Monday, July 16, 2012


Time is ticking. The day that we move is getting closer and closer! Ok, so its not quite official yet. We still don't know if we have the loan or not. Chances are we do. The appraisal was last week and the guy that did it told the guy that's selling the house that he sold the house way to cheap. Good for us! We don't know the exact number that it appraised for. Our mortgage lady is going to call me whenever she gets the paperwork. She also said that is looks like our closing date is going to have to be pushed back a week. Its ok. As long as we move.
My bubby, Tony is going to leave the state today. He's going to work with Chris. I'm a little worried about him, being away from home and working out on the road. Not knowing where he'll end up or anything, but I'm glad he's gotten his life on track. This is a good job. His first job is in Wisconsin.
Oh, he had gotten a storage building to put his things in, since ya know, dad kicked him out. I tried to get him to get one where I have mine, but there was no more empty so he got one kind of close where my step dad has his. Well.. not even a week into him having it, it got broken in to. They took everything but his bed and couch. They broke into 19 units.
My mom's power finally came on Friday. She went 2 weeks without it.
Lilly is back at her father's for 2 more weeks. After this we go back to our regular schedule.
I attempted to make my grandparents a wedding cake for their anniversary. They've never had one, so I wanted to do this for them. I wanted to do it for their 50th anniversary, but that was last year. I thought I had another year left. I must've counted wrong or something. Anyway, it took me 2 cakes to get it right. The first one crumbled when I tried to put the icing on it. I ended up giving that cake to Lilly to play around with and decorate. As soon as I walked through the door to their house, my grandma saw the cake carrier, couldn't even see the cake and said, "Oh, its our wedding cake!" She was so excited! I made sure I got sugar free everything because they are diabetic.
Then, yesterday we went out to eat with them, Tony and Chris. It was nice. The boys joked around with hubby and played with the kids. Maw and Paw was amused by the kids and laughed. It was a good time.
Hubby's mom is having knee surgery today. She's getting one knee fully replaced and the other knee is getting animal fat injected into it. Gross, but whatever it takes I guess. So, she'll be in Ohio for 3 days.

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