Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just blah

My car is finally at the garage getting worked on. Hubby's parents said that for a birthday gift to him, they are going to help pay. I hope I get it back by Monday so I can get take both kids to day care and get to work. We get Lilly back tomorrow. I miss her. I don't know how I'm gonna make it 2 weeks at a time over the summer. Zach misses her too..... and he's teething. He's finally getting some more teeth in. He's been stuck with 4 on the top and 2 in the bottom forever. 2 more are coming in on the bottom.
I got a bit more sleep last night, not much more. I think zachs just in a lot of discomfort due to teething and he's not sleeping. He was cranky yesterday too and didn't eat much.
After I get my car back, I'm going to have to try to get hubby to get back on track with the house. The guy hasn't cleaned it out yet but I'd like to be moving by July. Our current landlord is selling the apartments. He just can't take care if them anymore. July 1 im afraid that the new guy will try to kick us out or raise the rent. I just wonder how he sold it. Did this guy buy the place without actually seeing it or did they sneak into our place and take a look around?
I'm keeping this one a bit short. I do want to share some pics from yesterday. Hubby put Zach in a scooter and he had a blast.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I woke up last night crying from a horrible dream. I've had several dreams with this theme, but they are becoming more frequent these days. I just had one like this over the weekend. The main problem is that when I have a dream that is so vivid and seems so real like that, its like its stored in the dream cabinet in the back of my mind so it can pop out whenever it wants. There are places that I tend to dream about that I've never been. For instance... when I dream that I go to a Walmart, its always the same one, but one that I've never been to. When I dream about being around a lake, its always the same one, but I've never seen it in real life. I frequently visit the same places in my dreams that don't exist in my waking life. Anyway... the theme of my dream last night was the end of the world. This one was pretty bad though. I was riding with hubby when we saw a plane explode in the air then these giant metal ball things with faces started falling from the sky. Hubby called them something and drove away from it. Somehow we ended up getting Zach and I remember trying to run away to California. The government and army had come to help out, but was being over run. We ran through a water park that had tons of people just playing. I ran into my mom, my ex step dad and my grandpa and begged them to come with us to California. At this time, an army guy said that there's nothing there but doctors and lawyers. I smiled at him and he gave mom this huge UPS bag that was labled TRASH. She threw it over her shoulder. I assured them that if they didn't want to come with me they could stay there. We started walking away from the disaster as the ball things with faces started to fall from the sky again. I felt happy in that moment, we were getting away, I had most of my family. Then I said, "I wish I had my little girl with me. We need to find her." I had a feeling that she was close by and I was eager to get to her, but I woke up. I couldn't breathe. Tears were streaming down my face. The dream I had over the weekend was about the world ending, but we weren't running for our lives this time. We were at the Walmart I only go to in my dreams. We were shopping. For some reason I was trying to stock up on Orange soda, but hubby kept yelling at me to take it out of the cart. I've had so many dreams about the world comig to an end. I want to make this clear, though, I do not believe all these people that have the day predicted. I don't honestly think the world is going to end in my lifetime. I don't know why I keep having these dreams. I didn't watch anything bad before bed. I didn't eat anything unusual. The thing I did right before I went to sleep was to write an email, and it was just normal stuff.
I read somewhere about a year ago that dreams only last 30 seconds. At first I thought that was stupid because I know my dreams last longer than that. But I got to thinking this morning.... 30 seconds seem like the perfect time. I mean, we dream one right after the other, but each one only lasts 30 seconds. The theme is the same, but that explains how we get from one place to another all of a sudden. That's how I got from hubby's truck to being with Zach to the water park to the forest. There were other places, but I don't remember them as well. That's how in other dreams, I'll be sitting in my house and then somehow I'm at my grandma's. It all makes sense to me now.
Mr. Zachary slept until 3:30 this morning. (I woke up from my nightmare at midnight and went and checked on him) We got up and wouldn't go back down. He coughed some, so I gave him his sippy cup. We layed there for a bit and I thought he was asleep, so I got up to put him back to bed. As soon as I stood up he opened his eyes and babbled. I stood there, not moving. He closed his eyes. I layed him down and he started screaming. Not crying...screaming. Maybe he had a nightmare too. I patted his back for a few minutes and I thought he was out. He didn't make a noise until I crawled back into bed. I let him cry for a little bit before it started getting out of hand. I got back up and gave him his paci, he calmed down. I went back to bed (its 4:30 by now) and he started screaming again. Hubby got up this time and they fell asleep on the couch together. I think that's one main problem. Zach taking naps with us. He just gets so comfy, he don't want to sleep by himself. I'm guilty. I'll fall asleep on the couch with him. Its nice most times. Who doesn't like a baby sleeping on them? My alarm went off at 5:30 and I got ready. I went in there to wake up my babies and they were kind of gross. They laid there and got warm and sweated. Zach's hair was soaked, his whole left side that was up against Dad was soaked. I had to wash him off.
I have no idea what the fate of my car is going to be. I know we are going to put another motor in, but hubby can't decide from where. The garage that did it last time is charging us $1,100 for everything. The other garage is charging $1,600 for everything plus a one year warranty. I think he's leaning toward the warranty. For now, though, my car is still sitting at his parent's house. He needs to decide quickly. I can't keep riding with him. When we get Lilly on Friday, there will be no room for all of us in his tiny truck. We barely fit in there now.
I went all over the mall yesterday to find something for his birthday and came out empty handed. I have no idea what to get him. I did end up getting me a bra from Victoria's Secret. I was kind of excited about it. I needed a new one and I never owned anything from that store. I didn't have time to try it on since I was late getting back to work anyway. I went to wear it today and its way too small. I had to laugh. So, I'll be taking it back today and exchanging it. I hate bra shopping. I can never find one that fits. I really don't like clothes shopping for myself at all anyway. I love shopping for the kids. I had to talk myself out of getting Lilly a few outfits yesterday while I was in Sears. Everywhere is having great sales, but the kids don't really need clothes. I thought about getting her an outfit out of every pay check and then giving them to her for back to school clothes. I still might. I don't know.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One busy weekend

