Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow we have an appointment to go look at a house. I'm excited about it, as I always am when we get to look at one. Its got a decent sized level yard, one car garage.... one of the problems, though is that its really old... REALLY OLD. I'm talking like 150 years old. It might not be insulated, it might not have a proper foundation, but of course, all of that could have been fixed over time. I contacted the realtor that we like and she's going with us and she's going to keep her eye on that other house that we wanted and let us know if the offer falls through.
Feeling better today, by the way. Throat is still a bit sore and I still feel like I was hit by a bus, but its better today than it has been. My neck is killing me though. I slept on it funny a week ago and its still bothering me. I got hubby to rub my neck last night and I swear it just made it worse.
Zach's second tooth came in yesterday! We now have 2 bottom front teeth. It looks like the top front are trying to come in. His gums are swollen, but there's no visible sign of any coming in.
Hubby informed me last night that his friend in Florida is sick. Now, he told me forever ago that she might get sick since it runs in the family. Its some kind of heart disease, but he doesn't know exactly what. The doctors gave her only 6 months to live. This disease took both her father and her brother. She's trying to get up enough money to come in to WV where her mom lives. She wants to see hubby and all of us. She hasn't seen Zach yet. I haven't met her yet. If she comes in, I guess we are all going out to dinner.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cough, Cough..... ow

I was sick yesterday. I'm still a bit sick today, but at least I'm functional, a little.
Friday we went to look at that house. It was everything we wanted. Yeah, it needed a lot of updates, but it was perfect. The realtor didn't really have that much information on the house and we also wanted to know how much utilities run. He said he would give us a call when he knew. Well... while I was lying in bed yesterday, I get a call from him. Within the 3 days since we looked at it, someone else gave them an offer and it was accepted. I'm mad at the realtor for not calling us. I was going to give him until today and I was going to call him. He should have called us and gave us a heads up or something. So, we are very unhappy. We thought we were finally going to get out of our apartment.
Saturday was my best friend's wedding. The weather was nice and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while. A few teachers from high school came and that was exciting enough. I got there early enough to help her set up some stuff. She wanted cupcakes and a small cake for the top. She had this cardboard tower and it looked pretty. Well.... the tower fell with all the cakes. A few of them survived. Not a big deal. She didn't seem to care. I did get a picture of it before it fell. I didn't get to see her much, but I knew she was busy. She was having a pool party after, but I didn't get to go.
Sunday I took Lilly to go see Phineas and Ferb Live. It was a surprise. She had no idea. I parked here at work and we walked over to the mall and she saw a sign for it. I asked her if she would like to go see it and she said no. I told her that was her surprise and she got a little upset. I got her some ice cream and we walked over to the place where the play was. After she saw the stage, she got a little excited. We bought her a plastic trumpet and Zach got a Phineas doll.
Sunday night I started feeling bad. My head got real stuffy and I couldn't breathe. I didn't sleep well and no medicine I took helped at all. I even tried the breathe right strips and those did nothing. Zach was up all night because he has another tooth that's coming in. Lilly was up with a nose bleed and nightmares. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep altogether. I felt like crap. It was like my head was going to explode and someone ran me over with a bus. I got up and attempted to go to work, but it just wasn't happening. I took the kids to day care and went back to bed, where I stayed most of the day. Today is a little better. I have a sore throat and I'm still stuffy. I have training today. I don't really want to go. I don't know if it was allergies or a cold or what......
Here's some pics of the kids I took at the wedding.


Friday, August 26, 2011


My meeting yesterday lasted 3 hours, but it wasn't too boring. The guy doing the meeting was really funny and kept everyone's attention by addressing them directly. He's good. I got out of here a little late, though. I usually leave work between 4:30 and 4:50, but I left yesterday at 5:10 and the traffic was horrible. What usually takes me 20 minutes to get home, took me an hour. There were no auto accidents or anything, it was just so congested.
I get to leave early today to hang out with my bff. The plan was to go to my house so I can help her put her wedding favors together and stuff like that, but I had no chance to clean at all yesterday. The house is a mess. I told her yesterday that it is a mess mostly because we have so much stuff now and nowhere to put it. She surprised me yesterday and called to hang out during my lunch hour. We didn't do anything. We just sat in her car and talked in a parking lot. It was raining and neither one of us wanted to get out in it. It was a nice catching up time. Even though I do talk to her almost everyday on the phone, it was still nice. She showed me some wedding stuff and some pictures and such.
Me and hubby took the kids to go look at some houses, too, yesterday. We didn't go was more of a "drive by and see if we like the outside of it enough to look inside." We liked both of them. One we have an appointment today to look at around 5. It looked nice. The roof is flat, its on a flat lot, the road to get to it is flat. Its big and the yard is a good size, but parking is not going to work. There is no garage, but that can be easily fixed since there is a carport, but there is a narrow driveway. We'd have to park one behind the other, which means if one of us wanted to leave and was blocked in, we'd have to move the cars around. Seems like a bit of a hassle and I know it would get old quick. Hopefully we can find a way to fix that little problem if we like the inside.
The other house hubby's dad told us about. It was nice. It was up on a hill away from other houses and it had a small flat yard and the rest was a hill and a bunch of trees. I really liked the way it looked on the outside, so I called the lady on the sign and she was giving me details. Now...I was wondering why I hadn't seen this house on the internet and how his dad knew about it before me. I'm looking everyday for houses. Well...this house is $30,000 above our budget! I really don't think its worth that much.
Hopefully soon we will find something. I'm really hoping that the house we are going to look at is exactly what we want. Its a far reach, but I can wish.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing Much. You?

