Thursday, October 18, 2012


I spent the better half of my night trying to figure out what happened to the post I put up on my smile blog... apparently... I put it on my personal blog. So those of you that visit both sites, the stick frown is going to be used again on my smile blog very soon. I can't believe I did that.
Hubby was in a weird mood yesterday. I couldn't get him to tell me what was bothering him. He maybe said 2 sentences to me the entire day. He didn't eat dinner. I am kind of worried.
Zach has reached his terrible two's. Every morning is a battle now to get him ready. He fights and screams. Every day when we get home he just wants to cry and scream. Nothing you do can calm him down. You can't hold him, but he doesn't want to be put down. He doesn't want his cup, but he won't put it down. He doesn't want you near him, but screams when you back away. This goes on for about an hour every day now when we get home. Its like a switch turns on the second we pull into the driveway and he starts screaming in the car before I can even get in the garage. I've tried food, in case he was hungry. I've tried milk, juice, water, lemon aid, in case he was thirsty. I've tried changing his diaper, in case it was bothering him. I've tried even giving that kid a cookie and he just screams. I've tried his favorite cartoon, but that doesn't work either. I've tried tickling him, but it just makes me more mad. I don't get it. I've even tried letting him just cry it out, but if I'm not trying to calm him down he gets worse.
Lilly goes to her father's today. We decided this morning that I'm going to go buy her a cape so she can be a magician at the YMCA's fall festival. She already has the hat and a wand. I hope I can find one.
The parking garage to the mall collapsed a little bit today and its all over the news now. That's all they are talking about. It was just a small portion of it, no one was hurt and the area was roped off for construction anyway, so there were no cars around.
Did you know that a couple of places already have their Black Friday ads out? That's crazy. I'm very excited and have been planning for about a month so far and here they are just helping me out by putting out their ads super early. I love it! I keep trying to save money, but since my hours have been cut at work, its nearly impossible.
Yep... that's about it so far today. Sorry about the surprise frownie face. That was a mistake and was supposed to go on my other blog. Crazy.

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