Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vacation's Over

Way too much happened during my time off to even begin to talk about it. Kids loved their toys. Zach loves finally having something of his own to sit and play with. Lilly even sits and plays with his stuff. Lilly got just about everything she asked for. Hubby loves his PS3, like I knew he would. He got 5 games at Christmas from me and he went and bought 4 more New Year's Eve. Hubby got me a Kindle, which I absolutely love. I bought the Hunger Games Trilogy and I cannot stop reading it! My mom and her boyfriend got me a Wizard of Oz purse, which I love also. I didn't get any pictures of the kids during Christmas on my phone to share on here, but I did get some of them playing with their toys. You can go  here   to see them.
I broke out my Calender of Awesome today and put it on my desk. I don't want to tear the days off, so I just fold it under. I wonder how long that will last before it starts to topple over? I also went and got myself a Wizard of Oz wall calender. Things are good.
My vacation was great, but I'm oddly happy to be back at work. Being cramped in that tiny apartment for so long with the kids was killing me. Every time I turned around I stepped on a kid. It was nerve racking. My brothers loved their shirts! They were rolling on the floor laughing when they saw them, just like I knew they would. My grandma nearly cried over her ornament that simply said "Special Grandma" on a little red bulb with a santa hat on top. Mom loved her magnet I got her with the gnome on it flipping you off. It said MOM all over it when I saw it and I couldn't NOT get it. I think I did an excellent job this year gifting for everyone. My bff got me a 4 movie DVD and the books to match. Very clever and I love it so much. Nicholas Sparks books and the movies from them... how did she know?
Zach did ok unwrapping. He got bored quickly at other people's houses. He was more interested in the paper and the boxes than anything else. At our house, Hubby or I would help him unwrap one and let him play with it for a minute, then I'd hide it so he would open another. He got almost done before he wanted to quit. Lilly was nice and patient through the entire morning.
I understand I'm jumping around a lot. I'm just so tired and I have a headache. I've spent the entire day trying to catch up my work from where I was gone.

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