Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A lot going on

Finally found Lilly the dollhouse that I think she will love. She's never really had a dollhouse yet. I did get her a Barbie townhouse one year for Christmas, but it ended up in the storage building due to lack of space. I never had a dollhouse growing up and I always wanted one. I think she is old enough now to care for all those small parts. I'm actually super excited over this one. Its big, its fully furnished and it comes with the entire family. A mom, dad, big sister and baby twins. So cute. Its only $160. For all that and to see her expression, I would pay way more. So, come next pay day, I'm out to get that for her and hubby's thing for his 4-wheeler. I would do it all today, but (1) I'm out of space to hide things until I can start wrapping and putting under the tree (we aren't putting up the tree just yet, we have to see if we can get the house before Christmas first) and (2) I have to use what money I have left out of this pay check to pay off the rest of my medical bill. I do feel kinda bad. I don't know if I can explain it right, but I will try. I am super excited over Christmas and so is Lilly. It is our favorite holiday. I just really love the FEEL of it all and seeing everyone's face when they open up the present that I spent forever trying to find and make perfect. I love the smell of Christmas. Its just all so wonderful. Ok...back on track. I don't want to NOT decorate and get ready for Christmas, but at the same time I don't want to. I would like to wait to see if we can move before Christmas, but I don't want it to be the week before when we decorate, either. I don't see the point in decorating and putting up the tree and wrapping presents when we'll have to pick everything up, pack and move it. But I don't want to not decorate just because we are waiting on an answer for the house. I think it would feel like we aren't celebrating or something. Lilly keeps asking when we are going to put up our lights and tree and I don't really know what to tell her. I don't want to tell her we are waiting 'til we see if we get a house cuz then she will get excited about that and we might not get it. Does any of that make any sense?? Maybe we could put up just a few lights and one of our little trees until we know what's going on. That way we wouldn't have much to take down if we do get to move. And just not wrap until it gets closer to Christmas or we have an answer or whatever. I don't know. I need to talk it over with hubby. I think he will want to wait, but I don't think I can. Its our last year with Lilly as the only child and I want to make it extra special for her. Don't get me wrong....a house for a Christmas present...what could be any better than that?
The cravings are starting to kick in. I'm craving coffee and milk, not at the same time though. Late at night I will want some milk and in the morning and sometimes evenings I will want coffee. With Lilly I craved hot sauce, Ranch dressing and ketchup....again...not together. I did and still do put hot sauce and Ranch dressing together. I like em in a salad like that.
I'm not feeling particularly well today. I'm having aches in weird places. Not only am I aching on the inside, my hips, lower back, knees, and head aches. I can't breathe anymore either. I read that my sinus cavities will swell up. They've been swollen for a long time and my nose has been stuff, but I guess where the air is getting dry, its making it worse. I've been having nose bleeds too. The baby is also pushing on all the wrong things making breathing even harder. He even kicks and plays with my hip bones and ribs. I swear I can feel him tickling my bladder just to make me mad. I use to feel his hiccups near my right hip and nowhere else, but now its kinda moves and I can feel it in my back and right above my belly button.
I had a sugar crash or whatever its called yesterday. My blood sugar got too low and I got sick, shaky and dizzy. I brought a Gatorade today just in case it happens again. I think I'm going to invest in a pack of it to bring from now on. Heartburn has calmed down a bit. Yeah, when I go buy 6 rolls of Tums, it basically goes away. Nice. Its very exciting though cuz tonight we are having tacos and I don't have to worry about breathing fire later. I also feel that if I stand up straight, I will topple over. I've noticed that I do stand/walk with a little arch now. I do have an almost constant dull headache right in the front around my forehead. My teeth also hurt. My gums have been swollen for weeks, which the doc said is normal. Ok, I understand that a lot of these aches and pains and discomforts are 'normal' but they still really suck and I think there needs to be ways to relieve or cure some of them. There really aren't. Doc says, drink more water, prop your feet up, take it easy, brush twice a day, stretch, go on small walks, take some Tums, eat more often but with smaller meals....I already do all of that. What else can I do? Grint my teeth and bear it remembering that I only have......what am I down to now....8 weeks?.......left and then I will have this little baby to hold in my arms and spit up on me. I can't wait! ^_^

Monday, November 29, 2010


Thursday...........sucked. I didn't get to see any of my family. Spent the whole day with hubby's family. He doesn't get it. He hasn't gone a holiday without his family yet, but I do it almost every time. I hate it.
Friday was good. I got everything I intended on getting and then some. It rained, it snowed, it was cold...but really hot in the stores. It didn't seem as crowded this year as it was last year. We only waited in the check out line at Target for one hour this year instead of two. We did make a plan and a route, but it all went down the drain due to my bff's forgetfulness. The stuff I wanted at Walmart all went on sale at midnight and she thought that her stuff didn't go on sale until 5...but her's did indeed go on sale at midnight too. So, here's how things went....
We started out at the Walmart next to my house, I got an excellent parking spot almost right in front of the doors. I grabbed the things I wanted, but was short one toy cuz the shelf was empty so I grabbed the next best thing. We ended up in a short line and then a lady in the line next to ours put her toy back that was the one I originally wanted, so I grabbed it up and put the other one down. How awesome is that?! (I got Lilly a Littlest Pet Shop playhouse, a Squinkie playhouse, some extra Squinkies, two winter coats and I don't remember what else) So, we head off to the major shopping area a few miles away. We drive close to Target and see the line is already horrible and the store doesn't open for another 3 hours and its raining. We get ready to park, but then a lightbulb went off in my bff's head and she grabbed for Walmarts ad. Then she started freaking out.
So, off to the other Walmart close to Target we went to try to see if any of her stuff was still there........ it wasn't. We left and went back to Target and sat there in the car to make a plan. When it was almost time to open the doors, we went to get in line. It took us probably 45 minutes to get IN the door. We went even halfway to the doors yet and there was people that was already leaving with their stuff. They got in, got what they wanted...... 9 out of 10 times it was a tv.....and they left. Finally after getting drenched and freezing we made it inside. I ran to the housewares to secure her George Foreman grill while she went to the bathroom. I don't really even remember what we got at Target. I think I got some candy but I'm sure I got something else. OH....hubby's mom wanted me to pick something up for her there since she was still stuck at Walmart. And I know I got something else..oh well......moving on. After we wait in line for only an hour, we head off to Michael's for some good deals. I got a 100 piece art set and a couple paint things for real cheap. My whole order was less than $4. Then, off to K-mart...I think.
I got Lilly a bunch of clothes at K-Mart cuz they were having the best sale. I got the baby some socks too. Then we went to Gabriel Brother's where I didn't get anything, but my bff did. Then to Dollar Tree where I found Lilly a dream catcher. I usually get my picture frames there, but I didn't know how many I needed and since they are always a dollar, I will get them later. Then to Big Lots where my bff found her big picture frame collage and I got Lilly some Hot Wheels cars. Then we went to Dollar General and picked up a few things and went out to eat. By this time my phone was dead. After we ate we headed to Magic Mart then to the mall. Wait...somewhere in there we stopped by a Rite Aid cuz they were having an excellent sale on their wrapping paper..... buy one get 2 free! Then off to the mall and back to Walmart next to my house...then home. It was about 4 pm when I got home. Charged my phone and went out to dinner with hubby's mom and sister. I started my day on Thursday at 7 am and ended my day on Friday at 9pm. There's only one more thing I really want to get and that's a rear rack for hubby's 4-wheeler. Might still get Lilly some things. If I find the right doll house, I'll get it for her and maybe a couple movies and a wii game. She doesn't really have a BIG present this year yet, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for that.