Be prepared for lots of pictures at the end, and no, they won't be in order because the app scrambles them up. Just look and enjoy.
So proud of my bubby for graduating. He walked across that stage on Thursday and I couldn't be happier for him. It kind of made me want to cry. Its almost like watching my own kid since I raised him. It was a night to remember. We all sat together. Mom, my ex step dad, my step mom and her son, grandparents, 2 of my brothers, hubby and Zach. Dad wasn't there and I could punch him in the face for it. Zach was good most of the time. Mom didn't think Tony wanted her there because she didn't get an invitaion, but come to find out my step mom sent them that's why. Mom wasn't going to go, but thankfully Jeff (ex step dad) made her go. I didn't know anything about this until the next day. Anyway.... When it was all over, Tony came and found us and my step mom (Jayne) sort of bombarded him and wouldn't let him talk to anyone else. Mom walked out thinking that Tony still didn't want her there. We thought she just went to the bathroom. Tony kept asking where she went. We finally found her and Tony was near tears thinking that she left.
Lilly has been promoted to second grade. She got all 'S' on her report card. I was certain she was going to get an 'N' in spelling, but she didn't. She's with her father until Thursday and then she spends the night with grandma and I get her on Friday and we get to go to a game...and its hubby's birthday.
Friday, I brought Zach to work with me. He was so good. He helped me pass out the mail, he popped some bubble wrap, he played in a box, he laughed and ran around and flirted with the girls. One of the girls gave him a cookie and he was so excited he ran straight into a glass door. He wasn't hurt but he cried because he dropped his cookie. He quit crying when I showed him he still had a bite in his hand...then he crammed it into his mouth and was happy. We went to the mall so he could nap in the stroller while I talked to mom on the phone about graduation and we picked up lunch.
Saturday......oh, Saturday.....Hubby, Zach and I were headed 2 hours away to a funeral. Hubby's late grandpa's sister's husband passed away. We were following the car that had his parents and 2 of his uncles in it.........when my car broke. First it wouldn't change gears, then it started 'clanking' so he called his dad to pull over. As soon as we got off the interstate, my car quit. The guys fiddled with it for about 20 minutes before we decided to abandon it. Hubby's other uncle stopped and picked up the other uncles so there woudl be room in hubby's parent's car for us 3. The funeral wasn't really a funeral. It was sort of a grave side memorial thing. One older man passed out. He was diabetic and his sugar dropped. Hubby's mom ran and got some glucose pills out of her car and gave to him. An ambluance was called. Another lady, maybe in her 40's passed out from the heat. It was so hot. She was fine after a few minutes though. After the funeral, we went back to the house of the lady who's husband it was. I took my heels off and ran around bare foot. Not a big deal. I do it all the time. Well.... Zach decided he was going to run for the electric fence and out of the 50 people standing around, no one budged to stop him. So I took off after him. I stepped in a brier patch and some tiny tree stubs. My feet are all tore up, but at least Zach didn't get to that fence. The lady who's house it was did give me some pickled corn on the cob. MMMMMMMM.... I love pickled corn. Come to find out, Zach does too. He ate half a cob. I'll put a pic on here of him eating it. After that, we went back to see if my car would start. Nope. So we headed back home so hubby, his dad and one uncle could go get it with a trailer and take it to my in-laws house.
Sunday, hubby and his dad worked on my car. The motor is gone. It blew up or something. So... hubby's going to call the garage that put the motor in back in July to see if the warranty is still valid.
Monday we had a cookout at my inlaws. Nothing really happened. Zach ate and ate and ate. One whole hot dog, some mac and cheese, baked beans, cheesy puffs, ice cream and watermelon.
Now, we have to cram ourselves into hubby's little truck. Its very hard. It'll be like this until my car gets fixed. Even if the warranty isn't valid, it'll still be cheaper to put another one in than to get another car. I have to try to figure out how to get hubby's bday present home now. I gotta figure out what to get him first, I guess. I'll walk to the mall today to find something. I think I have some wrapping paper here in my desk.
Ok, here are the pics...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pics if WV 3

