Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh my goodness

I apologize for my absence. Its been a hair pulling crazy week. First... we closed on the house last week. We took our first car load of boxes there Sunday. The previous owners still haven't cleaned it completely out yet, but all their stuff is in the basement and garage. We are putting the boxes in the bedrooms. Zach loves it there. He just gets out in that yard and runs. He was such a big man helping out. He'd help pull weeds from the bushes. He even carried some boxes in the house by himself. It was too cute. He was even eating apples straight off our apple tree. We surprised Lilly Sunday evening. We told her that we were going to look at a house. I took her around back to look around while hubby unlocked the front door. We made it back around the front and I asked her if she wanted to break in the house. She said, "Give me a rock!" I told her no, we'll just try the windows and door. She opened the front door and her face was priceless. Then, she was afraid to open any door to look around. She was afraid someone was going to jump out at her. We got to her room and she said, "This could be your room.... or my room. I have to see the other one first." I told her to look at the space and the windows and there she saw her picture of the first time she held Zach and said, "We live here, don't we?" Priceless.
So, I've been packing and I'm sick. I lost my voice for 2 days. Its coming back today. Lilly packed her first box yesterday. I had her pack her books up.
Next... my grandma is cancer free now. Her surgery was successful. She has some swelling and bruises, but that's nothing compared to the alternative.
Next... my bubby made it to Wisconsin just fine with my other bubby. Chris drove Tony there and they are doing fine. They hardly sleep and constantly work, but Tony said its way better than being a stock boy.
Next... I had an interview yesterday at a chronic pain clinic. I wanted that job so bad. It seemed rewarding and exciting and everything I wanted in a job. I get to help people and work with the public again. But I couldn't take the job. The hours were 7:30-6:00 Monday-Thursday. I wouldn't see the kids except for Fridays. I'd get home at 6:30 or 7:00 and not have time to do anything with them. Just the thought of that broke my heart. Then, he said he would hire me on the spot if I could start the next day. I told him I couldn't do that, I'd have to at least put my 2 weeks notice in. He said he really wanted me because he liked my energy, but he has someone just as qualified that can start earlier than me and he really needed to fill the position. So, I'll keep looking I guess. I could try to stick it out here, but I know as soon as my immediate boss retires, there will be no room for me here. They'll put me somewhere I really don't want to be. The guy interviewing me asked what I liked most about my current job and I told him my boss. I swear if it wasn't for her, I'd be gone a long time ago. Things aren't great here. There's no communication and the manager expects way too much out of some of us while at the same time he expects close to nothing out of others.
Anyway..... things are crazy busy. I've even been neglecting my smile blog. I'll try to get that back running here soon. There's nothing wrong with it, its just finding time is a problem.
Here's some stuff from the past week.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Almost time!