So, hubby went out hunting while I was out shopping. He came home broken. He jumped out of his tree stand and twisted his ankle. Its all purple and swollen and probably sprained or fractured or something, but he won't go see a doctor. I went with him Saturday evening to drop off the deer, we went home and got cleaned up then went out to Friday's to eat. We were going to go see a movie, but we had so much time left, we went to Walmart so he could take a look around. He rode on one of those motorized wheel chairs. We fought all night with the crutches. When we made it back to the car, I decided he should just go home and prop his foot up with some ice and he couldn't argue....I was driving.

My cousin is ok. She got to go home on Thursday and is on bed rest.

I know this is long, but a lot happened... :-)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out 'til Monday

So, I'm not going to be here to post anything tomorrow or Friday. I still might see how to go about posting from my phone. I need to figure that out before maternity leave anyway that way I can at least post pics of the baby....or try. I don't know how to go about doing that unless I directly email the picture to my blog. I don't know. I'll just have to figure it out.
No new news on my cousin just yet. Mom hasn't woken up to give me an update if she has one. I want to go see her today if she's still in the hospital, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to. I'll still try.
Lilly's heading off to her father's today. I took an extra long time to tell her bye this morning. It still breaks my heart every time she goes. I thought that having all this extra time with her would make our departures a little less teary eyed, but I think they are getting worse. I just can't believe that I'm not going to see her until Monday after I get off work. I wish I could have her all the time. It wouldn't be fair to him though, or to Lilly really. But I do stuff with her. I play with her and do crafts with her. We talk, we cook, we clean, we walk, we play, we run, we watch movies all cuddled on the couch, we do so much together. She really is my mini me. When I get her back after she's been down there, all she does is complain cuz daddy won't play with her and his gf made her eat something she didn't like.
Ok, while I'm sitting her crying, I'm going to change the subject to help dry my eyes out.
2 days 'til major shopping! I won some money off the radio yesterday, so that's going to help out a little. I just hope I can do it. My stomach has been hurting more the past 2 days. The stretchy, ripping feeling is getting worse and the baby keep moving around causing me a lot of pain. He's been pushing down a lot to. I don't know if he's stretching and that's just they way he chooses to stretch or what's going on, but it hurts and it brings me to my knees sometimes. I just hope that the pain will be bearable on Friday and I won't be too tired. I don't want to have to quit shopping in the middle of a good sale just cuz I'm exhausted. I'm hoping my body will hold out just long enough for me to get everything done. I am going to try to sneak in a little nap this year. In past years, we just stay up and head out, but with the extra strain on my body this year, I told my bff that I need to try to nap so see if that will help me make it through the day.
I don't get to see Lilly at all this year on Thanksgiving. Hell...I don't know if I get to see any of my blood family this year or not. I still have no clue what's really going on. I know we are going to hubby's sister's to eat, but I don't know what I'm doing after that. If I go visit some of my family, they would have already eaten and probably gone home...so I don't know where I should go and who I should visit. Everyone lives so far away from everyone one else. My brother above me and my brother under me both have to work. And if I do get to go see someone, I don't know if I'm going to get my nap in or not. I did promise my little brother that if he didn't get to eat somewhere after work, I'd bring him something. He's been dying for some apple pie.
So hopefully I will survive Friday. Oh, maybe I need to make a shirt that says "I survived Black Friday." LOL

