Thursday, April 28, 2011

Untitled... No title...whatever

Book of Even More Awesome comes out today in the US and I get mine in just a few more days.
My scar from my c-section is hurting and bothering me today. It hurts to stand. It hurts to sit. I took some Aleve and developed a headache and the pain from my scar didn't go away. How did that happen?
Lilly has a game tomorrow, hopefully it won't rain. Her last one got canceled due to the rain. The rain never stops falling and the gas prices never stop raising. Gas was $4.05 the other day, but dropped to $3.99 yesterday. Not a big difference, but still.... I started driving when gas was $2.25. I know.... YOU remember when it was less than a dollar for a gallon of gas.... anyway... I saw a month ago, a picture on the news of a gas station from 2002 and gas was $1.50 a gallon.
Anywho.... been trying to come up with a way to nicely ask my boss for a raise without coming off too strong, needy, desperate, mean or too nice. I need just the right way to ask. I can't afford to keep working here if I don't get a raise soon. I was told a couple months ago that I'd be getting a raise, I just need to know when and how much. I might have to look for a better paying job or a second job. I don't really have the time to take on a second job and I really don't want to change jobs right now, but if I have to, I will.
I feel like crap today, besides my headache and my scar pain. I did manage to get a bit more sleep last night. Zach slept until 3:00 in the morning, which was great.
Today is bring your daughter to work day. I didn't. Lilly had school and I know if I brought her to work one time she'd try to come every chance she got. "But mom," She'd say, "I don't have school today, why can't I come to your work? You let me last time!!" She'll get mad and start pouting, maybe stomp her foot or do some kind of whiney noise. I'll tell her to stop it. She'll do it again. I'll send her to her room.... Lets just avoid all that right now and not bring her to work. Maybe wait until she's a bit older.
Oh, and in case you live under a rock... the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is tomorrow. I have no intention on watching it.... or even reading about it. I am, however, curious as to what the cake looks like. That I will google tomorrow when I get to work. I don't understand how people can be so obsessed over this wedding. My grandma is one of those people. She even went out and got herself a fake ring that looks like Kate's. I watched an episode of The Middle where the mom was crazy over the wedding and ended up having a breakdown cuz the new tv wouldn't work right and no one else in the house appreciated the wedding and made fun of her. Then, she got a bad case of pink eye and couldn't open her eyes. Anway.... I just don't understand all the hooplah over it. Yeah, its a royal wedding. Yeah, its gonna be pretty...but I just don't get it.
I don't really feel much like writing today, but it looks like I did. Might heat up some lunch, see if that helps my headache. Oh, speaking of.... I'm going to try this new thing where I only eat things if they require a fork/spoon and a plate. No more hot dogs. No more burgers. No more pizza. No more pop tarts. No more chicken nuggets. We'll see how well that goes. Apparently, food that requires utensils are essentially more healthy for you and using a plate will make you more aware of your food thus eating less. Oh, and no cake...even though that does go on a plate and you eat it with a fork. I'm going to have to start tomorrow. I already ate a pop tart and some cheese crackers today. Hmmm...I guess that rules out my hard boiled egg too. I could make egg salad, but wouldn't just the egg itself be better? Ok, so its got some quirks and I need to tweak it a bit. I shall report on how I'm doing weekly...if I remember. Since I'm beginning this new "diet" tomorrow, I'll talk about my progress on Fridays.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

