Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 28

Your Pregnancy: Week 28~You may have given a passing thought to what the new member of the household will be like (and by "passing thought" we mean obsessive rumination). Will she be a good sleeper? Will he draw on the furniture with a Sharpie? Get an inside scoop by pumping your own parents for information on how you and your partner were as kids: how much you weighed at birth, your first words the first time you cut off all of Barbie's hair. ... Your parents will get misty at the memories and you may, too. Maybe out of hope for the future, maybe out of fear for your leather sofa.

Your Body~Woohoo! You have hit the third trimester mark, so add another notch to your belt (both figuratively and literally). If your early blood workup showed that you are Rh negative, you'll need to get a shot of RhoGAM, or Rh immunoglobulin, this week. The shot prevents potential complications in a future baby you may carry if that baby is Rh positive. Your Rh status doesn't matter when it comes to this baby, but you'll want to get the shot in case you're planning on having more bambinos. If your baby is born with Rh-positive blood (because Papa chipped in an Rh-positive gene), you'll be given another dose of RhoGAM after you deliver to make sure everything will be good to go for any future pregnancies. If your glucose screening test came back positive, your doc will probably want to give you a glucose tolerance test some time soon. The test—for gestational diabetes—involves some dietary changes in the days leading up to it (more carbs!) and a longer visit to the doc on the day of the test (it's a three-hour test instead of the one-hour one you took the first time). And it's another chance to load up on that yummy glucose cocktail—shaken, not stirred! If you do end up testing positive for gestational diabetes, your doctor will probably put you on a super-healthy diet for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Your Baby~As the Big Day nears, your baby is getting ready to go towards the light at the end of the tunnel (the tunnel being the birth canal, the light being the one the doctor is shining directly into it so she can see what the heck she's doing). Other highlights this week:Your baby's eyes are partially open now and can blink. Truly superior babies can actually wink. (OK, there is no way to prove that, but it's fun to imagine, no?) Your baby can also now become a shiny, happy person as she has begun having rapid eye movement (Get it? REM? Shiny, happy person?? We'll be here all week.)Her eyes have color now, too. It may not be the color she ultimately ends up with, especially if they're light gray or blue. The eyes typically don't settle on a final hue until nine months after baby is born. So when your mother-in-law says that the baby has her eyes, you can politely inform her that they'll most likely change soon. Sorry.Your babe is downright chubby compared to a few weeks ago. She is about 15 inches long, about the length of an amusement park cinnamon-sugar-coated churro (yum!), and weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I don't wanna go!

Another doc appt today. Today is the day I have to drink a bunch of crap to get my blood tested for diabetes. I have to drink the stuff and then wait an hour before they take my blood. Last time, I got sick and almost passed out. I don't even remember them taking my blood. I just remember yelling for the nurse. The doc did give me a pill to take to help me not get sick. I hope it helps. I'm already a bit sick today, but it could just be my nerves. I have an upset stomach and horrible hot flashes.
Lilly and hubby finally got to carve one pumpkin yesterday. She picked out a monster looking thing. There will probably be something a bit more difficult for the next one. The only thing she would really do is take the stuff out of the pumpkin. I got a few pics but its on my camcorder. She would grab a handful, say EW, and then sling it in the trash. Once she slung it all over me. Lilly didn't finish, I think she did a little over half and was done. She's such a girly girl when she wants to be. We were gonna keep the seeds again this year and roast 'em but at the last minute we decided against it. I wasn't a big fan of the roasted pumpkin seeds, but hubby seemed to like them. I'm not a big fan of anything pumpkin. I don't like pumpkin pie.
I can't believe that October is almost over!! What is going on with time? Its just flying by and I can't seem to catch it.
I don't know what the doc considered high protein...she told me to eat a high protein breakfast for today and then not eat anything else until after my appt. It sucks cuz today is the employee pot luck lunch. Everyone is brining something and we are ordering pizza. I get to stay at my desk and be sad about it. My boss makes this awesome chocolate cake. All the food is always so yummy...and you know it just pains a pregnant chick to know that there is tasty food next door and she can't touch it. I can smell the pizza they ordered. [sad face] Oh, back to the protein....I only got in about 12 grams of protein today. I don't know if that's enough or not. I ate 2 6 oz things of yogurt and a banana. I was gonna drink some milk too, but I ran out of time. Between trying to get my morning work done, the weekly morning meeting, and trying to start other things that need done...I ran out of breakfast time. 2 hours to go..... I tried to get my mom to come with me, but she can't. The only other person I have is my grandma and I'm sorry, but I don't want her there. If I do get sick and/or pass out she will freak and I can't do that to her.
I feel like I want to pass out now. I've been dizzy a lot these past couple of days.
My energy level is zero today. I even went to bed a little early last night. Of course I woke up like every 10 mins cuz hubby wasn't in bed with me. He was still up watching tv. I have no idea what time he came to bed. Haven't been sleeping well lately. Hubby's been out on fire calls until the wee hours of the morning, been having horrible dreams, and the baby keeps me up. I've heard that if you exercise more and be more active, you will have more energy. Well...I've tried that these past couple of days, and all I got was an upset stomach and a less sound sleep at night. Trick-or-treat is tomorrow!! Lilly's Halloween party is Friday. I was kinda hoping her father wouldn't want to come since he has her for trick or treat this year. I would like to go to her party and have that with her by myself. He gets the fun of taking her out all night tomorrow. I think I deserve just half an hour with her. But he is who he is. She's dressing as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year. That's what I wanted her to be last year when I had her, but she wanted to be a vampire. So this year she tells her father that she wants to be Dorothy. She told me she wants to be that cuz that's what I wanted her to be last time. I told her that she needs to be whatever she wants to be not what other people want her to be, but she said that she really does want to be Dorothy. Hopefully I'll get a few good pics in. Oh, and the Wizard of Oz is both of our favorite movie. We can watch it over and over again. I'm so glad that she loves that movie. I have someone to pass all my WOZ stuff down to now.
Ok...I guess I must go prepare myself now.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Court and baby pics