I have some good news finally. We close on our house on Wednesday!! Woo!!!! I actually started packing a little bit over the weekend. I have about 4 or 5 boxes packed and 2 trash bags of trash taken out so far. I plan to get a little bit done every day until we get the keys, then I'm going all out. The house still isn't cleaned out yet, so he better get on it! He only gets 15 days from closing to get all the stuff out. He called hubby on Saturday and told him that he was wanting to clean the house out. Hubby had told him earlier that his nephew and one of his friends was wanting to do it since the guy was going to pay them. Saturday, his nephew was unavailable so the guy said he'd call Sunday around 1:00, but he never did. He's running out of time. I hope he realized that. I actually wouldn't mind if he left the stuff in it. It be more stuff I could sell in my yardsale or some old stuff I could keep. He's just planning on throwing it all away.
Diet's going ok. I didn't lose or gain over the past few days. Eating nothing but a small salad for lunch. I did mess up this morning and got breakfast at McDonalds. I don't know why I did. I wasn't even hungry. I wanted a coffee, but I didn't have any cash and didn't want to use my card for only a few bucks. My boss was telling me about raspberry ketone pills. She saw it on Dr. Oz that it helps you lose weight. I told her she can be my guinea pig and if it works for her, I'll try it. Well... 3 days in, she's only lost one pound, but she didn't take it for a whole day. She doesn't really diet or exercise, so if it works for her, I'll try it. It claims to help you lose 10 pounds in a week.
I'm signing Lilly up for fall ball this week. I want her to play so she can get better, but all that running around and leaving work early was just crazy. At least its going to be in the fall so the weather won't be so hot. Or at least it shouldn't be. I also hope that we don't get the same coach as last time. I didn't like her one bit. I hope that it doesn't clash with soccer again. During the spring I had to make her chose between softball and soccer... I don't want her to have to make that decision again. She loves both. I was online yesterday trying to see if anything about soccer in our neighborhood was popping up, but I couldn't find anything. I'll keep looking and ask around.
Hubby's mom had knee surgery last Monday and came home Saturday. She was supposed to come home Thursday, but she was having problems with the pain medicine. She's doing fine. She can walk using a walker, very slowly, but she can get around.
Nothing really left to say. I'm just really focused on packing and getting out of that apartment. Every day that I spend there is another day I go a bit crazier, I swear. It was hard trying to pack with Zach. It wasn't that he was trying to unpack, he was just in the way. And there's no room to walk around him in our space. We would just stand there and stare at each other. Me with my arms full of stuff and him just standing there smiling at me. It was cute and frustrating at the same time. I think tonight, if I get a chance to try to pack things, I'm going to try to involve him somehow. He likes to help me do laundry, maybe he'll like helping me pack too.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just some pics

Here are a few pics from this week. Lilly sitting in the ER, the demolition derby and Zach being Zach.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things Happen

First off... my diet is going great. I'm at a weight I haven't seen in a while. Yeah, its only 7 pounds gone, but its great to see that number going down. I'm watching my portions, working out more intensly and trying to cut back on carbs.
Monday night hubby and I took his 3 nephews to a demolition derby. The kids were so close to driving me crazy. The oldest one took off and we didn't see him for a long time. The 2 younger ones kept trying to sit in my lap and were loud and whiney as hell. The show was good though. I'll post pics tomorrow.
I left work early Tuesday because I was sick. I had a fever amongst other things and just wanted to go home and lay down. As soon as I did, I felt better. Hubby picked Zach up from day care and when he got home, he had a fever. So... I took yesterday off to stay home with Zach. Turns out he has a tooth coming in, but I was talking to a teacher at day care and she said that a hand foot and mouth disease case has been confirmed there and there are 3 more suspected cases.... and fever is the first symptom. If he breaks out, then he has it.
I was at the ER until 1:00 in the morning today with Lilly. Her father took her there cuz she was having horrible stomache pains. The ER was packed. We got there about 9:30, they did blood work, x-rays and she peed in a cup before we got to get a bed. We got a nice private room. It was already 11:00 at night by this point. The nurse said 15 minutes and we'll be out since she's already had all her tests. By this time she was feeling fine, joking around and laughing like normal Lilly. 12:30 we still hadn't seen anyone and she had fallen asleep. I went and told a nurse that she's feeling fine and we want to go, they can call me if anything turns up in her tests. I was halfway home when they called and said that her potasium was low.
Hubby's mom had knee replacement surgery Monday night. She was supposed to be able to come home today, but she's having problems with the pain meds. We don't know when she'll come home now.
Tony and Chris made it to Wisconsin just fine. They left Tuesday about 5:00pm and got there around 4:30 am-ish. I hope Tony likes the work. I know that he'll like the pay. Chris likes it all. He likes the travel and the work and everything.
When I came into work this morning I had an email from our mortgage lady saying we were approved for the loan and are ready to close!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!! All we have to do now is pay the homeowner insurance up for a year and we are all set. Well.. the house has still to be cleaned out too. The apprasial went well. We bought the house for $135,000 and it appraised for $164,000!
Ok... I'm seriously dead tired after being sick myself, caring for sick Zach all yesterday and then in the ER until 1:00.. and then Zach woke up every hour last night when I got home. I am exhausted and need more coffee. Its times like this, though, that I really feel like a mom.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Time is ticking. The day that we move is getting closer and closer! Ok, so its not quite official yet. We still don't know if we have the loan or not. Chances are we do. The appraisal was last week and the guy that did it told the guy that's selling the house that he sold the house way to cheap. Good for us! We don't know the exact number that it appraised for. Our mortgage lady is going to call me whenever she gets the paperwork. She also said that is looks like our closing date is going to have to be pushed back a week. Its ok. As long as we move.
My bubby, Tony is going to leave the state today. He's going to work with Chris. I'm a little worried about him, being away from home and working out on the road. Not knowing where he'll end up or anything, but I'm glad he's gotten his life on track. This is a good job. His first job is in Wisconsin.
Oh, he had gotten a storage building to put his things in, since ya know, dad kicked him out. I tried to get him to get one where I have mine, but there was no more empty so he got one kind of close where my step dad has his. Well.. not even a week into him having it, it got broken in to. They took everything but his bed and couch. They broke into 19 units.
My mom's power finally came on Friday. She went 2 weeks without it.
Lilly is back at her father's for 2 more weeks. After this we go back to our regular schedule.
I attempted to make my grandparents a wedding cake for their anniversary. They've never had one, so I wanted to do this for them. I wanted to do it for their 50th anniversary, but that was last year. I thought I had another year left. I must've counted wrong or something. Anyway, it took me 2 cakes to get it right. The first one crumbled when I tried to put the icing on it. I ended up giving that cake to Lilly to play around with and decorate. As soon as I walked through the door to their house, my grandma saw the cake carrier, couldn't even see the cake and said, "Oh, its our wedding cake!" She was so excited! I made sure I got sugar free everything because they are diabetic.
Then, yesterday we went out to eat with them, Tony and Chris. It was nice. The boys joked around with hubby and played with the kids. Maw and Paw was amused by the kids and laughed. It was a good time.
Hubby's mom is having knee surgery today. She's getting one knee fully replaced and the other knee is getting animal fat injected into it. Gross, but whatever it takes I guess. So, she'll be in Ohio for 3 days.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Words and Stuff

