Monday, December 10, 2012

Can't NOT be busy

Yet another busy weekend/week... I'll make this one short and just provide you with some pictures.

Thursday-I took this day off work. The day care was having breakfast with Santa so I went with the kids. We ate with Zach's best friend and his little girlfriend. I was the only parent that came in Lilly's age group. After Zach was done eating, he jumped down and went straight over to Santa before I could even get up from the table. Lilly hopped up and I got a good picture of them. I think Santa was the janitor and Zach loves him. Phil is his buddy. We got Phil a Christmas card and I gave it to Zach to give to him a few days later and he was running through the halls yelling, "PHIL! PHIL!" It was so cute. He really loved getting the card. I left the kids there and went home to wrap presents and work on the basement. I've got almost all of Lilly's old clothes sold now.

Friday- Hubby went Christmas shopping so me and the kids just hung out at the house after we got home.

Saturday-I picked Tony and Bre up and took them to the mall. We made it to town just in time to catch the Christmas parade. It was Zach's first and he loved it. Lilly was a bit upset because it started raining and we left in the middle of it. That night we went to the fire station for dinner and a visit from Santa. We couldn't keep Zach away from him.

Sunday- We went to a birthday party at one of those places with the bouncy houses and giant slides. Zach loved the slide and Lilly found a little girl her age to play with. Santa stopped by here too.

All last week, I searched the mall for Christmas shirts for the kids and came out empty handed. I finally asked a guy at Gap for kids why no one had anything and he said that having shirts with Christmas trees and Santa are just not politically correct. Serious? Really? What is wrong with people these days that they have to go and ruin everything for everyone. I broke down and just got Zach a red plaid shirt and Lilly wore her dress from last year.
Oh, and some pics of our Elf

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