Friday, July 29, 2011

Clapping and Talking

Today is my last day being able to drive my car. I'm actually kind of sad about this whole situation. I love that car.... but change is good. Or that what I hear anyway. I am in need of something bigger than my car. It just means so much to me. I've had that car for only one more month than I've been with hubby.
Zach is clapping his hands now.... and saying, "Dadadadadadadadadada!!!" He started clapping Tuesday at the doctor's office, but yesterday was the first day he has talked like that. I picked him up at day care and when we got home, I went to get him out of the car and there he was clapping and yelling, "dadadada" all while making some really funny faces. It was his serious face, then it changed to a silly face, then it was a happy face, then a sad face, then back to the serious face. I couldn't get him out of the car, I was laughing so hard. It was one of the cutest things I've seen. We got up to the house and hubby was in the shower, but he was still saying, "dadadada" So as soon as I heard the water turn off from the shower, I took Zach to the bathroom door and he stopped talking. I backed up a bit and he started in again. It was so incredibly cute. When hubby came out Zach hurried over to him, (he's still technically not crawling, but he can get around) looked up at him and started talking again, but it wasn't "dadadada." It was like Zach really wanted to tell hubby about his day. He yelled for dad and when he got him he just jabbered on and on. Eventually, sometime in Zach's story he did start saying dadada again.
Zach was in such a great mood yesterday. He played and laughed like it was nobody's business. You could tell he got to see his sister yesterday at school. I saw her for a little bit. Me and her father got to the day car almost at the same time. I asked her about her trip to the caves and her father told me a little about his recent hospital adventures. I can't wait until Monday when I get her back.
Oh, and I realized I haven't had anything awesome in my posts this week. So, lemme give you 5 right now.
**Watching a baby do something new**
**Hearing a child laugh**
**Ordering take out when its too hot to cook**
**Sleeping through the night**
**Having money left over after paying bills**

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Can't Believe its Not Friday

My new car is fixed. No, its not 'new,' but its new to me. Its hubby's mom's old car. Its 2 years older than my car, but it has 50,000 less miles than mine. Hubby was trying to surprise me telling me that it hadn't made it to the garage to get fixed yet, but it did and it was finished yesterday. I got to drive it around our block to get the feel of it, but I can't drive it on a road for a while. Its technically not legal yet. We don't have plates for it and we have to add it to our insurance. I wonder if it will raise or lower our insurance. Its a bigger car, its a Blazer. I'm going from my mid-size 'mom' car that I've had for 6 years to a bigger car that requires more gas. I'm going to miss my car.
I've been on the lookout for smiles and frown to add to my other blog. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I am always actively looking for a smile to pop out at me. I have found some while driving, but the picture doesn't come up very good. I'll see a smile made out of traffic lights and power lines, but my camera on my phone doesn't take very good pictures. After I take the picture, I can't really see the smiley face because the power lines don't show up too well.
My bff's wedding is coming up SOON!! And we have another wedding to go to this weekend. One of hubby's friends is finally marrying his girlfriend. I'm not sure I want to go. These are people that I don't really get along with and its going to be HOT...and its an outside wedding. I might go for the ceremony and then leave. I don't want to have Zach out in the heat for very long. Hubby can stay and have fun.
I'm a little disappointed today. Yesterday seriously felt like a Friday to me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doctor Visit

Zach had an appointment to get shots yesterday. He took those shots like a big man. He only fussed a little bit and didn't cry at all. He weighs 19.10 pounds and is 27 inches long. He's growing. I almost wanted to bet someone yesterday that he was up to 20 pounds. Here's a picture of Zach sitting on the table at the doctor's office.

Lilly gets to go to the Y today. She's going to the movies with them and seeing Marmaduke. She's already seen it, but it was a good movie. Tomorrow is the make up date for the caves. They had to cancel that trip because the day care was closed that day since they didn't have any water. She was suppose to go bowling yesterday, but she stayed home with her father's mom.
Now, I'm not a very fashionable person. I'm not. I'll tell ya right now that I'm not. I don't wear skinny jeans or the knee high boots or even high heels for that matter. For one, I'm cheap. For two..I like to be comfy. I wear tennis shoes to work, of course they are all black and a bit more appropriate than my other tennis shoes. I don't keep up with what is in or what was soooo last summer. If I could fit into them, I'd probably still be wearing clothes from high school. I was never really interested in being in the lastest fashion, so it didn't bother me at all in school like it seems to other kids. I don't accessorize either. I don't switch out my purse to match what I'm wearing and I don't care if I'm wearing black shoes with gray pants. I just hope my kids don't get caught up in all the hub bub. Its clothes. I believe that if it fits, its comfy, you like it.... that should be all that matters. I thought about all of this because the radio DJ's here was reading off a list of things that proves you're getting older and wearing clothes to be comfortable instead of fashionable was on the list. So.. have I always been old??