Touring Facebook has kind of made me sad now. I see all these people I went to school with that have these great jobs. I'm a bit jealous. There's lots of nurses, some electricians and a few that have their own business. One is the owner of a car lot, some are engineers... just wow. I'm jealous and proud at the same time. I'm so glad that they all followed their dreams.
Turns out, I have 20/20 vision. I've had glasses all my life. I wear them all the time, except for a few photos. I told him that I wouldn't mind having a small RX for reading and such, although I could have very well went to Walmart to get those. The selection at my eye doctor was very slim. All the frames were either huge or plastic. I finally found a pair after walking in circles for nearly 20 minutes. I put them on and they looked good. Dark and rectangle. I've never strayed away from the oval shape, so this was a bold move for me. I really liked them. Then, one of the girls that work there came up to me and told me that I picked out men glasses. I told her I didn't care and she gave me this sort of disgusted look so I smiled at her and told her I was ready to check out with my men's glasses. Like I really care. Why are glasses gender specific anyway?
My mom's power is due to come back on today. Its been 2 weeks.
Talked to hubby last night about moving again. He said that he thinks Lilly might get upset if she's gone when we move, that she might want to stay one more night in the apartment. I told him that I've already thought of all that. Here's my plan..... Pack and move as soon as we get the keys to the place. Closing date is supposed to be on the 26, but I think we checked a box that gave the seller a 15 day extention if he wasn't fully ready yet. But, if we do get the keys on the 26 then we can move the next couple days. I have Lilly until the 15th and then she's gone until the 29th. That gives us 3 days to get things moved before she gets there. I want to have her stuff in her room, not really put in any specific spot. She can help arrange her furniture and decorate whenever I get her back. Rent for the apartment is paid up until August 1st. I'll leave a box in there full of her stuff so she can move it by herself. We'll spend one last night in there together on our air mattresses and sleeping bags like we are sort of camping out and order pizza or something. Zach can sleep in his pack-n-play since its super easy to break down and set back up. I think that's a great idea. Maybe leave one of the tv's in there and rent a movie or something.
I've set a goal for myself. I have kind of let my diet go and have gained 5 pounds back. I want to be 50 pounds lighter by the time my 10 year high school reunion rolls around. That give me 2 years, which averages about 1/2 pound a week. Not too bad. I just have to quit eating junk and quit making excuses for not going to the gym. I'll even post about my progress or lack of on here to keep myself motivated. I think if I write about it and I am aware of it and other people are aware of it, I'm more likely to stick to it. I've written about being on a diet, but I haven't followed up on it. That's what I need to do. Keep track of it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worry Wart