I had to go to the dentist yesterday. I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but teeth make me sick. I can't even see a loose tooth without wanting to throw up. I don't know why and I don't know what I'm going to do when Lilly is ready to lose her first tooth. The scraping noises from the tools the dentist uses use to make me sick, but I have overcome that one. I had to get 2 fillings yesterday. My mouth hurt. Luckily the pain is gone, at least for no anyway. It hurt a little this morning when I was trying to brush my teeth. Last night was horrible. I guess it could have been worse. I didn't have any teeth pulled or a root canal or anything.
So the idea of taking Lilly to the Wizard of Oz play is gone now. Since I won Phineas and Ferb tickets off the radio, I don't see a good time I can take her to Oz. I was going to take her Sunday, but that's when the P & F play is. I could take her Saturday, but it'll be late and it'll be after a full day out in the sun for my bff's wedding.
Other than that, there's nothing really going on right now. I have some training today, taking a half day tomorrow so I can help my bff do some last minute stuff, Saturday is the wedding, Sunday is P&F.
Don't forget to head on over to to check out my other blog. And I have added a few pics to my flickr account also. I don't know if there's anything new on there that I haven't put on here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did You Feel It?

Yes, it happened, so let's just go ahead and talk about it. Yesterday there was a 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia, USA and felt from miles around. I felt it here in West Virginia. I was in a training class and all of a sudden, the building started shaking and popping. At first we though it was a strong wind just swaying the building until the boss guy went in his office and said that there was no wind. Then we thought one of the chemical plants had an explosion. West Virginia is full of chemical plants. I was getting ready to text hubby since he works at the one closest to my work when someone from outside the room yelled that it was an earthquake. The buildings around us began to evacuate. We learned it was centered in Virginia and I started freaking out. My bff lives in Virginia. If I felt what I felt being this far away, I'd hate to know what happened where she was, right in the middle of it all.
I started calling her, it went straight to voicemail. I tried again, same thing. I tried about ten more times before I tried her boyfriend. He didn't answer either. Then, the intercom came on for us to evacuate. My boss was out at a doctor's appointment, so I sent her a text to tell her what was going on. I kept trying to call my bff and her boyfriend. I didn't know if maybe the phone lines were down or maybe if there was just so many calls going in and out that I just wasn't getting through. I finally gave up and called her mom. She didn't know there was an earthquake so she started freaking out. She said she was going to try to get a hold of her too. Finally after about 20 minutes, she called me back and said that my bff and her cousin got a hold of her cousin's mom and they were ok. Knowing that, I called my mom to see if she felt anything. Mom said she thought she was getting dizzy and that was it. She didn't know what really happened.
After an hour we were let back in. My bff's mom called me again and said that she got a hold of my bff and that she was still trying to call me. It took me about another 10 tries, but I got her.
My bff and her cousin were out shopping when it started. She said that stuff started falling off the shelves and then the shelves started wobbling. She grabbed her cousin and ran out of the store and by that time it had quit. She's ok, and that's all that matters. She was a little shook up and afraid to drive for a while.
So, that's my experience. I spent most of my time worried about my bff since she was right in the middle of it all. I heard last night that the tremors were felt all the way up in Canada.
I was reading some stuff on it yesterday and I saw some comments from people on the West Coast, in California. Now, I want you guys to understand, that here on the East Coast, stuff like this just doesn't happen. We are use to tornados, hurricanes, and stuff like that, but when the earth moves from under us, that's completely different. Yes, we were freaking out. Yes, it was the first time most of us felt anything like that. We just aren't prepared for earthquakes over here. It doesn't happen, not like this anyway.
I do think that some people are blowing this way out of proportion though. No one got hurt and no buildings fell over. It was different, but now lets focus on the next problem. Hurricane Irene. She's coming. Now over here in good ol' WV, we will probably only get some strong winds and a good storm, but nothing like they are going to get in the Carolinas.
So, here's my awesome thing of the day and I think I even used it before, but it applies here as well~ **getting news that someone you know is just fine after a natural disaster hits near them**