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lilly's a Big Sis again

Sleep was just not happening last night. Zach only woke up once, which is a miracle these days, but I just couldn't sleep. I kept having nightmares and couldn't get comfortable. I'm doubling up on my caffeine intake today.
Lilly's is now a big sister to another little boy. Her new little brother was born at 2:17 yesterday afternoon. I haven't heard much about the situation other than mom was bleeding a little too much and it hadn't stopped by 5:30 yesterday evening. That was the last time I talked to him. I told him I hope everything turns out ok, and congrats on the baby. I was putting together a few little things for the baby that I know I'll never a travel pack of baby soap, I got 3 of those at my baby shower and have barely used one.
Not much really happened yesterday...... It was kind of a slow day for me. Yesterday was sort of my lazy day. I was so tired and just didn't really feel well. I did watch X-Men The Last Stand last night. Good movie. Finally did watch The Hurt Locker Sunday night. LOVED that movie.
Here's a few pics of Zach. Yes, that's my foot he's holding. He sat there like that for nearly half an hour.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Morning!

Oh, what a busy weekend it was.
I got to hang out with Chris and Tony Saturday. I took Tony to take his test for his learners. He passed, but he didn't have 2 proofs of residency, only one. So, he'll have to go back within 30 days to take his proof without having to take the test again. After that we went to the mall and they bought belts and an XBox game and we had some Taco Bell. It was nice. Everything felt normal to me. Everyone was having fun, joking around, and just hanging out. I'm glad I got to spend those few hours with them.
Hubby had Zach for the morning while I was out, and he ended up at his mom's house. I got there in the afternoon. It started storming there, after I had just drove through it all after dropping my brothers off. Then, there was a fire call. 6 car pile up with mass casualties is what came over the radio. Hubby took off. Turns out only one person was hurt and everyone else was fine.
Sunday...oh, Sunday. Ok. Saturday night around 11, there was a structure fire call. The siren went off at the fire station and it wasn't too far away. It was right beside the station, I should have been able to see it from the front porch, but I couldn't see anything. It came over the radio that flames were visible. I watched the fire truck drive over there and then I heard someone on the radio say that it was just a grill shooting flames. Then... around 2 in the morning, there was another structure fire call and the siren went off. Hubby got up and left.... and he didn't get to come home for almost 12 hours. I went out and met him at a fire hydrant where they were filling up the truck to take him a dry pair of sock and some shoes. I felt so bad for all those guys out in the heat. I think hubby said the fire was at an empty house.
Today, Lilly is getting another baby brother. Her father's girlfriend is scheduled to go in this morning and get induced. They are naming him Gage. Lilly is staying with her father all week so she can get some time with the baby. She will still go to the Y, except for today. She's going bowling tomorrow.
I tried feeding Zach a very mushed up egg, but he wasn't having any of it. He's not ready yet. I did give him a bit of mashed potatoes and he made some funny faces. He's doing better on sitting up. He's getting his wobbly body under control. He can even go from the crawling position to the sitting position now. We still don't have any teeth yet.
There was a lot of storms this weekend also. Friday, it was bad. Horrible rain and strong winds, lots of lightning and thunder most of the night. Saturday, it was mostly hard rain, all day. Sunday, we just had a quick burst of rain and a bit of wind.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just starting it out, its a work in progress.

Yesterday Felt Like Friday

Left work at 12:30, got stuck in traffic. Made it to Walmart and was in and out in no time. Headed home to pack diaper bag, got stuck in traffic. Got home, did what I needed to do, left to go pick up Zach from day care. I told them in the morning that I would be picking him up early and to have him ready. I got there and they said that it was time for a bottle. So, I sat there and fed him. Left there to go to see my brothers, got stuck in traffic. Finally made it there and Zach was asleep. Whew!
I cooked for Chris and Tony and all was well. Everything seemed the same to me. Chris acted like... Chris. They did talk a little about current problems, but nothing much and nothing I hadn't already heard. They really did appreciate getting something to eat other than pizza. They really need to learn how to cook. My step mom has been staying at her son's house just up the hill to take care of the baby and to fully support, cook for, pay for everything up there instead of where she actually lives. Anyway.... my brothers are planning on getting their own apartment soon. Chris is going to be paying rent, he'll be going back to work soon. Tony pays internet and electric and I told them I'll help them out with satellite so they can have tv. I told them that I'll come and cook for them every once in a while and I'm going to try to make it back down there to cook before Chris heads back to work.. since he'll be on the road. Might be taking Tony tomorrow to take the test for his learners and then maybe taking him to the mall to get new shoes. Gonna try to convince Chris to go with us to get him out of the house. Him and Tony did go to the store to get some Coke and aluminum foil. Chris is getting better at getting out of the house, from what I can tell.
That's about it... Lilly's staying with her father for a week, I won't get her back until next Monday. This Monday is when him and his girlfriend are having the baby. They've got it all planned out and she's getting induced.
Zach played with the cats while we were visiting my brothers. Hubby's allergic to cats so we had to change as soon as we got home. I then went ahead and made lasagna for us at home. Good stuff.

