Monday, July 23, 2012

Almost time!

I have some good news finally. We close on our house on Wednesday!! Woo!!!! I actually started packing a little bit over the weekend. I have about 4 or 5 boxes packed and 2 trash bags of trash taken out so far. I plan to get a little bit done every day until we get the keys, then I'm going all out. The house still isn't cleaned out yet, so he better get on it! He only gets 15 days from closing to get all the stuff out. He called hubby on Saturday and told him that he was wanting to clean the house out. Hubby had told him earlier that his nephew and one of his friends was wanting to do it since the guy was going to pay them. Saturday, his nephew was unavailable so the guy said he'd call Sunday around 1:00, but he never did. He's running out of time. I hope he realized that. I actually wouldn't mind if he left the stuff in it. It be more stuff I could sell in my yardsale or some old stuff I could keep. He's just planning on throwing it all away.
Diet's going ok. I didn't lose or gain over the past few days. Eating nothing but a small salad for lunch. I did mess up this morning and got breakfast at McDonalds. I don't know why I did. I wasn't even hungry. I wanted a coffee, but I didn't have any cash and didn't want to use my card for only a few bucks. My boss was telling me about raspberry ketone pills. She saw it on Dr. Oz that it helps you lose weight. I told her she can be my guinea pig and if it works for her, I'll try it. Well... 3 days in, she's only lost one pound, but she didn't take it for a whole day. She doesn't really diet or exercise, so if it works for her, I'll try it. It claims to help you lose 10 pounds in a week.
I'm signing Lilly up for fall ball this week. I want her to play so she can get better, but all that running around and leaving work early was just crazy. At least its going to be in the fall so the weather won't be so hot. Or at least it shouldn't be. I also hope that we don't get the same coach as last time. I didn't like her one bit. I hope that it doesn't clash with soccer again. During the spring I had to make her chose between softball and soccer... I don't want her to have to make that decision again. She loves both. I was online yesterday trying to see if anything about soccer in our neighborhood was popping up, but I couldn't find anything. I'll keep looking and ask around.
Hubby's mom had knee surgery last Monday and came home Saturday. She was supposed to come home Thursday, but she was having problems with the pain medicine. She's doing fine. She can walk using a walker, very slowly, but she can get around.
Nothing really left to say. I'm just really focused on packing and getting out of that apartment. Every day that I spend there is another day I go a bit crazier, I swear. It was hard trying to pack with Zach. It wasn't that he was trying to unpack, he was just in the way. And there's no room to walk around him in our space. We would just stand there and stare at each other. Me with my arms full of stuff and him just standing there smiling at me. It was cute and frustrating at the same time. I think tonight, if I get a chance to try to pack things, I'm going to try to involve him somehow. He likes to help me do laundry, maybe he'll like helping me pack too.

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