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No title today

My cousin went into early labor last night. Last I heard they got everything stopped. She is a just a couple weeks behind me making her about 3 1/2 early if she does deliver. If she is still in the hospital tomorrow, I'm going to go see her after work. She lives about 25 miles west of me, but I don't know that area at all. I'll have to mapquest her. When mom called to tell me, I was about to go tell my boss that I was leaving and go to the hospital that was only a couple blocks from my work, but then mom told me which one she was at. I thought about going today, but I don't see them letting Lilly in and I don't want to miss my last day with her before she heads off to her fathers. (letting him get her a day early so she can spend all Thanksgiving with him) But so far, my cousin is doing fine. She is my favorite cousin out of the million that I have. Mom and her two sisters were all pregnant at the same time with me, this cousin and one other one. The cousin that is pregnant (Katie) was born 4 months before me and my other cousin (Beth) was born 2 days after me. We grew up together and was very close, until we reached about 12ish. When I was pregnant with Lilly, Beth was pregnant with her first too. She had him about 2 weeks before I had Lilly...and now I'm pregnant with my second one and Katie is having her first. I do hope they get everything stopped and she carries full term. I know how scarey it all is. Good thing is that her boyfriend works in the hospital she is at, so he can see her and be there with her even while he's working.
My little one is way more active and is getting strong. He is at the point where he hurts when he gets moving around. He is getting on a good sleep schedule though. He's awake before I get to work around 6:30, then he's up again around 10:00, then he's usual quite still until about time to go home at 4:30 and then he's up again after I eat dinner. Oh, I shouldn't have been making a list.....its 1:15 and he's up.
Didn't really get to do much with Lilly yesterday. Some stuff I ordered online came in and we went through it and we played cars with a fire station. We looked though a magazine, too. Didn't see hubby at all yesterday. He called me while I was thawing dinner to tell me that he was running a fire call. Metro called out his ATV team to go down the road to get a guy that was in the woods hunting who shot himself. Do people not understand gun safety? I had to go through this week long gun safety class before they would even give me a hunting license. So after he went and did that, he got home around 10:30 and I was already in bed. Its been so long since we've actually spent any time together. He's been working a lot of overtime and he mentioned something about it Sunday and I told him that I'd like to see him every once in a while and he said that he's just trying to make some money. I'd rather see him at least every other weekend or him be home for dinner a couple days out of the week. If he's not working, then he's at the fire station or at his parents house or something. I couldn't tell you the last time we had a decent conversation that didn't involve what's on tv. I miss him. This time of the year is really hard on me cuz a couple years ago we had a big falling out and I moved out and into my own place for a few months. Every time we get to this time of the year, my brain reminds me of everything that happened and him not being around makes it especially hard on me. I am saddened that it took me moving out to get him to grow up though. Hopefully he'll get to be home a little soon. He's going out hunting Friday and Saturday. I don't know about Thursday. Maybe he'll get to be home the next weekend I keep Lilly.
Just a couple more days and I'm down to 8 weeks left!!!!!!! Black Friday in 3 days, Thanksgiving in 2 days, apply for a loan to a house in 8 days (if hubby can get off work to do it), and 4 1/2 weeks 'til Christmas!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Short week

Weekend was pretty good. It was the first weekend in a long time that I got to hang out with Lilly. We cleaned the house...man, did we clean. Its been a long time since I've seen the family room or the bathroom that clean. She is a really good helper. She also helped me lose some weight with our hour long walks straight uphill. I was gaining weight a little too fast there for about a week.
I put my cell phone on my tummy last night to watch the baby kick it. I had hubby watch and his reaction, "That's kinda weird." Then I said..."Doesn't it look kinda gross." "Yeah...it really does." The baby wasn't just kicking, he was rolling over. It wasn't little bumps, you could seriously see him. My stomach was rising and falling like....well.....like there was a baby rolling over in there.
I've also been using Lilly to kinda help me 'train' for Black Friday. This is going to be the first year that I go where I'm all pudgy and waddling and in pain like this. I've been using our long walks and our days together to get ready. If I stand for too long, my hips hurt. If I walk for too long, I feel pressure like he's going to plop out. And almost all day, every day, I have the stretchy feeling and my back is hurting. Well...I'm seriously trying to get my body ready for the fun torture that is Black Friday. She also helped out by not letting me sleep in. I've got to get my body ready for little to no rest on top of all the walking, standing, and rushing around. I've also got a maternity shirt ready and picked out that I'm going to wear that clearly says in big black letters, "BABY" so hopefully I won't get pushed around and elbowed in the belly and maybe, just maybe someone will feel a bit sorry for me and let me jump them in line. Oh, big hopes.
On our walk yesterday I let Lilly pick 20 minutes into it if she wanted to head back to the house, or go down this one side road. She wanted to keep going, so we went down the side road. About another 20 minutes we turned around to head home, and that's when she started to complain. She likes to go and go until she can't go anymore, but then she can't go home. It was kinda funny. I told her I can't carry her home this time. (One time I gave her a half an hour piggy back ride all the way back home, up hills, down hills.) She said, "Yeah, but you didn't even carry me ALL the way back home that time. You had to keep putting me down and resting for a little while." And then when we were about 15 minutes from the house she wanted to stop and rest. We did and I said, "You are young and able, mommy is pregnant and in pain. You can do it!" Trying to put a little encouragement in her, but she came back with this, "Yeah, mommy...I AM young, but I'm not able." I asked why not and she said, "Cuz my name is Lilly not Able!!" I guess she got me there.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Got Lilly a calendar so she can know when she will be with me and when she will be with her father. I had her color the days she'll be with me red, and the days with him orange. She liked it. I think it will be of good use and she won't get so upset when the time comes for her to go. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Her Thanksgiving lunch thing was ok. Very unorganized. All the kids were dressed up at either Indians or Pilgrims. So cute.
I finally got a response from the collection agency regarding my past due medical bill...... I'm not getting any kind of settlement. [sad face] It took them a month to tell me NO. Ooooh I was so mad. I went ahead and paid $1500 of it. If I didn't order stuff from online I could have paid $1700, but I had to do some Christmas shopping. I'm gonna use the child support I've been saving up to buy Lilly's presents on Black Friday. If I didn't need that money for Christmas, I could go ahead and pay off the rest of the bill, but...to me, Christmas is just a little more important. Hubby said he would take care of the remainder of the bill for me. I don't think he knows about the saved up child support. He hasn't asked how I'm going to go shopping yet. I won't tell unless he asks. :-)
I've only got 9 weeks left until the little one is here! So excited. I am less planned out this time. I know how much time I have left, but I just keep telling myself that I have more time. We don't even have a car seat yet, or a stroller. We have a crib, but its still in my storage building. We don't have any room to set up a crib. If we are still stuck in that little apartment, we're gonna have to get a bassinet or something. I told hubby that one is the perfect size to fit on my side of the bed. But hopefully in the next few weeks, there will be a house. I think that's what I'm mainly waiting for. If we don't have a house by the first week of January, I'm just going to have to start planning on living in that itty bitty apartment and get it baby ready.

