Friday, November 30, 2012


The weekend is here!!!! Nothing really planned. I think hubby wants to get his Christmas shopping done, but that's it.
I just sort of fell asleep at my desk, so I'm updating my blog to help keep me awake. I only have about an hour left. I get to leave a little early today since I'm at my 40 hours for the week.
I brought in my little 3 1/2 foot Christmas tree to work and put it up in our new space. I put it on one of the desks that we aren't using at the moment. A few of the girls are going to bring in ornaments. I think I'm going to look through all my decorations and see what all I have. I might bring some stuff in to decorate the entire space if I can. I'd like to, but I don't think I have very much. I never really had space to put decorations and hubby said that after the holidays, we'll get some while its on sale. So this year, we just have our tree. We will go get some outside lights to put up, but that'll be it for now. After, we're going to get a bigger tree. Our 6 foot tree just looks tiny in our new house. I was admiring it last night. I really do think it looks nice this year. I actually have room to step back and look at it this year. I love the colored lights and the red garland. I'm not a fan of blinking lights, but I don't hate them. I think that's what hubby and Lilly agreed to for the outside and I'm ok with that.
I have moved our elf, Dee and that's where he'll stay until Monday when Lilly sees him. I'm going to work on being more creative. Zach's really not into it yet and he doesn't understand. I do try to put him up where Zach can't reach him or won't see him. The story says that if you touch him, he loses his magic and I can just imagine the kind of fit Lilly would throw if she saw Zach touch him.
The gift I bought my grandparents came in the other day. I ordered it off Amazon and the box was a little damaged, but the gift wasn't. I got them a new shredder since theirs is broken and has been for a while now. I got one of the criss-cross shredders. I should also be getting 5 more packages. Each shirt I ordered is coming separately. There's a movie coming separately and then some toys coming together I think. Oh, and some stuff off another website.
So... Happy Weekend and here's where I put Dee up.

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