Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yep...Its May

Oh! Many many things! I swore last time that I was going to keep this up to date, but every time I thought about posting, I got lazy.
My brother, Tony and his now wife Bre is living in my basement for now. Tony didn't want to keep working out on the road and their place was way too expensive. They just got married yesterday too. It wasn't anything big or formal, it was just basically the signing of the papers. I really think having him in my home is helping with my depression, too. I was actually super surprised when hubby said it was ok for them to move in, but now he complains to me about almost everything they do or don't do.
Lilly's ball games are almost to an end and then All Stars start up, but she probably won't be able to play because she'll be having vacation with her father during one of the big weeks. She's so upset. She doesn't want to go on vacation now. Today is 50's day in school and she's wearing a poodle skirt. The very same one she's been wearing since Kindergarten. We just keep adjusting the waist so it fits. The softball parade was a couple weekends ago. The moms that was coordinating everything and decorating failed to tell me that the girls weren't wearing their uniforms, so Lilly was the only one. 
Zach is just Zach. He's been talking and walking in his sleep. I'm just waiting for the day that he sleepwalks down to the basement and crawls in bed with Tony. Zach got his first face boo boo. He kinda fell face first on a sidewalk during one of Lilly's ball games. I really think a boy pushed him, though. One of the new moms has a little boy about a year older than Zach and he's a mean little boy and the mom doesn't even watch him. I've seen him run off toward the football field and she had no idea.
Hubby's been half working on the fence in the yard for about a month now. Hoping it'll get done soon so we can let the dog loose. Its not even a big section of fence.
So much and yet nothing has happened in the past month or however long its been since I last posted. I haven't really done anything. No running, no workouts, nothing fun really. Just work, home, watch kids, bed. Don't even really see hubby much nowadays. Half the time my brother and Bre are out and about. Its just me and the kids.
OH, yeah.... I have vertigo. Its eased up quite a bit the past couple of weeks. I can now move my head from side to side without the room spinning. Now it only happens if I look straight up or go from standing to laying down. And it gets really bad in the dark. At night, if I just roll over or get up to check on the kids, I feel like I'm drunk. The dr told me to take motion sickness pills every 8 hours, but that stuff made me so drowsy I was messing up my work, so I stopped taking it.
Lilly did have a dentist appt yesterday and they said that I should get an orthodontist consult about her adult teeth. They are a bit crowded, but her baby teeth haven't even come out yet. I hope its covered in the insurance. That stuff can get pricey.