Ok, well...court was today. He made his week on/week off argument and the judge basically laughed at him. She set the custody like this~
He gets her Thursdays after school and keeps her until Mondays, takes her to school...on the second and fourth weekend of each month. I get her every week and the first and third weekends...and when there's a fifth weekend. I didn't really get what I wanted. I mean, I did get more time with her, but I was trying to make it where he didn't take her to school at all. This way I know she is well rested and her school work gets done. I told him when we got out that if he would have just went with what I suggested he would have ended up with more time. I was trying to not make him an every other weekend father, but since he wanted to fight me, that's what he is. The judge didn't say anything about the child support. I don't know how we are going to end up doing the holidays, the judge said that was up to us, but if it was her she would just let the holidays be. Like if a holiday fell on his time, it was solely his time and I wouldn't see her at all. The only problem is, trick-or-treat and Christmas all fall on his time...every year. Until Christmas is on Tuesday or Wednesday..but its always on the fourth week. Trick or treat here is always the Thursday closest to Halloween. This year, its this Thursday. I hope he won't be a jerk when it comes to the holidays. If he wants I will sacrifice one of my weekends during the months of the problem holidays just to have that day split like we have now. We'll see I guess. I gotta give him time to calm down before I go badgering him about the holidays that are a month away. This schedule is not going into effect until Veteran's Day. I guess that's when he'll pick her up on Thursday and bring her back on Monday.
Doc appt on Friday went great. The baby got the hiccups while they were trying to do his echo, so it took longer than usual. His growth is great, he weighs 2.1 pounds right now. His heart is great, there was no shadow this time. That was about all they could tell me. I gotta wait 'til Wednesday for my doctor's appt to know more. Here's some pics......

I told hubby that if he is still wanting to give him any family name, I must insist on it being his middle name, not his first. He said that Alexander doesn't sound right as a first name, I asked him to clarify what he meant cuz to me it sounds ok...but he couldn't. I think I got him thinking about his name for the middle name now. I had first told him absolutely no on his name...cuz its his name, his dad's name, one of his uncle's names, and a cousin... but now that I told him it can be the middle name, I think he is considering it. I told him it was my compromise. Make it the middle name instead of just saying NO since I didn't want to name the baby after anyone in either one of our families. I want him to have his own name...but I compromised.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movin' baby

Went home early yesterday due to my cold, or sinuses. My head was stuffy and all, but I also had cold chills, so it could have been a cold. I didn't take my temp to see if I had a fever. I went home and tried to sleep, but I was just so uncomfortable.
Last night, I put on one of those breathe right strips and it didn't really do anything for a while. I did manage to slip into a light sleep. I kept getting woken up by hubby's snoring. Most nights I find his snoring cute and soothing, but last night it was kinda getting on my nerves. I was just so tired. About 2am something made a weird popping sound in my nose and it was like a river. I rushed to grab a tissue thinking my nose was bleeding, but it wasn't. I guess my sinuses were clearing up all at once. After the river, I could breathe again....a little too well. It was at the point where it was hurting to breathe. Like I could feel the air go up through my nose and touch my brain. I know that sounds odd...but that's what it felt like.
The baby has been making some weird movements during the night. They are like short, constant, rapid movements. I was wondering if unborn babies can have seizures or something. That's what his movements remind me of. Its not his regular kicking and rolling and its not hiccups, its like he is 'thrashing' around or shivering something. I'm worried about it. I'm definitely going to ask the doc about this. I don't know if the ultrasound technicians will know, but I'll ask them today.
He is awake more often these days. I don't really get a lot of down time. He is a very active baby. I'm curious to find out which way he is laying. My belly hurts a lot today...the stretching sensation. It sucks. I think he is just laying whichever way he can to be laying on my bladder.
He recognizes voices. He jumps and kicks when hubby or Lilly talk. Lilly likes to sing to him. She thinks if she sings into my belly button that he can hear her better. Hubby is just a loud talker, especially if he's talking about something he is excited about. He also bumps around when I play Metallica. No other music makes him move. I've tried just about everything. I've tried some orchestra music, all kinds of country, all kinds of pop, a little rap, heavy metal...but the only thing he responds to is Metallica. The baby's gonna come out with a tattoo on his upper arm. lol
I took a video yesterday of him bumping around. He was moving a lot...until I took out my camera, but isn't that how it always works out? I tried sending the video to my computer so I can post it on here, but my phone is being complicated. I guess the only videos I can send anywhere have to be 15 seconds or shorter. I've sent a 15 second video before. I can send longer ones via bluetooth, but I can't bluetooth it to my computer.
I'm going to have to experiment posting on here with my phone so I can update while on maternity leave.
Ultrasound in an hour!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel miserable