Let's see here.....my stomach still feels 'stretchy.' I've been told that's my uterus growing and that's why lotion is doing nothing. I just didn't feel all this last time. Its cuz its a boy isn't it? lol... I've been super tired lately, like I just can't get enough rest, but at the same time I have all this extra energy..but I'm too tired to do anything with it. Also been having some pre-labor contractions. Its up to about one a day. Braxton Hicks, I think is what they are called. Sometimes I think I feel one coming on, but it turns out that the baby is just pushing down and giving me some extra pressure. My back has been sore, too. Sitting has become a bit difficult. I can no longer get in the floor and play with Lilly without having some kind of pain or breathing problems. I've also been really hungry lately. My appetite has been really low, until this week. I feel like I haven't eaten in days. Since last week, I've gained 5 pounds!! There is a limit that I swear I will not let myself get to, I will not weight more than this limit....but I'm coming awfully close and I still have 9 weeks left and I'm expected to gain 1 pound a week. I'm going to end up going over unless I can get this under control. I think I've done excellent with my weight gain. Since last week I had only gained 10 pounds, but now when you tack on that extra 5......I'm getting close.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bank baby boom

Oh, the rain!! Yesterday when I left work I noticed the sky was really dark toward home, but I ventured on anyway. I was seriously almost at the day care when it just started pouring the rain. I pulled into the circle, and sat there debating on waiting it out or just going for it. I searched and searched my car for my umbrella, but it was missing. I still haven't found it and have no idea where it could be. But I did find Lilly's tiny, bright red fire truck umbrella. So I grab it and run. After I sign her out we are standing in the doorway looking at the rain. She says that she doesn't want me to get wet, that we can share the umbrella. I tell her its ok, my hair needs to get wet so it can get messed up. She took that as a good excuse and we took off toward the car.
Then, we had to make a trip to the grocery store because I had forgotten some essentials for dinner. Again...still raining. She still didn't want me to get wet. I told her I was already wet from when my hair needed to get wet and its ok. We go in and shop (we know someone that works there and she gave Lilly a balloon), come out and get a movie out of the kiosk and head to the car. Then here I am juggling a balloon, 3 grocery bags, my purse, trying to hold her umbrella so she can get in the car....and I end up dropping a bag. Thank goodness it wasn't the eggs! By the time we make it home, the rain had stopped and there was a rainbow in the sky. I really should have taken a picture to post on here, cuz I doubt anyone will believe me when I say that it was the ugliest rainbow I have ever seen. I didn't know rainbows could be 'not pretty.' It was this kind of yellow, greenish color. It didn't have all the reds, and blues in it....just yellow and green and it ran across a black cloud.

The only thing I can really focus on anymore is the pain on my stomach. It just feels like he is tearing me from the inside or something. The pain isn't on my skin's surface, its deeper than that, like its on the inside. I told the doctor and I explained it the best way I could and all she said was to use lotion. I am using all the lotion possible. I lotion up my belly just about every hour thinking it will ease the pain, but it never does. Rubbing in the spot that hurts kinda helps, but when I first start rubbing, the pain is almost unbearable....then after a few seconds it eases up a bit before coming back. At least I get a couple seconds of no pain.
Today is a baby shower for a co-worker. She is the only one in the bunch of us that is having a girl. I told her that its only cuz she works at a different location. She drank the pregnancy water, but not the 'its a boy' water. She is due December 7 and is naming her Ella. Very cute name. Good thing is that she will be on maternity leave during Christmas and New Year. She won't even be back when I go on leave. We'll have to figure out a time to meet up and take a peek at each other's babies. And I just found out last week that I'm not the last one to have a kid here at work. Another girl just found out that its her turn to be pregnant. Its like a baby boom around here. Just about every woman of child bearing age is having a baby one right after another. We've already had seriously a dozen girls that have had a kid this year already or are due in the next couple months. Of course that's counting all the locations, but the same department. I work at a bank in the trust department and its this location and like 2 or 3 others, but still in the trust deparment.
There will be no post tomorrow. I'm only going to be at work for 3 hours before I gotta head out for Lilly's Thanksgiving lunch.
Countdown continues.....Tomorrow will mark my 9 week wait. Only 9 weeks. You know, on Christmas I will have 4 weeks left. Wow!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Got Lilly back yesterday. It was the first weekend of our new arrangement where she goes to her father's on Thursday and I get her back Monday after school every other weekend. I get to keep her all week. That's right. I get her all week without having to ask him. I get to keep her without having to give up my time later on in the month. She gets to stay on the same schedule all week. There's no school next week. I am going to let him get her the day before Thanksgiving so we won't have to rush around ON Thanksgiving. We played hard last night, too. My tummy was hurting due to the stretching (its still hurting today, but way worse), but we played. Lets see....... War-the card game, Barbies, Simon Says, we did her word flash cards and played with her baby and a squirrel that move. What else? Oh, read her a story too. When we were playing Simon Says she was trying to make me touch my toes and she laughed her head off when I couldn't cuz I was squishing the baby.
Still don't have anything resolved with my overdue medical bill. Been trying to get a settlement amount, so I can just try to make one big lump sum payment and have it all taken care of. Its been a month and I have no news yet. I call them every week for an update and every week they say they are putting in another request. The collection agency has to go through the hospital to get an amount. I guess the hospital doesn't want their money. I did get a hold of a really nice lady at the agency that seems to actually want to help and I remembered to get her name this time. She's suppose to call me today with some kind of news. I even went so far as to call the hospital to try to figure something out just between me and them, but they lady said, "We don't handle that here. Let me transfer you." And guess where she transferred me.... yep....the collection agency.
Little bit overly excited about Christmas this year. I've been excited about it for a few months now. That's like all I think about anymore. How much money I'm going to have to go shopping, what I'm going to get everyone, where I'm going to hide the presents........ so excited over it all. I did order all the stuff I had in my cart from a website yesterday. www.abcdistributing.com They have some good stuff. I got just about everyone's stuff on there. Got Lilly a giant inflatable bowling set, my dad and uncle are getting duffle bags with a fish and a deer on it, my little brothers are getting guitar lamps, hubby's getting binoculars that's also a camera, nephew and Lilly are getting kid snuggies. My mom, both grandma's, my step dad and step mom are all getting this hilarious garden gnome, my bff is getting an ornament...oh I can't remember what else. That might be it. I did have a few more things on there, but after much deliberation, I took them off. Good stuff though...and cheap.
Thursday, Lilly's school is having their Thanksgiving lunch and I'm going to go have lunch with her. They are doing Kindergarten's lunch at 10:30!!! I'll come into work and do my morning stuff and leave about 9:45. I'll be here about 3 hours before I gotta head out. I don't even know if its worth it. The drive here, the drive back there...I don't know. I don't really want to take the day off, though. I guess I could. I don't know....something to think about I guess.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pillow Pets

