Monday, July 22, 2013

Christmas in July?? Sure, Why Not!

My weight is now down to 179.8!! I have crossed the 180 mark. I gotta admit that I did do a little dance when I saw that number. After I had Zach, I got down to 170 but quickly gained and gained and gained. I'm almost there and I'm not going to stop!
You know what I did Saturday?? I got in the pool with the kids! Me. In a pool. I haven't done that in  years. First off, I'm not a water person. I CAN swim, but water freaks me out. Second, I hated the way I looked in a bathing suit. Now between losing some weight and loving the person I am and not caring what other people think, I went out and bought a bathing suit and then I actually wore it in front of people!! I gotta say that I did have fun with the kiddos and got a good workout in swimming around and pushing Zach in his floatie. He can kind of swim now with arm floaties on. He wore arm floaties and a ring floatie, but when I took off his ring, he was fine. He even jumped off the ladder into the pool. Lilly does flips in the water now too. Lilly had a nose bleed at the pool and we had to get her cleaned up. It was running down her arm and dripping onto her leg by the time we made it to the bathroom. Nothing happened. She just gets random nose bleeds. I had so much fun that I can't wait to go back. We left a little earlier than I wanted to because it started storming. Great workout!
I can't say that much else happened. I went this morning and got some blood work done to get my sugar and whatnot checked out.
Took Lilly for a haircut Friday. She got it cut above her shoulders. Looks good and I bet she's way cooler now.
My family is coming down to my house on Sunday for a cookout. I have to start cleaning and planning on what I'm going to cook! I'm so excited. No one's been here since I moved in. Mom, Jeff and 4 out of 5 of my brothers are coming. I have to make sure I cook healthy. Mom and Josh are supposed to be on a diabetic diet and the rest of them but Tony needs to lose weight. I'll probably do some chicken and some fish with corn on the cob, some summer squash, maybe a green bean casserole since its Tony's favorite and then maybe a fruit salad and some angel cake...
Lilly's campout at the Y is this Friday! She's super excited. I have to find her sleeping bag. She's done about $16 worth of chores so far and only has a few more days left to make it to $30.
I did my first bit of Christmas shopping today! I bought Lilly a lap desk with a light and a cup holder. I bought 2 more that have 'boy' designs on them and haven't quite decided who is going to get those. Probably hubby's 2 youngest nephews will. The youngest one starts Kindergarten this year... I think. And then I went ahead and shopped around some more and put some stuff into my online carts. I'm probably up to $300 or more so far. I won't be able to go shopping on Black Friday this year which is a huge bummer, but I'm sure most stores will have sales more than one day. At least that's how it was last year. The sales either lasted all day and it didn't matter what time you got there or they lasted a few days. I'm sure it'll be the same this year. I haven't quite figured out what hubby's big gift should be this year. I have an idea, but I'm not 100% sure I want to get that yet or not. I'm also  thinking of getting Lilly an ipod for her birthday. That's going to take some thinking too.

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