I took these on my way to moms house last time. Dirt road, pretty trees in Clendenin, WV.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Job!

Not only is today the last day of school for Lilly, it is also the high school graduation for Tony. You remember Tony, right? The brother under me. The brother under him, Seth, graduates this year too, but he doesn't want to walk the stage. Yeah, Tony is older, he got held back in 4th grade. They went to different county school districts too... Tony lives with Dad, Seth lived with his dad.... I say lived... but I'll get to that in a second.
I'm so proud of them both. Its means a lot to know that they've made it and are going into the real world. I wish they'd go to college, but I don't think its in their plans. I wish I would have stuck with it too, but I didn't want someone else raising Lilly. One day, I swear I'll go back. I just don't know what I want to do anymore. I told Seth that since he's not walking across the stage or anything, I'm making him put on my old cap and gown and I'll take pictures of him, so he'll at least have some kind of pictures to commemorate this wonderous accomplishment. I hope Zach makes it through the whole thing without getting restless.
Ok, back to the Seth.... he doesn't turn 18 until August. He lived with his dad, but wanted to move out. As soon as school was out on Tuesday, Mom went and picked him up. He didn't tell his dad that he wasn't coming back home. Mom just got him and took him to her house and then he called his dad to tell him that he wasn't coming back. She was supposed to call me to let me know how everything went, if his dad got mad or what, but she never called me. I'm kind of worried. I know that it didn't go over very well with him. Seth is old enough to decide who he wants to live with, so there's really nothing his dad can do about it. I guess he can say that mom kidnapped him or something. I don't know. No one is answering their phone today. I don't know what's going on or what happened. Maybe I'll find out tonight at Tony's graduation.... if they are there....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Long weekend in the sun

