Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boo boo

I got Lilly a scooter for Christmas this past year. she was more excited about the scooter than she was her bike a couple years prior to that. She never really got to ride it until we moved and she's been zooming up and down our long driveway. Zach hopes on his riding fire truck and zooms down the driveway. He picks his feet up and lets the slope do the work. He's wrecked a few times but didn't cry. He's proud to show you his boo boo. Well, yesterday they were both zooming and then Lilly comes crashing down. She was ok. Not 10 minutes later, she crashes again and skids. Her hands hit hard, her knee slid on the driveway and her glasses flew straight off her head. I was on the phone with grandma when it happened and I ended up throwing my phone and rushing to her. She was ok. Skinned her knee up a bit. So now I had to convince Zach to stop having fun and come inside while I played doctor. I bribed him with a cookie. She's ok but she is limping a bit today. I told her that she didn't need to limp and she said,"I know but it makes me feel better." oooookay.
I was laying in bed last night and I swear I heard someone talking through the baby monitor as if they were right outside Zachs window. Hubby said that it was just Zach making noises, but I know what Zach sounds like so I sent him outside to check it out. He didn't see anything but I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. After someone breaking into hubby's uncles box trailer while we were moving and hearing voices, I really don't feel safe. Did I tell you about that? It was on the 17th, the first day of school. I took the day off to take Lilly to school and get stuff packed and moved into the house. I get there and see the pad lock from the back door of the box trailer laying on the ground, cut in half. I took a pic, which I will share with you, and sent it to hubby telling him in not going in the house. I walk around the house and check everything and it looks fine. One of hubby's friends show up to be with me til hubby gets there. He was taking a half day of work anyway to move. The trailer was basically empty. We had taken everything out and put it all in the garage. They did take the trailer hitch and a come along that was in the trailer and a strap too. Welcome to the neighborhood, right?
2 houses down lives a cop and he's always home. The neighbors in the big house on the other side of us are super nice. After hearing about us being robbed, they went out the next day and got an alarm system for their huge garage where they store their old cars.
So here's a pic of the lock and one of Lilly from this morning. She loved her outfit.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things and Stuff

No boxes got unpacked yesterday. Lilly had ball practice and the power was out when I got home to feed them before. Don't know why it was out. Practice went good. I like this coach better than the last. Practice runs a little long but he's good with the girls. Found out yesterday that there are only 2 softball teams in this age group for fall season. Oh well...
First day of school on the 17th went great. I sat with Lilly while she ate breakfast. She likes her teacher, too.
Here's some pics of the kids.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Time for a New Post

I have some great and wonderful news. Zach used the potty for the first time yesterday!! I'm so excited and I hope that its a sign that he is going to start going regularly. I rewarded him with claps and high fives and he was very happy about it. 19 month old and a step in the big boy direction. I've been working with him for 4 months now and I have day care working with him too.
I know its been a week since I wrote anything, but hopefully I can get back in the full swing of things and start updating more often. We are a bit more settled in the house, but it still doesn't quite feel like home yet. I still don't have any pictures or anything on the walls and there's no many boxes left to unpack. I worked most of the weekend getting everyone's clothes hung up and in dressers instead of in a trash bag. I ran out of clothes hangers and had to go buy some more. The apartment is empty. We just have to clean it up now. We have until Friday to get that done. My couches that I was wanting to put in the living room was all moldy and smelled bad. Well... they got scrubbed down with resolve, tuff stuff and sprayed with Febreeze. They look a whole lot better, but they still smelled. My grandma told me to spray white vinegar on them. I did and I think it worked. I can't wait to get my couches in the living room. The ones that hubby has, I don't really like. I like the color of them, but the arms and the back of the couch has exposed wood on it. Its supposed to look that way, its not like its ripped or broken or anything. Me and Zach both keep hitting our heads on the wood.
I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life, where I want to work, what kind of job I'd like to have. I am really unhappy with my current job. I kind of want to get back into working with people. I miss working with the public and seeing a lot of different people. I kind of want to work with kids. I love kids. I love babies. Unfortunately day cares don't pay enough for me to work there. I was thinking about a nursery in a hospital, but you have to be a nurse to do that and then there's overnights and everything. I don't want to take time away from my kids caring for other people's kids. I thought that maybe finding a way to be a Kindergarten aide or something would work perfect. Hubby's mom does it, but nowadays they require a teaching degree. If I went far enough to get my teaching degree, I would be a teacher, not an aide. I would like to go back to school, but I don't have the money or the time. I have to still work a full time job and I don't want to lose time with my kids. Lilly's in sports and Zach's still so tiny. I just don't know. I don't know what's out there. I applied to a job a few months ago that works with autistic kids and I thought I'd really like working there, but it didn't even pay enough to cover my day care costs for my kids. I just hope to find something soon. Something meaningful. Something I enjoy. I'd even like to get back into writing. I thought about looking into jobs at the local newspaper or something. Maybe they have a freelance position and I could do that and work at a day care... or something. Work has cut my overtime and without it, I have no money. It all goes to health care and day care and I have none left over for gas or diapers. I've even thought about getting a part time job to help cover things, but that take time away from the kids.
Enough of that. Today is my best friends birthday. She's turning 26 today. I was wanting to try to hang out with her today, even if it was for a little bit, but she doesn't get off work until 2:30 and I am leaving work around 3:30 for ball practice. By the time we would meet up somewhere, it'd be 3:00. I'm still trying to figure something out. I have a few hours left to try to make this work.
My grandparents came down Wednesday to see the house and have dinner. They loved it, of course. I can't wait for the rest of my family to come visit. I'm trying to plan on them all coming down this weekend, but mom's kind of busy. I'll have to pull her away from canning food to come down.
Maybe I'll post some pictures of the kids tomorrow. I've got a great one of Zach bored while eating a sandwich.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Allergic to new house?