So, no one really talked about exactly what is wrong with Chris. I know he's severely depressed and trying to get help, but my dad and step mom have just been making things worse. That's about all I know. I didn't want to press any issues or anything. He acted just like he always did when I'm around. I told mom that I don't know if he was being 'normal' just because I was there, or if having me there was a nice change of pace and it livened him up... I don't know.
**I love going to visit my brothers and I love that I get to cook for them and give them a good pick me up. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that I know I can do something to make their day, and I love that I can do something to help, even if its something as small as cooking and lending an ear.**

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Red Face and Speedy Gonzalez

Excited about getting my other blog up and running. Its going to be a bit challenging though. I'm going to try to update it every weekday, unless its a holiday or something like that. Probably just about as much as I update this one.
So, hubby called me yesterday and asked if I wanted another car. Of course I do, but we can't afford payments on one, or even to buy one off someone. Well... hubby's mom is going to get a brand spanking new car and I'm getting her Blazer. Right now the motor needs replaced, but hubby's dad is going to get that done for us. I'm excited, but I'm not. I love my car. Its my mom car. I do need something bigger with the carseat and Lilly's booster seat, and my trunk only has room for a stroller. My car is a 2001 and the Blazer is a 1999. I'm not to keen on getting an older car. I do need one, though... and its free, so I'm not going to complain............much. **Getting another car, better than the one you have, or getting a car when you don't own one.... awesome!**
Leaving work around 12:30 or so to go to Walmart to get stuff to make lasagna, going home to pack a diaper bag, going to the Y to pick Zach up then heading to my Dad's house where Chris and Tony will be waiting. I hope Zach can keep himself occupied enough for me to cook for them.
Lilly's face is so sunburnt. The teacher told me yesterday that they coated the sunscreen on her 3 times and she even used her son's sunscreen on her...and she still got burnt. The teacher has spf 75 that is waterproof and rubproof, I guess meaning that it won't rub off. I pack for her spf 15 that has bug repellant in it and waterproof spf 100. I'm going to shop around today to see what I can find.

Zach's been moving like crazy. I can't put him down anymore to just play so I can get things done. He moves so fast and of course, he goes for things that he can't have. Our apartment is just too small for him to be mobile like this. I'm excited that he discovered that he can move and is doing it well, but at the same time I wish he wouldn't do it. I don't want him to get hurt, or stuck, or anything like that. We just need to move.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Blog

I have just started a new blog. Come on over and join me.
I know there are quite a few sites like this one, but this is the only one by ME!!!! Click. Enjoy. I just started it today, so don't expect much.


Oh, my goodness!! I just watched this video and its so great. Take a look!

Tomorrow bring answers

My computer is being super slow today. If it keeps acting up, I'm going to have to take it out to the parking garage and drop it over the edge.
I decided last night that I was going to dig out my pre-pregnancy pants and give them a try. **THEY FIT!!!** Its a tight fit, but they fit. I'm actually wearing one pair today. These aren't just pre-pregnancy pants, these are pre-wedding pants. I'm wearing a pair that I bought way back in 2007 for an interview at a Toyota Motor Manufacturer. I remember them being way lose back then and I had to fold them over, cuz ya know, I don't like wearing belts. So very excited!! I can't wait until they fit better. I've been working hard these past couple weeks to lose some weight and its all paid off. Lets hope I can stay on track. Its been hard during the summer, with all the cookouts and such. The weather has been way too hot and humid to get out and do anything for an extended amount of time.
So, hubby fixed my car yesterday and I don't have to worry about avoiding the cops now. My tail light is good as new. He went to a junk yard and bought one to fit my car. Other than the white paint on my blue car and one little dent above the light, you can't even tell I was in a wreck. Good job hubby!
He even stopped by one of the houses we've had our eye on....the one up the hill from his mom's house. Well... they were selling the house for $120,000 but they dropped it to $75,000. We haven't seen the inside yet, but hubby stopped to talk to the guy yesterday. He said he was getting ready to leave but would be back at the house around 9:00 if we wanted to come look at it. The kids are in bed by then, so we didn't get to. I'm concerned as to why the price dropped so much. He did just put a new roof on it. He's not using a real estate agent either. For sale by owner... but we need to use a real estate agent to buy it since we have no idea what to do. We don't know what papers we need, the things that need to be done and we don't want to get ripped off or scammed or anything like that. Hubby has a real estate agent that he use to go to school with and we may just give her a call. Even if we do end up doing it by ourselves, she could at least guide us in the right directions.
Going tomorrow to visit Chris and Tony and cook them some lasagna. I'm leaving work around noon so I can head to the store, go get Zach and then get down there. I need to know what's going on with Chris. I'm just worried that he's not going to talk to me while I have Zach there. I don't know. I need to hear how he's doing from him, not every one else. I've heard so many different things from so many different people, I don't know what to believe anymore. I've heard that he's a manic depressive, doing drugs, refuses to get out of the house, won't go to the psychiatrist anymore, hearing voices, won't eat, won't shower....I've heard all these things from everyone but him. Tony was wanting to tell me the whole real story, but we haven't had a chance to talk yet. I do know that Chris came home for help and my dad and step mom are just making him worse. They're accusing him of things and refusing to help him. They won't support him financially and are threatening to kick him out of the house. He doesn't have a job and if he really is manic depressive and schizophrenic, he needs help. He is going back to work in 2 weeks, going to be back on the road, and that worries me. He won't get the help he needs. We'll just wait and see if he tells me anything tomorrow.
Poor Tony, 18 years old, has taken on the responsibility of taking care of Chris. Tony gave up his cell phone and got a pre-paid phone just so he'd have enough money to pay for internet and cable...the only things keeping Chris from sleeping all day and his only other human interaction he has. He plays XBox Live with my other little brothers and a few more people. Tony is in the middle of everything. Dad refuses to pay for internet or cable anymore. I just can't explain everything right now. I'd hate to put something up and it not be true. I do feel sorry for both Tony and Chris and I hate to see them like this. I do wish there was something I could do. I wish I made more money, so I could help them out. Tomorrow will hopefully bring me some answers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm afraid of quite a lot of things.... I'm afraid of my kids getting lost or hurt, my house burning down, being robbed in the middle of the night, hubby getting hurt while out on a house fire, things like that. But there are only a few things that I actually have a fear of.
Deep water is one of my fears. I can swim. I'm actually a good swimmer. I don't know why I'm afraid of deep water, I just am. I'm fine with being in water until it gets above my shoulders, then I feel like I'm being suffocated and I can't breathe. I don't do pool parties or anything like that either. I'll go for the sake of Lilly and hubby, but I watch instead of participating. The last time I was in water was 2 months after I got married. Me, hubby, Lilly, one of hubby's friends, his wife and kid that's Lilly's age went to Six Flags. I did the water slides with no problem. The water isn't that deep. One of these days, though, I want to beat this fear and take scuba diving lessons. **Beating your fears** no matter what they are is awesome.
I use to even be afraid to put Lilly in a pool, but that fear has faded. She has fun.
My second and most serious fear is having a heart attack. I basically KNOW that I'm going to have one and I'm doing everything I can do prevent it. I've quit smoking, I'm eating healthier, I'm being more active, I take fish oil pills...little things like that. Heart disease runs in the family. My mom, her dad, my dad's dad, my dad's mom.... its just something I kind of know is going to happen. My mom has had 2 or 3, I don't really remember. Her first one was the biggest, that's when I took over the house. Her last one had the doctors opening her up. She had triple bypass surgery after the last one. Both my grandpa's have a pacemaker and my grandma had one heart attack about 3 years ago. I am determined to beat this thing. I get a blood test done every year to monitor my cholesterol. 
Diabetes also runs on my dad's side of the family, but that doesn't concern me as much as heart disease. Its still a concern, yes, but not as big. I have that monitored too. I do need to get it checked now that I've had Zach. I've been having problems keeping my sugar up since I gave birth to him. Its not too bad, but its something I want to check out.
I'm afraid of a lot of things, things that mostly involve my family. I guess those could be fears too, but I also think those things are things most people are afraid of or worry about.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots of fun....and a dent