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Important Decision

So, I have come to the decision.... now, this is a very important and life changing decision... that I would like to have one more child. I have yet to tell hubby about my revelation. I was going to let this decision be up to him seeing as how he is the older one. I told him a few weeks ago, that it was all up to him, that I'll be happy either way, and I'll still be happy either way, but I would like to have one more.
Now, of course, we will wait until we have a house and are settled in. I can't imagine trying to squeeze another body in our apartment. I've been looking online at houses again, as I do everyday, but I have a different outlook on them now. Yes, we've needed to move for a long time now, but I'm more driven by this new discovery.
I love and adore my children. I would do anything for them. What better way to spread all of this love I have then to have another child? I am ready, although certain circumstances prevents us from being completely ready, whenever the right time arouses, I'll be ready. House come first this time. I just hope I can get hubby on board with this. I don't know when will be a good time to discuss this. I already know what he'll say and its things I already know. That we need a house and stuff like that. I know. And more importantly, I know I want to bring another life into this world.
I'm great at being a mother. Yes, it wears me out and is frustrating at times, but its mostly rewarding and so wonderful.
Zach's **first tooth** popped through yesterday!! Its on the of the front ones. He was giving me kisses and then decided to chew on my chin like he always does, but this time I felt something. I popped his mouth open and there it was.
Tonight at Lilly's school, they are having an open house, but it starts at 5. I understand not wanting to have it so late, but a lot of people don't get off work until 5. I'm going to try to make it, but I have training today and I don't just want to walk out of that. If it runs too late, I will. I want to go. They are also doing a book swap and I know that'll be something Lilly will enjoy.
A theater group here in the community is putting together a Wizard of Oz play. Its been showing for almost a week now and will continue for another week or so. I'm going to try to take Lilly this Sunday. That's both of our favorite movie. I'm sure she will like it. We've been in need of some girl time anyway.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Long weekend

First day of school went ok. I picked her up at the Y when I was dropping Zach off and then asked her what she wanted for breakfast. Out of all the things, she picks donuts from the gas station. We ate donuts and went to school with plenty of time left, so we hung out in the car and listened to music. Then, it was time... they unlocked the doors and we all herded in. Luckily, Lilly's class is right next to the front doors, so now I don't have to hobble down the long hallways with a crowd. Her teacher is tall. In fact, that was the first thing out of my mouth when I saw her. Me and Lilly were the first ones in the class and the teacher came and introduced herself and I, like an idiot, said, "Wow, you're tall!"
The desks are in lines of groups of 3. The desk to the left of Lilly is empty. Her little boyfriend was assigned to sit there, but he switched schools at the last minute. When Lilly learned this, she got teary eyed until another little boy came in. I slipped out the door then.
I went home and went to bed for a good 3 hours and I had to force myself to get up. I had cookies to make and a car to clean out and a shower to take. The day got away from me because before I knew it, it was time to go. I went and picked up Zach and then went to school to get Lilly. And again.... when the bell rang, we herded ourselves inside. I got Lilly and walked down the hall to her old classroom to visit hubby's mom. Zach got down and crawled a circle around the entire room. The kids that hadn't gotten on buses yet were very amused by him. I basically had to force Lilly to go so I could feed her before I had to take her to her father.
Lilly said she likes her teacher, which of course is a really good thing. I hope today goes well too. Her father just told me that he didn't put tennis shoes on her and today is a gym day. I'm going to be so mad if I have to leave work, just to get her some shoes.
Hubby went camping Friday night. I didn't want to go because its at the point where I just can't stand to be around his friends anymore... and hubby is starting to feel the same way.
Saturday was the firefighter picnic and it was ok. Zach kept me company and the food was free. Hubby talked me into signing up for a cornhole tournament. We won the first round, but lost the second. It was both of our's first time playing.
It was hot. Poor Zach was sweating. I kept taking him in front of the misting fan, and he loved it. I left with Zach around 7.
Sunday was a lazy day. I did laundry and dishes and laid around.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bubble Time!

Tomorrow is the first day of school!! And I have the day off!!! I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm picking Lilly up at the Y when I drop Zach off (took forever to get her father to finally agree to that), taking her home for breakfast, then taking her to school. The rest of the day is mine. I think I'm going to end up going grocery shopping again, but then I'm napping, then making a batch or two of cookies, then I'm napping, then I'm making cookies, then I'm get the picture. At 3 though, I have to be back at the school to pick her up. I don't know what to do from there. I don't know if I'm going to take her home or just go ahead and take her to the Y so her father can pick her up. We still have to figure that one out.
I had the kids outside playing yesterday and I got some really great pics of them together. Lilly was **blowing bubbles** for Zach. He was so excited.

