Monday, December 3, 2012


I left work early Friday, but I headed to the mall. I picked up Donavan's shirt that I ordered on Black Friday, got Bre a shirt and CJ some cute string dolls that she likes. I then went and got a few more stocking suffers for mom's boyfriend's grandson that lives with them. I looked around for the kids some Christmas shirts since they are meeting Santa Saturday, but no one had any out yet.
I'm trying to get Zach to go to sleep in his own bed now. He sleeps in it, but he won't go to sleep in it. He likes to cuddle when he goes to sleep. Friday he did ok. It only took about an hour and a half. Saturday he didn't go to sleep until after 11:00 and last night it was 11:30 before he went to sleep. Its slowly coming together. At least we got him asleep in his own bed, now we have to work on an earlier time.
Saturday, I didn't really do much. We shopped at Walmart. CJ brought her mom down to see my house, but they only stayed a few minutes. Then one of hubby's friends came over and stayed most of the night. We ordered pizza and watched a movie. It was warm this weekend. I took Zach out and we played. He enjoyed finally being outside after a few weeks of coldness. Its snowed in October, but in December, we're running around without jackets on. The weatherman said that it was "April-like weather"
Sunday, hubby had to go to work and then he had a meeting at the fire station. I took Zach out again and we played soccer, he rode his little riding toy and we picked sticks up out of the yard. After lunch he took a nap and I wrapped some presents. I made sure I wrapped non-breakables and stuff that wasn't the kids. I wanted to see how Zach would act before I put anything else out. I forgot how long it took to wrap! 2 hours and only a few things done. I finally watched Resident Evil for the first time, too. After work, hubby went and bought a fireplace insert for our house. He was gone most of the day.
Last week, I was panicking on trying to figure out how I was going to pay a week of day care. I was behind and had to pay. I did a little too much Christmas shopping and used all my paycheck. I was going to use my Walmart Discover card to pay day care. Its a Discover card, I can use it anywhere. I got to the day care and realized that it was expired and I never got a new one. So.. I scrambled to come up with money. I sold a few more things that used to belong to Lilly, but it wasn't enough. Then, on Friday, I log in and look at my account online and it says that I have enough money. I was getting these emails from Amazon, but not paying attention. Apparently everything that I bought on Cyber Monday was free shipping and I had calculated everything WITH shipping. So.. I was excited. Friday I went in and paid a week of day care. Then, I get in today and look and I'm overdrawn. There's 2 charges on there that I don't remember, but they are just pending right now and won't know where they are from until they go through. Child support is late and I have no way to cover it. So.. I'll have 3 overdraft charges on my account. Hopefully after this paycheck on Friday, I'll get everything straightened out. Its my fault for not keeping up with it. I just hope that after all the charges, I'll have enough in my account to pay day care for 2 weeks and my satellite bill. I doubt it, but we'll see. I'm going to try to sell some more things. Between the money from selling stuff and whenever my child support decides to come in, I should be fine. Its just enough to cause panic in me right now. I hate that the very bank I work at is making a fortune off my overdraft fees. After the new year, I'm going head first into looking for a better job again.

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