365 Tips

Here are 365 tips for parents I found at The Funny Bone. Thought it was cute...and mostly true.
#001: Cut off the crusts.
#002: Make real cocoa.
#003: Hang their drawings on the fridge.
#004: Say the clay ashtray is what you always wanted.
#005: Sing silly songs.
#006: Make goofy faces.
#007: Let them take off the training wheels.
#008: Remind the Tooth Fairy about inflation.
#009: Buy a good stain remover.
#010: Let them keep the kitten.
#011: Remember when YOU misbehaved.
#012: If you don't know, say so.
#013: Let grandma spoil them.
#014: Let them stay up just a little bit longer.
#015: Lock up the good china.
#016: Tickle.
#017: Be a good sport.
#018: Be a good friend.
#019: Smile when your mother-in-law gives you advice.
#020: ALL mothers are working mothers.
#021: Ultimatums don't work.
#022: Bribes work.
#023: Hysteria will get you nowhere.
#024: Their first summer at camp is murder.
#025: Let them lick the spoon.
#026: Learn lots of lullabies.
#027: Breastfeeding in public goes over better in Europe.
#028: Learn to handle sleep deprivation.
#029: Have an answer ready for "Where do babies come from?"
#030: Don't flinch when they grow taller than you.
#031: Going to college don't mean they won't come back.
#032: Don't teach them to parallel park.
#033: Be consistent.
#034: Think quick.
#035: Improvise.
#036: Sympathize.
#037: Remember: It's just a phase.
#038: "Wait till your father gets home" is a cop-out.
#039: "Because I said so" is a good reason.
#040: Never tell them how much they'll inherit.
#041: Teach them four precious words: "We can't afford it.".
#042: Carry Wash'n Dri.
#043: Smile when you change that diaper.
#044: It's absolutely okay to say "No".
#045: Buy chunky peanut butter in jumbo jars.
#046: Run a credit line at the toy store.
#047: Forget suede.
#048: Teachers ARE underpaid.
#049: Learn the rules of football.
#050: Teach them to write thank you notes.
#051: Your teenage daughter WILL find you embarrassing.
#052: Cheese food is not cheese.
#053: Thirteen is too late to put them up for adoption.
#054: Potty training builds character (yours).
#055: Sibling rivalry builds character (theirs).
#056: Worry, worry, worry.
#057: Childbirth is not for wimps.
#058: Stretch marks are a badge of honor.
#059: Half your brain leaves with the placenta.
#060: Donate pre-pregnancy jeans to charity.
#061: Don't read the label on baby formula.
#062: With luck, they'll call you once a week when they leave.
#063: With luck, they won't call collect.
#064: With luck, they'll pay for their own therapy when grown.
#065: No matter what, they'll always be your babies.
#066: The older they get, the wiser you'll seem.
#067: Just when you've got them figured out, they change.
#068: Kiss it an make it better.
#069: Make ice cube popsicles.
#070: If you promised, do it.
#071: Watch what you promise.
#072: When in doubt, say "We'll see."
#073: Bunk beds are cool.
#074: You'll sometimes act just like YOUR mother.
#075: Buy Permapress.
#076: Use the honor system.
#077: You can only shoot so much videotape.
#078: Pose good questions.
#079: Colic happens.
#080: Cowlicks happen.
#081: Look what being a martyr got Joan of Arc.
#082: A dishwasher is not a luxury.
#083: The new math is harder than the old math.
#084: Let's hear it for leftovers.
#085: Don't leave their teddy bear behind.
#086: Learn to make daisy chains.
#087: Not everyone can be a valedictorian.
#088: They're never too old to scold.
#089: They're never too big to hug.
#090: They're never too smart to receive some good advice.
#091: They're never too rich to take home your leftovers.
#092: Don't remind your grown son you changed his diapers.
#093: If they grow up to be doctors, take the credit.
#094: If they grow up to be lawyers, don't take the blame.
#095: If they become pro-athletes, take the house & car.
#096: If they become politicians they were switched at birth.
#097: Don't teach the kids your fear of bugs.
#098: Take them to a petting zoo.
#099: Don't use a pediatrician who isn't a parent.
#100: You can never have too many Kleenex.
#101: Reserve the New Year's Eve babysitter on January 2.
#102: You can blame just about anything on teething.
#103: Some of the great minds of our time were bed wetters.
#104: Let someone else break the news about Santa Claus.
#105: Not everyone can win the Pillsbury Bake-Off.
#106: Iodine really DOES sting.
#107: Mother's Day comes but once a year--milk it.
#108: Adjust allowances for cost of living.
#109: Cookie dough is better than cookies.
#110: Don't let the kids forget Father's Day.
#111: Tie their mittens together.
#112: When they say they've got to go, stop!
#113: An unmade bed is easier to get into.
#114: Prove there's no monster under the bed.
#115: Hugs are the antidotes to nightmares.
#116: Don't put their favorite blankie in the wash.
#117: Disney World is not optional.
#118: A little fast food never killed anyone.
#119: They already know more about computers than you do.
#120: Even George Bush didn't eat his broccoli.
#121: Teach the kids to recycle.
#122: Someday your son will love another woman.
#123: When they leave home, you'll actually miss them.
#124: Whatever your age, you're too young to be a grandma.
#125: The more they tease you, the more you're loved.
#126: Always make their favorite dish when they visit.
#127: Believe it or not, SATs aren't everything.
#128: Yes, it's important they wear what their friends wear.
#129: Teenagers are SUPPOSED to dress goofy.
#130: Yes, we're all tired of dinosaurs.
#131: Anyone can make a secret special sauce.
#132: Buy them a globe.
#133: Socks and underwear are not gifts.
#134: Ear thermometers beat rectal any day.
#135: Hide old toys and reintroduce them next week.
#136: Bribe the babysitter with Hagen-Dazs.
#137: No matter what, your son will wind up with a toy gun.
#138: No matter what, your daughter will want Barbie.
#139: No matter what, you will memorize GOOD NIGHT MOON.
#140: Puberty was hell for you too.
#141: They'll always bring home their laundry.
#142: Courage.
#143: Grace doesn't count unless it's under pressure.
#144: Many geniuses were late bloomers.
#145: When you retire, feel free to spend their inheritance.
#146: Hold their hands during vaccinations.
#147: Look encouraging at the dentist.
#148: Don't give your son a crew cut.
#149: "Bambi" is too scary for five-year olds.
#150: Froot Loops are NOT a balanced meal.
#151: Yes, they need all sixty-four Crayolas.
#152: No, they can't have a pony.
#153: Chicken soup couldn't hurt.
#154: Keep the cookie jar full.
#155: Tuck them in.
#156: Add sound effects to the bedtime story.
#157: No, they REALLY can't have a pony.
#158: Gingerbread houses aren't worth the work.
#159: Tollhouse cookies ARE worth the work.
#160: Put plenty of icing on birthday cakes.
#161: Don't tell you helped blow out the candles.
#162: Kids give more gifts than they'll receive.
#163: Kids WILL drink straight from the carton.
#164: Look sad when the snowman melts.
#165: Kids prefer hot dogs to duck a l'orange.
#166: A sense of humor is a necessity.
#167: They don't call it women's intuition for nothing.
#168: Insist on short-haired dogs.
#169: Coax the cat out of the tree.
#170: For the last time, a pony is out!
#171: Sew name tags in their underwear.
#172: Be a den mother.
#173: Let your daughter have a training bra.
#174: Buy your share of EXPENSIVE Girl Scout cookies
#175: Cultivate the art of napping.
#176: Washable markers aren't.
#177: Help build a sandcastle.
#178: Let them make a fort out of boxes.
#179: Piano lessons aren't for everyone.
#180: Tell Dad to share the toy trains.
#181: Tell your daughter she CAN be a fire fighter.
#182: Host a slumber party.
#183: Don't hover.
#184: Childhood doesn't go as fast as they say.
#185: Don't make your twelve-year-old shop for underwear.