My head is swimming. I can't breathe. I ache when I move. My throat is sore. My eyes are droopy. I can't think straight. I can't stop sneezing. I wanna go home and get some rest...and every time I blow my nose, it wakes the baby up.
My tummy hurts so bad lately. I can feel it stretching and I swear its like he is ripping me apart from the inside out. No amount of lotion/cocoa butter eases the pain. My stomach is even starting to look weird...well... more weird. Its like he is all sprawled out above my belly button and that part is bulging out, but from my belly button down, its ...well...empty. I can feel movement below my belly button, I don't know what's going on. I don't know how he's laying that's making my stomach look like this. I guess I will find out Friday during my ultrasound. My back and hips are starting to hurt. I can't stand for more than 5 minutes without being in pain. My feet are in constant pain and my ankles are always swollen. I try to prop my feet up, but I just don't have any time to do so.
I just feel miserable today. If I go home now, I won't have any overtime for this week cuz I have to leave early for my ultrasound tomorrow. I need the over time. I have a huge medical bill that needs paid off. I have Christmas I need to save for. I have winter clothes for Lilly I need to buy. I have food I need to buy for the house. I have a new baby coming that I need to prepare for. I can't afford to go home, but I am so incredibly miserable.
I don't mean to complain........well..........ok........ yeah I do.
My back...kinda the area near my right kidney, hurts so bad today. I don't know if I slept funny or pulled a muscle or if it has something to do with the pregnancy. I just know that it hurts. There is no sitting or standing position that I have found so far to ease the pain.
Maybe if I go get something to eat, I will feel a little better.

Week 27

Your Pregnancy: Week 27~The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter for both you and your baby. With only 13 weeks left (give or take a couple of days), it's time to enjoy the ride because it's getting shorter. (This is the point on the roller coaster where you throw your arms in the air and wail like there's no tomorrow. Wee!)

Your Body~As anxious as you are to evict your tenant so you can snuggle with the little bugger, he or she still needs a few more months in the protection of your womb. Pay careful attention to your body and watch for the symptoms of labor. Premature babies have a much higher risk of illness and even death due to low birth weight and underdevelopment, so if you see signs, contact your doctor. If you think you might be in premature labor, try drinking several glasses of water and lying down on your left side. While doing this, feel your stomach for contractions, which will make your uterus hard like your forehead. Doing simple things like cutting out caffeine and eating right can prevent premature labor.

Your Baby~Baby's lungs and immune system are maturing this week as baby prepares for his grand entrance. If he were born today he would have an 85 percent chance of surviving as his lungs are capable of breathing air (with medical assistance, of course). Other exciting developments: Baby's done a lot of growing over the past few months. His length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks! And that's not the only thing growing—baby's brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. His brain waves are now firing away just like those of a newborn baby. If baby is a he, his testes will have completely descended at this point. Your baby now weighs in at approximately 14½ inches and just over 2 pounds, or about the size of that roast you made last time your in-laws were in town. (OK, the baby is the size of that roast you meant to cook before you decided that ordering Chinese was a much better idea.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Lilly's father called me last night. Ten minutes before Lilly's bedtime, he fight. We have court on Monday and he decided last night was a good time to bring things up and piss me off. He is still saying things about having equal time with her. I understand that, but when its messing up her school work and her sleep, we have a problem. With what I am wanting, he isn't losing that much time with her anyway. I've tried to be nice and put him into consideration. Its not like I'm suggesting he only get her every other weekend. This is what I typed up this morning.... I'm debating on taking it to court with me so I can stay focused. My brain doesn't work like it should lately and I dont' wanna miss any key points.

Lilly cannot get the stability she needs even in the schedule we have now. She is thrown around in the middle of the week and her routine is interrupted. The ride she takes when he takes her to and from school is not good for her either. She is always so tired on Fridays and there have been at least one time she didn’t finish her school work because she was so tired. In one instance, he dressed her very inappropriate for the day. From what the teachers from school and the YMCA both have told me, she was wearing clothes that were fitted for a blizzard. She had gym that day and had to keep stopping because she was overheating.
He keeps suggesting a week on/week off schedule. I don’t see how that would benefit Lilly at all. He keeps saying things about trying to keep the times equal between us, but that is not fair to Lilly. Her health and school come first. This is why I requested for him to pick her up on Fridays instead of Thursdays and bring her back to me on Sundays just an hour and a half earlier. He can still get her on Thursdays when there is no school on Fridays. He can keep her later on Sundays when there is no school on Mondays. During the summer we can go back to the schedule we are on now. There isn’t much of a time difference there, but it helps Lilly stay in a routine. I think this way will cause less frustration and less confusion for Lilly every week.
If he wants to talk about time, we can talk about time. As it is set right now, he gets Thursday evening, Friday morning and evening, Saturday all day and night and Sunday all day with Lilly. She only gets one or two hours on Sunday with me, half an hour before school and 3 hours before bed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those short hours are spent doing homework, cooking, eating dinner and her taking a shower. There isn’t much time for anything else. All I requested for this is one weekend a month. One weekend so I can finally take her to carnivals, to fairs, to birthday parties, to visit my family, to hang out with her friends outside of school, to do things more than cook dinner and send her to bed.