Alright, alright. I know its been a few days since I've written on here, but things have been keeping me busy. Things I tell you! Ok, first off the house. The loan process is a pain in my behind. We've had to write letters and supply things that I didn't even know existed. Its crazy. I think everything we have to do is over now and we just wait for the loan to go through. The appraisal for the house is tomorrow.
And then all this stuff with the power being off... whew! Its crazy. Mine came on 2 days after it went off. My mom's is still out, so I'm worrying about her. My grandparent's keep coming on, but then it goes right back off with the next storm. They've lost power 3 times in 2 weeks. I've been doing my best to help them out taking them ice and making them go to my apartment to cool off.
The last storm, Sunday night, hit hard. The parking garage at work got flooded so the water was rushing down the stairway and my office got flooded. So, I've been dealing with that too. Its pretty much cleaned up and dried out today. It stinks though. Smells musty and kind of like a wet dog.
I finally joined Facebook. Yep. I broke. It is nice to see people I haven't seen in years, people I've forgotten about. Its great catching up. Its also weird seeing everyone married and with kids. I know I am and I do, but its just weird to me that they have all grown up. How time flies.
I finally have an appointment today to get my eyes checked so I can get new glasses. Mine have been broken for almost a year now. As a matter of fact, I get to leave work in an hour to go.
What else? I don't know. I'm just full of worries these days. Worrying about the power being off, worrying about family, worrying about the loan and the house and money. But...I wouldn't be me if I didn't worry. That's just kind of what I do.
I just ate lunch, but it was gross and I'm still hungry. Maybe I'll get out of here a bit earlier to pick up something cheap and yummy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks and fun

Tuesday we went to a cookout and was going to have fireworks but it stormed. So... We did it last night. Enjoy some pics if the kids with sparklers and the fireworks hubby let off last night.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why do I need a title?

Friday, hubby had called the mortgage lady and talked to her about which loan he wants. Of course, he went with the cheapest one, the FHA loan. But we got our papers yesterday so we can sign them and the  monthly payment is $50 more than what she estimated. I told him that what she gave us was just an estimate and not exact. He was still upset about it. Now he's wanting me to go down and talk to her about the other loan. The one that he really wanted. The conventional loan. That's the one where the PMI goes away after 20% of the loan is paid down.... which makes it cheaper in the long run. He's just doubting that we can actually afford to buy this house. I told him it'll be tight for a while, he'll have to cut down on his fast food runs at lunch and take his own. He's due for a raise, but he won't ask about it. That'll help a bit. My storage building will be gone, so that's $80 more. I told him I can take my parking payment back over, for a while anyway..until they cut my overtime again. This was my main concern when we first started talking about buying a house. I really didn't think we could pull it off. I don't even know if he wants to try any more. I think its just a big shock to him. He's been paying only $250 in rent for 10 years and now with this house we'll be paying about $860. We can do it, we just have to cut back on a lot of things.
Lilly's back! She's not sunburned either! She said that she had a lot of fun. She talked about it for a bit. She can now swim underwater, if she holds her nose. Zach was attached to her when we got home. He was following her around everywhere.
Tonight we are going to a cookout and then having fireworks. Hubby and his friend went out and bought the good stuff. The ones that go up in the air and go BOOM! Yeah, those. They always put on a better show than the city does. Zach was in awe last year. I hope it doesn't scare him this year. Lilly's excited about it too. She said that if they go to a pool today at the Y, she'll just keep her bathing suit on so she can hop in the pool when we get to the cookout.
My grandparents finally have power! I was trying to get them to come back to my apartment last night, but they found a hotel room and went there. I was sitting home last night and I figured I'd try calling their house to check on their power. I did this a few times everyday since it went out to check it. If the powers out, I just get a busy signal. But this time it rang and rang and then the answering machine picked up so I rushed to call them at the hotel to tell them that they have power. 2 minutes after I call, my brother Chris calls on the their other cell phone to tell them they had power. He stopped by the house and found out.
Finally got to talk to my mom yesterday. She called me from her mom's house. She's still out of power, but has a generator to run the fridge and the AC. I hope her power comes on soon. The estimated date now is Sunday for the rest of our county. The power company worked on our county over the weekend, but now they have to go to other counties, so the rest have to wait now.