#186: Take snapshots on the first day of school.
#187: Help carve a pumpkin.
#188: Sail paper airplanes.
#189: Teach them to whistle.
#190: Volunteer for class trips.
#191: Join the PTA.
#192: Don't panic.
#193: Hunt for four-leaf clovers.
#194: Befriend other mothers.
#195: Don't let kids record answering machine messages.
#196: Scotchguard everything.
#197: There's a little Martha Stewart in all of us.
#198: Never use the check-out with the candy display.
#199: All car trip diversions last three minutes.
#200: Snowsuits induce the desire to go to the bathroom.
#201: Let them eat Oreos inside-out.
#202: Be ready when kids ask "What were the Beatles?".
#203: You did SO do that at their ages.
#204: The more solemn the moment, the louder they cry.
#205: Kids get dirty quicker on more important occasions.
#206: Don't take kids grocery shopping on empty stomachs.
#207: Forget your moral objections to pacifiers.
#208: Forbidden junk food will be eaten at neighbor's house.
#209: Prohibited TV shows will be watched at neighbor's home.
#210: Tell know-it-alls: Mind your own business.
#211: Put a lock on your bedroom door.
#212: Trust your instincts.
#213: Occasionally you WILL use the TV as a babysitter.
#214: If they won't clean their plates, use smaller plates.
#215: Pack school lunches with good trading items.
#216: There's a lot of wisdom in MAD magazine.
#217: Don't flush the fish.
#218: Let them eat cake.
#219: Let them eat animal crackers.
#220: Keep smiling.
#221: There's no escaping car pools.
#222: Yes, they'll need braces.
#223: Yes, they'll need stitches.
#224: Guilt is an art form.
#225: Curfews are made to be broken.
#226: Dry their tears.
#227: Play Name the State Capitals.
#228: Teach them to read maps.
#229: Do a jigsaw puzzle together.
#230: Ask only that they try their best.
#231: Your son's wife will not be pretty enough.
#232: Your daughter's husband will not earn enough.
#233: When they have kids, they'll REALLY appreciate you.
#234: Grandchildren are for spoiling.
#235: Transfer old home movies to video.
#236: Make lemonade from real lemons.
#237: It's your duty to brag.
#238: Point out that your granddaughter has your eyes.
#239: Be sure to mention that your grandson has your smile.
#240: Let your daughter think she's a better mother than you.
#241: When daughter's in labor don't say "Now you know.".
#242: Teenage daughters are hazardous to your health.
#243: Teenage sons are hazardous to their own health.
#244: How long CAN you put off the birds & bees lecture?
#245: How many times can you rewrite your will?
#246: Never buy retail.
#247: Cheer when they get their driver's licenses.
#248: Smile when they squash your Chevy.
#249: Send a care package to college.
#250: Resist the impulse to clean their dorm rooms.
#251: If they become Ivy Leaguers it's because of YOUR genes.
#252: If they're going to State, it's because of Dad's genes.
#253: Teach them to swim early.
#254: Insist on bike helmets.
#255: Learn CPR.
#256: Take them to the circus.
#257: Send an apple for the teacher.
#258: No blue hair.
#259: Remind them when it's your silver anniversary.
#260: Forbid them to put you in a nursing home.
#261: Threaten to haunt them from beyond the grave.
#262: Ask them for advice once in a while.
#263: Look humble when they say "How'd you do it, Mom?"
#264: Pass along your wedding dress to your daughter.
#265: Give Snickers at Halloween.
#266: Remember the names of their stuffed animals.
#267: Watch all the Peanuts TV specials.
#268: Buy industrial-size detergent boxes.
#269: Learn to say "Watch out!" with feeling.
#270: Buy them cool lunch boxes.
#271: Remain calm when you find your son's "Playboy".
#272: Remain calm when you find daughter's birth control.
#273: Your daughter's house will never be as clean as yours.
#274: Dance a tango at your child's wedding.
#275: Reminisce.
#276: Make their Halloween costumes.
#277: Play Scrabble with them.
#278: Play cards with them.
#279: Good news and bad: Anything can be a toy.
#280: Good news and bad: Before you know it, they're walking.
#281: Good news and bad: Before you know it, they're talking.
#282: Good news & bad: Before you know it they're in college.
#283: Keep a first-aid kit handy.
#284: You and Dad need a "Date Night".
#285: Let them make their own sundaes.
#286: Don't show their dates naked baby pictures.
#287: Traditions are important.
#288: Don't forget, each new kid is a tax deduction.
#289: Teach them to love libraries.
#290: Help start a stamp collection.
#291: Give pennies for piggy banks.
#292: Learn to love Trolls.
#293: Pray for a chicken pox vaccine.
#294: Don't insist on combing your daughter's hair in public.
#295: Try to get some breakfast in them.
#296: Ice cream still solves most problems.
#297: You can't praise a kid too much.
#298: Buy them a good dictionary.
#299: Let them have an aquarium.
#300: Shiny thing in driveway is your kid's new retainer.
#301: Always look before sitting.
#302: Have a snowball fight.
#303: Hold hands while crossing.
#304: Let them visit where you work.
#305: No matter what, they'll bring home colds from school.
#306: Remember what happened to Joan Crawford.
#307: Don't weep when the school bus takes them away.
#308: Attend school plays.
#309: Don't yell at Little League umpires.
#310: Junior High is traumatic.
#311: Everyone tries to get out of gym class.
#312: Before disciplining -- decompress.
#313: They'll outgrow their shoes before the laces get dirty.
#314: Let them play dress up.
#315: Learn to throw a baseball.
#316: Learn to catch a boomerang.
#317: If they created it at camp, put it on display.
#318: Food fights happen.
#319: Get washable wallpaper.
#320: Don't let them call you by your first name.
#321: They DO look cutest when they're sleeping.
#322: Tell ghost stories.
#323: Kids love antiheroes.
#324: Remember how your mother felt about Mick Jagger.
#325: Celebrate Velcro!
#326: Record their singing.
#327: She's all grown up when she stretches your sweater.
#328: You know your son's grown up when he blushes.
#329: Hang a tire swing.
#330: They'll eat paper and dirt and survive.
#331: If all else fails, take them to the video arcade.
#332: Let them get their ears pierced.
#333: Monster truck rallies can be educational.
#334: Let them play cowboy.
#335: Discourage them from tying up the babysitter.
#336: Don't hold up other people's children as role models.
#337: When they fall asleep in the stroller, don't move them.
#338: Show them photos of yourself as a child.
#339: Let's hear it for stereo headphones.
#340: Cartoons are a good way to learn classical music.
#341: Don't kiss teens in front of their friends.
#342: No credit cards until they graduate.
#343: Check before believing Dad said it was okay.
#344: Murphy's Law is true.
#345: Feel free to remind them of your labor pains.
#346: Sometimes you'll have to tell little white lies.
#347: Remember that you used Cliff Notes too.
#348: At least comic books mean they're reading.
#349: Disposable diapers are worth the guilt.
#350: Don't buy infant clothes without snaps.
#351: Clothes that fit just right are too small.
#352: Everybody's a critic.
#353: Get call waiting.
#354: If you have teenagers, get your own phone.
#355: You know more about chaos theory than most physicists.
#356: Grass stains are Mother Nature's way of saying "Hi".
#357: Nervous breakdowns-Nature saying "Take it easy.".
#358: Arrange to sleep in at least once a month.
#359: Know when enough is enough.
#360: Don't mention their zits.
#361: When technology is ready, clone yourself.
#362: Let your daughter wear your high heels.
#363: Admire your son's mustache even if you can't see it.
#364: Discourage grown kid's from writing a tell-all book.
#365: You'll never stop wondering if you did a good job.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book of Even More Awesome comes out today