Oh, the pillow pet drama I have brought onto myself. Here's what's happened so far~
Lilly said she wanted a pillow pet really bad, its the only thing in the whole world she has asked for for Christmas, so I just HAD to get her one. I looked everywhere. I tried Walmart and Toys-r-Us express, I tried K-mart and my grandma went to the big Toys-r-Us to have a look. I did make the mistake in telling my grandma that's what Lilly wanted and now SHE is determined to get her one instead of me. Whatever grandma, whatever. Lilly said she wanted the unicorn, and I told grandma that. Grandma told me that whenever I find a unicorn to get it and give it to her and she will give me the money, like she went out and bought it. Yeah. So I made another trip to the mall and checked another toy store and there was some pillow pets- a monkey, a hippo, a ladybug, a bumblebee...but not a unicorn. So, I panicked and bought the hippo...it was purple and that's Lilly's favorite color. I figured it would work. Then, my boss called me and told me that she found a unicorn at Sears. I would have never thought to look in Sears. So the next day I went over there and got a unicorn also. Here I am with a hippo and a unicorn. I try to be all sly about it and I tell grandma that I found a hippo instead of the unicorn. Apparently she wasn't happy with this, so she ordered a unicorn through the mail.
I take Lilly out about a week later and we walk into a dollar store.....and they had pillow pets!! All they had though was a ladybug and a bumblebee. And she said, "Oh, mommy!! A ladybug pillow pet!! That's what I want. That's what I'm going to tell Santa I want now. I don't want the dog anymore." Um.....dog? "But Lilly, you never said dog." "Yes, I did. That's what I wanted, but now I want the ladybug." Ok...........She never said dog to me. We were even making a list for Santa on my phone and there is unicorn.......not a dog. Anyway, after we visit my mom last week, she sees that my nephew has a dog pillow pet and that's what she wants now. So, I got to the pillow pet website and print off their list and I circle the ones I have seen in the stores and I tell her to pick out 2. (one for me and one for grandma) She picks out the unicorn and the ladybug. Ok.....so as it now, we have 2 unicorns and one hippo. I take the hippo back the next day to exchange it for the ladybug and the lady at the register brings up 3 different things. A ladybug, the bumblebee and..................A BUTTERFLY!!!!! OMG!!! Of course the butterfly is a cuddle pet or something like that, but its a butterfly! So, I got it instead. Here's what it looks like.....
Its both cute and kinda creepy at the same time. Lilly collects butterflies so I figured this one would be way better. She doesn't know that the butterfly pillow thing exists, so.....woohoo!! I still have to take the unicorn back though. No point in it if grandma ordered one through the mail. I have learned, though. Never tell grandma what Lilly wants if I intend to be the one to get it for her.

Doc appt went great. Blood test was all ok. I even LOST a pound in two weeks. My next appt is December 3... a week after Thanksgiving. Super excited over Black Friday. I've been making spreadsheets, comparing prices, planning out our shopping...oh, I can't wait. Even if I don't really have any money to go shopping, we just like to go for the experience. We really don't do too much shopping anyway. Standing in line for 2 hours at each store doesn't seem very appealing this year, though. My tummy is kinda sticking out now and my feet are gonna swell up real bad. But I'm still excited for it! It might be the last year I get to do it.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Things have been looking up lately. Nothing's really changed, just my attitude toward everything has changed. I think I mentioned that before in a previous post. Things just seem to be coming together nicely. Baby boy due in 10 weeks, applying for a loan for a house in 3 weeks, going Black Friday Shopping in 2 weeks, get to start spending way more time with Lilly starting next week...what could be better? Now I was looking at the house we are wanting and its far different from what I had imagined to be my "dream home," but it fits us. I seriously feel like we were meant to have that house. I don't know why. The bedrooms are kinda small, the kitchen isn't all that big, the entire house needs a lot of work, the neighbors are really close.......but I feel like I was meant to be in that house. No other house.....THAT one. And every time I picture our future, its always in THAT house. I daydream sometimes about how things will be later on in life, like when the baby is born or the kids growing up together and playing in the backyard or Christmas......its always in that house.
Took Lilly to visit family yesterday. Mom finally got to feel the baby kick. Yesterday was a good day. Lilly listened well and didn't get into any trouble and she had a lot of fun, too. On my way back home I had to drop her off to her father. I cried on my drive back home. It happens sometimes. I just miss her so much sometimes. I miss her all the time, but every now and then, it just hits me really hard.
I have a doc appt today, hopefully get the results back from my blood test. Fingers crossed that everything is ok. Can you believe it?? 10 weeks!! Where did the time go? And we still don't have a name for him!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Other than the horrible stretching sensation I have all day every day on my stomach.....I'm doing great! Lotion does nothing to ease the pain....lemme try to describe it. You know that feeling when you were younger and someone would do the "Indian rug burn" on your arm.....yeah......that's what it feels like on my stomach. Its usually concentrated in one spot, not all over my belly. Monday it was on the right side of my bellybutton. Yesterday is was just above and to the left of my bellybutton. I've tried the cocoa butter cream and the cocoa butter lotion. I've tried regular lotion and Vaseline. It does only hurt when I'm standing...so I'm going to try not to do that so much today. I never hurt like this the first time.
He hasn't moved too much this week. Maybe he finally realized he doesn't have that much room, but when he moves....oh he moves! He hasn't gotten the hiccups this week either. Sunday he had them for like 5 seconds, just long enough for Lilly to feel 2 bumps.
Lilly is doing great in school. She can read! I made some flash cards that we go over about once a week. I'm always adding new words to it. The teacher sends home a letter every Monday explaining what they will be doing for the week and the words and sounds they will be working on. I try to put words on the flash cards that they will be working on, before they work on them....and some harder words too. She's getting it. I'm so proud. The only sounds she's really having problems is the "gh." We haven't worked on the "ph" sound yet. I don't even know if they go over those sounds in Kindergarten. Once she can get all the words on the flash cards without any of my help, we will move onto math. She knows the basics, but I'd like to work on it with her before they start doing it in class. So far all they've done in math is introduce the numbers and learn how to write them-which she already knew- and now they are working on patterns and symmetry. We've worked a little on addition and she understands it, but we need to work on it.
She's been doing excellent in school. She hasn't been getting into trouble too much. She did get yellow last Monday for talking though. (behavior is put into 3 colors. Green if they are really good, yellow if they got in trouble and red if they were really bad. This is a daily thing and a report goes home every Monday about the week before.) That's really her only real problem and we keep having discussions about it, but it does no good. I guess I could use bribery....lol!! Anyway here's a pic of what she picked out of the treasure box for being so good........
HA!!!!!! I love it!
Lilly even made dinner last night. I bought some of that pizza dough that comes in a can like biscuits do, she unrolled the dough. I helped flatten it and spread it out, but she did the sauce and toppings by herself. 'Twas really good. Told hubby that since I made dinner on Monday and Lilly made dinner last night...he gets to make dinner tonight. We'll probably end up with McDonalds or something. lol
Off work tomorrow for Veteran's Day and we are going to see mom. Tomorrow also marks my 10 weeks left before the baby is due. Wow...I can't believe I'm already down to 10 weeks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ankles are bigger round than my legs!