Took the kids to the playground on Saturday. Me and Lilly played a bit of softball and then some of her friends showed up, so she went to play with them while I kept Zach occupied. We were there about 2 hours and her friends left. Then, she got bored, so we left. Rented Tangled and bought pizza from the grocery store. Zach napped at home while me and Lilly had dinner and watched the movie. Then, me and her played the Wii while Zach watched.
Sunday, I was on my way to my grandma's to meet my bff to take the kids to the museum. I stopped at a grocery store that my second ex step dad works. We visited with him for a bit while he was on break and I bought me and Lilly a drink. Then......... I go to leave the store, I'm backing out, and BAM!!!! Me and some guy run into each other. My bumper was caved in, my tail light is broken and all the plastic is gone, and my bumper was knocked around and now it won't even up. (I didn't word that right) His car was just dented cuz I hit him under his tail light, his bumper sit higher than mine did. I kept trying to remember to get a picture of it, but I was so shook up after it happened that I didn't and I kept forgetting after that. I would only remember while I was driving. Thankfully, the guy was super nice. I was in a bad part of town and at first I was afraid to even get out of the car. I called the store I was at and told them to tell my step dad to come outside. Lilly was shook up real bad, Zach didn't even seem to notice. It took her about an hour to calm down. Cops weren't called. They wouldn't have come anyway. It was a private lot and they only come if someone is causing a disturbance... or they rob the place.
This wreck was the least serious of all my wrecks, even though its been about 6 years since I had one. I tried to call hubby at the camp he was at for the bachelor party, but no one answered. I went ahead and went to grandma's. Lilly wouldn't talk to anyone. She just kept running off and hiding. Finally I got her back to normal. I tried calling the camp again, and still no one answered. I finally called hubby's cell and told him to call me when he gets my message.
So, off we go to the museum. It was great! It was way better than it was about 10 years ago when I went last. Then everything was just sort of sitting out and you had a path to walk and stuff like that. Now... every room has is decorated to go with the time period and its in 'themes.' There are even tracks on the floor the whole way. It started out as just feet prints, went to horse prints, then horse and buggy, eventually train tracks, then car tracks, then a road. It was pretty cool. There were houses you could go into, and if it wasn't inside a glass case, you could touch it. We were opening drawers on old desks, opening trunks, playing with a really old phone operating system, and touching a cannon. I got a picture of Zach with the cannon, it was really dark in the room and the noise of the cannon firing kept scaring Lilly. You can't really see much in the picture.

