Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Are Chirstmas Songs in My Head???

Rain. That's all I see anymore is rain. Its been raining on and off for 2 weeks now. A day doesn't go by when it doesn't rain at least a little. I'm so tired of the rain. Just give me one day off from the rain. I was supposed to go see mom yesterday, but the rain was just too much. The city's roads were flooded and mom's hill was nothing but mud. We didn't even get to set off fireworks Saturday because of the rain. The horrible sudden downpour of rain. Some of the fireworks got too wet and are now ruined. Zach burned his thumb on a sparkler. He touched it after it went out and before I could get to him. I was holding a baby and trying to help out all the kids with their sparklers and I just don't have enough hands. He's ok. He cried for a bit and we put toothpaste on it since we didn't have any burn cream. Then he smeared the toothpaste all over his head and he was sticky. No blister. I did get to see 2 of my brothers, my uncle and one set of grandparents yesterday so the day wasn't a total bust.
My weight is down to 183.2. Not really too much to celebrate. The weight loss is going very slow now. I need to get more active, but the rain is making it hard to get outside. I'm going to wait until I'm down to 180 before I completely go down a pant size. So, 3 more pounds and I can start digging out some old clothes. I can wear it now, but I want to wait. I really didn't get too much exercise this weekend. I was on my feet all day Saturday though.
My running is getting a little better. My time is still lower than I would like, but I can jog further distances without having to slow down and walk. I just really need to work on the walking and go faster.
Here's a bit of good news. The police station is hiring office personnel and I'm more than qualified. I'm applying and I have my fingers crossed that I get the job. I know a girl that works there and hopefully she can start telling everyone just how awesome I am. Its closer to home and closer to hubby's work. I asked the girl I know if me leaving every now and then to tend to the kids would be a problem and she said nope. She said that I get more than enough sick and vacation time and as long as I use that, they don't really care. Visiting family in the hospital will become a little of a problem since the hospital is a little further away. Dropping Lilly off to my grandma's would be more problematic since its further away and I don't think I could bring the kids in to work with me. I'm applying to it and I'll work out all the kinks later if I get it.
I was feeling a bit sick yesterday. I'm kind of glad I didn't get to go to mom's. After I got home from grandma's, I felt like someone just hit me with a bus. I laid on the couch and cat napped. I hardly ate yesterday too.. until about 10:00 at night when I got my appetite back. We watched Identity Thief last night and it was a very hilarious movie. I've been dying to see it and it was great. I've been quite disappointed in movies lately. The past few that we've rented, I've fallen asleep an hour into it. Django, Snitch, and a couple others I don't even remember the names to. I'm not saying they were bad movies, they just couldn't keep me awake.
OH, for the cookout on Saturday, Lilly made a fruit pizza. All I did was cut up the fruit for her and she did the rest all by herself. We bought strawberries and blueberries and she arranged them to look like the American flag. She did a great job on it.
My best friend's baby shower is a little more than a month away. We have nothing planned, really. We just got together on Friday to make lists of games, food, people to invite, prizes and whatnot. I'm excited. She's having a girl and I think they are going to name her Sadie. She's not having such a fun time being pregnant. I loved it! I loved everything about being pregnant and I would not hesitate to do it again. She said that she doesn't like the feeling of the baby moving, but I thought that was one of the best parts! I told her to play with Sadie. When she kicks, poke her foot. Put something on your belly for her to kick and push and play with. She only has 2 1/2 months left.
So, I took a break from typing this and went out for lunch. I went to the mall and tried on some bathing suits and I actually bought one. I haven't been in one since 2008. I took a picture of me in it and sent it to hubby making a weird face. I've still got a long way to go before I'm really comfortable in a bathing suit. Not to mention that I'm not a water person, but I will get in the pool for my kids. I'm trying to not care so much about what I look like now... as long as I FEEL good, that's all that should matter. I bought a size 14 and it fits. Its sad to me to be happy about a size 14 when I remember I cried the day I had to buy that size because my size 12 jeans were too small. A lot has happened these past few years. When me and hubby first got together, I was wearing mini skirts! Can you believe that? Now, its a rarity to see me in anything above my knee. But here's to a new me! I'm losing weight and getting back to where I want to be and I'm also learning to be comfortable in my skin and love myself. :-)

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