Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Words and Stuff

Touring Facebook has kind of made me sad now. I see all these people I went to school with that have these great jobs. I'm a bit jealous. There's lots of nurses, some electricians and a few that have their own business. One is the owner of a car lot, some are engineers... just wow. I'm jealous and proud at the same time. I'm so glad that they all followed their dreams.
Turns out, I have 20/20 vision. I've had glasses all my life. I wear them all the time, except for a few photos. I told him that I wouldn't mind having a small RX for reading and such, although I could have very well went to Walmart to get those. The selection at my eye doctor was very slim. All the frames were either huge or plastic. I finally found a pair after walking in circles for nearly 20 minutes. I put them on and they looked good. Dark and rectangle. I've never strayed away from the oval shape, so this was a bold move for me. I really liked them. Then, one of the girls that work there came up to me and told me that I picked out men glasses. I told her I didn't care and she gave me this sort of disgusted look so I smiled at her and told her I was ready to check out with my men's glasses. Like I really care. Why are glasses gender specific anyway?
My mom's power is due to come back on today. Its been 2 weeks.
Talked to hubby last night about moving again. He said that he thinks Lilly might get upset if she's gone when we move, that she might want to stay one more night in the apartment. I told him that I've already thought of all that. Here's my plan..... Pack and move as soon as we get the keys to the place. Closing date is supposed to be on the 26, but I think we checked a box that gave the seller a 15 day extention if he wasn't fully ready yet. But, if we do get the keys on the 26 then we can move the next couple days. I have Lilly until the 15th and then she's gone until the 29th. That gives us 3 days to get things moved before she gets there. I want to have her stuff in her room, not really put in any specific spot. She can help arrange her furniture and decorate whenever I get her back. Rent for the apartment is paid up until August 1st. I'll leave a box in there full of her stuff so she can move it by herself. We'll spend one last night in there together on our air mattresses and sleeping bags like we are sort of camping out and order pizza or something. Zach can sleep in his pack-n-play since its super easy to break down and set back up. I think that's a great idea. Maybe leave one of the tv's in there and rent a movie or something.
I've set a goal for myself. I have kind of let my diet go and have gained 5 pounds back. I want to be 50 pounds lighter by the time my 10 year high school reunion rolls around. That give me 2 years, which averages about 1/2 pound a week. Not too bad. I just have to quit eating junk and quit making excuses for not going to the gym. I'll even post about my progress or lack of on here to keep myself motivated. I think if I write about it and I am aware of it and other people are aware of it, I'm more likely to stick to it. I've written about being on a diet, but I haven't followed up on it. That's what I need to do. Keep track of it.

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