Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working on a New Me

I went to the doctor yesterday. I hadn't been to see a family doctor since 2009 and decided it was high time to go. I love this new doctor. He's great! He's personable, he doesn't talk to me like I'm stupid, he listens, and he kind of reminds me of the kids' paediatrician. I told him I was wanting to get my all my blood stuff checked and he wrote  me up a lab order for me to go anytime I want as long as I fast beforehand. I plan on going next week... well.. .I might go tomorrow. He also put me on Citalopram which is the generic brand for Celexa. It treats major depression. We talked. I knew I was depressed and told him that I just can't do it by myself anymore. I didn't know I had major depression. I guess deep down I knew, I knew that it was bad. The medicine also treats OCD and has some weird side effects. I believe it made me sick last night. I was up for an hour and a half with extreme nausea, hot flashes, dizziness and my hands were shaking pretty bad. I can't really confirm it was due to the medicine, so I'm going to try again tonight and see what it does. He said that it can also cause nightmares, but I already have those pretty bad. We talked about those too. He's super great. I still feel kind of weird today, but it could be due to lack of sleep. I even got up earlier this morning so I could go to a new spinning class before work, but I was the only one that showed up so it got canceled. I feel really bad for waking the kids up early. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Put them to bed a little early, get them up a little early and get some good exercise in.... but it didn't work out too well.
Went for a run last night but I didn't quite finish. My running app was messing up really bad. It quit beeping to give me running/walking intervals and then it paused by itself and I didn't know for a while. When I tried to unpause it, it wouldn't and then none of the buttons would work. So I just stopped it. Pretty glad I did because I was running out of time to get to the pharmacy to pick up my medication. I saw my short run as an ok thing because I was going to go to a spinning class in the morning.........
Lilly went to The Pottery Place yesterday with the Y. She said she painted me another coffee cup which I am super excited about. I'm still drinking out of the one she made me 2 years ago.
Hubby bought the kids new toys. We got Lilly a bigger bike that is purple and Zach got a bigger Power Wheels that is a 4-wheeler. They loved them. Zach still has trouble understanding that he can turn around without getting off to spin it. He ran into our cars a couple of times. He wasn't watching where he was going and rammed into hubby's truck. He turned it and rammed into my car. He slammed it in reverse and hit hubby's truck again and then he clicked it back to forward and hit my car. He wouldn't take his foot off the pedal. He's used to pushing a button with his thumb on the steering wheel. It was kind of comical. I told hubby he needs a helmet asap.
I started a chore list for the kids and they get money for doing things. Lilly is wanting to go to the camp out at the Y, its $30 (I thought it was $20) and she has to do $30 worth of chores. So far she only has $3. I put small amounts on the chores. Feed and Water Oreo is $1. Stacking the shoes is $.50. Sweeping is $.50. The only one that's above $1 is eating veggies and I made it $2. Zach only has $.50 so far because he gave Oreo a treat.
I wonder if the medicine messes with my appetite too because I haven't had breakfast yet and its about 3 hours past when I usually eat. I'm not hungry. Even my coffee is kind of grossing me out. Now its about lunch time and I'm still not hungry.
Today is actually going by pretty quickly even though I feel like I'm just sort of floating along. I need more sleep tonight.
I'm taking Friday off because the Y is having a family lunch and art show for the kids in day camp. So, I'll go and eat a hot dog and see some art and spend time with Lilly. Me and Zach will get up in the morning (Lilly will be at her father's), and I'll take him to day care. I'll go for a run before it gets too hot. I'll come home and take a shower and then go to the Y for lunch and pick Zach up and go home.
My pace per mile last night was around 12 mins!!!!! Yeah, I didn't finish, but I went for about 20 mins and my app was even messing up. It said that I did the 19th minute super slow. I was stopped trying to fix my app. I'm very proud of that time. I was running faster than I usually do and I sped up my walking time. I think when I go Friday morning, I'm not going to use the part of the app that tells me what to do. I'm going to go on my own and see how well I do. I'll still use the app to track my movements and my time and stuff. Oh, I just checked and the next activity is a 2.5 mile run, so I can use that. It doesn't beep for intervals when I do this.
I'm starting to get a headache now. Maybe I should go and try to eat something...

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