So busy this weekend. Lilly had a ball game Friday, a parade on Saturday, ball pics and a game on Sunday and there was so much sun. Game on Friday went good. We lost of course but the kids had fun and played hard. A ball even smacked Lilly right in the arm and she kept in playing. The coach's daughter hit the ball real hard and smacked the coach in the leg. That gave us all a good laugh.
Saturday was kind of hectic. We had to be at the meeting place at 9 am to decorate the truck. Me and Lilly were the only ones who made posters. It looked good. I even gathered up some decorations I used for Lilly's birthday party. Hubby was at work so it was just me and the kids. Zach was having fun playing with the balloons. By the time it was time for the trucks to line up and I had left to find a spot to watch in town, hubby was there. Zach was so good. He just sat there and watched and clapped and had a good old time. After the parade was family fun day. There was some inflatables and games. I signed Lilly up for one if the competitions.... Who can run the bases the fastest. She kept saying she didn't want to because she won't win and I kept telling her not to be so negative. What happens? She wins! She got a shirt and a $10 voucher for the concession stand. I was out there with the kids for 6 hours that day.
Pictures were at 2 in Sunday so we got there around 1:30. After pictures, we walked down to the baseball field where hubby's nephew was playing. We watched for a bit before we went to the car to cool off and the kids to eat the lunch I packed for them. After they were done we walked to the playground and they played for 45 mins. Hubby showed up right when we were leaving to go back to the field. Her game went great. Lilly finally got to be the catcher. I guess the coach finally went and got smaller gear. My best friend and grandparents showed up to watch. After the game we went out to eat with my BFF. Great day. Kids were well behaved. The sun was out and hot but I smeared the sunscreen in the kids so no one got sunburnt. Here's some pics from this weekend. And my awesome thing for today is **parades** who doesn't like a parade?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pics of WV 2

These pictures have been on my blog before about 2 years ago. I took these while on a visit to a family reunion with hubby's family. I believe it's in either Dawson, WV or Beckley, WV. I don't remember. After the reunion hubby took me on a hiking trail that led up a mountain and up some big rocks. I felt like a rock climber. The view was beautiful.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parade is Saturday

Tonight and tomorrow night after Lilly's game, me and Lilly have a project we need to work on. Her little league parade is Satruday morning and I somehow volunteered myself to do the posters for the 'float.' The coach was telling me that the game for Saturday was canceled due to the parade that she just found out about. I asked her if we were decorating a truck or anything like we did last year. She said she didn't know, that if we wanted to she guessed it was ok. I told her that me and Lilly made some good posters last year for the t-ball team and she nodded her head and said, "Yeah... you can do that. I'll give you all the girls names and jersey numbers so you can make one for everyone." Ok...thanks.... I guess. I have already printed off some pictures that I'm going to use. Here's my idea so far. Its quick and easy. Cut out these pictures, more like clip art and stuff like that, give them a colorful backspash and glue to the middle of the poster board. Write girls name and number in bright marker. TA DA! I'm not going to extremes. I might add some other stuff, but it just depends. We still have the poster we made for t-ball. I think we did a very good job on that poster.
Still doing great on my diet. I kinda wish I had a diet buddy or a workout buddy or both. It would make this journey a bit easier and more fun. Yesterday it was just hard to push myself to keep going. Finally a girl got on the elliptical beside me and I quietly competed against her even though she didn't know it. It helped me finish my workout. I then moved to the treadmill, but I don't find that one too difficult to finish. I was thinking about going to the weight room today, but I can't track that on my app that I'm using. I can, but it doesn't add calories burned for strength training. I haven't been to the weight room just for this purpose. If I can't track it, i really don't want to do it. But I'm in need of a mix up and I need to go to the weight room. I've been lifting some weights at home, but I like the machines they have at the Y. I guess I will depend it all on whether or not there's a lot of people in the weight room. I don't really like to wait for a machine. If its crowded, I'll hit some more cardio. My knees are killing me today though and my feet still go numb on the elliptical. I don't know why.
I've been trying to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I just can't seem to get into it. Has anyone read this book? I bought the entire series on my Kindle and its just so boring to me. I'm only 3 chapters in though. Does it get better, or is it all this borning? Sometimes I try to read it while I'm on the treadmill. Seriously, though.... does it get better?
My step mom finally texted me last night to thank me for her flowers. I wasn't sure what to say other than she was welcome and that I was sorry I didn't stop to visit her at work, but Zach was crying and wouldn't stop.
I had a dream last night that Lilly was Zach's age. I was trying to potty train her. Weird.
Not much to really say. I got to hang out with my bff yesterday for the first time since she moved back. All we did was walk around the mall during my lunch hour. It felt a little awkward mostly because I didn't have anything to really talk about. Nothing really happens and I'm kind of a boring person. It made me really realize that I need a hobby or something. I work. I go home and tend to the kids, go to ball games, practices, do homework, cook, give baths then its bedtime and I do it all over again the next day. I don't really have time for much else, but I need something else. I don't know. Maybe I'll figure it out later.
What's my awesome thing for today? ** Hugs from kids** I love to get hugs from my kids. Zach is just now getting into it. He'll come running to you with his arms open wide and when he reaches you, he'll wrap his arms around you and lay his head on your shoulder. Lilly's only into night time and goodbye hugs now. She's too grown up to give me a hug just because.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Few pics of kids