Lilly went to a wave pool yesterday......... and got sunburnt. She's burnt on the tops of her hands and the back of her legs. I thought those were some really odd places. I asked her if she was laying on her stomach at one point and she said she wasn't. I feel bad for her. I am glad that summer is just about over and we don't have to freak out about the sun getting her as much.
No update tomorrow for either one of my blogs. I shall return Monday..... maybe.
And if for any reason you want to talk about something, give me some ideas, tell me about a typo, or even comment or whatever and you don't want to make it public on here, you can now email me for this blog.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zach in a box

Lilly's last field trip of the summer is today. She's going to a wave pool. Tomorrow they Y is going to have a food fight for all kids that want to participate. Lilly doesn't. She wasn't old enough last year to be in it, so her class just watched. One kid ended up throwing up and now Lilly doesn't want to do it ever. It got so messy and gross that one kid just vomited.
I broke my wedding ring yesterday. I have no idea how it happened. I just took it off because I was going to put some lotion on and I noticed that it was wider. I roll it over and sure enough, it was broken. I have what they call a jacket or wrap as a wedding ring so my engagement ring will fit inside of it. Now I just feel weird without it on. This is the 3rd time its broken since we got married. I guess its broken once a year. We've been married for 3 years.......... hmm........ I guess its a good thing I don't believe in signs.
Nothing much to say today, I have to keep this one short to be able to start my workday. Lots to do.
Here's a pic of Zach in a box. I emptied a box of diapers and just put him in it. I pushed him around like a car for a while, then he just played in it for a really long time. Just sitting there.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What? Its NOT Christmas??

I'm at that point in the year where I start to become obsessed with Christmas. I try to plan out everything I'm going to buy and I even go as far as to make spreadsheets. I don't want to forget anyone and I don't want to overspend. I try to buy a little here and there, but the big shopping happens on Black Friday. I think that needs to be a national holiday. I'm not sure if I'm going to have any money to go Black Friday shopping this year or not, and even if I do, I'm not sure if I have someone to watch the kids.
I have planned out what almost everyone is going to get and I even have some stuff in carts online. One of my favorite places to Christmas shop is They have so much stuff and its cheap. I bought almost everything from them last year. I have shirts for my brothers in my cart at Mostly lolcatz stuff and an Angry Bird shirt. **Online shopping** is my awesome thing of the day. Its still not as fun as actual shopping, but you don't have to deal with crowds or weather or mean cashiers.
I'm trying to start saving up money, but its not going as well as I had hoped. I'm still awaiting my raise that I was promised.
Yesterday Lilly's school was suppose to have popsicles on the playground for K-1 so they can meet their teachers and whatnot. I even left early so I could make sure we got there in time. It stormed. I tried to get a hold of my mother in law to ask if they are going to move it inside, but then Lilly's nose just started pouring the blood. She woke up at 3 am that morning with a nose bleed that ended up all over her sheets and now she had another one. We got that one under control, but by that time the storm had really kicked up and I decided that even if they did move it inside, I wasn't taking the kids out in that stuff. Lilly didn't know about it, I was going to surprise her, so there was no disappointment from her when we didn't go. 
The countdown for the first day of school is on!! 3 days! I texted Lilly's father yesterday to see if I can get Lilly from him in the morning so I can take her to school and then meet him somewhere after so I can pick her up. I want this to be an every year thing. I want to be able to take her to her first day of school and pick her up. I want to do this with both kids... but he is making it very difficult. My original plan was to just meet him at the Y since he was going to go there anyway if I wasn't getting her and then take her back home to eat breakfast, then take her to school. He told me last night if I want to take her, I have to meet him at his work, which is 20 miles away. I'm half tempted to tell him nevermind and then go get her at the Y after he drops her off. If I have to go that far, there's no time to go home and eat breakfast. I want her to eat breakfast with me so we have time to find her classroom and meet her teacher and everything. Last year she ran out of time for breakfast. I guess I'm going to take her to McDonalds or something for breakfast since there's one right there beside where he works. Why does he have to be like this? Why does he always have to make things difficult?
So, today is the 34 anniversary(?) of Elvis Presley's death. Hubby was 2 months old. I wasn't even though of yet. My mom was 15. They are talking about it on the radio. The DJ is asking listeners if they remember where they were when they heard the news. He said people remember things like that, where they were when big events 9/11. I remember. I was in English class working on my daily journal when another English teacher came running in our room yelling that the WTC was hit. The entire school spent the rest of the day watching the news. Do you remember where you were? Or can you think of another big event or big news and remember where you were?

Monday, August 15, 2011


They Y was having a lock-in Friday night where the kids get to go spend the night and camp out. It was for only ages 8-12, but they opened it up for all school agers and I let Lilly go. She stayed up until 6 in the morning and then only took an hour nap. She wasn't as whiney as I thought she was going to be with no sleep. We went to visit my mom on Saturday and she was ok. Mom was amazed by Zach and how much he's grown since she's seen him last.
Sunday me and hubby went to go look at a house. It was huge. Almost 3,000 square feet and a good sized yard to go with it. The only problem is that the house needs a lot of work done. I wouldn't mind putting in some time and money to fix it up the way we want it. It'll be kinda like building our own house, but hubby thinks it'll take too much money to fix it up to even make it livable. So, I guess we're still looking then.
Allergies have kicked in full blast and I'm miserable. With no sleep, this constant numbing headache, and my nose running and being stuffy at the same time is not a fun day. I'm off on Friday and I'm very much looking forward to it. That's the day that school starts here. Why a Friday? I have no idea. They did that last year too.
Here's some pics I took of Zach yesterday. I kept trying to get pics of Lilly, but she kept covering her face up or moving fast so she'd be a blur.