I got a picture of Lilly in the 50's diner room.
Oh, and at the beginning, the guy at the front desk gave Lilly a scavenger hunt to do. There were about 24 pictures of things to look for and find to mark off. She found about half. She was so excited about the hunt, she didn't stay in a room long enough to really have a good look at everything. I told her we'll go back soon and take hubby with us and take our time.
Toward the end they just had a bunch of art up-paintings, sculptures, stuff like that. I took a picture of a giant paci. I have no idea what its made out of.
The museum is mostly about the history of West Virginia and it took us 2 hours to go through it... even in the rush Lilly was in. Lilly had a great time until it was over and she realized she didn't find all the things. Then, she got in one of her moods.
Hubby called me after I had dropped off my bff and was hanging out at grandma's. He told me that I should have told him what happened in the message. He was thinking it was something more serious. I told him that I figured he would be freaking out more if I told him I was in a fender bender with the kids in the car. When I got home, he popped my bumper back out. It doesn't look that bad now.
So, I had a fun filled and tiring weekend. **Spent some excellent quality time with the kids** and was exhausted. I'm super glad I had my bff with me to go through the museum. Zach got tired of sitting in the stroller and wanted to be carried and I couldn't carry him and maneuver the stroller through the tight areas.
Tons of fun...I can't wait to go back. I can mark off "take kids to a museum" off my list of things I wanted to do before I was 30!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby fixed my window yesterday. $120 for the part. Well...the only thing that broke off was a little plastic clip, but you had to buy the entire track and motor too. You can't just get the clip.
My step brother and his wife (wow, that sounds funny) had their baby yesterday. I don't know an exact time or his length, but he was 8 pounds 1 ounce. He has his daddy's head shape. I've been trying to figure out when I can go see the baby without missing any crucial overtime or missing the pick up time to get Zach. I haven't come up with a conclusion yet. I don't usually take a lunch since that's an extra hour that I could be getting paid for. I'm pretty sure they'll be home this weekend. Maybe I can slip down there Sunday or something to take a peek of the baby and then visit with my brothers.
My bad day yesterday just sorta continued on and off all day yesterday. At 10:00 last night I realized that I didn't have enough formula for the rest of the night and for day care today. Luckily he only woke up twice and only drank about 5 ounces last night. If he would have been more hungry, I would have been at Walmart at 3:00 this morning.
Hubby's leaving tomorrow for the bachelor party and won't be back until sometime Sunday. He's gotta work Saturday morning and he's leaving from work to go there. I have a full day planned with the kids for Saturday and I'm going to try to hang out with my bff Sunday.
There was a pretty **sunrise** this morning and I kept trying to get a picture of it, but I kept hitting all the green lights. Any other morning I would have hit every single red one. Well, I finally did get a pic....
My phone doesn't do it justice. It was beautiful.
My goal today is to stay off the internet. I'll get on this morning and do my regular stuff like post to my blog, read and comment on, and take a few minutes while I'm waiting for a courier and read the news. I'm going to get some stuff done today. I did great yesterday getting things done that has been just lying around forever.
Oh, and tonight...... is brinner night. Ok, unless hubby's mom is home. She's been wanting to see the kids. She's been spending all her time at the hospital with her father. I haven't heard about how he's doing in a while.
Happy Friday!!!! I've been waiting ALL week for Friday! :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad Day

Bad morning. From 2:00 on, Zach got up every half an hour. Then, this morning, I got the kids ready and we all got in the car to leave. I rolled my back window down so I could see to back up since it was fogged up... and it wouldn't roll back up. After fidgeting with it forever, I sent hubby a text and he called me. He told me to pull the window up and to find something to wedge in between the window. I found an old birthday card and I folded it in half and broke a nail wedging the damn thing in there. It was up, but I didn't know how well it was going to work. I made it to day care, dropped Zach off and took off to take Lilly to grandma's. 2 minutes after leaving day care, the window dropped and the card fell inside my door. I pulled over, found another card and something else that I have no idea what it was. I folded the card twice and the other thing twice and it took me 10 minutes to wedge those in there. So far that's working. My window is still up. Dropped Lilly off at grandma's and hopped on the interstate............ and missed my exit. I drive to the nearest exit, get off, turn around....... and drove right past the road to take me back on the interstate. So, I decided I was going to go across the bridge 5 miles away that will put me on the boulevard. After I made the turn to go there, I remembered there was a closer bridge that would have put me just a couple blocks away from work, but it was too late now. So, I'm here...finally.
Enjoy pics of the kids while I finish having my bad day.

Yeah...Zach can hold his bottle now, but only when he wants to.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Every night I think of things that I would like to write about, but every morning I can't seem to recall what my ideas were. I need to start sending reminder emails to myself. I do it for everything else, why not this too?
Yesterday was a bit awkward. I was rushing around all day, but I got nothing done. Even at home, time seemed to just get away from me. This morning is going to rough. I have to try to stay awake during an hour long conference call lecture from the president of the company and then sit through another half an hour of our weekly staff meeting. I just don't have enough time to consume that much caffeine.
My immediate boss is going to talk to the big boss guy about my raise today. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope its more than the measly 30 cents on the hour that I kill myself to get every year. I would love to have a dollar or more on the hour. My ideal wage is to take on 4 more dollars, but I doubt that'll happen.
Hubby was in an odd mood yesterday. He was quiet and then happy and then kinda mad and then sad and then ok again. I have no idea what was wrong unless he was thinking of his grandpa. I asked him what the matter was and he said nothing and then cheered up for a few minutes. Zach was also in an odd mood. He wasn't himself. He was very whiney and acted like he was tired. About 9:00 last night, all he wanted to do was lay his head on my shoulder. He didn't go to sleep for the longest time. His night time sleep patterns are a bit better lately. He's only getting up once around 3:00. The night before last, though, he got up at 3:00 and then at 4:30 and didn't go back to sleep. That was a rough night.
Lilly's enjoying herself at maw's this week. I let her take a big bag of toys and her and grandpa made a tent out of blanket and chairs.... which is my awesome thing!! **homemade tents or forts** Chairs and blankets or however you do it, I'm sure its pretty awesome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No sleep and really hot!