I have lost 5 pounds so far. In the two weeks since I have really really been trying, 5 pounds are gone. And it feels great! I know that I'm well on my way to becoming healthier and hopefully soon I'll be able to fit back into some old clothes. I have the My Fitness Pal app to thank for my recent weight loss. I thought I was watching what I as eating but it turns out that I was still over eating. I'm more driven to work out now too since I've seen a few pounds come off. I've started lifting weights at home and i still go to the gym but I'm pushing myself more. When it got to the point where I was a pound heavier than I was when I was nine months pregnant with Zach, I had to get serious about losing weight. It's not always easy but having the app on my phone where it's right there all the time helps. I can look up or scan anything and decide from there if I really want it. I an also look up restaurants to see the best thing to eat. I'm hoping to be 55 pounds lighter by my 5th anniversary which is June 21, 2013.
Things are progressing with the house, I guess. Hubby asked me to see about getting a house appraisal soon. I'm still sort of mad but I think I was just having a bad couple of days. I woke up in a better mood this morning even though I was dead tired. Hopefully after the appraisal we will make an offer and get things going. The hard part is we aren't using a realtor and we don't really know what we are doing. The guy selling the house said he'd take $10,000 off the price if we don't use a realtor. So we aren't. But seeing as how we've never done this, it's a bit confusing.
Here are a few pics of the kids. While at moms, Lilly and Zach both held a baby chick. Well Zach mostly poked it but it's still cute. The pic of them together is one of my favorite pics ever of them. I took it on Mothers Day and tits just so beautiful. The other one is Lilly posing with a hurdle. She had practice on Monday and after practice we walked around the track. she kept saying something about jumping hurdles and then we came up to one. She jumped right in front if it and then went under. It was so funny.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No words

Mother's Day was kind of a bust. It was going to be a busy day anyway, but I didn't get to do the few things that day that I really wanted to do. First, I told hubby all I wanted to do was to get to sleep in. Well... he went out with his friends the night before and didn't get home until after midnight. I was up at 6 am with Zach. I napped about an hour around 9:30 while Zach napped. We were supposed to go look at the house with his uncle, so he can tell us if there's anything horrilbly wrong with the house. Well.... at the last minute, it was announced that hubby's parents are going too. Now, I don't have anyone to watch the kids. We are tyring to surprise Lilly and it would have been hard to look hard at the house with the kids running around. So, I was mad. I was looking forward to going to over a week and then at the last minute, his parents get involved in something that they shouldn't be. This should be between me and him, not his parents. I don't want their involvment, I don't want their approval and the fact that they went when it should have been me is a bunch of crap. I'm still mad about it. They aren't going to live there, its not going to be their house. Its supposed to be mine and his house, but I guess its not. I guess I don't matter when it comes to the place we are going to live. His parent's opinion apprently matters more than mine. They really shouldn't have gone. They didn't need to see the house until after we bought it. Its none of their business, really.
So.. yeah...I was mad for most of the day.
Lilly did give me some cute drawings and she made me a card. I took off with the kids to go see Tony and drop off my step moms flowers. Zach's sippy cup had leaked in his car seat, so when I got there I had to wash and dry the cover and change him. Before the cover was dry, Zach started crying and wouldn't stop. Nothing would calm him down. I tried everything. We were finally able to leave and he fell sleep in the car, but as soon as I pulled into my driveway, he woke up crying.....and kept crying for 3 hours. I finally gave  up and gave him Tylenol and a cup of Pedialyte and he slept for 4 hours. Hubby and Lilly took off to go to a birthday party.
Saturday I went to see my mom. Lilly got 'bit' by a chicken. ................. meh.... I don't feel like typing anymore. I just riled up more anger. No awesome thing today.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pics of WV

Here's just a couple to start off. The buildings are what surround my workplace. the bridge has been recently painted that color. They even had a contest/poll for residents to pick the color.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So I guess court went ok. I didn't get to see them like I had hoped. The custody of the baby is split 50/50 for 90 days and Josh got the baby today after court. I never saw his wide. I don't know if they are going to get a divorce or what. I don't know anything.
My mom called me to tell me that she finally has running water, a septic tank and a toilet at her house. Now when I go visit her we don't have to go to her boyfriends house just to pee. I'm excited mostly because I'm in the beginning stages of potty training Zach and I can't tell him to wait until we walk up the hill to the other house before he can go.
I picked up the Mothers Day flowers today and they are all so pretty. I should have ordered me one basket.... Or two.

