Sunday, August 12, 2012


Things have just been super crazy lately and I'm overly exhausted. I'm so tired that I can hardly sleep anymore, as I'd that makes any sense. I'm just trying to keep up with 2 houses and my jobs going crazy and my kids won't stop.
Moving has become a very slow process. I didn't realize how filthy the house we are moving into really was. I do however finally have all my things out of my storage building. Lilly's bedroom is mostly done. Hubby painted it and we got her furniture from his sisters garage. It needed some bad cleaning too. So we spent the better part of the weekend scrubbing, dusting, mopping, sweeping, wiping, more scrubbing..... And scrubbing. I'd say the kitchen is 1/4 done. I've got it all cleaned up and a few boxes unpacked for that room. I did finally finish cleaning the living room and scrubbing the most of the furniture today. The furniture was in his sisters garage and my storage building. The couch we have at the apt is junk but we will probably end up keeping the love seat.
Got an email at work saying all overtime must stop or be approved beforehand. Any overtime not approved must be explained in detail. I'm screwed. I can't afforded to work if they cut my overtime but if I don't work, we won't have any health insurance. Hubby can't afford insurance on top of everything else by himself. I need another job ASAP. I did get a call Wednesday for an insurance claim assistant but I was so busy that day and forgot about Thursday that I didn't get a chance to call back until Friday. No one answered, I left a message. I'll call again tomorrow. Hopefully it's still open. I'm just in a tough spot right now. I need another job that pays more and I'd love to get away from where I'm at, but where else will allow me to be so flexible with my job? To leave whenever there's a problem with the kids or leave early for ball practice.
I don't know when we will be all the way moved. It's becoming sort of a headache, really. I'm trying to clean 2 places and keep up with 2 places while running after 2 kids on no sleep. Not only is Zach still up throughout the night, I can't seem to sleep even when he is sleeping. I lay awake and just stare at the ceiling. I try to sleep, but it won't come. Im just so tired. I don't want to take any sleep aid because I'm afraid I won't hear Zach when he wakes.
Well... My brain just shut off. I don't know what else to say. It's time for bed but I just can't. I'm tired, but I know trying is a waste. I guess enjoy a couple pics of Zach from this weekend. I didn't have Lilly, so no pics of her. About the pics- the one where he's laying on the ground... We were trying to leave the house Thursday after cleaning. We spent the nite Wednesday night so his blanky and pillow were there. I go to carry them to my car and he grabs them out of my hand. I think he's gonna take them to the car since he's been helping, but he throws them down and plops right on top of them in the driveway. The pic of him and his walker... It's his old one of course and folded up but he sat right down in it and started playing. And the other pic is just him playing with his fire tuck. Oh man, he was playing hard with that thing today too. Our driveway kinda slopes a little. Just enough for him to sit on his truck and lift his feet up and be flying in seconds right down the driveway. He was having a blast.

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