Thursday, March 20, 2014

Its the First Day of Spring

Its so exhausting being the nice person all the time or being the negotiator or the peace keeper. Between my family and hubby's family, I'm just mentally exhausted. I keep trying to think of ways to make sure everyone is happy, but its just impossible. Especially when most of them are so stubborn and set in their own ways and don't know how to compromise. OR they go back on their word. My brain just can't handle all of this anymore, its going to explode.
Lilly's birthday and party is Saturday. She picked out a Rockstar theme and I found some really pretty decorations and colors to go with it. I've invited some of her friends and I hope some of them show up. I found most of their parents on Facebook and invited them that way. At this age they are still expected to give invitations to the entire class if they hand them out. I'm not doing that. I don't want a kid that Lilly doesn't get along with to show up. Its her birthday party and she has the right to invite or not invite whomever she wants.
Her gifts from me so far are- a big box of clothes with shoes, shirts, jackets, jeans and shorts-Monster High nail decorating set- purple headphones- rubber bands to make those bracelets and a bigger loom - the entire Full House series - and one more thing, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is right now.
I think I'm actually thinking about taking half a day so I can go home and hit the bed. I'm so tired. I haven't stopped yawning and my jaws hurt from it. Zach slept good last night, but I woke up every hour because I just couldn't turn my brain off. I just drank a giant cup of coffee, but I could seriously close my eyes and go to sleep right now.
Lilly's first ball practice is tomorrow. She's every excited about it. We do need to get her a new helmet. Hers is a little snug right now. Maybe a new glove... might hold off on that until the fall when she moves up to girl pitch. She'll need a fast pitch glove then. And she's training to be a pitcher. I think that a hard move because she loves playing first and third base and she's great at it, but I don't think any other girls on the team area wanting to be pitcher. Lilly's got one heck of an arm on her and I know she'll do great. Her father on the other hand does not want her to be pitcher and wants her to be catcher like he was. That makes me want to slap him. Let her do what she wants, not what you want her to do. She might not be good at being a catcher but rock at being pitcher. Or maybe she'll even change her mind and stay on first and third base and keep kicking butt there.
OH, this morning is just dragging on.
My bff and her mom are coming, hopefully this weekend, to get a bunch of stuff out of my basement. I'm charging them $300, which is almost 2 weeks of day care, for enough stuff that could make them $1,000. I don't care. I just need that stuff out. I have GOT to get down there today and tomorrow to work on getting my giant mess organized and put in bags and boxes that aren't falling apart. I have to make sure I separate what I want to keep too.
I thought about leaving early to go home and take a nap, but I believe I just changed my mind. I've already used up a lot of my sick time and its still so early in the year. I should really just stay and suck it up. Maybe I'll head out to my car for an afternoon nap or something.
Today is the first day of Spring and I kinda hope that winter has decided to finally head out. I love winter, but I do want to get out and start running again. The city I work in started a new program where they challenge you to walk/run 150 miles in 150 days and I've formed a team here at work and am going to do it. At the end, if you turn in your mileage, you get a t-shirt and free admission into a baseball game. I'm excited about it. Its the push I need to get back out there and lose my weight that I've gained back.

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