Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The parent teacher conference yesterday went great. The teacher said that she has no problems out of Lilly and her grades are fantastic. We talked for about a good 25 minutes. She told me about Lilly falling in the mud and how so dramatic she was that is was almost comical. She said that she wished Lilly would participate in class discussions more. Lilly stays quiet, but she always knows the answer when asked. I told the teacher to keep her away from Caitlyn in the seating chart because then she won't stop talking. We talked about Lilly going to her father's house and how that's about the time that she says she doesn't feel well. We talked about softball. I like this teacher a lot.
The game last night went great. Lilly was hitting the ball in the outfield every time. She never got out. When on the field, she ran after that ball and caught it. She was an all star last night. The coach even put her on short stop and she kicked butt there too. I was very proud. Zach had some little boys from the other team's family to play with, so he was pretty occupied during the game. He fell asleep on the way home. It got cold out there. I had Lilly put on her coat and was worried about it getting in the way, but she still did awesome.
That's about all I got. Hopefully by the beginning of next month, I'll have more time to write more.... if I'm still with this job that is. They are moving my department from the 3rd floor to the first floor and some things that I do is going to be passed on to someone else.
I'm going to the mall today in search for Zach a winter coat before it gets too cold and we are stuck without one. We tried to get one over the weekend at Walmart by our house, but they didn't have his size. Hubby then checked the Walmart close to his work and they didn't have it either. I told him that they may not carry 2T since its not that different that 24 months. 24 month coat was a bit too small and 3T was way too big, so I'm going to the mall to look around during my lunch hour.
Here's a million pictures of the kids....

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