The Book of (Even More) Awesome comes out today (in Canada) and I couldn't be more excited. If you didn't pre-order the book, I strongly suggest that you go get one. Here is a link to order it off Amazon~
I absolutely loved the first book and I can't wait to get the second one. A part of me wishes I would have just waited and went to the bookstore this week during my lunch hour to buy one, but I pre-ordered it and now I won't get it until next week. I want to congratulate Neil Pasricha on all of his accomplishments and I can't wait to see what he does in the future. I really wish I could get this second book autographed. I got the first one autographed....I need to find a book signing near here.
On another note....
Zach hardly slept last night which means mommy didn't sleep at all. I am exhausted, my body hurts and all I want to do is cry.
Lilly has a game tonight, I'm going to remember to bring the camera this time. Hubby can actually come to this one. Of course I said that about the last one and he was busy, but her game got canceled anyway.
Yesterday was such a mess. After leaving work to give day care the formula I forgot, I came back to work to be busy the rest of the day. Then I go home to rush, rush, rush. I had to make dinner before hubby went to his meeting at the fire station. Zach needed his dinner which was carrots and for some reason that boy ate and ate and ate yesterday. He ate a 3 ounce bottle right before his carrots. He had 2 tablespoons of carrots with 2 teaspoons of rice cereal mixed in. Right after that he ate another 3 ounce bottle and an hour later he took a 4 ounce bottle. I didn't want to make him a big bottle cuz I wanted him to eat his carrots, but he just kept eating. He won't take the spoon if he is really hungry. All he wants is that bottle in his mouth and since I'm still trying to get him use to the spoon, I give him a bottle. I don't want his first experiences with the spoon to be him crying cuz he's so hungry. I do try to give him baby food or cereal about an hour before I know he's gonna want a bottle, but day care left him hungry when I picked him up. They also still have 3 of my bibs. I'm going to have to retrieve them today.
I need a day or two just to myself. One day to sleep and one day to clean the apartment. Its such a mess.
We're suppose to be able to retry getting a loan next week, but I seriously doubt we can afford it. We'll see I guess. Part of me is sure that we'll end up living with my in-laws.... and if that does happen, I will surely go crazy. I have been keeping an eye on the what houses are for sale in our area and there really isn't anything that I like. I hope something pops up within the week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun and rain and eggs

