Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Title, nah, not today.

I had a long weekend. Saturday my dad came to see my house. He didn't seem to like it too much. I asked him what he thought and he proceeded to tell me about my step brother's new place. Sunday, I don't really remember what I did Sunday. I think I just mostly cleaned and unpacked. The kids helped out. Monday my mom and 3 of my brothers came down and stayed most of the day. I cooked for them and we hung out. We had cake for Seth's birthday a month late. I made the younger boys play volleyball with me and the kids. It was nice. Yesterday the other 2 of my brothers came down and I cooked for them too. Made them play softball with me and Lilly and go for a walk. Zach got his haircut yesterday. I called off yesterday. Zach was being weird Monday night. He cried and whined for 4 hours straight. Then around 10 pm, he was wide awake.
My thoughts are all over the place. I'm sorry if none of this makes any sense. There's a ton on my mind. My foot hurts. I had a thorn in it for a day before I got it out, might be getting infected. Its all red around the spot where I took the thorn out. I got bit or stung on my eyeball. Yeah... my eyeball. It got red, swollen, and itchy. I thought I had a bug in my eye and kept rubbing it which probably made it worse. Today, it still itches and is a bit red and a little swollen.  My mom called me yesterday to tell me my cousin's little 4 year old boy has cancer. So many feelings and thoughts with that. I've never really been close to her, but I want to be there for her. She's 8 months pregnant with her 3rd kid. This news made me stop in my tracks and seriously take a look around me. I was home from work with Zach when Mom told me. I grabbed him up and held him and cried. I just can't imagine what they are all going through right now. Please pray for them. My cousin's name is Elisabeth and her boy's name is Jeremiah. 4 years old and has to deal with cancer.

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