Friday, January 17, 2014

Bad Water

This past week has been difficult. Last Thursday there was chemical spill in the river and it swept into our water systems. We couldn't drink, wash, bathe or use the water in anyway. It smelled like candy and was bluish. We were put into a state of emergency. Friday, work was closed, schools were closed, day cares were closed, all restaurants were closed. I stayed in the house with the kids, I melted down the ice that we had in the ice tray and turned it off. I shut off the faucet to Zach's sink. By Friday night, I was reading on the news that most stores were out of bottled water. Saturday there were trucks upon trucks of water coming in. I went to the fire station and picked up 2 cases for my grandparents and took it to them. I went to the store and bought 2 cases of bottled water and 4 gallon jugs. Sunday, I went to mom's since she had clean water and me and the kids took showers. I filled up my empty containers and even the big 6 gallon water jugs we had stored away. On Monday, work was opened, they had bottled water coming in and hand sanitizer. I didn't go. Stayed home Tuesday too. Monday night, a few places were cleared to begin cleaning out their systems at home. I was not one of them. Work and my grandparents were clear. Slowly, throughout the week, more places were clear. As of 12:30 today, everyone was in the clear. We got cleared yesterday morning. We flushed out our systems, but I can still smell it. There's been reports of people breaking out in rashes and getting sick even after their water was in the clear. We aren't going to drink it for a long time. Zach did take a shower last night and he's fine. I brushed my teeth and washed my hands with the water and I'm fine. My bff took showers while NOT in the clear and she's fine. Its kinda like a hit and miss on who is getting sick from the water.
Wednesday, Lilly went to grandma's to shower and Zach came to work with me. He had fun. He watched the portable DVD player I brought. He played with his cars. We climbed the stairs. We walked to Subway and got sandwiches. At the end of the day, I got an email to not bring him in anymore because he was a distraction. He was certainly quieter than the gals in this office yelling across the room at each other. So I sent an email back saying I have no other choice, I have no one to watch him while day care is closed and I'm not using my sick days when no one is sick. So... he came to work with me the next day and Lilly went to they Y, it was open for school age kids. We stayed at my other desk that was in a room off to itself. I let him run around all crazy and do whatever he wanted. He wore himself out, but wouldn't take a nap.
Zach turns 3 on Tuesday!! I just now reserved the Y for next Saturday I was going to have it at my house, but I'm just expecting way too many people to show up now. I'm so not ready for this party. I haven't ordered the cake. I don't have any decorations. Events keep sneaking up on me. I've been so preoccupied with this water situation, that I didn't realize what day it was.
I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on this weekend. I wonder how much of it I'll decide to do with bottled water.

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