So, this weekend was very eventful.
Friday, Lilly went with hubby's sister and her kids to see Rio. She liked it. I never heard of it. I don't watch that many commercials. Now that I have a DVR, I just skip them all. I hardly ever watch something that isn't recorded. Saturday there was an egg hunt at Lilly's school. There was going to be big inflatables there too, but the weather was bad. Later that day we went to hubby's sister's to color eggs so all the kids could do it together and we had a big cookout. I've eaten hot dogs all weekend.
We got caught out in the rain, and hail. It was crazy fun. For a short paragraph on that go to  and read my last comment on that page.
Went home and colored more eggs...

Lilly enjoyed her Easter morning. She found all the eggs hidden around the house and she thought it was funny that Zach got baby food in his basket. I started him out on carrots last night. Next week we are moving to green beans. He liked the carrots. He didn't spit hardly any of it out. I'm still trying to get him use to the spoon. He is just now at the point where he will open his mouth for the spoon, sometimes, instead of me shoving it in.
Lilly got to play her new Just Dance Wii game. I did a short version of one song while hubby was in the shower. Its kinda fun.
We went to my mom's mom's house and EVERYONE was there. All of my cousins and their kids. The only ones that was missing was 3 of my brothers and my nephew. There are my grandma and grandpa and their 3 kids, then 11 grandkids, 10 great grandkids with one on the way. Zach is 3 months old and he isn't the youngest. One of my cousins had a little girl a couple weeks after Zach was born. My other cousin just got married and is pregnant. So the kids range from 8 or 9 all the way down to still in the tummy. My oldest brother's girlfriend was there with her 2 kids
We did an egg hunt there and ate some good food. Lilly wanted to hide the eggs instead of find them.
Then we headed off to my dad's mom's house. My brother that just 18 was there and the other brother that no one ever sees was there too. My 18 year old brother had to leave right after we got there to go to work, so we didn't really get to spend time with him. My uncle, dad, grandpa and other brother mostly stayed out in the building cleaning guns almost the whole time. Hubby played with Zach and Lilly and the other kids found the eggs I hid in the backyard. Kinda uneventful there. There's less people there. My step mom didn't come, but that's not unusual. I hardly ever see her anymore. My dad's parents... they have 2 kids and my dad is the only one out of them that has kids. Dad has 4 of us. My oldest brother has one kid and I have 2. That's it for the great grandkids on that side.
Today I get to work and I'm working away and then I get a phone call from a number I don't know. I answer...and its day care. I forgot to pack the formula. I had to leave work, go home, go to day care, give them his formula, and come back to work. Luckily I did it in about 45 minutes. Zach was conked out when I got there.  I put him in this really cute romper hubby's mom got him for Easter. Its brown and is sleeveless, so it looks like he's showin off his muscles. I should have taken a pic. They had already taken him for a walk and I guess it wore him out.
Hopefully it'll be pretty when I get today so I can take the kids out for a walk or something. Lilly has a ball game tomorrow. Its been over 2 weeks since she has even been on a ball field. We got her a purple bat bag for Easter. She loved it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

So I have decided that I will no longer climb the stairs here at work unless I have my cell with me. I went up 9 flights and was on my way back down when my knee gave out and I twisted my ankle. Thankfully I didn't fall or anything, but I very well could have. So now, not only do my legs hurt from climbing the stairs, but my right ankle is throbbing now.
This week has been a bit interesting. Today is a slow day here at work. Barely anyone is here. We should have had a party. I'm craving a big juicy burger. Might have to go out and get one....but its pouring the rain.
Wednesday, hubby lost his ring at work. Its a little loose on his finger anyway and I've been trying to get him to get it resized. He thought it flung off his hand when he was throwing stuff in the dumpster at work... the dumpster full of plastic powder. He tried his best to look for it in there, but there is no jumping in that stuff. After his co-workers convinced him that I was going to be really mad and kill him, he called and told me. I wasn't mad about it, I was a little upset, but I knew sooner or later he would lose it cuz it didn't fit him right. He was really upset, and understandably enough. I would cry my eyes out if I lost mine. He found it later that night when he went back to work to look for it. It wasn't in the dumpster, it was laying in the middle of the road. I was sooo happy that he found it.
There's a big Easter egg hunt at Lilly's school tomorrow along with free games, free food and free inflatables. We are going to that. Then after that we are doing another egg hunt at hubby's sister's house with all her kids too. Sunday, I get to visit my family that I haven't seen since February. I haven't seen any of my cousins since last July I think.
Zach's first Easter, Zach's first big holiday... and Lilly gets to be there to share it with him. Told hubby last night that we need to go out and get the kids some bunny ears to wear. I also need to find an egg shaped bib. I doubt I'll find one, but I'm going to look anyway. At least get him some kind of Easter bib. He's got a green Easter outfit. Don't know what Lilly's going to wear.
My bff has been trying to quit smoking. She started taking Chantix, but was having some problems with it. I really hope she does quit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Found this today, blew my mind
Look at the left look at the right one......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh and.....

