Monday, August 20, 2012

Allergic to new house?

Things are super crazy. I haven't slept in forever. I was up until 1:00 this morning doing laundry so I could come to work. I didn't have any clean clothes. We got mostly moved, but the washer and dryer weren't hooked up until late. I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately, but things are so crazy. All my spare time is spent cleaning/packing/moving/unpacking. And there's other stuff going on too now that I won't share on here. I need a day of sleep.
Lilly's first day of school went great. I took the day off so I could take her and pick her up. Its my tradition now. We walked to her class and I quickly met her teacher. Then we went to get breakfast. After she just took off to class. Its easy to find. Its right across the hall from her Kindergarten class. I can't believe she's in second grade now. She likes her teacher, she said that she's nice and reminds her of maw maw. I asked her why and she said that its because she's old.
Brought Lilly to work with me on Tuesday because she had an eye appointment. She got new glasses that I pick up today. She had fun with me here. We went to the mall for lunch and got some pizza then walked down and looked at the river. Other than that, I don't really remember much from last week. Its all beginning to just run together. We've been trying like crazy to finish moving. We basically live at the house now. We just need to finish getting some stuff out of the apartment. Our entertainment center is there and dining table and just some little stuff.
The kids are doing ok with their own space. Lilly gets mad when Zach goes in her room though.
My stepdad-Jeff was in the ER Friday. He has something that he can't remember the name to. Its a weak spot in the colon causing abdominal pain. So much pain that he can't walk sometimes. He says that its treatable and he has to go on a high fiber diet. He didn't call me until Sunday.
OH... I just remembered something. Friday, after I dropped Lilly off to school and Zach at the Y, I went to the apartment and packed up a bunch of stuff and headed to the house with it. Now, we had borrowed a moving trailer from hubby's uncle. Its the kind with a big door on the back that opens up to make a ramp. Well... when I got to the house that morning, the pad lock from the trailer was laying on the ground-cut in half. The come along inside the trailer was missing and the hitch was gone too. That was a nice welcome we got from the neighborhood. I didn't want to go in the house after that. I took a picture of the lock and sent it to hubby. He was going to take a half day anyway. He called me on his way home and I told him if I could go back to the apartment to get my gun, I'd go in. He told me not to. While I was on the phone with him, he told me to go in the house to get the keys to the out building where we keep the 4-wheeler to make sure its still there. As soon as I walked in the house, his buddy showed up in his loud diesel truck and scared me. I wasn't expecting anyone to show up. Hubby ended up calling the cops later and filling out a report.
I had hubby's sister's kids all day yesterday until about 10 last night. I'm wore out. 6 kids while moving it tough work. Ages between hers and mine -15,12,8,7,5,1. It was quite interesting. I'm just exhausted today. I feel like I'm in a dream, or I'm drunk, or something. My head is pounding, my muscles ache and my knees hurt. I've also been sneezing like crazy and my eyes are watery and itchy. I think I'm allergic to something in the house.
Lilly's first fall ball practice is today. I hope I can make it through the day.

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