Monday, July 2, 2012


A big storm swept through my region on Friday. It was bad. Strong winds mostly. I heard it was up to 80 mph.
I was on top of the hill at the movie theater to get Lilly's ball pictures because coach's husband works there. As soon as I got out of my car, I saw this big dust cloud rolling in pretty quick. Sand, straw and who knows what else blasted me in my face. I ran for the doors, but couldn't open them because of the wind. Finally someone else came up and together we got it opened. I got inside and the power went off. I found the guy, but he said the pictures were in his car and I told him I'd just get them later. I went by the doors to wait until the wind died down a little. Trees were bending so bad, they were nearly touching the ground. The theater's posters were flying all over the parking lot. The building was shaking. Part of me wanted to wait in my car. I could have ran in the wind and the rain, but part of me was afraid that it was a tornado and my car would end up being sucked up. I waited about 15 minutes before making a run for it. I had called hubby and he said our power was out and the fire station was calling all its members out. I wanted to get home. Traffic was already bad. Lines were down. Trees were split in two. By the time I made it home, the storm had quit.
11:00 that night we decide to go to hubby's parent's house becuase they have power and it was just too hot to sleep.
The next morning, I get up and go get Tony to try to get his learner's so he can start driving. The road to his house was a mess. Power poles were broken and laying on the side of the road. Trees were everywhere. Power lines were laying across the road. After I picked him up we headed out to the DMV. Traffic was soooo bad. Everyone was wanting to get gas at the gas stations. Unfortunately, I needed gas too. We went to the DMV first in hopes of the lines at the has stations dying down.
The whole reason I was going was to tell them that he lived with me. I had to have 2 proofs of residency. I had my ID and my concealed weapons permit. THEY WOULDN'T TAKE MY DRIVER'S LISENCE AS PROOF! The place that issued it to me won't accept it. How crazy is that?!! So we didn't get to get it. I left there and headed to the nearest gas station. The cars were lined up across the parking lot and halfway down the road. I lucked out and found a pump with only 4 cars in line. I even got cheap gas! I used my step dad's reward points and got gas for $1.79!
After that, we went to my work to get the boxes that I had been saving. Tony needs boxes to move out. I found out that my work had power. After that we went to find something to eat. I didn't want to send him home without power without feeding him first. We drove from my work through 3 towns before we found a place that was even open. Then we waited in line forever.
I dropped him off at his house and went back to the in-laws. Hubby was there getting ready to leave to go get our food out of our fridge and freezer and bring it there, so I went with him.
Sunday at around noon, our power came back on. I went home and cleaned up real quick while the apartment was cooling off a little and called my grandparents to come down. They don't have power either and I was really worried about them. I was texting them the entire weekend checking on them. They came down and stayed about 5 hours. We fed them, gave them cold water to take with them.
Today I'm taking them some ice to hopefully save some of their food. I hope their power comes on today before it gets too hot.
I can't get a hold of my mom. I haven't heard from her since right after the storm. I keep trying to call but no one answers. I don't know if she has power or not. I don't know anything. I don't know if she's ok. I don't know if she went somewhere else. I hope to get a hold of her today. I know all my brothers were ok. My step dad's power was on Saturday and they were all down there.
I hope today gets better.