There's more that I will probably add within the week. I've been keeping a journal with all the times he's messed up real bad these past couple days. Like her getting a splinter and him leaving it in all weekend and bringing her to me with it all infected...yeah...that's in my little journal. I'm not playing nice anymore. I've tried that and all its gotten me is stepped on and pushed around by him. Well, not anymore. I will not cave. Lilly comes first and if I have to pound that into his head to get him to understand, I will.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The baby had hiccups or something last night around 2 am. He was moving in weird rapid motions and I couldn't sleep. I woke him up at 7 this morning. I'm trying to get him on a good schedule where everyone wins.
I'm so incredibly proud of hubby. He had every chance to go to a strip club Saturday with the bachelor party, but he didn't go. Granted he was a little sick, but he still didn't go..
Gotta peek at Lilly's grades today. They post them online where I can go look at them. Math-100% Reading- 97% Science-100% Social Studies-100%. So proud of her. We're gonna work on her weak spots to try to improve her reading before report cards go out. Her grades are great and I am so proud.
I feel great today. I remembered to take my vitamins last night after forgetting for about a week. Didn't sleep well, but I still feel great. I'm not really all that tired.
Lilly's school is having family night book fair tonight. They are even having dinner. We won't stay for dinner, but I'm gonna go get her some books. I'm not spending more than $50 on books there. The prices are outrageous! We'll probably only be able to get like 3 books. I was looking last Monday at some of the books and there was this one book that was wanting to get her, but then I looked at the price....$17 for like 10 pages with only a few words on each page. I'm gonna let her take $10 of her own money if she wants, and get a book or anything that she really wants. I've already told her that I'm not buying any books that have to do with tv, like iCarly, because she's already seen the episode that the book is about.... but with her $10 she can get anything, even if its something I said no to. I'm pretty sure she'll end up getting one of those books. The tv books are only $4 though.
The Y does this thing where if the kids are good they get "character bucks." Well...Lilly was racking them up, but when I went and looked today, her name was almost empty. She said they took 50 bucks away because she didn't do a project. I feel bad for her, but she's gotta learn. They use the character bucks for a store at the end of each month that the school age teachers put together. The kids can use their money to buy stuff. I have no idea what she got last month. She's got some time left to build up some more bucks.
Sometimes I wonder if people can see the baby kick and move around while I'm standing there talking to them. The kicks are good enough where I can see them, and I just wonder if other people can see them or are paying attention. I think it'll be funny to see. A girl just standing there trying to have a conversation with co-workers...and then out of the corner of your eye, her stomach jumps at you. You try not to stare at her stomach, but you can tell that its moving. HA
Oh...and Lilly's foot from her ice cream truck accident is much better. Its not even bruised.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ice cream boo boo

Today has just been dragging on. Its raining, I'm sleepy, I wanna go home and I have a foot lodged in my ribs.
Wednesday Lilly heard the ice cream truck and ran outside to see it go up the hill. She then decided to ask if she could have some money to get some ice cream. I said yes this time and grabbed a few bucks out of my purse. We went down into our yard to wait for the truck to come back down. When she heard the music, we got ready to go down a small grassy hill to the road where he would be. Well...I don't know if it was the excitement of the ice cream truck (she was really excited about it), or if the fire stations siren scared her (it went off at the exact same time she was coming down the hill), but she tumbled and scratched up her right foot pretty good. I helped her up and saw the blood pouring out of her foot, but she wanted ice cream from the truck. She was standing there waiting for him to pull up, with her hands over her ears, standing on one leg, crying, wanting to sit down, and yelling at me to give her the money. Nothing was going to stop her first experience at an ice cream truck. She was determined. I tried so hard not to giggle at her. I know she was in pain, but she was cracking me up. The siren finally stopped (Oh..we live literally right beside the fire station), and she went around the truck to pick her ice cream. She got the most expensive one. I paid $3 for Spongebob on a stick. She limped back to the house and I had her go into the bathroom so I could doctor her up all the while she was eating. I got her cleaned and bandaged up and she wanted to go back out on the porch to watch the ice cream truck some more. He had went back up the hill. She was walking fine all night and the next morning until I dropped her off at the Y. As soon as I told her that I was leaving, she started dragging her foot behind her. She doesn't really limp, she drags her foot. I told the teacher what happened. (the picture does not make it look as bad as it really was.)
I get another weekend to myself. Hubby's leaving today to go hunting with his dad. He's coming back late tomorrow just in time to go to a bachelor's party and I don't really expect to see him until Sunday sometime. He swears he'll be back Saturday night, just really late...but I doubt it. I was going to go to the book festival to see Nicholas Sparks, but I don't really wanna go by myself. I don't wanna have to deal with the traffic and its the only day of the week I won't have to drive back into the city.
I really wanna go home, but I wanna make sure I get 47 hours this week. I'm trying to make that my 'norm' hours. If I leave right now I would only have 45 hours for this week...which isn't bad...but I need the extra hours. I called the collection agency that's dealing with my big ER bill that is past due to see if I can get some kind of discount if I send in a big amount, like a settlement or something. She said that she has to send my request to the hospital and it might take a week before we hear anything back. I'm hoping they will take it down. I can give them $1,100 maybe even $1,200. I still owe them $2,093, but of course its only $1,908 that really means anything. Crossing my fingers!! If they will take it down by that much, then saving for Christmas isn't gonna be too difficult.
My next ultrasound is the 22nd.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 26

Your Pregnancy: Week 26~ If it feels like time is speeding by while simultaneously dragging on, you're not crazy, you're just pregnant. One minute you feel totally unprepared for the changes having a baby will bring, the next minute the anticipation of meeting the Mini that's been swinging from your ribs makes you cry. Such is the roller coaster of pregnancy (and strangely enough, of being a parent, too).

Your Body~There are a multitude of icky things that happen during pregnancy (skin eruptions, gas you can't possibly control, etc.) but increased vaginal discharge might top the list. Other fun stuff going on:If you find yourself leaking a small amount of urine when you cough, laugh or sneeze, don't worry. Temporary incontinence is common in pregnancy. That's just great, you think. You knew you had to get diapers, but you thought they'd be for the baby, not for you. To head off that problem at the pass, try working out your hoo-hoo by doing Kegels.If your discharge is thick or itchy, you might have a yeast infection. Even if you've had a hundred of them, this isn't a time for over-the-counter treatments without consulting your doctor first, so get on the phone
If you're finding yourself having to urinate much more frequently than normal (that would be urinating like every 10 minutes instead of every 15 thanks to a certain someone sitting on your bladder), you might have a urinary tract infection. Again, see your doctor. Usually a simple "pee in this cup" can tell you for sure.