I have entered Zach in a contest to be on the cover of Parents Magazine. I entered 5 photos and they picked one to go further. Please go vote for my little man~

It is this photo
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday again.........

I finally broke down last night and told hubby some stuff that has been bothering me. I don't mean I broke down as in I caved, or I gave I broke down. Hysterical crying, high pitched sobs....all of it. I told him how stressed out I've been, how extremely tired I am, how much I worry about money, how I miss talking to my mom, how much he's NOT at home, how much I need his help, and how I just feel helpless sometimes and how I feel like I'm suppose to be able to do everything and I feel horrible when I can't. The talk didn't really accomplish anything, but at least its out there. He did tell me that he has been feeling like he should be doing more, which sorta made me more upset. If he felt like he should be helping me out, then why hasn't he? There are so many little things that he could do and it would help out tremendously.
He still believes that we can afford a house. I don't really see how we can when we are broke now. I can barely afford day care for the 2 kids and put gas in my car due to the health insurance that is taken out my paychecks. I need a raise, a good one, for this to work out and me not worry so much. He said that he knows that part of my frustration is because of the small apartment, and he's right. I hate it there. I like the location of our place, its very convenient and there are no big hills to go over to get to the main road during winter, but its just too small for us. I don't have any room to put anything away, the kids don't have a bedroom of their own, I can't even find the dinning table right now cuz there's so much crap piled on it. Our love seat is full of stuff too, that's where I put the car seat when its not in use among other things. Lilly's toys are strewn about the bedroom. I've tried putting them in boxes, but she keeps getting more toys and I have no more room for boxes. She even has some under her bed. I feel bad for her cuz she can't access all of her toys and there are even a bunch of toys in my storage building that she hasn't seen in years.
Zach was talking up a storm yesterday. I recorded some of it on my phone, but I can't send any of it so I can't share it on here. So cute though. He was babbling for hours. It started while we were watching wrestling and continued all the way through a movie. We had a good weekend with him. He wasn't too fussy and was very smiley. We went out Saturday to Outback and he was an angel. Love their Bloomin' Onion...mmmmmmmmmm. Zach was sucking on hubby's thumb, I got a pic. We even had him pounding on the table and he was laughing so much.

Lilly should be back from her zoo trip with her father, but I won't see her until Wednesday. I'm being nice and letting him keep her a couple extra days. I hope she had fun. I didn't call during their trip to check up on her cuz I didn't want to interrupt any fun that they were having. I'm sure if something went wrong, if she was sick or wanted to call me or something like that, he would have called me. I'm going to text him today to check up on her.
Took Zach yesterday to get Easter candy and stuff. Lilly's getting some candy, a Wii dance game, a baseball that comes back to you (its on a string) and a baseball washcloth. Zach is getting no candy...ok I might throw one or two suckers in there, an outfit that says Happy Easter, 3 jars of baby food, 2 toys, 2 books and some ready made formula bottles. He hasn't had baby food yet and I figured its time to start him out. I had him eating some rice cereal this weekend. He wasn't too happy about it. He's almost 3 months. That's about when I started Lilly out. Baby food and rice cereal is way cheaper than formula. We replaced 1 full bottle yesterday with the cereal and 1/2 of another.
Today we are having a 31 fund raiser here at the bank. If you would like to buy something let me know in the comments and I will post a link. Part of the money spent will go to the American Cancer Society. Here's a site....  This site isn't for the fund raiser, its not a link to our host, its just the main site, so if you'd like to help us out, lemme know. Its all purses and tote bags and lunch totes and such.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going crazy

