Monday, August 6, 2012


Things are coming along. The people in the house are almost all the way out. All they have left is some stuff in the garage. Probably Wednesday, I'm going to start getting stuff out of my storage building. I have a dentist appointment that day, so it'll be a perfect day to take off work to get some stuff done. We've moved about 4 or 5 loads to the house already. We've got the junk mostly out of our walk in closet, some toys, all our DVD's and video games, our camping stuff, hunting stuff, some kitchen appliances we don't really use, our liquor, all our books and cookbooks, all our pictures and photo albums, some bathroom stuff and various other things moved into the new house. Hopefully we'll get all the way moved in by the weekend and start getting unpacked.
I've been sick. I lost my voice last week. I had an interview on Monday and I had to whisper through the whole thing. I couldn't take the job because he wanted me to start the very next day and I told him I couldn't do that. I had to at least give them a 2 weeks notice. About Tuesday my voice was coming back, but I still had a bad cough. Now I feel like I've been hit by a bus. My entire body hurts, I can't breathe, I'm sneezing constantly and 10 times in a row, I feel a migraine coming on and I just basically feel like crap. 
Saturday was the fire station picnic. It was ok. Not as hot as it was last year. The kids had a blast in the pool. I got to see Lilly swim. Lilly even had hubby take her training wheels off and she rode for a bit without. Yeah, she's 7 with training wheels, but we never had anywhere for her to ride. We do now. I got a bit sick there too. I got over heated, couldn't breathe, my face was blood red, felt like I was going to pass out and throw up. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Maybe I just need a day off to rest. Anyway, I played the egg toss with hubby's brother-in-law and then corn hole with hubby. Lost both times. I took Zach home about 8:30 because we were both wore out. Lilly stayed with hubby for a few more hours.
Yesterday we moved some stuff to the house and ordered pizza there. Its weird. I don't really feel attached to the house at all. Hopefully I will soon. I'm not excited about it or anything anymore.
I promise to try to update more often. Things have been crazy...even at work. My co-worker was off, so I was working my butt off, then my boss was off... and I was still working my butt off. And being sick on top of it all. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of the kids. I've got some really cute ones.
I am taking a small break from the smile blog. I hope people don't forget about it. I'll continue it next month or maybe a little sooner, but I'll letcha know. 

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