Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

I think the closer we get to Zach's birthday, the sadder I get. I don't want him to grow up. I don't want either of my kids to grow up. Hell... I don't even want to grow up. I wish I could just freeze in time and stay there forever. Ok... maybe after we get a house I'll freeze time.
I couldn't find anything about my last year's resolutions on here... doesn't mean they aren't on here, I just didn't find them. Gold star for anyone who does!
So mine for this year are.....
1) Be more patient
3) Save up some money
4) Make new friends
5) Work harder at work

All very good things that I need to do. I've been losing my patience a lot lately. Hubby says its due to lack of sleep, but I think its something more. Maybe I should make one of my goals this year to go see a doctor. I've been very depressed lately and my little spurts of anger are bothering me.
Losing the weight is going to probably be the hardest for me. I always make this a goal, and it never happens. I am serious about it this time. And I mean it. No slacking off. I hate the weight that I'm at. I hate my size. 20 pounds is just a start... to get me motivated.
Saving money. Oh, I would love to be able to save money just for Christmas so I'm not scrapping up money at the last minute. I'm going to aim to save $1,500 before Thanksgiving. We'll see how that goes. I know its going to be very difficult, unless I get a very generous raise next month. That's when my raise is supposed to be coming. Next month. We'll see about that.
Making new friends is another hard one for me. I don't do that easily. My best friend just moved to New York and even though she's been far away for a few years now, it just hit me that I need more friends. She's basically all I have. I love her to death and I'm in no way going to even try to replace her, I just need another gal pal to hang out with while she's gone. One of my 30 things to do before I turn 30 is to have 2 more people I consider close friends. I shall start now. Be more open. Be more friendly. Be more social. That's my biggest problem. I am just not a social person. It seems as time goes on I become less and less social. I did have someone I started considering a close friend recently. She's a courier that comes to my work to pick up a bag full of work. We've gotten to the point where we stand and talk for a good 45 minutes everyday now. I complain to her and talk to her like I would my best friend. I trust her, which is a big thing for me. But... her last day is Thursday and she lives waaaaaay to far away to even try to hang out. I told her we'll text and I'll keep sending her pictures of my kids. Its weird. It seems that I can only make friends with people older than me. This lady is just 5 years younger than my mom.
My work... oh there's so much to say there, but all I'm going to say is that I need to light a fire under my ass and get working faster. I have more responsibility and more work to do. No more slacking. Being exhausted means nothing. I must keep moving.
So... those are my goals. Stay tuned to see if they actually happen. Stay tuned... lol....

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