I get to spend Christmas with my mom's side of the family this year. I haven't done that in years. Hubby is working until that evening, so I'm going to see mom and family, then go to see dad and family then its off to the inlaws. We will be celebrating at my house the day after Christmas.
Lilly is getting just about everything on her list. Her big things were a cell phone and a trampoline. We got her a trampoline and she's getting a tablet. Zach won't understand the trampoline until its out of the box and set up... which isn't going to happen until the spring.
What else? I'm sure I'm missing plenty.