Why is it that I always get the most comfortable in bed when its almost time for me to get up?? I don't know what it is, but the sheets seem to be a bit softer lately, too. I was up and down all night with Zach and I never got completely comfortable until I went back to bed to get 10 more minutes in before my alarm went off. I felt like I was floating on a cloud in a cool dark cave... with hubby coughing in the background.
Dropped little man off at day care and then I had to drive past my work to take Lilly to grandma's. It tacked on an extra 20 minutes to my morning, but it led to my awesome thing for the day. **Watching airplanes take off from the airport** I've never been on a plane...I've never even been to an airport. The closest I came is when a certain rental car company picked me up and then, to save time, picked someone up at the airport too. I drove past it, but didn't get to see much. Lilly's been to the airport for field trips. Anyway...I was driving in the interstate, and I never do that unless I'm in a hurry. The airport here is just up the hill from the road I was on. While I was driving I got to see 2 airplanes take off. Now, these aren't the first ones I've seen take off and/or land, but just seemed worth mentioning.
Hubby took off as soon as I got home with the kids yesterday to go to the hospital to visit his grandpa. He wasn't doing too well yesterday; his blood pressure was dropping dramatically. Hubby got home around 9:30 and he desperately needed some kid time. Both kids were asleep... until he came through the door. It was like Zach knew that Daddy wanted to see him. He woke up and they had some cuddle time while I took a shower. Hubby didn't talk about his grandpa until we were laying in bed. This is the only grandparent he has left, this is the one he wanted to name the baby after, and he lost his grandma just 2 years ago. Hubby's grandpa is 88 years old. I realized last night why hubby likes his job so much. His grandpa use to work at the same place. I should have known. That's almost all they would talk about. I'm still not 100% sure what the place does. I think its a chemical plant. Grandpa was a crane operator, hubby is a laborer, but has talked about trying to get a crane operator position.
Having a bad hair day today. I didn't really take much time with it and now its everywhere. Of course the humidity doesn't help much. Its been so hot! If I heard right, we reached 100 degrees yesterday. It was 98 when I left work at noon to find an ATM for my child support card. Poor hubby has to work outside in this heat. I remind him everyday to drink lots of water and seek shade whenever possible. Kinda super glad Lilly is at grandma's this week. I know grandma will make sure she has sunscreen on and drinks lots of water. I also know that she won't let her outside too long if its too hot or horribly sunny.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Same ol' same ol'

Working with Zach on Friday was a bit of a challenge. I had to leave early cuz it was becoming almost impossible to get anything done. I worked while he slept, and his naps are only half an hour long. He played a bit, but quickly became bored with tummy time. Yesterday he sat up by himself.

 My hand is right there behind him in case he falls. He was sitting up for a long time. A bit wobbly, but he's getting it.
Saturday I finally got to get out to see a movie. We saw the 3rd Transformers in 3D. I liked the movies, but I wasn't all that impressed with the 3D. It was my first 3D movie and I was under the impression that it was way better than that. That's what I get for expecting things.
My bff rode her first **roller coaster** Saturday. She said it was ok, but didn't see the big deal about them. Funny cuz that's how I felt when I rode my first one 3 years ago.
Today is National Cheer Up The Lonely Day and National Blueberry Muffin Day. Maybe you could cheer up the lonely with a blueberry muffin.
I get Lilly back today. She will be at my grandma's all week. In the mornings, I gotta take Zach to the Y and then Lilly to grandma...who lives past where I work. Then, I gotta go out of my way again to pick her up and hurry to the Y to get Zach before they start charging me a late fee.
My bff is coming in this weekend and we can't really hang out again. I was wanting to go bowling with her, but I'm going to have both kids while hubby is out of town for a bachelor party. He always gets to get away and have all the fun. I can't remember a time when I got to go have fun with my bff while he had the kids. Um... never. I haven't seen her since February and that was only for 5 minutes. I didn't get to see her the last time she came in cuz both our schedules were pretty full. It was Mother's Day weekend. Maybe one of these days I'll get to go out. I doubt it, but I can keep my fingers crossed. If Zach was a bit older, it'd be a bit different cuz he could throw a bowling ball too. Lilly loves to bowl. I don't know. I think he should watch the kids every once in a while so I can go out since he always gets to go do things. Its kind of frustrating. I hardly have any kind of adult interaction anymore. Hubby's never home, I don't really talk to anyone here at work and my best friend lives miles and miles away. Getting out to see a movie was great, but I don't see us doing that again anytime soon. I hate to say it...but I need a break. I'm going crazy. I need some girl time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Short one

Had to bring Zach to work cuz day care is closed. A water line broke and they are without water. Lilly is staying with her father's girlfriend today. Today is going to be interesting. I have a lot to get done.... and I shall do it with a baby in my lap!! Super mom!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Talkin' food