Lilly's surprise game didn't happen yesterday. I got a call yesterday while I was at work from the coach's wife saying that there is a game and they just found out about it. The schedule was changed. So, I left work early to get Lilly fed and ready and drop Zach off somewhere. Hubby went out on a search and rescue for a guy that was lost, so he wasn't home. We got to the field a bit early and she played frisbee and tag with some boys from her team. Then, her father showed up with his gf and their kid. After 20 minutes the coach called someone and heard that the other team forfeits all their games until they get a uniform cuz they don't have theirs yet. That's about the time Lilly started complaining about her stomach hurting. Coach decided to just have a short practice since almost all his kids were there. Then, Lilly started we left. We picked Zach up and went home, and she was acting just fine. I think she is just nervous about having spring break with her father. She's excited about it, but she keeps telling me that she'll miss me. She goes to her father's today and I won't see her again until Wednesday. I couldn't even make a big deal about not seeing her this morning cuz she was still upset. I wanted to give her a big hug and tell her to have fun at the zoo, but I knew that would just trigger it all back up. So, I left her at the Y and we both had tears in our eyes. I am going to miss her and I know she'll miss me, and Zach, and hubby, but I also know that she will have fun. Last year, was it last year or the year before?...she went to the beach with her father and halfway through their trip she called me wanting to come home. I hate that for her. I wish she could just have fun and not worry so much.
I broke down again last night. Zach was getting up every hour and a half, not to eat, just to cry and scream. I was so tired, I just broke down crying. And I hate to admit this, but its at the point where every time I hear him cry like that, I get this pounding headache and my ears even throb. So that doesn't help the situation. Finally after about 10 minutes of both of us crying, hubby wakes up and comes in there. He gets Zach quiet for about 5 minutes and then he started crying again. 5 minutes later, hubby was done. He couldn't handle it. So I went and picked Zach up and he stopped crying. Hubby gets up and goes back to bed. Half an hour later the baby finally went back to sleep. I'm fighting trying to keep my eyes open. I haven't had any coffee yet. I need to take a day just to myself and sleep and relax and not worry about anything and not be stressed. I have been so stressed out lately and its wearing me down. I'm always on the move, dealing with crying babies, ball games, school, work, dinner...the usual, but its catching up with me and I need a day off.
So here's a cute pic I took of the kids last night when I was trying to get Lilly to bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lilly's game went great. I did forget my video camera and hubby couldn't make it, but Lilly had fun and that's all that matters. She stopped the ball once and threw it to first base. Of course in t-ball they don't count outs, strikes, or even the runs. They use the games to teach the kids how to play the game and get them ready for the next step. All the kids had fun, except one. She was whining 10 minutes into the game. Zach went and saw his sissy play. It only lasted about 45 minutes.
Yesterday I almost passed out. I thought I was starting to have a panic attack and was freaking out. My heart rate was up, my heart was skipping beats, I was hot and dizzy. I didn't know what to do. I went over to my boss' office just in case I did pass out. I didn't want to be alone. Luckily I didn't. My feet went numb on my way home too. I had to stop and walk around. I thought it was my birth control, since I just started the Nuvaring and have been having small problems with it, but I think its also stress related. I don't like the Nuvaring and am thinking about switching to something else, but I don't know what else. It seemed like the only option for me. I can't have an IUD cuz it causes me to have cysts and I can't remember to take a pill everyday. The doc told me that the hormone that IUD's release causes my cysts and there's other birth control options that would do the same thing to the shot. I apparently need the kind that release 2 kinds of hormones. Don't ask me the names cuz I don't know. There is one other option, but it kinda grosses me out. I forget what its called but they insert it into your upper arm and it lasts for 3 years. You can FEEL it. I did get the Mirena put in right after I had Lilly and it was in for 5 years like it was suppose to be...ok...almost 5 years. The pain just became unbearable and I had to get it taken out. The cysts were a huge problem. Other than that, I loved it.
That's all for now.......maybe more later when I have more time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

thoughts from the hospital

second post of the day
I've noticed that my hair is changing back to the way it was...before getting pregnant. And this reminded me of the first time I brushed my hair after giving birth. It was late at night and I knew my hair looked horrible, I could feel it. It felt horrible. So I attempted to brush it, washing it was out of the question since I couldn't walk yet. I wasn't allowed, but physically....I couldn't walk. Anywho, I was getting ready for bed and I tried running a brush through my hair. Nevermind all the knots and hair was falling out!! It was all over the bed and my pillow and my clothes. I was freaking out. One doctor comes in to talk to me and before he says anything, I look at him with this horrified look on my face and ask him with handfuls of hair if this was normal. He gave me a kind of worried look and told me that he is the pediatrician. I felt kind of stupid. I never got my answer by the way. Luckily I didn't go bald or even lose enough hair to notice, but it really scared me.
Back to the no walking deal. They gave me enough drugs that I couldn't feel anything from my belly button down. I couldn't even move my left leg at all. It kept plopping off the bed at times before it was time to push. By the time it was time to push, I couldn't feel either leg and they decided to turn off my epidural. Anyway... pushing didn't work, I was too tired. I'm sure I've mentioned this. As soon as they said I needed a C-section I burst out in tears. I didn't want one. I felt like I had failed. Other than feeling them halfway through, the surgery went ok. So I wasn't allowed to walk, at all, until the following morning. It was even difficult for me to situate myself in bed. I couldn't feel the lower half of my body and I was worried about my cut and staples. By bedtime I could feel my legs like normal, but was still in pain.
In the morning a nurse came in to help me walk to the bathroom. Standing up was the hardest thing. It took me a good 10 minutes just to get steady enough to stand there, with the nurse and hubby holding on to me. Then, another 5 minutes to walk to the bathroom and another 5 to get back to bed. After that first time, it got easier with each try. But wow, I can't believe how difficult it was that first time. I don't remember going through that with Lilly. I don't know if it was due to the C-section or what. Within a few hours I was walking by myself with just a little difficulty. I didn't walk normal until a week later when they took my staples out. I can't believe what a difference that made.
It was super nice to always have someone there with me too. Hubby got to stay with me the entire time, he slept in the other bed in the room cuz no one else was there. When we went home to get a shower and stuff, his sister and mom was there. When I had Lilly, I was mostly there by myself. My mom came and went and visitors came and went....but I was mostly alone. My oldest brother was a security guard at that time at that hospital and he kept bringing me fruit bowls.
Just some more thoughts from the hospital I wanted to share.


