Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Oh, the things that have happened lately. Lets see.. when did I post last, Monday? Ok, lets just go from there.
Monday night we had a storm. Hurricane Sandy hit not too far from me and then a blizzard came in and was swirling around with Sandy, just lingering in my area. We got quite a lot of snow, but our power stayed on. My mom wasn't as lucky. She's without power and probably won't get any until next week sometime. My brother's power just came back on around noon today.
The weather was so bad they canceled school. I almost didn't go to work, but I powered on because it was moving day. Trees were across the road everywhere and I basically slid all the way to work. The roads weren't treated at all. I left work early for Zach's Halloween party. It went good. He had fun after he was awake. I woke him up when I got there and he was a bit grouchy and cried and fought with me when I tried to get his costume on him. There was only him and his little girlfriend from his class there so they put them in the 2 year old class. Altogether, there was 6 kids. Good thing too because a lot of teachers called off work. He wanted me to carry him at first when we started trick or treating through the Y until he noticed that he was getting candy. Then he wanted down and do it himself. He wouldn't let anyone put the candy in his bag. He wanted to carry it all in his hands. When we were done, we went back to class to eat cupcakes and other goodies. He licked the icing off his cupcake and chewed up a tomato and spit it out. Then he was too occupied with a sucker, he didn't eat anything else and just laid on me instead of playing. So we went home
We carved pumpkins yesterday. Zach wasn't really that interested, but Lilly had a ball.
There wasn't any school today either due to the number of power outages. If you haven't read about what's going on with the weather, you need to do it. New York and Virginia got hit real hard with the hurricane and West Virginia got his real hard with the blizzard. Its crazy.
I finished moving at work today since I left early yesterday. I've been running around like crazy and haven't gotten much done, really. There was a Halloween party here, but a bunch of crap went down and I didn't go, but I did have to order the stuff and go pick it up.
I think I'll stop here...I know its in the middle of everything, but I'm actually wanting to calm down a bit before I write about today.... so here's a bunch of pics from yesterday.

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