Today is National Strawberry Sundae Day.... who comes up with these things? Can I make up a national day?? Is there a national day of sleep? That would be great!
So I thought I was being productive last night. I put all the things for dinner today in a slow cooker last night. I put my cut up beef, cream of mushroom soup, egg noodles, and milk in the pot and put it in the fridge overnight so I could just hook it up and turn it on this morning and it would cook the entire day while I was at work. Then, I could come home to a wonderful smelling house and dinner would be ready. I thought it'd be a great idea since hubby has a meeting tonight and I wouldn't have time to thaw and cook any food. Well..... I forgot to take it out of the fridge this morning. It doesn't work very well if you forget to hook it up and turn it on. At least I didn't just hook it up without turning it on, cuz then the food would be bad from sitting out all day. At least its still in the fridge. I have dinner planned for tomorrow now.... if I don't forget about it again. I don't know what we are going to have tonight, though. I'll figure something out. I made some shrimp and crab low mein. Hubby liked it, but I thought it tasted very... fish-like. I think I put too much crab in.
Speaking of food... my 'diet' that I had planned on doing isn't going very well. Its very difficult during the summer. Everyone is having cookouts with hot dogs and hamburgers or BBQ's.
Since food seems to be the topic of this, I will continue on about food.
Zach is eating his baby food like crazy. I haven't found anything that he doesn't like or anything that he is allergic to. Someone told me the other day to try to see if he'll eat eggs. Cook 'em and squish 'em up real good. I don't know about that just yet. Maybe in a couple more months or so, I'll give it a go. I'm sure he'll do fine with it, though. His favorite food so far is bananas. I just started him out on meat this weekend and he's loving it.
I've come up with a way to get rid of my excess soft taco shells after we make tacos at home. I always buy too many shells. I take either pizza sauce or just regular tomato sauce and spread it on a shell and add cheese. Heat it to melt the cheese. Add pepperoni sometimes, if we have any.... and Lilly gets a pizza taco for dinner!! She loves them. She has this at least once a week now. Its easy enough for her to make and the extra shells get eaten. Its a win-win. And, **coming up with your own food and inventing new things** is my awesome thing for today! I do this all the time.
Just got a call from day care telling me Lilly isn't feeling well. So.... I might have to leave to go get her... and if I do, I can turn on the slow cooker!! She'll be fine..I think she's just getting too much sun these days. She gets sunburnt at least once a week now. She's outside all time and day care takes her everywhere. They've been spending a lot of time at pools.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can't believe it

Casey Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges against her 2 year old daughter. I can't believe it. The only things she is charged with is making false statements to the police. THAT alone should tell you she did it. Her kid was 'missing' for 31 days and she kept telling her mother that she was out playing. She never called the police to say she was missing. I freak out if I can't find Lilly after 5 minutes of playing hide-and-seek. How can a mother not report her child missing if she's been gone for 31 days? This entire situation angers and saddens me. Casey didn't even take the stand to tell her side of the story or even try to defend herself. What does THAT say? And seriously, why else would someone google chloroform so many times in a day.... or even at all? I just can't believe it.
I've even known people who have had their kids taken away from them and they don't even try to get them back. I don't understand. I love my children. Its so hard for me to not see Lilly when she goes to her father's for a few days, how could a parent go without seeing their kids at all....or even worse... hurt them because they don't want them around. (or hurt them regardless of any kind of situation) Children are so fragile and precious and yet there are all these people out there that neglect and abuse these poor helpless kids.
Ok...I'm not talking about that anymore. It will just make me angrier.
Zach is almost ready to start crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees and he'll move his legs like he's going to crawl, but his hands won't move and he takes a face-dive into the floor. He will get the hang of it soon. He can also sit up by himself for just a bit before falling over. Last night he was even holding his own bottle. My little man is growing up. (sniffle)
Lilly goes to her father's tomorrow. I'm not happy about it, but then again, I never am. She doesn't have fun there, he won't do anything with her. Sometimes all she wants is someone to play a board game with her. We played Battleship last night and then she read me Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and she even helped me make dinner, too. She's growing up too. Sometimes I feel bad because its hard to keep up with both kids. Zach needs to eat, but Lilly wants to play. She still has her jealousy moments. She doesn't understand why I give Zach so much attention. I try to explain it, but it doesn't help. It was me and her for so long, and I just sprang a baby on her. I know its hard for her to adjust to. We use to do everything together and I still try to do a lot of stuff with her, but its different and sometimes she doesn't like it. I use to tell my mom that it feels like she's just my little sister and we're hanging out. We did do everything together. I took her everywhere and we played all day. We still do, but its just having that extra person there taking some of my attention off of her is what is bothering her. I'm hoping soon she'll learn that its just the way things have to be for now.
Friday the YMCA is taking her to see some caves. Not these little rinky dinky caves, no these caves are wonderful. I went to see them when I was about her age, maybe a little younger and I can still remember the trip. I'm just a little sad that I won't be there with her to share the experience. Here's a few pics of them I found.