Friday, August 12, 2011


Yesterday I went to JC Penny to so a bit of clothes shopping for my kids. I got Lilly 4 shirts and 2 shorts and Zach 2 onsies and 2 shorts for $39.82!! And then I headed over to Borders and got a bunch of stuff I'm holding onto for Christmas. I got Lilly 3 books and some craft stuff and Zach one book and 2 little cars. Very exciting.
When I got home, I decided I wanted to go to Walmart to get Lilly's backpack and maybe a couple pairs of jeans or something. I knew Walmart had the backpack that she would want. Sure enough, the black iCarly bag was there and we picked her up one more shirt and one pair of jeans. Zach got an orange Halloween onsie and a brown onsie that said, "My Mommy is Exhausted" I love it! Also picked Lilly up some crayons, a little folder and a Composition book. I think I did good yesterday.
Tomorrow me and the kids are heading out to see my family. I hope all goes well. Hubby's not going. He hardly ever goes with me. He went with me last time, though, so I don't think he'll go with me again for a long time.
Other than that, nothing really happened and I can't really think of anything else to talk about. hahaha. See what Fridays do to me? I'm off next Friday. Its the first day of school. What ever happened to summer? Where did it go?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is 5 1/2 years such a big difference?

I have come to realize that my parenting styles have differed between my children. With Lilly, I was a bit more relaxed and just went with the flow. I let things happen as they happened and I didn't worry that much. I felt very comfortable being a single mom and even though I didn't sleep much, I didn't really feel tired. I worked odd shifts at a gas station too. I played constantly with Lilly when she was with me and we did everything together.
With Zach, I'm a bit more structured and organized. We still have our fun, but things have changed. I am now making time for two children and a husband and a job that gets me home kind of late. I feel like I have to plan our days in order to squeeze everything in. I am tired all the time, but someone at work told me that its just the age difference. I was 19 when I had Lilly and 24 when I had Zach. Not much of a difference, but I have noticed that since I quit my job at the gas station and working odd hours, I'm more tired. Is it because I'm older? Is it because I'm on a schedule now and if I go off routine it throws me off? I don't know. Is it because I'm doing more these days? Possibly.
I've heard that mom's get more relaxed with every kid they have. Their first one they are freaking out about everything, not letting them explore and eat bugs or things like that. But after their second or third child, the mom's are more relaxed. I'm backwards, I suppose. I still let Zach explore and do what he wants basically, as long as he doesn't get hurt. I just keep a closer eye on him than I did with Lilly. Ok, no, that's worded wrong. I watched Lilly like a hawk, but I let her do things. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.
I guess with Zach I'm trying to make more things 50/50 between me and hubby when it comes to how we want to raise him. We have different views on how to do things. With Lilly, it was all me and I didn't have to worry about what other people thought. Me and hubby were raised very differently. I was raised out in the country, playing outside all day every day.. most of the time barefoot. I only had my brothers to play with too. He was raised in the city and had neighbors to play with.
My main goal as a parent is to raise happy, healthy children who aspire to be and do whatever they want. I hope my kids grow up to be kind, smart, considerate, handy, crafty, thrifty, helpful, outgoing, strong-willed, empathetic, and learn to be a leader instead of a follower. I'm sure most parents wish this for their kids. Lilly still says that I'm a cool mom and I hope that a day doesn't go by that she thinks otherwise, even when I'm strict.
I let my kids eat junk food and watch tv. I let my kids get messy and paint with their hands. I let my kids play in the dirt and catch bugs. I let my kids build forts out of blankets and pillows. I give my kids ice cream just because I want to. (Lilly like vanilla, but Zach is a chocolate fan) I let them take bubble baths and make mohawks out of shampoo. I let them splash me. We have lots of fun, but there are still rules to follow and chores to do. I don't let my kids go out of control or be mean. I don't let them trash the house or draw on the walls. I don't buy them everything they see and I sneak some veggies in the food without them knowing... thank you food processor. I teach them to stand up for themselves, but to share. I let them explore but without harming themselves. I don't let them stick their fingers in light sockets or anything.
Kids will be kids. Let them be kids. I never had the chance so I'm trying like hell to let mine have a childhood.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School is Almost Here!

