Thursday, December 13, 2012


The doctor said that my wrist is just inflamed and gave me a wrist splint and some anti-inflammatory medication. He said that if its not better in 10 days, that I'll go in for x-rays. Something tells me that he really doesn't think that its just inflammation, but whatever. It still hurts, but its not swollen any more.

We took the kids last night to see a festival of Christmas lights. Zach loved it, but Lilly complained.
This one is going to be short since its difficult for me to type with my brace on.
Might be going Saturday to finish my Christmas shopping. I still have to get the kids one more thing that goes with something else I bought them, my brother and his family their gift. Next weekend is when we are going to have our Christmas with my mom.
Seth had to go to day court today. He got sited for selling alcohol to a minor during a police sting. He was freaking out. My step dad came with him and I walked across the street during my lunch to go too. Nothing is going on his record, he wasn't really charged with anything, but had to pay $210, $50 was the fine and the rest was court costs.

Ok.. my wrist is really hurting. Don't think there will be any update until next week

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