I hope she'll have fun. I'll have to call her at her father's to see how she liked the trip. Oh, and my awesome thing for today is **field trips** Lilly's going so many places this summer. To caves, to make her own pottery, to pools, to movies, a petting zoo, bowling, skating, and school has taken her to museums and the air port. I'm sure she'll have a blast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I wish there was more time in the day. I can't seem to get things done nowadays. I can't even remember what we did on Friday. Saturday we went to a cookout and did **fireworks**. Lilly spent most of the day in the pool. Then, we did the fireworks. Zach did great and Lilly didn't want her earplugs this year. Sunday, we all went to see my family. Mom had moved back into my old apartment right across the hall from my second ex step dad. So, we visited with her and then I had hubby drive me and the kids up the hill to visit grandma until it was time for my step dad to get home from work and we headed back. Yesterday we went to another cookout and Lilly spent the day in the pool again.
Here's some pictures of the kids from Saturday. I don't understand why Zach didn't like the pool. He loves water and it was warm.

Things just seem so rushed these days. I can't get anything done and I never sleep anymore. Me and hubby are both up to working 10 hour days. Then, I get home and its just chaos. I gotta cook and clean and feed the baby and find time to play with both kids and get everyone bathed and put to bed on time. Sometimes I wish there was 2 of me. One to do all the work and one to have all the fun.
I'm keeping this one super short...I just don't have the time today.

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July!

So, it hit me like a brick wall last night. I want to write again. I want to finish my book and I've already come up with an idea for a sequel to that book. I might even try to do a poetry book, even though I don't think poetry will get me far. I was damn good at writing too. I have missed it, but it just didn't occur to me to pick it back up. You can't tell on here that I'm good. I write on here like I'm talking to my best friend. Its casual and straight to the point. So, that's what I'm going to do. Within the next month, I'm going to be well on my way to finishing my book. It was even on my list of things I wanted to do before I turned 25, but I never really thought much about it. Other things were happening. I was getting married, I was having kids, I was getting to know my current job. But I'm going to do it. I'm putting it on my list to do before I turn 30. I've very excited about this.
On another note...July 4th is almost here. We're doing our **fireworks** tomorrow. Lilly is so excited for it. She got up this morning in such a good mood cuz tomorrow is firework day. I don't know when the city is doing them, but we don't go to those. I've never been. Maybe I should. I tried one year, but it got rained out. I was only dating hubby and we went to his buddy's mom's house so they could let off fireworks they bought, but I was set on showing Lilly the ones from the city, so I left. I found a nice parking spot 5 blocks away and walked down toward the river with one year old Lilly in my arms. I found some friends and was enjoying the music and the company. But by the time it got dark enough to start the fireworks, it had started sprinkling, so they held off. But then it started pouring and they announced that the fireworks were canceled and would be rescheduled. I ran. I ran with Lilly in my arms in the pouring ran to find some cover. I even lost one of her shoes, but a very nice man chased me down to give it back to me. I was a little scared at first, being chased by an odd man.... The whole situation was comical.
Sunday, I plan on heading out to visit mom, my brothers and my step dad. Mom has some explaining to do....
Oh, forgot to mention. I went Tuesday to get my license renewed since it expired on my bday. I was going to go after work, but changed my mind and went during my lunch. On my way there I was wondering if I should have given my little brother a call to see if he was ready to take the test to get his learners. I walk in, filled out my papers, did my vision test and took a seat. I then look up and who do I see? My little brother standing there filling out papers. I had to blink twice to make sure it was him. Can't really miss him. 5 foot 8 inch guy dressed in all black with hair that desperately needs cut. Then walks in my step-mom, step-brother and his wife. Step-brother's wife, Erika and my brother, Tony were both there to try to get their learners. Erika is 8 months pregnant and this was her 4th try. Tony was only on his first try.
(Spice Girls just seriously came on the radio in my office just now. Wannabe. Pause while I dance)
I talked to them for a while until the people called for Erika and Tony for the test. My number then came up and I went to get my picture taken. By the time I was done, Tony was done. He failed. I told him not to worry, I didn't get it on my first try either. They fill it full of trick questions. One he remembered was- What do you do if an ambulance pulls up behind you while you're driving? I said pull over. Nope. You don't do anything cuz the lights aren't on. What crap is that? Erika passed, finally, but they wouldn't give it to her cuz she didn't have proof of residency for her address.
Then my step mom wanted to talk to me about my other brother, Chris. He's not doing too well. He's a manic depressive, among other things, and she was asking me for advice. He won't do anything or go out of the house. He quit his job. He won't even fix himself something to eat. Someone else has to cook for him, make his plate and take it to him. My stepmom, Jayne, even said that she's had to make him go take showers. She said that when she does finally get him out of the house, he's like a zombie. He is seeing a therapist once a month and taking meds. I told Jayne that he needs to go to the doctor more often and I looked up one of his medications to find out that its a sedative. Why give a down person a downer? I told Jayne that he probably needs to be off that. The therapist said that he needs 24 hour supervision, but everyone else in that house works. She was thinking about sending him off to my grandma's house and I told her that if she felt that was the only option, that he should only go for a few days at a time. Grandma will drive anyone crazy and I know she'll push him over the edge. I've made plans to go see him this weekend. Maybe Monday. I don't know. He doesn't really like hubby all that much, so he'd have to stay home, but I'd like to take the kids. He was fine a month ago when I went down there and cooked for him and Tony. Something had to have happened and the only thing I can think of that's different is that sedative. I just hope he gets better. I need to go down there and let him know that I'm here for him.