Its almost that time again. Time to send the youngens back to school. Time to pack lunches and make sure homework is done. I've been making Lilly slowly try on all the clothes that are a bit questionable. If I'm not 100% sure they fit, try it on. I've noticed that as she gets older her desire to try on clothes has gone down. I use to tell her that we were going a fashion show, but now she sees it as more of a chore than play. I don't blame her. I don't like trying on clothes either, at least not in great quantities. Looks like she gets her lack of enthusiasm for clothes/fashion from me. But oh, if Justin Bieber or iCarly is on something, that's when she gets excited.
Most of her clothes still do fit, but I'm not going to make her go into a new year of school in nothing but old clothes. I will buy her a couple of outfits and a few extra pair of jeans. She needs a new backpack and a new pack of crayons also. From what I hear from hubby's sister, they provide most of the supplies there at school. They provided everything in Kindergarten, and I half expected them to do the same in first grade. I will get a her a simple folder also, even if she doesn't use it at school, we can use it at home to put some artwork in or something. Awesome thing of the day? **going back to school shopping** I always loved doing back to school shopping. It was the only time I got new things when I was in school... not counting birthdays and Christmas of course.
I remember when I was still in school. About a week before school started I would try to retrain myself to get up early, that way it wouldn't be so hard by the time I actually had to do it. I don't have to do that with my kids. I get them up at 6:00 every morning to go to day care so I can go to work. Thankfully day care transports the kids to and from school. Both of my kids are early risers and always have been so its not much of a problem getting them up. Lilly is a little grouchy in the morning, but after we get passed brushing her hair, her mood changes...most of the time. Some days she's just whiney all day. Zach always wakes up with a smile on his face every morning. I wonder how long that will last.
I do hope to get a house before Christmas this year. Of course, now that we've been pre-approved for a loan, there is nothing out there that we like. Maybe we can find one right around Christmas and it could be everyone's big gift. I just think our 'needs' for a house are a little too much and we could rethink some things. We would love to have a decent size back yard-this is nonnegotiable. The kids need room to play outside without being in the middle of the street. Garage is a plus, but not a must have, although lately we've been turning down houses without garages. 3 bedroom or more is a must. I will not back down from that either. There's also a certain 'half' of our town that we need to live in to keep Lilly in the same school. The town is so big there are two elementary schools and they are only about 2 miles apart. We can live anywhere between the Y and the fire station in order for her to stay.
We went out to eat at last night with hubby's parents and there was clowns there doing free balloon art and face paintings. Lilly got dolphins on her face and a flower balloon. Even though she knew she had to wash it off when she got home, it made her day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just 5 More Minutes Mom.....

I'm so extremely exhausted today. It feels like someone hung bricks from my eyes and then ran me over with a bus. I'm seriously thinking about leaving work early just so I can run home and catch maybe an hour of sleep. We'll see what the day brings.
To be honest, I'm not loving my "new" car. Its not that its big or anything, its just a bunch of little things. I don't like that I didn't really get to pick it out, that it was just sorta decided for me that I was getting this car, but I can't complain... it was free. Then there's the little nit picky things~ it doesn't have leather seats, its very difficult to get Zach and his car seat in and out, its such a gas guzzler... just little things like that. Things that just annoy me mostly. Except the gas... that's horrible.
Today is 60's day at the Y today. Lilly is wearing a long black shirt with different colored little peace signs all over it. She's wearing a long peace sign necklace and a tye dye peace sign bracelet and I put a braid in the front of her hair. She didn't want to wear a headband, but they are taking the kids swimming today. Yesterday, Lilly was the only one dressed up in 50's clothes. I made sure she had a change of clothes with her, too. She got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday while at they Y. Right on the back of her left leg, kinda close to the bend of the leg. I thought it was her first bee sting, so I didn't know if she was allergic or not, but apparently she's been stung before while at her father's.
I don't really have much to say today. I'm just so tired, I can't think. I might post again later today after I have some coffee.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

3 Day Weekend is Over

Friday was a good day. I took the kids to day care and went home and slept and extra hour before I got up to go grocery shopping. Hubby gave me $200 to go get food for the house. I shopped and had great coupons. I got a lot of stuff and my total came up to $196.21!!  I'm good.
After my great shopping experience I headed out to the Y for the family picnic and kid talent show. It was interesting. There was a lot of dancers, a rapper, a group of girls singing, some kids 'break dancing,' a kid that did balloon animals, there was a lot of variety. Today is 50's day, I sent Lilly's poodle skirt to her father's on Friday. Lets hope he dressed her up.
Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Hubby went on a structure fire from 4 in the morning til 7:30. He hopped back in bed at 8 and didn't get up until 1 in the afternoon. I had the kitchen clean and laundry done by then. As soon as he got up he told me to get me and Zach read cuz we were going to a hospital to pick up a backboard for the fire station. We left and went to Wendy's where some fire fighters were set up to give away smoke alarms and a fire truck was there so kids could climb in it. We visited for a while and went back home. 5:00 hubby hopped back in bed and didn't get up until 8:30 and then he left to go pick up his 4-wheeler at his mom's house. I spent a lot of quality time with Zach yesterday with Dad snoring in the background.
Sunday we went four wheeling. How stupid can some people be? Seriously? These are suppose to be TRAINED search and rescue guys from the fire station. They kept running off by themselves and then we'd lose them. Two of them were drinking beer like it was water. One of the guys tipped his four wheeler and threw his wife off. We didn't find one of the guys that took off until we had given up on him and was heading back to our cars to wait for him. Not really that much fun.
Last night I felt so sick. I don't know what was wrong. I didn't really 'get' sick, but I felt sick. I felt hot and cold at the same time, my stomach was hurting like crazy and it had that feeling like I was going to throw up. Every time I closed my eyes the room felt like it was spinning. Zach started crying right after we I had laid down. I tried to get him, but as soon as I sat up, my head took off like a tornado and I couldn't stand up. I had to lay back down. Hubby finally offered to get him. He goes in there and turns a bunch of lights on just to make a bottle and then he turns the tv on to feed him. And then he couldn't figure out why he wouldn't go back to sleep....... um... yeah.
I love this first picure. I was trying to have a mini photo shoot with him on the porch, but he wasn't having any of it.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Here's that list that I was talking about a few days ago. I found it.
Top  clues you’re becoming old