Your Baby~Deep breath! Air sacks are developing in your baby's lungs, which means it just might be possible for your baby to take a breath at the end of this week. The air sacks (technically called alveoli) will continue to grow for the next nine years. The membrane that keeps the alveoli separate from the blood vessels is now thin enough to allow for that oxygen–carbon dioxide exchange we call breathing. Other highlights this week:The retina completes the development of its normal layers this week—all the better to see you with. Well not you, per se, because her eyes are still sealed shut and it's really dark in there, but your baby's eyes are now fully developed. Brainwaves for the auditory and visual systems are detectable in baby's noggin this week. That means baby's brain is registering things like sound and light. She can't understand what any of it means yet, but she's on track to comprehend an entire episode of Blue's Clues in no time!As hearing continues to develop, your baby will start to recognize your voice. One hint that your karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not the best would be when the baby starts banging on your gut. Your bambino will also start to recognize your partner's voice. He may feel silly talking to your stomach, but assure him that somebody other than you is definitely listening. Research has shown that newborns actually recognize familiar sounds after birth. Proof that your baby has been paying attention all along.Break out the sparkling apple juice—baby has now completed two-thirds of her stay in Hotel Womb. Your baby is about 1 2/3 pounds and is 14 inches long head-to-heel, or about the length of a burp cloth (otherwise known as your primary wardrobe accessory for the next several months).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happy not monday!!

Not so busy weekend this time. Doc appt on Friday went ok. I gained 5 pounds, my blood pressure is a bit higher than usual but still normal, and baby's heartbeat is fine. It took the doc like 5 minutes to find his heartbeat. He kept moving and kicking.
He's awake more often now. As I'm typing I'm getting kicked.... I feel like he doesn't have enough room in there. Its like he's trying to stretch me out so he can have more room. Sometimes I can feel and elbow/knee or his head/butt poking out like he's pushing to make more room. I still don't have a belly. If I wear the right clothes you can sorta tell I'm pregnant, but its still questionable. I ran into a lady I've since I was little on Monday and she kept looking at me and then after about 20 min, she said, "Becky...I don't wanna be rude or anything...." all the while her eyes her parked on my tummy....and I said, "Yes, I am." Still don't have a use for any of those maternity clothes although I do wear them from time to time. I can still fit into my regular clothes, but I figured that if I paid that much for maternity clothes, I'm gonna get my use outta them.
Saturday hubby had to work, so I slept in and then cleaned for a couple hours........and then did nothing. Sunday, hubby had to work, so I did nothing until it was time to get Lilly.
Monday me and Lilly went to visit mom at her new location. Her trailer is still in the old spot where she still does live. The land that she just bought finally has her boyfriends trailer up there. They aren't gonna live under the same roof, just the same land. So we went up there, it was a long ass drive on gravel roads. The bumps woke the baby up and I had to pee anyway, but he just started pushing on my bladder and I swear I could hear the baby laughing at me. We get there, my nephew is there. Him and Lilly play and get all nice and muddy. Then, we head off to see my second ex-step dad and my youngest brother. We go out to dinner and my brother tells me about his latest trip to Kings Island and we all catch up in the hour and forty five minutes that I have left before we gotta leave.
I drop Lilly off at home with hubby and I head off to school to have a parent teacher conference at 7:30 at night. The teacher said Lilly is doing great academically, she is smart and is above most of the children. She learns fast and is having no problems....except that she talks too much. I told her that we did have a discussion about her talking in class and what Lilly said about her liking to talk and the teacher laughed. I told her that I would try to talk to her again. I like that Lilly is social and I don't really want to discourage that, but I gotta figure out a way to get her to stop talking, but still be social. I talked to her a bit last night and she promised me that she wouldn't talk so much today and I was excited....until it hit me this morning that she doesn't have school today. I think she knew that and tricked me. Sneaky little girl. She is playing all day at the Y.
Hubby's been working really hard lately and hasn't got to spend much time with me and Lilly and I want to do something special for him. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet. Lilly made something for him in school and drew him a picture at home. I thought about calling up some of his friends and try to get them all together to go paint-balling. I think he'd like that, but I also think he would like a weekend of doing nothing a bit more than a day with the guys.
Oh, and I feel fantastic today. I don't know why, I just woke up in such a good mood and I feel great. I'm a bit tired and could probably take a nap right now, but I still feel great.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So, I feel stupid

So I finally went and got my car inspected since my sticker has been dead for almost a week. I got off work a little late yesterday, so I wasn't sure if anyone was going to be able to do it. I pulled in to one garage kinda close to home 40 minutes before they were going to close. I asked for an inspection, the guy pulled my car into the bay, lifted it up, and I went into the waiting area to sit and be bored. There was no tv and the only magazines in there were for I just sat there. The guy comes in and tells me I need new back breaks and a new tire rod end, but he doesn't have time to do it. He says it'll take an hour and they close in half an hour. I ask him if I can just come back Saturday and he said that if I do that then I wouldn't be able to go to work Friday cuz he has to give me a rejection sticker and with that I can't drive around. I honestly didn't know anything about a rejection sticker, I just always thought that if you didn't pass inspection you just didn't get a new sticker. I've never failed an inspection before. So I was stuck. He was telling me I needed things done, but there was no time to do it. I thought about just taking the rejection sticker and having hubby fix what was wrong and then go back, but it would have been hard to tell when he would have gotten around to it and I would be stuck with a rejection sticker and not driving anywhere. After a while the guy says, "Do you want me to try to fix it before we close?" Well.....DUH!!! So he and 2 other guys go to work on my car and ten mins before they close they are done. It cost me $235!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it. I asked him why it was so high and he said the breaks were $100, the tire rod end was $50, then you got the labor cost ($60) and the inspection. I told him that I can get breaks at Advanced Auto Parts for half that price and gave him a dirty look. All he did was shrug his shoulders. I wanted to slap him. Reluctantly, I paid and left. I told hubby and he wasn't happy. Well...I'm sorry, but ya know what? You knew my sticker died in September, you had my car for 5 whole days "fixing" it, you could have taken a peek at a few of the things to see if they needed replaced. So then I got upset because I felt like I should have known better or asked more questions or called my dad to see if what they were doing and charging sounded right. I don't know that much about cars and these guys knew it. They could have came out and told me any kind of BS and I wouldn't know any better. I know enough about cars to get me through. I can change the oil and a tire. I can check and add more fluid.... but other than that I know nothing. Lets just say that I am not going there again.
But I do have an orange sticker now that I think it very appropriate for Halloween! LOL