Went to a wedding on Saturday....it was so beautiful. And they make such a great couple too. Mr. and Mrs. Kessler...I wish you all the happiness in the world. I wish I would have taken at least one picture with my phone so I could post it on here. Even if it was just the decorations....every was done so well.
Sunday I helped out at the fire fighter competition...that was very unorganized. I mostly took pics, but only got 2 on my phone. It was cold and I was on my feet all day. There was a jupiter jump, big inflatable slide, clown and the smoke house for kids. They also did "donate a dollar and you can hit this car with a sledge hammer" for the kids. The competition went ok. Hubby was a judge, he didn't compete, but guys from the fire station did. There was a ladder climb-fastest time going up a 90 foot ladder and back down, hose roll-they rolled up a small hose, putting on gear-fast guy to get dressed in full bunker gear, the dummy pull-speaks for itself, pulling a charged hose-pull a hose full of water down the track and then spray an object to knock it down, the hammer hit-hit this metal bar between your feet with a hammer until it moves past the line, and I have no idea what the other one could be called-climb a ladder attached to scaffolding, pull a rope up that has hose attached to the end and then climb back down. All the money raised went to the fire station that burned down last month. I apologize for not having more or better pics.

Heartburn is becoming more frequent......and I'm out of Tums today. The day has been going by fast, though. Its almost noon and I have no idea how that happened. It seems like the baby has rotated and is head down now. I feel more pressure and pain, especially when I'm standing or walking. My belly where his feet are is all pushed out and hurting. When I'm sitting, there's always a foot in my ribs. When he moves his arms, it feels like he's poking my hip bone....feels so weird. He's also been getting the hiccups a lot more these days. I haven't found a pattern to it, yet, to see if its something I'm doing. My mom said that whenever she was pregnant with the my brother above me, anytime she ate bread he would get the hiccups. I'm at the point where I'm waddling now, but that's not cuz I'm big, its just hard to maneuver this body now. There's a lot of pressure on my hips and such, so I can't really walk normal. My back is always aching now and my ankles stay swollen.
Ok...this is going to gross some people out so I'm just warning ya that you may want to skip this paragraph. Friday night I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 11 cuz I was sick. I woke up cuz I was in mid swallow of my own vomit. EW! I raced out of bed to do nothing but stand in the bathroom and wait to see if I would throw up again. Nothing happened, but I felt like I needed to throw up. I felt so bad the rest of the night. I'm about at that point where I got sick in my last pregnancy. About 7 months along, I was trying to get out the door so I could make it to class, but I got sick. I tried to make it to the bathroom, but didn't, and ended up throwing up in my bedroom floor. Being pregnant and kinda sick, I couldn't clean it up without throwing up again, so I laid a towel over it and left. (ps...it was fruit loops) I got back home after school and work and attempted to clean it up the best I could. I know its all gross, but there's just some things I couldn't do.

This time change is messing with me. My body is telling me that its really 1:00, not noon, but either way...I'm tired and ready for a nap. But I stay tired these days. This weekend is the first weekend of our new custody agreement. He gets her Thursday and takes her to school on Monday, but then I get her for 10 days. I explained it to her the best I could. "Daddy gets you on music days and takes you to school and picks you up on gym day. You stay there 2 more days for the weekend to play and then daddy takes you to school on library day and mommy picks you up. Then you stay with me for 10 days. That's library day to library day all the way to music day." She was so excited. When I was putting her to bed last night she said, "Will you play hide-and-seek with me tomorrow?" I told her of course I will. Then she said, "And chalk, and blow bubbles, and jump rope, and make cookies, and play Uno, and Barbies, and treasure hunt, and read to me, and Battleship, and My Little Pony, and cars, and firetrucks, and paint, and roll the ball, and play with my velcro ball, and let me brush your hair, and play the Wii, and watch a movie, and play Candyland, and Go Fish, and Dominoes....wait...what are Dominoes....., and balloons, and checkers, and Memory, and...and...and...and......" I laughed and asked her if she liked playing with me. She said, "Yeah, I really do, you play so good. Daddy won't play with me. So can we play tomorrow?" I told her we would play what we could and what we didn't get done, we can do the next day. She was fine with that answer. Bless her little heart.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 29