* Falling asleep in front of the TV
* Feeling stiff
* Groaning when you bend down
* Losing your hair
* Hating noisy places
* Thinking teachers/policemen/ doctors look really young
* Getting more hairy - ears, face, eyebrows, nose etc.
* Struggling to use technology
* Forgetting people's names
* Not knowing songs in the Top 10
* Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style
* Driving slowly
* Complaining more
* Misplacing glasses/bag/ car keys
* Young colleagues
* Allowing yourself a mid-afternoon nap
* Complaining about the rubbish on television these days
* Ears growing bigger
* Preferring a Sunday walk to sleeping in
* Being shocked by racy music videos
* Going on a "no children" cruise
* Taking a keen interest in gardening
* You like getting asked for ID
* Knowing your alcohol limit
* Wearing corduroy trousers
* Telling people exactly what you are thinking, even if it isn't polite
* Falling asleep after one glass of wine
* Taking an unnaturally keen interest in the local free newspaper
* Applying for an allotment
* Driving instead of drinking
* Not being able to lose weight quickly
* Never going out without a coat
* Taking a keen interest in dressing for the weather
* Taking a cushion to the football game because the seats are uncomfortable
* Putting everyday items in the wrong place
* Choosing radio over television
* Wearing cardigans
* Buying newspapers every day
* Paying by cash or check
* Wearing head-to-toe beige

The ones in red are what I feel I do. Am I old?

Today is my Friday

Hubby's grandpa saw Zach yesterday. We didn't take Lilly down there to see him. His medication wasn't being very nice to him. He was having some kind of reaction to the medicine and wasn't in his right mind at all. We just didn't want Lilly to see him like that. After he calmed down a little, I took Zach to see him. He was so excited to see the baby.
I'm taking tomorrow off work. It was going to be my 'catch up on sleep' day, but I'm going to the Y for a family picnic and the kids talent show. It sounds like its going to be a lot of fun.
Hubby got quite a raise yesterday. Its going to help out a lot, but not enough. I need to get my raise so I can take care of my own things. I asked my boss about it yesterday and she said the HR department is still 'gathering' the information for my promotion. Yeah. I bet they're not. Anyway... I just hope it comes in soon. I need it. I need a new pair of glasses. Lilly needs school clothes. My little girl isn't so little anymore, but her clothes sure are. It doesn't look like she absolutely needs shirts, I think most of them still fit her. Pants, shorts and shoes are a different story. And Zach... he's going to need clothes real soon. He's in 6-9 month old clothes, but he's getting bigger by the day. This stash of clothes that he's wearing now is all I have left from clothes that was given to us.
I heard about the girl in Sydney yesterday that had a bomb strapped around her neck. I hope everything and everyone is ok. Last I heard/read, the authorities safely removed the bomb from her and found some kind of ransom note.
So, there will be no update tomorrow on either of my blogs, but that doesn't mean you can't still stop by. I'm still in need of smiley faces, or frownie faces. I can only get so many before I run out, I need the help of the other people in this world to keep my smiling blog up and running.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Title Today

Hubby's grandpa was sent home from the hospital. There is nothing they can do for him any longer. He can't eat or drink anything, its all going to his lungs, even with a feeding tube. We were all going to visit him yesterday, but they didn't get him moved until real late. Lilly was already asleep and Zach was fighting sleep. Hubby went with his sister. We are all going to go today to see him. Grandpa told hubby's niece yesterday that- now that he's home, he can finally just close his eyes and be happy now. I hope he gets to see Zach before he closes his eyes. Zach is his little man. He proudly shows pictures of Zach to anyone who is around and talks about him forever. Hubby was feeling understandably depressed yesterday and I told him- at least he's home now. That seemed to make him feel a little better. The hospital wasn't doing much help. The nursing home the hospital sent him to was treating him badly, letting him fall out of bed and not changing him and so many more things. He's home now.
On a different note....... I went shopping yesterday for glasses since mine are still broken. I came up empty handed. I want a pair of frames that I can just pop my lenses into, but apparenly my lenses are small and are a shape that no one makes anymore. Its oval!!! Every other pair I've seen are~ a) Oval, but bigger. b) Square. c) rectangle. d) round. e) just bigger. I don't even have the option of getting my lenses cut down to fit, everything else is bigger. I even looked at kids glasses and they were just a smidgin bigger.
Friday is a family picnic and the **kids talent show** at the Y. Lilly said that she doesn't want to do it, she just wants to watch. I'll be there to watch as well. It would be nice if she would get up there and do something, but its whatever she wants to do. Next week is a flashback week. She gets to dress up as if she were from the 50's on Monday, all the way to the 90's on Friday. I think I have everything picked out for her to wear. I just have to find a shirt for the 80's and get her some earrings. Oh, no I don't. I don't think I have anything for 90's day. Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Thinking

