Thursday, September 13, 2012

A lot on my Mind

There's lots of things going on in my life that I don't really want to share on here, but there is something else I want to share that is big deal and has been on my mind for a few days now.
My mom called me the other day telling me that she thinks my littlest brother is suicidal. Hit me like a ton of rocks. He has been depressed lately and he's being picked on in school. Our brothers pick on him too and make him feel stupid. When I had them down to my house a couple weeks ago, they were picking on him and he got depressed. I yelled at hubby for being one of the ones who was picking on him. I was normal, trying to make him feel normal. I even asked him for help in the kitchen and he seemed to enjoy it. Mom said that he said that he did have fun at my house, but the guys there were making him feel stupid. At school he is made fun of for his weight. I've been trying to think of ways to help him and I told Mom that I hated that I lived too far away to be there for him every day and try to help out. Mom said that she understands that I feel like a mother to my brothers, but its her turn to step up and be the mom. I'm still thinking of ways to help him. I told Mom to tell him to call me anytime or Facebook me whenever he can. I'm thinking of ways to help him lose weight too. I'm going to take my scale down there every time I go and we are going to have a competition on who can lose the most weight. He is a competitive person, so maybe this will help. I have the kind of scale that will remember your weight and tell you how much you gained or lost. I'm also going to bring him my set of weights and then next time I go back, I'll give him something else to work out with and we'll keep trading off. I'm going to go buy him some belts to help encourage him to lose weight. This way he doesn't have to worry about how he's going to get new jeans, he can wear a belt. I'm also planning some bowling time in the future, maybe around his birthday I'll take him out for bowling and yogurt. Mom also said that the brother that he used to be really close to is being a total jerk to him now. He puts him down and yells at him all the time and wants nothing to do with him. Next time I see him... there's gonna be some yelling. He's been in Donavan's shoes, he knows what it feels like, I don't understand why he's acting like this. Mom made Donavan an appointment to go talk to a psychiatrist today and she's supposed to call me afterwards to tell me how it went.
Donavan has been on my mind for days and I hate that I'm not there for him like I should be. I won't be able to go down until the 23, so hopefully I'll have more things planned by then. I'm thinking about cooking for them when I go down too. Something healthy and cheap, and show him how to fix it.
Anywho... Lilly lost her 3rd baby tooth on Tuesday. Its the front top, so now she has kind of a lisp and can whistle through her teeth. She had a ball game that day too and her team won 13-5. Lilly made 2 points and only got out once. She has another game this Saturday. She's also doing very well in school. A's on almost everything. 100% on her last spelling test and I'm expecting the same thing out of the next. We studied hard. She goes to her father's today. She wasn't very happy about that. I've had her for 2 weeks because he couldn't/wouldn't take her to her ball game that got canceled anyway or the birthday party. Another one of her friends is having a birthday party on the 6th and so is hubby's niece.
Still don't have anything else unpacked or pictures hung on the wall. Its been so busy and yesterday I had a migraine when I got home. One of these days I'll get to it. Been trying to think of things that I can put in my yardsale that I'm going to have in the spring and things that I am going to sell on one of the Facebook yardsales. What I sale on Facebook will go towards this years Christmas.  OH, I've been planning away and trying to save money, but I just keep spending it already. I already went and bought some stuff for Lilly to put back for Christmas. The biggest thing is having to save for Hubby's gift because its expensive and he's not going to know about it. He can buy stuff for the kids, but not himself.
Ok.... that's enough Christmas talk. I guess I'm finally going to take my required lunch now. Oh, yea... we can't get over time and we are required to clock out and take a lunch every day. I'm not going to get my 40 hours in this week because I've been leaving early every day for ball or doctor appts. Hopefully I'll get a job offer soon. I've applied to an office close to home, an office further away from home than where I work now and the American Heart Association as an assistant, but I have yet to map it to see where this office is. Fingers crossed someone will call! 

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