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 25

I'm dreading the sugar test I have to do soon. Last time I did it, it made me sick. Turned out I was ok and didn't have the gestational diabetes, but I still got sick. I don't want to go alone this time, but everyone is busy. Hubby's working and can't leave, bff is 7 hours away.... I'm gonna have to ask mom to come with me.
And the thing about the leg cramps....YES!!! I have been getting them like crazy and usually only in my sleep. I thought if I ate more bananas I'd be ok, but it wasn't working.

Your Pregnancy: Week 25~At this point you're pretty much swollen all over. What started as just a "boob thing" seems to have spread from there, down your torso and out your limbs. This is definitely contagious. But even if sausage fingers and toes aren't your idea of womanly, remember that you are indeed a reproductive goddess. (You could try asking your friends to bow before you as you enter the room, but you'll probably have to settle for peeling your own grapes.)

Your Body~Pregnancy leg cramps are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill leg cramps. Nope, a pregnancy leg cramp will often have you leaping out of bed screaming at the top of your lungs. Leg cramps can be caused by a calcium deficiency, so be sure to get enough calcium. Even if you're lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies, there are still ways to get enough calcium in your diet that don't involve eating a 2-gallon drum of ice cream (although that does sound fun). Believe it or not, there's calcium in almonds, fish, broccoli and tofu. While they come with the territory of pregnancy, there are ways to avoid leg cramps, like warm soaks and massages. Sometime between Weeks 24 and 28, you'll get your glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. You'll have to drink this really syrupy, sugary soda drink, wait an hour, and then have your blood sugar levels tested to see how your body handles the sugar rush. If you get to do it at home, put the drink in the fridge to get it nice and cold. It's much easier to stomach when it's chilled. Some OBs may even let you skip the sugary soda in lieu of something just as sweet, like pancakes smothered in syrup. Hey, it's worth asking!

Your Baby~Get ready for pat-a-cake! Baby's hands are now fully developed and he spends most of his awake time groping around in the darkness of your uterus. Brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that your baby can feel the sensation of touch. That doesn't mean he can feel it when his father pokes your stomach, however, so tell him to knock it off. Other highlights include: Your baby's arms and legs have grown to almost the proportions they will be at birth, which is still sort of short. So don't be alarmed when your newborn's arms barely clear his waist. Baby's nostrils, which have been plugged up until now, clear out (like he's taken a super-dose of Sudafed) and he can practice breathing through the nose. The structures of your baby's spine are now made up of 150 joints, 33 rings and some 1,000 ligaments. Can you believe you're growing something that complicated inside of you? The capillaries, the teeniest blood vessels, are now forming in your baby's body, giving his formerly translucent skin a pink glow. The blood vessels in the lungs also develop this week. You'll see how well that worked out when your baby gives those lungs a workout while you're on line at the bank in a few months. Your baby weighs about a pound and a half and is about 13½ inches long—roughly the length of one of those recorders you played in elementary school music class. Who's up for a round of "Hot Cross Buns?"

Swollen feet, aching back was

I did my usual here at work and then I went to go pick up Lilly. They were just about to start playing some games so I let her stay and play. Half an hour later we left the Y and went to Walmart to get Lilly some clothes. She needed some pants and a couple long sleeve shirts. We tried on almost every pair of pants in that store and only found a few that fit her well enough to buy. They are still long, but we can deal with that. She is either a size 7 or 8 in little girls clothes, it just depends on the brand...but whenever we found a pair that fit her around the waist, it was too tight around the legs. I made her sit Indian style for each pair to see if they were tight. (Ya know, I don't think they are calling it Indian style anymore. Lilly calls it sitting "criss-cross applesauce") I think we managed to find 3 pair that fit her ok and I bought one pair that was a bit big around the waist just in case she decided to sprout over night. She still has some jeans that fit from last year.

After almost 2 hours in the store we left to go eat. The traffic was so bad, not only were we stuck in the after work rush traffic, but there was a wreck and it was homecoming for the middle school. It took us half an hour to go a mile. Finally after listening to mine and Lilly's stomach growl for so long, we made it to the buffet style restaurant that Lilly wanted to go to. We ate, but I didn't leave much of a tip. Sorry but we hardly saw our 'waitress.' First she gave Lilly flat Sprite and it took me 15 minutes to track her down to get it fixed, then she brings us a cup with a hole in the top and disappears. We don't see her again.