Felt so sick when I was about to leave work yesterday. All I wanted to do was go home and lay down, but Lilly had other ideas. I played as best I could without getting her upset. I did feel bad cuz it was our last day together cuz she goes to her fathers house today. I tried my best. I think we did an ok job playing without really doing too much. She was happy with the outcome.
I had a headache, every inch of my body hurt, my stomach was doing flip flops and it was on fire. I'm better now, but not a whole lot. I still hurt everywhere and I am just so tired. I got a good nights sleep, but I feel like I could drop right now. My hips are killing me. I can't sit or stand or walk without them being in pain.
Anyway....here's what's up with the baby this week.

Your Pregnancy: Week 29~Among the many perks of becoming a new mother is having someone other than yourself to shop for (a big plus when the jeans you like are $100, but a cute onesie can be had for a mere $6.99). So if you're feeling out of sorts about your ever-changing body but have a shopping itch you need to scratch, indulge in something mini and adorable for your new babe.

Your Body~Let's get right to the point: You're a bloated, water-retaining mess. Chances are good you can't get your sneakers on or your wedding ring off, so get comfy in your slippers. Your pants don't fit. Your shirts don't fit. And now, thanks to the swelling in your feet, your shoes don't fit. You can thank a wonderful thing called edema for that. Go edema! Extreme swelling (as in "Oh my god, what happened to my hands?!") might be a sign of preeclampsia, so make sure to see your doctor. For mild edema, your doctor may recommend support hose—with plenty of room for your belly—and drinking plenty of water. Also, a low-salt diet may not be any fun (No potato chips! No soy sauce!), but it may help to minimize edema and water retention. On the bright side, edema is a great excuse for sitting down, propping your feet up, and asking your partner to bring you a cool drink and this week's US Weekly.

Your Baby~Having a baby prematurely is frightening, no doubt. But here's a reason to relax: Due to the impressive advancements of medical technology, if your baby is born this week, she'd have a 9 out of 10 chance of survival, which is seriously great news. Other awesome developments: Baby's brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough, and her sucking abilities have been perfected. Your Mini's skin is looking less wrinkled as she packs on the pounds. She's starting to look more like a Pampers model and less like a Depends model. She's now beefing up on the energizing and insulating white fat she'll be born with (unfortunately, white fat is not energizing and insulating for adults!). And speaking of energy, your little Energizer Bunny is on fire these days. You're sure to feel your share of kicks, punches and elbows, especially when you're lying down. You might want to start keeping a kick chart to monitor your baby's movements, and also to later show your 13-year-old child what you endured for him or her. Ask your doctor how to count kicks and how often you should do it. This week your baby is a little over 15 inches long—about the length of a loaf of bread—and weighs about 3 pounds, as much as a Macbook Air laptop.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Feels like I swallowed fire