Things are super crazy. I haven't slept in forever. I was up until 1:00 this morning doing laundry so I could come to work. I didn't have any clean clothes. We got mostly moved, but the washer and dryer weren't hooked up until late. I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately, but things are so crazy. All my spare time is spent cleaning/packing/moving/unpacking. And there's other stuff going on too now that I won't share on here. I need a day of sleep.
Lilly's first day of school went great. I took the day off so I could take her and pick her up. Its my tradition now. We walked to her class and I quickly met her teacher. Then we went to get breakfast. After she just took off to class. Its easy to find. Its right across the hall from her Kindergarten class. I can't believe she's in second grade now. She likes her teacher, she said that she's nice and reminds her of maw maw. I asked her why and she said that its because she's old.
Brought Lilly to work with me on Tuesday because she had an eye appointment. She got new glasses that I pick up today. She had fun with me here. We went to the mall for lunch and got some pizza then walked down and looked at the river. Other than that, I don't really remember much from last week. Its all beginning to just run together. We've been trying like crazy to finish moving. We basically live at the house now. We just need to finish getting some stuff out of the apartment. Our entertainment center is there and dining table and just some little stuff.
The kids are doing ok with their own space. Lilly gets mad when Zach goes in her room though.
My stepdad-Jeff was in the ER Friday. He has something that he can't remember the name to. Its a weak spot in the colon causing abdominal pain. So much pain that he can't walk sometimes. He says that its treatable and he has to go on a high fiber diet. He didn't call me until Sunday.
OH... I just remembered something. Friday, after I dropped Lilly off to school and Zach at the Y, I went to the apartment and packed up a bunch of stuff and headed to the house with it. Now, we had borrowed a moving trailer from hubby's uncle. Its the kind with a big door on the back that opens up to make a ramp. Well... when I got to the house that morning, the pad lock from the trailer was laying on the ground-cut in half. The come along inside the trailer was missing and the hitch was gone too. That was a nice welcome we got from the neighborhood. I didn't want to go in the house after that. I took a picture of the lock and sent it to hubby. He was going to take a half day anyway. He called me on his way home and I told him if I could go back to the apartment to get my gun, I'd go in. He told me not to. While I was on the phone with him, he told me to go in the house to get the keys to the out building where we keep the 4-wheeler to make sure its still there. As soon as I walked in the house, his buddy showed up in his loud diesel truck and scared me. I wasn't expecting anyone to show up. Hubby ended up calling the cops later and filling out a report.
I had hubby's sister's kids all day yesterday until about 10 last night. I'm wore out. 6 kids while moving it tough work. Ages between hers and mine -15,12,8,7,5,1. It was quite interesting. I'm just exhausted today. I feel like I'm in a dream, or I'm drunk, or something. My head is pounding, my muscles ache and my knees hurt. I've also been sneezing like crazy and my eyes are watery and itchy. I think I'm allergic to something in the house.
Lilly's first fall ball practice is today. I hope I can make it through the day.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Things have just been super crazy lately and I'm overly exhausted. I'm so tired that I can hardly sleep anymore, as I'd that makes any sense. I'm just trying to keep up with 2 houses and my jobs going crazy and my kids won't stop.
Moving has become a very slow process. I didn't realize how filthy the house we are moving into really was. I do however finally have all my things out of my storage building. Lilly's bedroom is mostly done. Hubby painted it and we got her furniture from his sisters garage. It needed some bad cleaning too. So we spent the better part of the weekend scrubbing, dusting, mopping, sweeping, wiping, more scrubbing..... And scrubbing. I'd say the kitchen is 1/4 done. I've got it all cleaned up and a few boxes unpacked for that room. I did finally finish cleaning the living room and scrubbing the most of the furniture today. The furniture was in his sisters garage and my storage building. The couch we have at the apt is junk but we will probably end up keeping the love seat.
Got an email at work saying all overtime must stop or be approved beforehand. Any overtime not approved must be explained in detail. I'm screwed. I can't afforded to work if they cut my overtime but if I don't work, we won't have any health insurance. Hubby can't afford insurance on top of everything else by himself. I need another job ASAP. I did get a call Wednesday for an insurance claim assistant but I was so busy that day and forgot about Thursday that I didn't get a chance to call back until Friday. No one answered, I left a message. I'll call again tomorrow. Hopefully it's still open. I'm just in a tough spot right now. I need another job that pays more and I'd love to get away from where I'm at, but where else will allow me to be so flexible with my job? To leave whenever there's a problem with the kids or leave early for ball practice.
I don't know when we will be all the way moved. It's becoming sort of a headache, really. I'm trying to clean 2 places and keep up with 2 places while running after 2 kids on no sleep. Not only is Zach still up throughout the night, I can't seem to sleep even when he is sleeping. I lay awake and just stare at the ceiling. I try to sleep, but it won't come. Im just so tired. I don't want to take any sleep aid because I'm afraid I won't hear Zach when he wakes.
Well... My brain just shut off. I don't know what else to say. It's time for bed but I just can't. I'm tired, but I know trying is a waste. I guess enjoy a couple pics of Zach from this weekend. I didn't have Lilly, so no pics of her. About the pics- the one where he's laying on the ground... We were trying to leave the house Thursday after cleaning. We spent the nite Wednesday night so his blanky and pillow were there. I go to carry them to my car and he grabs them out of my hand. I think he's gonna take them to the car since he's been helping, but he throws them down and plops right on top of them in the driveway. The pic of him and his walker... It's his old one of course and folded up but he sat right down in it and started playing. And the other pic is just him playing with his fire tuck. Oh man, he was playing hard with that thing today too. Our driveway kinda slopes a little. Just enough for him to sit on his truck and lift his feet up and be flying in seconds right down the driveway. He was having a blast.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Enjoy some pics