Traffic was better on our way home, she takes a quick shower and then hubby comes home. She shows him her clothes, we play a quick game and she goes to bed. I get ready to take a shower and then I notice my feet are so swollen that my ankles have indentations of my socks. My feet and ankles were so puffy and I can feel it in my legs this morning as well. I am swollen from my legs down to my toes this morning and I ache all over. My back is killing me, my hips are sore, my feet feel like they're gonna burst, my head is pounding and every time I bend over or sit down...I have a foot or a head or a butt in my ribs. I need to be more careful. I was on my feet all day at work and then I don't get to sit down (except to drive and eat) until 9:00 at night. That's 15 hours straight on my feet with my belly unbalancing me. My belly still isn't big at all, but I can tell that my weight has shifted and I mostly put my weight on heels instead of balancing it all over my foot. I asked my doctor during my last visit what I should do about my swelling and all she said was drink more water (I don't think that's possible) and prop my feet up more...another thing that not possible in my life. But Lilly had fun yesterday and that's all that matters. Seeing her have a good time keeps a smile on my face.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ha ha ha


My grandpa sent me this email and it gave me a good laugh so I figured the least I could do was post it on here...

The Darwins are out!!!! Yes, it's that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us. Here is the glorious winner:

1. When his 38 caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach , California would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked. And now, the honorable mentions:

2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and after a little shopping around, submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and he also lost a finger.. The chef's claim was approved.

3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space..... he shot her.

4. After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies.. The deception wasn't discovered for 3 days.

5. An American teenager was in the hospital recovering from serious head wounds received from an oncoming train. When asked how he received the injuries, the lad told police that he was simply trying to see how close he could get his head to a moving train before he was hit.

6. A man walked into a Louisiana Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter, and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer... $15. [If someone points a gun at you and gives you money, is a crime committed?]

7. Seems an Arkansas guy wanted some beer pretty badly.. He decided that he'd just throw a cinder block through a liquor store window, grab some booze, and run. So he lifted the cinder block and heaved it over his head at the window. The cinder block bounced back and hit the would-be thief on the head, knocking him unconscious. The liquor store window was made of Plexiglas. The whole event was caught on videotape...

8. As a female shopper exited a New York convenience store, a man grabbed her purse and ran. The clerk called 911 immediately, and the woman was able to give them a detailed description of the snatcher. Within minutes, the police apprehended the snatcher. They put him in the car and drove back to the store. The thief was then taken out of the car and told to stand there for a positive ID. To which he replied, "Yes, officer, that's her. That's the lady I stole the purse from."

9.. The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti , Michigan at 5 A.M., flashed a gun, and demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn't open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren't available for breakfast... The man, frustrated, walked away. [*A 5-STAR STUPIDITY AWARD WINNER]

10. When a man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on a Seattle street by sucking on a hose, he got much more than he bargained for.. Police arrived at the scene to find a very sick man curled up next to a motor home near spilled sewage. A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline, but he plugged his siphon hose into the motor home's sewage tank by mistake. The owner of the vehicle declined to press charges saying that it was the best laugh he'd ever had.

Its only Tuesday....

I can feel the difference now from when I take my prenatal vitamins and when I don't. I forgot to take 'em last night and now I am so tired and barely functioning. I'm always tired, but there comes a point in my tiredness that I just can't go on anymore and I'm almost at that breaking point right now.

Heartburn has gotten worse too. I've come to the terms that yes, I do need to take Tums. I hate Tums. I did find a flavor that I can tolerate. Still not a big fan of it. Although I'd rather gag on Tums then deal with the burning sensation in my throat all day. I do have this one spot on my chest, right underneath my collar bone, that if I push it the heartburn stops. Its nice, I don't have to take any Tums or feel the burn, but I now have a bruise there.

I have this strong urge to go to the mall. I could walk there right now, but its raining. I don't have any money to really buy anything unless its specifically for Christmas (I'll use my Christmas account money), but I just wanna go and look around. They were suppose to put in a Toys-R-Us in the mall and I wanna check that out and see if any other stores are having a good sale, but I know if I go, I will buy something. I am going to take Lilly shopping tomorrow for some jeans. She has some, but not enough. She has grown a bit since last year. She can still fit into a few pair of old jeans and she does have some that I bought a couple weeks ago, but she needs more. She tends to get holes in the knees of blue jeans very easily. It seemed like every time I got her back last year from her father's house, she had holes in her jeans. I'm half tempted to just send her to his house in jeans that already have holes so I don't have to worry about it.

This is the week that hubby is working much over time. Yesterday he got off at 7:30, worked 12 hours, but then he didn't get home 'til 9. There was a house fire in the area at 5:00. As soon as me and Lilly got home, the siren went off. We live right beside the fire station, so its really hard not to hear it. Anyway, turned out it was an ex fire fighter of hubby's station. He set his own house on fire, while he was still inside and then shot himself in the head. He was drinking heavily and was very depressed. I don't think they will tell the whole story on the news. They did imply that he set his own house on fire, but that was it. I didn't know him, at least I don't recognize the name.

I kinda hate to say it, but it seems like me and Lilly get along better when its just us two. We don't even turn the tv on. Yesterday we came home, did her homework, fixed and ate dinner, she practiced her letters and sang songs to me, we made cookies, we played the wii, she took a shower, we played Uno and then she went to bed. No fusses, no fighting... just fun and giggles. there was one fight, but nothing big. She was wanting candy for a bedtime snack after I had already set some peaches in front of her. I told her this is her last night with a bedtime snack, she is no longer a baby. If she is hungry before bed, she can have more dinner. I told her that she can eat her peaches, she finally did. She was asleep before I got out of the shower. I guess I wore her out. Good thing too, cuz I have more things planned for today when we get home. We would go shopping today for her some jeans, but we are having lasagna for dinner and that will take a while to we will go tomorrow. I have no idea what we are having for dinner tomorrow. Depends on how late hubby works I guess. At least tonight, dinner might still be warm when he gets home since it takes forever to cook.

