Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why do I need a title?

Friday, hubby had called the mortgage lady and talked to her about which loan he wants. Of course, he went with the cheapest one, the FHA loan. But we got our papers yesterday so we can sign them and the  monthly payment is $50 more than what she estimated. I told him that what she gave us was just an estimate and not exact. He was still upset about it. Now he's wanting me to go down and talk to her about the other loan. The one that he really wanted. The conventional loan. That's the one where the PMI goes away after 20% of the loan is paid down.... which makes it cheaper in the long run. He's just doubting that we can actually afford to buy this house. I told him it'll be tight for a while, he'll have to cut down on his fast food runs at lunch and take his own. He's due for a raise, but he won't ask about it. That'll help a bit. My storage building will be gone, so that's $80 more. I told him I can take my parking payment back over, for a while anyway..until they cut my overtime again. This was my main concern when we first started talking about buying a house. I really didn't think we could pull it off. I don't even know if he wants to try any more. I think its just a big shock to him. He's been paying only $250 in rent for 10 years and now with this house we'll be paying about $860. We can do it, we just have to cut back on a lot of things.
Lilly's back! She's not sunburned either! She said that she had a lot of fun. She talked about it for a bit. She can now swim underwater, if she holds her nose. Zach was attached to her when we got home. He was following her around everywhere.
Tonight we are going to a cookout and then having fireworks. Hubby and his friend went out and bought the good stuff. The ones that go up in the air and go BOOM! Yeah, those. They always put on a better show than the city does. Zach was in awe last year. I hope it doesn't scare him this year. Lilly's excited about it too. She said that if they go to a pool today at the Y, she'll just keep her bathing suit on so she can hop in the pool when we get to the cookout.
My grandparents finally have power! I was trying to get them to come back to my apartment last night, but they found a hotel room and went there. I was sitting home last night and I figured I'd try calling their house to check on their power. I did this a few times everyday since it went out to check it. If the powers out, I just get a busy signal. But this time it rang and rang and then the answering machine picked up so I rushed to call them at the hotel to tell them that they have power. 2 minutes after I call, my brother Chris calls on the their other cell phone to tell them they had power. He stopped by the house and found out.
Finally got to talk to my mom yesterday. She called me from her mom's house. She's still out of power, but has a generator to run the fridge and the AC. I hope her power comes on soon. The estimated date now is Sunday for the rest of our county. The power company worked on our county over the weekend, but now they have to go to other counties, so the rest have to wait now.

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