Sometimes when I really get to thinking, I have this WOW moment when I realize exactly where I am in life. I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm not in high school surrounded by all my friends. I'm not living care free without any bills. I am a mom. That's the biggest WOW moment. Yeah, I've been a mother for over 6 years now, but it still catches me off guard from time to time.
Right after I had Lilly, I didn't really FEEL like a mother. I felt more like a permanent babysitter, or maybe even her bigger sister. She was my mini me. We did everything together, like sisters would. I came out of my mom's house taking care of my little brothers to having a child of my own. It came natural and I was (and still am) good at being a mother. When I look at Zach now, sometimes its just like the old days when I cared for my brothers. The first couple weeks of his life, I kept calling him by my brothers names.
I have two kids. Who woulda thought? It feels natural and weird all at the same time.
I'm married. I've been married for 3 years now. Being a wife came natural too, but when I stop and actually think about it, it is weird. My husband is my best friend and I love him dearly, but sometimes... its like... oh how can I put this? Its like.... I'm in another world or something. When I was younger, I always dreamed of being married with kids and I knew it would happen, but its hard to believe that it has happened. Does that make any sense? Time has flown by and things have happened so fast that sometimes its hard to believe that things actually have happened. It seems like yesterday I was a freshman in high school and now I'm 25 and married with two kids.
Does anyone else feel this way? Like time has just gone by so fast and when you blink your in another world? You're not a little kid anymore. You have a job, or you're in college finding your path to what's going to become your career. You have kids and a spouse and debt.
I'm very happy with my life and the paths that I have chosen and the people I choose to surround myself with. I just can't believe that its all actually happening sometimes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't See

Friday.... I had to go to the courthouse to get my marriage licence so I could get the registration on my car changed to my married name. I know, I know...I should have done that a long time ago, but I'm lazy. Hubby was trying to get things changed over from my old car to my 'new' car so he met me at the DMV. We got there at 4:30 and wasn't called up to a window for a bit over an hour. I needed to leave to go pick Zach up. We went to the window, I presented my marriage licence, and I left hubby to deal with the rest. I called day care to ask when they start charging late fees and how much it was because I knew I was going to be late. The front desk lady said, "How late are you going to be?" I told her maybe 10 or 15 minutes. Then she said, "Don't get on the interstate... ok...bye." And she hung up on me!! I got stuck in traffic, one of the main roads was blocked for some kind of event... oh, and did I mention that I broke my glasses while sitting at the DMV? Well..I did. I touched them to push them up on my face and I hear a "CLICK." I take them off and the freaking arm falls off. Great. Just Great. So, now I'm driving half blind. Ok, well, my eyesight isn't THAT bad. I finally get to the day care and I apologize to the teacher that stayed late.
Later that evening we head out to Walmart since they have an eye center there or whatever. I look around for some glasses that I might be able to just pop my lenses in or at least have the doctor cut my lenses down a bit to fit. All the frames were bigger than mine! I finally just asked if he could fix my glasses, maybe put new arms on them. He says, "Did you get the frames here?" I told no and his response??.... "Well you could super glue the arm back on." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!!
Saturday we had to get up early to go to a wedding. It was ok. It was really hot though. One of the bridesmaids had a seizure before the wedding too. She's doing ok now. Her husband took her to the hospital and they kept her overnight. It happened before she even left the house. The wedding was 'fire' themed. The bridesmaids wore red dresses, there was a burning building for a cake, stuff like that. Me and Zach left shortly after they cut the cake. He was sweating like crazy and I felt so bad for him. Hubby stayed for a bit longer. He comes home........ and goes to sleep on the couch. Around 8:00 him and Zach are both asleep, so I head out to look at some reading glasses that I might be able to put my lenses in. No luck. I did end up buying a pair of reading glasses that work for when I'm on the computer and watching tv, but they don't help me to see while driving.
Sunday was just a really slow day. I cleaned everything out of my old car and put some of my stuff in the new car. We watched tv and played with Zach. Then we watched some more tv and played some more. Then I cooked. Then we watched some more tv. Then we popped popcorn and watched Inception. Then we went to bed.
Hubby's grandpa isn't doing well at all. He can't eat or drink anything. Somehow, everything that goes in his mouth ends up in his lungs. The hospital gave up on him and sent him home with a hospice. We are going to visit him today after work.
Lilly comes home today too. It feels like forever since I've seen her. She doesn't know I got another car, yet. We'll see how she likes it. I have so many things to talk about with her. Her trip to the caves, the new baby, my new car, catching her up on things Zach does now...
Here's 2 pictures of Zach. One is him sitting in the passanger seat of my blazer at the wedding. We were hiding out in the **air conditioning** for a while. The other picture is him waking up from a 5 minute nap yesterday. Hubby took the pic. I think Zach looks kinda scared.