Will the rain ever stop?

Hubby's cousin had a baby boy Monday afternoon. I was going to stop by yesterday and see him, but things got complicated. Lilly was supposed to have practice yesterday but it got canceled becuase of the rain. All the rain. There's been so much rain lately.
I went out to vote yesterday, found out that I'm still listed under my maiden name. I tried to change it the last few times I voted, but I never really noticed that I never got a new card. Maybe now I will. While I was there, this little old lady kept staring at me. She was working there. Then I over heard her tell another lady that she was some boy's elementary school principal. I went over to her and asked her what her last name was, cuz I knew she looked kinda familiar. I thought it was just cuz she looked and even sounded like my grandma. She gave me a good look over and said, "Cisco." My head flew back and my arms went up, "You were MY elementary school principal!!" Her eyes got real big and she said, "BECKY!" And then I freaked out even more because she remembers me. 15 years later, she still knows me. We quickly caught up. She laughed that I didn't marry someone I went to school with but told me at least I kept it within the county. Oh, she made me laugh. It was great! Awesome thing for today **BEING REMEMBERED** I hate walking up to someone who looks familiar and seriously not knowing if I really do know them or not. I love it when it all just clicks and every one remembers every one. It is really awesome.
My step brother is going to court today. His wife left him a couple weeks ago and ran off with the baby. She even went and filed a domestic suit against him. Tony, the brother right under me, was there during this so called fight and all it was was an argument. Josh never touched her. He hasn't gotten to see the baby. The biggest problem is, I know she'll probably win even though she has no proff none of this happened and Josh even has an eye witness. I know this because judges tend to believe a girl when she says she was beat. What if she got someone to punch her and she comes in with a black eye? What if she took a knife and cut herself? Its been known to happen. Since I know I can't go in the court room with them since I'm not involved, I'm having Tony text me as soon as they get there and as soon as its over. Then I'll walk over and see them and see what happened. It just makes me so mad. There are tons of women out there who are beat every day and no one believes them, no one helps them. And then you get these other women who lie about it just to get what they want. Tony told me it all started when Josh said something that embarrassed her and she went off all crazy. Josh would never touch her. He would yell and yell until he was out of breath, but he would never hurt her or the baby. He has a good chance that he will end up in jail. Not because he's guilty, but because a woman cried wolf.... and she was believed. I'll keep ya posted.
Remember to stop by on Friday to check out my pics of good ol' West Virginia. I still don't have any pics ready.... but I still have a couple days.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, Monday, it's Monday!

Hubby did ok in his class. Said he didn't really get any sleep because he was cold and there was loud people. He said he didn't have to eat bugs either, but he didn't tell me what he did end up eating. I was worried about him. I know he was out there with a professional and I know that hubby camps out all the time, but I was still worried. He came him Sunday a little after noon, jumped in the shower then went to bed until 6:00 when I had dinner ready.
Lilly's game got canceled Saturday so we spent most of the day playing Just Dance on the Wii. We played at our place then went next door and played at the neighbors then after dinner, we played again. It's at the point now where Zach gets really excited when he hears the Wii music because he knows he's getting ready to dance. I got a cute video of the kids dancing. Here Zach is jumping and waving his arms when he goes and sits down but keeps waving his arms. He cracks me up!
So I've decided to use every Friday on this blog to share pictures of WV, the beautiful state I live in. A lot of people have the wrong idea of WV, so I'd like to show the real side. Be sure to stop by on Friday for my first pictures. I haven't taken any yet and am debating where I'm going to start.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some pics

I said I'd post kids pics last night but didn't get a chance, so here they are

Friday, May 4, 2012

More rain!