I was trying to keep my texts that Lilly's father and me send back and forth, so I can bring some stuff up in court if needed, but..... my phone deleted all my outbox texts that are more than 2 weeks old. I still have all my inbox texts, but I don't think those are gonna do any good without the responses. Stupid phone.

I found a job online yesterday that made me cry when I saw it. It pays so good, its only part-time and its something I know I would love to do.....but after further investigation today, the pay that was on the site wasn't the base beginning pay. Its what you could potentially make later on and its counting commissions. I can't have a job that's solely based on commissions. I need a good base pay, so I know what I can or cannot afford. So anyway...the job search is still on. I might still look further into that, full time, for a different company. I still think it is the job meant for me. We'll see

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm going crazy

I don't really think I have much to say today. Oh, I did get my hair cut. 16 inches cut off and donated to Locks of Love. My hair was long enough for me to sit on, and now its a little above my mid-back. Big difference. I kinda like it, but I miss my hair. I was very attached to it. I can't remember the last time I had it cut this short. Over the years, I would get a trim but not a cut. I think 10 years ago was the last time it was cut. Kinda sad.
Hubby is gonna be working a lotta over time this week. I already miss him.
Got to hang out with my bff for a few hours Saturday. We didn't really do much, but it was nice to get to see her. We didn't really have any time.
Friday a local fire station burned to the ground. Yes, ironic, I know...I heard that a million times already. They lost everything....but its not as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be. Yes, they lost 2 trucks and an ATV and their equipment, but that area has 2 other fire stations. I think that's enough. They are all volunteer. I know that may sound heartless, me saying its not a big deal...but I think instead of rebuilding, they could just split their guys between the other 2 stations. But.... there's always a but.... And I kinda think this is ridiculous..... Extreme Makeover has contacted that fire station about rebuilding. Really? Ok I know that still sounds heartless...I just don't know how to express what I'm wanting to say without it coming out mean..... They don't cover a huge area, they aren't in a city or even the suburbs, there's two other stations that cover the exact same area (which I thought was pointless when I first heard about it a few years ago... hubby's fire station covers a much much bigger area and they are busier..but they only have one fire station, not 3)......I don't know. There hasn't been any word yet if that fire station is going to take Extreme Makeover up on their offer, but we all know they are going to. Oh, and one was hurt in that fire. The station was empty when it caught fire.
I thought in dreams you weren't suppose to be able to die. Well...I did. I was shot right in the head at point blank. I can't remember the entire dream, but this moment sticks in my head. There was people that I didn't know with guns, I have no idea where we were, and they were going to shoot hubby for some reason, but I made them take me instead. They lady took her gun, pointed it right between my eyes and shot.....and I didn't wake up. I do remember that horrible sensation and I can't get it out of my head. All I could see when I got shot, was kinda like someone took a picture of that "scene" and that's all I could see, that gun pointed at my head. I told hubby a little of my dream. I told him I was shot and didn't wake up, I didn't tell him that I took the bullet for him.
All of my dreams have been very very odd lately. Going to a cemetery, but having to go through a maze to get there..... Lilly getting kidnaped, well, kinda. We were walking, somewhere, and she got brainwashed and didn't recognize me, but in the end I got her back. Me dying in my dream.... the town I grew up in blowing up one building at a time.....Steve Carrell in the witness protection program.... Desperate Housewives and a dead guy from Grey's Anatomy...... Me selling a business for only $75.....They are all just getting weird. There's no "normal" dreams anymore. They are all bizarre. They are so crazy that I can't even try to explain them. I can't tell you what happened from beginning to end, I can only explain a small part of each dream and even that is hard to do. I just wonder what they all mean, if they mean anything or if its just where I'm pregnant and its making me crazy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here!

I've noticed that I am carrying higher with this baby. I've heard the saying that if you're carrying high, its a boy and if you're carrying wide, its a girl. I just thought it was one of those sayings that didn't really mean anything.... that people decided to come up with a saying to determine what the baby was. I didn't know that it was true...well...its true for me anyway. I wasn't necessarily "wide" with Lilly, but I didn't carry this high with her. Its like he just wants to hang out in my rib cage and it shows. My stomach above my belly button is sticking out way more than the rest of my stomach. I've also noticed that when I wear regular clothes, you can't tell I'm pregnant at all. But as soon as I put on some maternity pants or a maternity shirt-I look like I'm 9 months pregnant. I know that maternity clothes is suppose to accentuate your belly, but by that much? I'm wearing maternity pants to work for the first time today, not cuz I have to..I just wanted to, and wow...I bet I'm gonna get some comments today about my growing belly.
I get to see my bff tomorrow!!! We have no idea what we are going to do or how much time we are gonna have together, but I'm still excited. I haven't seen her August 14. Things are always so rushed when she comes in. She has so many people she wants to visit with and so many things she has to do. This time she has a wedding to go to and a brand new baby to see. Her boyfriend's brother just had his baby 2 days ago.
Happy October!!! I love October. I love the feel of fall, the cool air, the crunchy leaves....I love it all. Lets see what is on my calendar for this month so far..... hang out with my bff tomorrow, I gotta get my inspection sticker since it expired yesterday, 3 birthdays, the book festival that Nicholas Sparks is going to be at, a pink pumpkin contest for breast cancer awareness (October is breast cancer awareness, btw), I have court again at the end of the month, a doc appointment next Friday, a 3 day weekend for me and a 4 day weekend for Lilly, gonna go see my mom, there's a book festival today at work, and I'm getting my hair cut. Sounds busy, but its not. Not compared to September. Last month there was babies, cookouts, family reunions, cookouts, classes, tons of birthdays...... fun.