Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things Happen

First off... my diet is going great. I'm at a weight I haven't seen in a while. Yeah, its only 7 pounds gone, but its great to see that number going down. I'm watching my portions, working out more intensly and trying to cut back on carbs.
Monday night hubby and I took his 3 nephews to a demolition derby. The kids were so close to driving me crazy. The oldest one took off and we didn't see him for a long time. The 2 younger ones kept trying to sit in my lap and were loud and whiney as hell. The show was good though. I'll post pics tomorrow.
I left work early Tuesday because I was sick. I had a fever amongst other things and just wanted to go home and lay down. As soon as I did, I felt better. Hubby picked Zach up from day care and when he got home, he had a fever. So... I took yesterday off to stay home with Zach. Turns out he has a tooth coming in, but I was talking to a teacher at day care and she said that a hand foot and mouth disease case has been confirmed there and there are 3 more suspected cases.... and fever is the first symptom. If he breaks out, then he has it.
I was at the ER until 1:00 in the morning today with Lilly. Her father took her there cuz she was having horrible stomache pains. The ER was packed. We got there about 9:30, they did blood work, x-rays and she peed in a cup before we got to get a bed. We got a nice private room. It was already 11:00 at night by this point. The nurse said 15 minutes and we'll be out since she's already had all her tests. By this time she was feeling fine, joking around and laughing like normal Lilly. 12:30 we still hadn't seen anyone and she had fallen asleep. I went and told a nurse that she's feeling fine and we want to go, they can call me if anything turns up in her tests. I was halfway home when they called and said that her potasium was low.
Hubby's mom had knee replacement surgery Monday night. She was supposed to be able to come home today, but she's having problems with the pain meds. We don't know when she'll come home now.
Tony and Chris made it to Wisconsin just fine. They left Tuesday about 5:00pm and got there around 4:30 am-ish. I hope Tony likes the work. I know that he'll like the pay. Chris likes it all. He likes the travel and the work and everything.
When I came into work this morning I had an email from our mortgage lady saying we were approved for the loan and are ready to close!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!! All we have to do now is pay the homeowner insurance up for a year and we are all set. Well.. the house has still to be cleaned out too. The apprasial went well. We bought the house for $135,000 and it appraised for $164,000!
Ok... I'm seriously dead tired after being sick myself, caring for sick Zach all yesterday and then in the ER until 1:00.. and then Zach woke up every hour last night when I got home. I am exhausted and need more coffee. Its times like this, though, that I really feel like a mom.

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