Monday, September 10, 2012

Only September?

I didn't get anything done with the house this weekend. Lilly was supposed to have a game and we were going to go to the 'farm' for a cookout and stuff, but it rained. Her game got canceled and the cookout got canceled because hubby's uncle was in the hospital. Everything is fine. He's fine. He wasn't taking his blood pressure medicine and was feeling weird. Sunday, we took Lilly to a birthday/pool party. She had a blast. Other than that, we didn't really do much. Hubby and Lilly worked on sanding and painting some shelves to go in her room. I put up a few Halloween decorations. I tried to clean, but failed. I got laundry done, but not put up. I loaded and ran the dishwasher, but didn't wash any big pots and pans. I attempted to go through my things in the basement that I got out of the storage building, but the kids wouldn't stop fighting while we were down there, so I stopped and made them sit in a corner for a while. I'm trying to find pictures to hang up, Halloween decorations to put up, start separating things for a yard sale and getting things cleaned up. I'm going to wash all the clothes and clean off all the toys. I have my work cut out for me.
I'm also getting very excited about Christmas. I'm already planning for it. I've started my list of things that I want to buy and started trying to save money. I'm not very successful at saving the money since work cut out my over time and now my pay checks barely cover day care costs. I'm still searching for another job, but nothing new has popped up. Part of me wants to go get certified to run an in-home day care. But then... my house would always be a mess and we wouldn't have health insurance. But I'd get to stay home with my kids and they'd still get to play with other kids and I wouldn't have to pay day care costs anymore. But... we'd have no health insurance...that's the biggie. And then what would I do with my own kids if one of them was sick or what if hubby was sick and had to stay home.... so many things to consider.
Anyway... back to Christmas. I'm thinking about getting hubby a PS Vita. Of course this would be one of my Black Friday purchases since its so expensive and I'm hoping to catch it on a good sale. I want to get the kids a swing set, but I have to talk to hubby about that. Zach's big gift is going to be a wagon and Lilly's is going to be a CD player for her room. Then there's the Pillow Pet nightlights for both of them, a sit and spin for Zach, one of those big dolls for Lilly, some books for both of them and of course clothes. I don't know about my brothers yet, but I'll probably end up getting them a shirt again. I don't know. My mind will change a hundred times between now and then. But I'm so excited about it. Already. Yeah, I know. Its only September. We still have to make it through Halloween. I'm still excited about Halloween, but I don't get to take Lilly trick-or-treating this year. We'll have Zach. At least I get to go out and I'm not sitting on my porch watching all the cute little kids run around while I'm sad because I'm without Lilly. I wonder what she'll be this year. I don't know what we are going to dress Zach as yet. Last year they were both fire fighters.
Ok.. so I can ramble on and on about nothing. Its just, when I get something in my head, that's all I think about. Christmas just happened to pop in my head right around Friday, and that's all that I can think about anymore. What should I get the kids? Where will we put the tree this year? What do I have room for? Do I really want to spend $300 on hubby 2 years in a row? What should I tell people we want for the house for Christmas? So many things that I can't stop thinking about.
Ok, that's enough of my Christmas ramblings. I'm sure there's more to come later.

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