Nothing notable happened yesterday so here's some pics of the kids.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Things are coming along. The people in the house are almost all the way out. All they have left is some stuff in the garage. Probably Wednesday, I'm going to start getting stuff out of my storage building. I have a dentist appointment that day, so it'll be a perfect day to take off work to get some stuff done. We've moved about 4 or 5 loads to the house already. We've got the junk mostly out of our walk in closet, some toys, all our DVD's and video games, our camping stuff, hunting stuff, some kitchen appliances we don't really use, our liquor, all our books and cookbooks, all our pictures and photo albums, some bathroom stuff and various other things moved into the new house. Hopefully we'll get all the way moved in by the weekend and start getting unpacked.
I've been sick. I lost my voice last week. I had an interview on Monday and I had to whisper through the whole thing. I couldn't take the job because he wanted me to start the very next day and I told him I couldn't do that. I had to at least give them a 2 weeks notice. About Tuesday my voice was coming back, but I still had a bad cough. Now I feel like I've been hit by a bus. My entire body hurts, I can't breathe, I'm sneezing constantly and 10 times in a row, I feel a migraine coming on and I just basically feel like crap. 
Saturday was the fire station picnic. It was ok. Not as hot as it was last year. The kids had a blast in the pool. I got to see Lilly swim. Lilly even had hubby take her training wheels off and she rode for a bit without. Yeah, she's 7 with training wheels, but we never had anywhere for her to ride. We do now. I got a bit sick there too. I got over heated, couldn't breathe, my face was blood red, felt like I was going to pass out and throw up. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Maybe I just need a day off to rest. Anyway, I played the egg toss with hubby's brother-in-law and then corn hole with hubby. Lost both times. I took Zach home about 8:30 because we were both wore out. Lilly stayed with hubby for a few more hours.
Yesterday we moved some stuff to the house and ordered pizza there. Its weird. I don't really feel attached to the house at all. Hopefully I will soon. I'm not excited about it or anything anymore.
I promise to try to update more often. Things have been crazy...even at work. My co-worker was off, so I was working my butt off, then my boss was off... and I was still working my butt off. And being sick on top of it all. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of the kids. I've got some really cute ones.
I am taking a small break from the smile blog. I hope people don't forget about it. I'll continue it next month or maybe a little sooner, but I'll letcha know.