Monday, July 2, 2012


A big storm swept through my region on Friday. It was bad. Strong winds mostly. I heard it was up to 80 mph.
I was on top of the hill at the movie theater to get Lilly's ball pictures because coach's husband works there. As soon as I got out of my car, I saw this big dust cloud rolling in pretty quick. Sand, straw and who knows what else blasted me in my face. I ran for the doors, but couldn't open them because of the wind. Finally someone else came up and together we got it opened. I got inside and the power went off. I found the guy, but he said the pictures were in his car and I told him I'd just get them later. I went by the doors to wait until the wind died down a little. Trees were bending so bad, they were nearly touching the ground. The theater's posters were flying all over the parking lot. The building was shaking. Part of me wanted to wait in my car. I could have ran in the wind and the rain, but part of me was afraid that it was a tornado and my car would end up being sucked up. I waited about 15 minutes before making a run for it. I had called hubby and he said our power was out and the fire station was calling all its members out. I wanted to get home. Traffic was already bad. Lines were down. Trees were split in two. By the time I made it home, the storm had quit.
11:00 that night we decide to go to hubby's parent's house becuase they have power and it was just too hot to sleep.
The next morning, I get up and go get Tony to try to get his learner's so he can start driving. The road to his house was a mess. Power poles were broken and laying on the side of the road. Trees were everywhere. Power lines were laying across the road. After I picked him up we headed out to the DMV. Traffic was soooo bad. Everyone was wanting to get gas at the gas stations. Unfortunately, I needed gas too. We went to the DMV first in hopes of the lines at the has stations dying down.
The whole reason I was going was to tell them that he lived with me. I had to have 2 proofs of residency. I had my ID and my concealed weapons permit. THEY WOULDN'T TAKE MY DRIVER'S LISENCE AS PROOF! The place that issued it to me won't accept it. How crazy is that?!! So we didn't get to get it. I left there and headed to the nearest gas station. The cars were lined up across the parking lot and halfway down the road. I lucked out and found a pump with only 4 cars in line. I even got cheap gas! I used my step dad's reward points and got gas for $1.79!
After that, we went to my work to get the boxes that I had been saving. Tony needs boxes to move out. I found out that my work had power. After that we went to find something to eat. I didn't want to send him home without power without feeding him first. We drove from my work through 3 towns before we found a place that was even open. Then we waited in line forever.
I dropped him off at his house and went back to the in-laws. Hubby was there getting ready to leave to go get our food out of our fridge and freezer and bring it there, so I went with him.
Sunday at around noon, our power came back on. I went home and cleaned up real quick while the apartment was cooling off a little and called my grandparents to come down. They don't have power either and I was really worried about them. I was texting them the entire weekend checking on them. They came down and stayed about 5 hours. We fed them, gave them cold water to take with them.
Today I'm taking them some ice to hopefully save some of their food. I hope their power comes on today before it gets too hot.
I can't get a hold of my mom. I haven't heard from her since right after the storm. I keep trying to call but no one answers. I don't know if she has power or not. I don't know anything. I don't know if she's ok. I don't know if she went somewhere else. I hope to get a hold of her today. I know all my brothers were ok. My step dad's power was on Saturday and they were all down there.
I hope today gets better.

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