Stupid pillow pets!! After a month of searching I finally found one. Not the one that Lilly was wanting though. She was wanting the unicorn, I found a hippo. Its purple, so I bought it thinking that I wouldn't get another chance. My boss called me an hour after I bought the hippo and she said she found the unicorn. So I guess I'm going to go tomorrow to get the unicorn and give it to my grandma to give to her. The Pillow Pet is the only thing she has asked for all year for Christmas. I'm going to slyly ask her to make sure its still the unicorn she wants.
So far for Christmas I have bought Lilly- two pair of Princess and the Frog socks, a bedazzler and some refills, a pair of pink plaid shoes, a shirt, two battery powered hamsters one with a ball one with a wheel, a bracelet, the hippo Pillow Pet, Princess and the Frog body wash and shampoo, candy corn flavored chapstick, and a few other things I forget. The only things left I know for sure that I'm going to get her is the second Chipmunk movie, a big Littlest Pet Shop playhouse, some more individual My Little Ponies, Squinkies, the Jenga game, the Guess Who game and some more clothes....oh and some earrings. I have been eyeballing some star shaped earrings for her. Oh, and a kids snuggie and giant inflatable bowling.
Hubby's gonna get a back rack for his 4-wheeler, a WVU hoodie, the Avatar movie and whatever Lilly picks out for him. Maybe a Wii game or a PS2 game. I think that's enough for him. The stupid rack costs $150. For his birthday I'm gonna get him either a Blue Ray player or a PS3. Thought about getting him an XBox 360, but we don't have internet. Oh, and I do have these binoculars picked out that also takes pictures that he can use for hunting.
The baby is doing weird things. He is now big enough to make and keep me uncomfortable. He lodged a foot right under my ribs last night and no matter what I did, I could not get comfortable. I can also sit or lay and watch him move now. Reminds me of a movie where the alien pops out of someone's stomach. Yeah... that's what it looks like is about to happen sometimes. I can't really describe the feeling. Its weird. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes I don't even notice that he's moving around. He's making some big movements though. My stomach does 'the wave' sometimes. He's also getting the hiccups on a regular basis now.
Heartburn is getting worse with each passing day. No matter what I eat or don't eat, the heartburn comes and there's no getting rid of it. I just have to ride it out. Tums do no good.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lilly had a cute project for school. The teacher sent home a picture of a turkey that she had to disguise so he wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving. She made him into a tree. We went outside and got some leaves and a couple pieces of bark and glued them to the turkey. It looks really cute. I bet she'll be the only tree turkey on that wall. I'll try to take a picture of it and post it on here tomorrow....if I remember. My memory isn't all that good these days.
I had so much energy yesterday. I guess I drained myself cuz I'm just so tired. Its not even 10:00 yet and I could seriously take a nap..... for a few hours. It just seems like the days fly by. I wake up and before I know it, I'm laying back down at night to go to sleep. What happened to the day? And when I get tired like this I kinda feel bad cuz I have so much that needs to get done. I feel like I'm neglecting my duties, but there really isn't much I can do about it. Caffeine does nothing. Exercise just makes me more tired. I hope this is all just pregnancy related tiredness and nothing permanent. I remember the days when I could function very well on only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. That wasn't really that long ago. Its like I turned into an 80 year old woman overnight. One day I have all this energy and can run around and get things done and only sleep for a little while, but the next day I need AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep and sometimes that's still not good enough. Yeah, I'm not sleeping well these days...but still-I'm getting more than 4 hours in.
Lilly had a nightmare last night about mosquitos. She said that the mosquito was on her then jumped to someone else. Scared her. Almost scared her as bad as the dream where a giraffe was chasing her.
The baby is way more active these days. It seems like he barely sleeps anymore. Or he is just tossing and turning that much in his sleep. He is up in my ribs sometimes and it hurts for me to breathe. I don't know if he's sticking a foot up there or what, but it just hurts so bad sometimes. I do still try to make sure he is awake and moving around 7 in the morning and again at 8 or so at night. Sometimes when I wake him up around 8 at night, he stays up for a really long time and I can't get to sleep. Sometimes he'll move just a certain way in the middle of the night and it'll wake me up cuz I'm just so uncomfortable. I don't remember going through all this with Lilly. Of course those were the days where I was only sleeping like 3 hours and didn't have time to feel her at night.
I also feel like I am constantly hungry. Right now, I'm hungry. Had a bagel for breakfast and it did nothing for me. I haven't really had any kind of cravings with this baby either. There for just a little bit I was craving McDonalds french fries and some sour cream and onion chips, but I don't really think that was so much a craving as a mere 'want.'
I keep trying to talk to hubby about when its time to have the baby. What's going to happen and all of my worries, but he keeps telling me we will worry about it when the time comes. No, that's not gonna work, buddy. We need to work out the kinks. I need to know what he wants me to do if I can't get a hold of him. We need to have a plan about what we are going to do with Lilly. There's just so many things that are worrying me and things we need to talk about and work out, but he just won't have any of it. Drives me crazy. He tells me not to worry about it, but how can I not worry when everything isn't figured out? Like this one- I'm planning on not working the week I'm due (whether or not I do is still really undecided) and what if I go into labor while he's at work and I'm at home? Should I wait for him to come home or do I try to drive to the hospital and meet him there?
Before I go any further with this..... my bright idea of being induced with this one like I was with Lilly is completely out of the question unless I switch doctors. I could switch to the one I wanted to begin with but couldn't cuz I didn't have insurance. Anyway...the midwife told me that they don't do voluntary induction. They don't even think about inducing until the woman is 41 weeks along unless there are complications and even then its 39 weeks. I was induced at 39 weeks with Lilly. So that kinda made me wanna cry. That was my plan for everything to be well planned out...to make sure all the important people were there....to make sure I wasn't stuck in the delivery room with his mom and/or my grandma..... to give us plenty of time to plan other things out... to figure out what to do with Lilly..... its all gone, shot down, to be no more. Now, if my blood pressure kicks up real bad, then that will call for induction at 39 weeks. I did have really bad blood pressure problems with Lilly toward the end, but not bad enough to cause too much concern. The docs just kept telling me to calm down and take it easy. Blood pressure as of right now is perfect. On Wednesday it was 128/71.
So yeah, wonderful. Just wonderful. Again, I keep trying to tell myself that there are women all over the world giving birth and everything works out just fine. I guess I've seen too many movies where things can go wrong. We'll forget my suitcase, or the car seat, or Lilly, or to call people, or something. My water will break in the middle of the night and we'll have to buy a new mattress. I'll be driving and go into labor but won't have any cell service to call for help. I know its all unlikely, but there's still a chance. I'm just a worry wart. Always have been. I always try to plan for the worse. Even if the worse doesn't happen, I can say I was prepared for it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Its November

Been so busy.
Lilly's party was ok. There were things that kinda made me mad. I found out that her father didn't put anything on under her costume for trick or treat and the lace irritated her so bad she has a kind of rash on both hips. She didn't even wear a jacket on that night and it was really cold. For the party at school, he only sent her dress, which was like 2 sizes too big. Didn't send the bows, the basket or the shoes. He could have at least sent the bows of all things. She had fun though and that's all that matters. I took her home and spent an hour or two with her before I took her to him. I was nice enough to meet him halfway so he didn't have to go the whole way and deal with all the traffic and he wouldn't even talk to me. I was trying to tell him Lilly had fun, she already ate.....but he wouldn't stop talking on his phone long enough to even give me a head nod to acknowledge that he had heard me. But here's what she looked like on the night of trick or treat.
Sunday when he dropped her off, she didn't have her belt....or her jacket. WTF? He said, "I didn't send her jacket cuz I thought you still had her purple jacket she went to school in Friday since you didn't send her backpack. The purple jacket belongs to us at my house." I said, "No... she had it on when she got in your car on Friday. I didn't send her backpack cuz there was no point in it. Why would I send an empty backpack to your house? And now you send her out in the cold without any jacket. Where is her black jacket?" "Oh, its at our house. I thought you had a jacket." "Even if I had brought one with me, which I didn't, you still had her out in the cold without any sleeves. Next time you bring her back to me, I want her belt, her jacket and whatever else I send her in on Thursday." GRRRRRRR
Went bowling Saturday. Bad idea when your 6 months pregnant. I do not recommend it. By the second game I was cramping and it hurt to even stand. I did bowl a 148 my first game though. Its been a while since I bowled that good.
Wednesday doc appt went good. I didn't get sick or pass out from drinking that stuff. The doc said everything on my ultrasound looked good and my placenta has moved up and out of the way.
I had talked to hubby a bit about baby names.... He was giving Alexander David some serious thought, until his sister told him that's what her hubby's sister's kid's name is. Now we are back to square one.