Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Time!!

So, I'll be off work until the New Year and probably won't update either of my blogs. Sorry... but I'm taking the time to be with my kids.
I heard that there's a snow storm headed my way. I've seen pictures today of what has hit in the West so far and I'm sort of excited for finally getting snow. Although, if it gets too bad, I won't get to travel to see my mom, 2 brothers and grandparents on Saturday. But.. that can certainly hold off for a few days. I'm glad that we have a fire place and I don't really have to worry about how I'm going to keep the kids warm if the power goes off. Cooking will be troublesome, but at least they'll be warm. I'm also prepared to take in others if needed.
Hubby opened Lilly's electric scooter to get it charged before Christmas and there was a bolt missing! He was suggesting that I take it back to the store, but I told him to just get a bolt and put it in there. He did and its fine. Yeah, it makes me mad that I paid that much for the toy and there were parts missing, but its an easy fix and no fuss was needed.
I have all the gifts wrapped except what is going to be from Santa and the big toys from us, but I don't think we are going to wrap the big toys. I'm not really sure what hubby has in mind for those.
I have the next few days to prepare my house to do Christmas Eve breakfast for hubby's family. Part of me wants to invite my grandparents because I know they'll come down. But that would leave my uncle and one brother alone on Christmas Eve because I know they won't come. Its only breakfast, but I don't want them to think that I'm excluding them. Its a tough call really. The other thing is seating. If hubby's family comes down, that's another 8 people. Count them and us and that's 12. I only have enough seating for 7 in the living room. For eating, I have enough for 10...11 if I put Zach in his high chair instead of at his table. If I invite my grandparents, that's another 2 and if my brother and uncle do decide to show up, that another 2. I wouldn't really think it to be a big deal, but hubby's nephews and niece just don't listen to anything and they'll be running around all crazy and I can just imagine them tearing up my kids new stuff... which they probably will. I'm just being grumpy.
Ok, I've slacked off most of the day. I now have 2 hours to get caught up so I can go on vacation.
I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. OR Happy Holidays... whichever you prefer. I hope you all stay safe.
Also, tomorrow at 9:30 am, please have a moment of silence in remembrance of the tragedy in Connecticut. My heart still breaks for them, and always will.


  1. Merry Christmas Bekah & all the very best to your family and I hope your holidays are very special!
    All the best for the New Year and I'm looking forward to another year of stalking you through your blog! Ahahaha LOL .. Kidding!....
    or am I?


    Lots of love,

    Simone. :) xx

  2. I don't mind being stalked by you. Hahaha