My office building flooded a bit on Friday. It rained and rained and was so horrible. The wind was crazy. Our garage elevator shaft was pouring the rain and our stairs were a waterfall. The second floor got it pretty bad, they need their carpet replaced.
Hubby left for his search and rescue class Friday and I worried all weekend about him being out in that crazy rain and all the storms we had all weekend. He was sleeping in a tent. He's fine though.... his dad got sick. He hasn't told me much about the trip, but what he did tell sucked.
Lilly had practice on Saturday. I got the kids up, showered and bathed them, fed them, and then we went to hubby's mom's house to give her some pictures. Then we went to a ball field to watch my nephew for a bit and then it was time to go to Lilly's practice. I took Zach, it rained. We all got soaked, except for Zach of course. He had it made. He got the umbrella and a nice ride in the stroller away from the mud. He loved it. He was back to his normal happy self on Saturday too. I could tell he was feeling much better.
Sunday I tried looking for yellow baseball socks for Lilly and couldn't find any. Zach was getting fussy so we stopped by my grandma's house........
Hubby came home yesterday and you could tell Zach was so happy to see him. It was so cute to see. He even got his first ride on a 4-wheeler...... just from the driveway into the garage.
Lilly's first game is today, unless she gets rained out. Its going to storm again today. She leaves this Saturday to go to a zoo with her father and he brings her back on Wednesday, but she decided she wants to spend the night with grandma, so I won't see her until Thursday evening of next week. That's just one week without seeing her, but it always feels like forever.
I know this entry is a bit unorganized and kinda short and scattered, but I'm just not into it today.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Back to the ER

Left work early Tuesday cuz Zach was running a fever. Made him a doc appt for Wednesday. He got a nose swab, chest xray and blood work. Wednesday night his fever reached 101.6, so I went to the ER with him. They looked at his tests that he had done earlier in the day and said everything looks clear. There is a little bit of fluid in the lungs, but its nothing to be too concerned about...just watch it. Its not RSV, the flu or pneumonia. The ER doc said it was just a virus and his congestion that he's had for weeks is just another virus. They gave me a prescription to make his stuffy nose runny......I didn't sleep for 3 days straight. I took yesterday off so make sure his fever was down and we napped a bit. I'm still exhausted.

Lilly's game has been moved from Saturday to Monday....which makes me happy since hubby's gonna be gone all this weekend and he didn't want to miss her first game. She did really well at practice yesterday. Here's some pics of her practice. I figured out that my phone can take multi shots.....I love it.

Hubby was getting things ready for his trip last night. I was already in bed when he came home. He was getting ready to hop in the shower when his fire pager went off for a structure fire. So he got redressed and went. He came home about 4:00am, took a shower and did a little bit more packing. I was up feeding Zach. He told me he had to be at the fire station at 6 to leave and I told him I'd make sure he was up....I didn't wake him up until 5:55. I helped him get ready and finish packing and whatnot.....and he was the first one over there. He had to call a couple of them to get up. I was a little late getting to work since I helped hubby this morning and Zach was hungry when it was time to go out the door.
I'm kinda looking forward to this weekend. Its gonna be pretty and its just gonna be me and the kids, so we're gonna play and have lots of fun.........hopefully. I am gonna miss hubby a lot though. I haven't seen much of him these past couple of weeks. I hope everything goes well for him this weekend during this training/class.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is here

Ok, deep breath taken, I'm ready now.
Friday, Lilly's practice was cut short because it started to rain. She was doing really well too. Then her father came and picked her up and she cried, and cried, and cried and broke my heart. Then, he let her call me to cry and tell me that she missed me..... 30 minutes after I said goodbye to her. Broke my heart again. I finally got her to calm down after nearly an hour. She had practice Saturday, but her father didn't take her because he had pictures scheduled. (see my angry face) He could have rescheduled it, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Not a big deal I guess, it is only t-ball. I get to pick her up early from school today for her dentist appointment, then she has practice....if weather permits. Its suppose to rain like crazy.
Yesterday was such a pretty day. We went out to Walmart for some shopping and spent almost $100 less than I expected to pay. Then we headed to hubby's mom's house for her birthday party thing. It wasn't until later, but we went early cuz hubby wanted to set up a tent....more on that later. I left to go shopping with hubby's sister for some food for a cookout later in the day. We ate hot dogs and burgers, played ping-pong and I took Zach out for a walk. Pretty day like that, I wanted to have Zach outside. I had him wear a light jacket and we strolled around a bit. He seemed to really enjoy it.
Oh, Zach is such a man. He loves TV. His favorite things to watch are wrestling, NASCAR, and of course Spongebob. He is just so fascinated by those shows. He will sit there in his bouncy seat and watch the entire thing without making much noise. He will coo at the tv at times and there is this one guy on wrestling that does make him cry. I ordered Wrestlemania last night, and he missed it. He fell asleep. Kinda sad he missed his first Wrestlemania. I missed that last 2 matches because I was just to sleepy, but I can watch those 2 later tonight. (the streak lives on!!)
This weekend, hubby is going on a trip sorta. He has a class with the fire station, a survival class. Him and a few others from the station and I'm sure much more from other stations are going out in the middle of nowhere for a search and rescue class. He's leaving Friday and coming back Sunday sometime. Lilly's first game is Saturday....he's gonna miss it.
I just got a text from Lilly's father's girlfriend with the pics that they just got on Saturday and they look really good. They went to the same place that I just took her last Sunday. I think these look better because they did her hair. I couldn't cuz I was in a hurry to get hubby to the hospital that day and she wouldn't let hubby's sister do it.
Here's some of the pics.........

Hubby's mom just sent me a pic of Lilly..........she is sunburnt.......again...........Ima gonna slap her father.