I want to say I'm sorry for all the misspellings and whatnot in my past postings. I've been posting using the Blogger app and my auto correct kicks in. I like it most of the time, but other times its just annoying. I'm not going to turn it off because it helps me out. Even though it makes me look stupid sometimes, I still like it.
Lilly has ball pictures today. Its been raining today, but I don't see why they wouldnt' have it. As long as its not still raining at the time of the pictures, everything should be ok. I had to wash her uniform at 11:00 last night because I forgot all about it.
Hubby is heading out to be in the woods for a class he's taking for the fire station. If you've ever seen Duel Survivor, then you know the guy that's leading the class. Its not the hippie guy that goes barefoot, its the other guy. Hubby was all excited about the class. He went out and packed his search and rescue backpack full of stuff he can use and eat during those 2 days. But then.. they guy sent out an email saying they can only take a small tarp, a small pot to boil water and something else I can't remember. Now, I don't think hubby is that excited anymore. He keeps saying that he's not going to eat bugs. I just laugh at him.
My bff has made it back home!! They came in last night with a Uhaul full of their stuff. I haven't gotten to talk to her yet since she's been in, though. They are staying at her brother-in-law's house for now. I don't want to call her because I'm sure she's busy with unpacking, resting and whatnot.
Zach is growing up way too fast. He's climbing on stuff and I don't even know how he does it half the time. I walked into my bedroom and found him on my bed the other day. I have no idea how that happened. My bed sits up kinda high. I got some pictures of him when he climbed on top of his toy box. At first he seemed like he didn't know what to do up there then he started playing. He keeps climbing up on Lilly's chair at the dining table. He doens't touch anything, he just sits and looks around. He's also getting a better understaning of words. If I ask him to do something, he'll do it. If I ask him a yes or no question, he'll say, "Uh huh." or "Huh Uh." and either shake or nod his head. He even goes and gets me a diaper to change him when I ask him. I like this age. He's old enough to understand, but not old enough to talk back.
So this weekend since its just me and the kids, I was going to do some catching up with a friend that has a baby about Zach's age. I haven't seen her in about 3 or 4 years. We were going to go to a park and hang out so the kids can play, but I think its going to rain. Lilly also has a game tomorrow. Did I mention that Lilly's team won their last game? It was their first. I took Lilly out for ice cream at Wendy's. She struck out twice. One of the times she did hit the ball, she made it to second base and then that inning was over because another girl stuck out. Lilly did great out on the field. She got to play on second base and that made her day. She was center field to 2 innings, second base for 2, and then left field for 2. I think she sat out a couple. I'm not sure exactly how many innings they have at this age. I have pics from that game, but I'll post them later tonight.
Its been a while since I've updated my flickr. I need to do that. I have some great pics of the kids that I want to share.
I'm leaving work early today. I have some errands to run and then Lilly's got pictures. We have to be at the field at 5:00.
So I'm going to have today's awesome thing as **RAIN** mostly because its been raining so much lately. You can't hate the rain. It helps the plants grow. I do find it difficult to juggle Zach, an umbrella and my purse in the mornings to get into the car, but I make it work. I ended up with my enitre right pant leg soaked where I leaned into the car to put Zach in. Rain.... its fun to play in.
I feel a headache coming on.........

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's up

I downloaded the my fitness pal app and learned that I wasn't really eating all that healthy like I thought. I was going way over my calorie limit and eating loads if carbs. I know better now. Maybe I can finally start losing some weight. For anyone interested, I highly advise you to get the app or you can even do it online at I'm on top of things now. I feel hungry almost all the time now, though. Mostly only because I'm used to overeating. No more.
I know I don't write on here everyday like I used to but nothing is really going on right now. No word on the house yet. We have to wait into after the election on may 8 because the guy who is selling the house is running for something. He will have more time after. There was a lot of stuff still in the basement and he's going to go in and clean it all out Ina couple weeks. We can get the paperwork started while he's cleaning.
My grandma is still camping, so I don't know what her decision is yet. It's a very tough decision. I still don't know the name of the cancer she has or the severity of it.
Weather is hot and humid here. It went from rainy and cool to unbearable heat in a day. It's going to be like this the rest of the week, too.
My BFF will be back in just a few days. I'm going to try to get her a job at the Y.
Uh...... Yeah....see.... Nothing new, really.