Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boo boo

I got Lilly a scooter for Christmas this past year. she was more excited about the scooter than she was her bike a couple years prior to that. She never really got to ride it until we moved and she's been zooming up and down our long driveway. Zach hopes on his riding fire truck and zooms down the driveway. He picks his feet up and lets the slope do the work. He's wrecked a few times but didn't cry. He's proud to show you his boo boo. Well, yesterday they were both zooming and then Lilly comes crashing down. She was ok. Not 10 minutes later, she crashes again and skids. Her hands hit hard, her knee slid on the driveway and her glasses flew straight off her head. I was on the phone with grandma when it happened and I ended up throwing my phone and rushing to her. She was ok. Skinned her knee up a bit. So now I had to convince Zach to stop having fun and come inside while I played doctor. I bribed him with a cookie. She's ok but she is limping a bit today. I told her that she didn't need to limp and she said,"I know but it makes me feel better." oooookay.
I was laying in bed last night and I swear I heard someone talking through the baby monitor as if they were right outside Zachs window. Hubby said that it was just Zach making noises, but I know what Zach sounds like so I sent him outside to check it out. He didn't see anything but I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. After someone breaking into hubby's uncles box trailer while we were moving and hearing voices, I really don't feel safe. Did I tell you about that? It was on the 17th, the first day of school. I took the day off to take Lilly to school and get stuff packed and moved into the house. I get there and see the pad lock from the back door of the box trailer laying on the ground, cut in half. I took a pic, which I will share with you, and sent it to hubby telling him in not going in the house. I walk around the house and check everything and it looks fine. One of hubby's friends show up to be with me til hubby gets there. He was taking a half day of work anyway to move. The trailer was basically empty. We had taken everything out and put it all in the garage. They did take the trailer hitch and a come along that was in the trailer and a strap too. Welcome to the neighborhood, right?
2 houses down lives a cop and he's always home. The neighbors in the big house on the other side of us are super nice. After hearing about us being robbed, they went out the next day and got an alarm system for their huge garage where they store their old cars.
So here's a pic of the lock and one of Lilly from this morning. She loved her outfit.

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