Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Christmas was crazy busy, but the kids had a blast. I got to see family and eat some good food. I didn't, however, get any kind of vacation day on my week long vacation. I was always on the go. Zach was missing  his friends by the end of the week and Lilly had enough of me that I sent her camping with her father's mom. I missed her, but she had fun. She went out hunting with her too.
Everyone stayed up on New Years and we set off fireworks. Hubby knocked some over and we almost got hit by them, but we all survived.
The weather here sucks big time. Last night it was -7 degrees and this morning it was -3 when I got in my car. We've had a few snow storms, but nothing too bad. No school yet due to snow and cold weather, so Lilly's happy over that. She says she misses her friends though.
I had a filling fall out of my tooth Sunday night, so I stayed home from work yesterday. The dentist couldn't get me in until afternoon. I had a giant hole in the side of my tooth!
Zach's birthday is just 2 weeks away. I went Sunday and bought his big gift... a toy toolbench with tools. We are planning for a fire truck themed birthday party.
Lets see- Christmas.... I'm pretty sure the kids got everything they could want and then some. Lilly was so happy about the trampoline and Zach didn't really know what it was. I got pretty much everything I asked for... a heart rate monitor, sports bras, nice pj's.... hubby even bought me a bike. My bff got me a Yoga mat and a Yoga video. The gaming chair I bought hubby has been claimed by Zach. Lilly got so much artsy stuff that she can't decide what she wants to do first. Last night she got out 4 things and did a little of all of them and then complained that she never finished anything.
I've gained almost 10 pounds back from the almost 25 that I've lost. My pants are tight again. I'm getting back on track though. I let myself slip for the holidays, but its time to stop.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is staying warm.
I know this is a really short post, but I've got a lot to do at work today.

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