Monday, May 6, 2013

Memories and stuff

Ok.. so lets get talking about my new year's resolutions... if I can remember them all. Losing weight, check! I've been doing fantastic. Its slow progress, but its progress. I weigh about what I did right after I had Zach. I can't believe I gained so much weight after he was born. My goal for the year was 25 pounds and I'm already down 15. Maybe I should up my goal. 
Cooking something new once a week, check! Maybe even more then once a week thanks to Pinterest. I swear, I've been cooking like crazy lately. Last night I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for the first time and it was amazing. I've made salmon, and I've never in my life made fish. I've done Cajun shrimp, Pesto shrimp, meatball lasagna, slow cooked teriyaki chicken, crab stuffed rolls... oh there's just been so many things. Hubby's really been enjoying all this new food, too. I'm liking it because I'm cooking more and eating out less... which is helping me with the weight.
Be more social... sort of check! I have maybe one more person that I would consider a close friend which is my ex neighbor. Before, we were just friends, but now I think I'd put her in my close circle. I even invited her out to dinner not too long ago and she is my running partner. I'm still working on making friends at work. I think I can consider 2 more people friends, but not friends that I would hang out with outside of work... yet.
I haven't been doing many crafty things with the kids. Lately its just been stuff like coloring with chalk in the driveway. So.. there's one thing I need to work on.
I haven't really been having me time unless you count the 45 minutes I take a couple times a week to go run. I need to work on this too. Taking my shower last night, I realized just how stressed out I am. I have to find something before I lose it completely.
My patience is a little better. I'd say 90% of the time I'm calm, cool, and collected when it comes to the kids and hubby. Deep down I'm stressing out and yelling my head off, but on the outside I have a smile. The other 10% seems to jump out when I'm PMSing and I'm working on that.
So, I think overall I'm doing pretty good.
This weekend was stressful and hectic as always. I swear my life would be boring without stress but I'll end up bald from pulling my hair out. Saturday, I cleaned as usual. I gave Zach a pop tart, or p-tart as he calls it, and I turned Mickey Mouse on tv while he ate and I loaded the dishwasher. When I was done, I turned around and the front door was open! I went to the door and couldn't see Zach. I yelled his name...nothing. I went back to the couch and he wasn't there. I went to the back door and didn't see him. I called his name..nothing. I started walking through the yard and there he was coming down the hill from behind our out building. I didn't want to make it a big deal because he would have just thought it was funny and do it again. I said, "Zachary! You can't be outside without mommy and you don't even have shoes on." Then he says, "OW, my piggies hurt!" I told him to get inside and I sent hubby a text that we need locks on the doors up high where he can't reach them. Hubby thought Zach getting out was funny. I was surprised that he didn't run down the driveway since its his favorite place to play. My heart was jumping out of my mouth. You know.. I see this kind of thing on the news a lot, about a toddler getting out an roaming the neighborhood and I know everyone is thinking that the parents were passed out on drugs. But you know.. you can't keep your eye on the child ALL the time. I try, I really do, because I know he is adventurous and getting in trouble is funny to him sometimes. I didn't even hear him open the door and I really thought Mickey would keep him entertained for more than 5 minutes so I could load the dishwasher. Scared me half to death, I swear.
Then Sunday... oh Sunday.... Lilly had ball pictures at 2:45. I told her father that she needed to be there early to change into her uniform. I text him at 2:40 and he is about another 20 minutes away. Then I get a text from his wife asking if I have a hairbrush because Lilly didn't brush her hair. No, I do not have one. I kind of expect you guys to make sure that her hair is brushed BEFORE you go out the door. She said that they had a baby comb and she will do what she can. 3:05 they finally get there. The photographer is waiting on Lilly. Everyone already had their pictures taken. They come walking up so slow, I grab her uniform, tell her to run to the bathroom to change. Her hair is up in french braided pig tails. She starts changing... no cleats. I go ask her father where her cleats are and he says... and I'm quoting this conversation.
"I though you would have them because you said you had to wash her uniform and bring it."
"You took her home after practice on Friday... you have her cleats."
"I thought those were her practice cleats."
"No... those are her only cleats!"
So then I go to the photographer and tell him to make sure he cuts her feet off in the picture. Not a problem. I go back to the bathroom to check on Lilly's progress and she's crying. She can't get her hat on because of the braids in her hair. I get it on as best as I can and send her out. Her face is all red during her individual picture. When they do the group picture, the photographer puts Lilly and a couple of girls on their knees with their feet behind them so Lilly's shoes aren't showing.
Now.. no cleats, I can handle, that wasn't a big deal. But not brushing her hair and being 20 minutes late!
Anywho... hubby did finally treat me to a dinner out. We went to Friday's and I had the Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta. It was good and Zach was well behaved. Hubby got onto us for being too loud though even though Zach was just playing and laughing. I told him that he's not crying or fussing and its ok. Nobody minds a happy kid.
Went out for a run on Saturday. I didn't make it far and my legs started hurting bad. I ran/walked all the way to Lilly's school, attempted to run again and I was just in so much pain, I walked back. Walking is still better than sitting and watching tv!
I've had a few weird memories pop into my head lately so I'm going to share them on here.
-Attending my first ball game. I was maybe in the first grade and it was with my school to go see our local baseball team play. My grandma had bought me a blue had to wear to keep the sun off my face. It started raining and the blue faded off the had and onto my face.
-The first time I was teased. I was in the third grade. I had somehow managed to put both my shirt and pants on backwards. They were the elastic waist band pants. They were black. I had turned my shirt around, but didn't know my pants were backwards. No one else would have noticed either, but there was a heart shape patch that was supposed to be on my right thigh. It was now on the back of my left leg. Halfway through the day a fourth grader picked on me for my pants being backwards. It made me cry. I went to the bathroom and changed, but I still hated her all through high school.
-Second grade we were having a jump rope contest. It was down to me and Scott. We were the only ones still jumping. I could feel my shorts beginning to slip off my hips, so I had to stop jumping and lost.
-The first time I watched porn... it was just a clip and I was totally not supposed to be there. I was 7 or 8 and I had followed my older brother to the neighbors house. There was a boy that lived there a little older than my brother. His parents weren't home. He decides to turn on his tv and show my brother what he was watching and I was standing there. 5 seconds of watching this, my brother pushes me outside.
-The first time I took a sip of beer. I was 6. I used to go over to my neighbors house and watch her baby sleep while she went to her garden to pick the veggies. (not the same neighbors that watched the porn. I moved a lot as a kid) I was over at her house just hanging out and she gave me a sip of her beer.
-When I was about 7, I used to start my day by putting my face up against my door, putting my hands around my mouth and whispering every cuss  word.
- When I was 6, me and my brother sat on the back porch swing and tried to see how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
- The first time I babysat my little brother, I was 8. It was the weekend. My step dad went to work and mom had just got a job, so she went to work. The babysitter never showed up. Mom quit her job 2 days later. She worked there an entire 3 days.
- My first sleepover. I was 9. I was the new girl in this school and was only friends with the girl who invited me. All the girls were already shaving their legs. I wasn't, so I wore long pants and knee high socks all night long.
- I didn't get my own radio until I was 11 years old. The first CD I bought was the boy band 5ive.
- The first time I ate shrimp and drank coffee, I was 9 or 10. We had went to Mississippi to visit my first step dad's dad. My step dad's step mom made shrimp gumbo. I thought the shrimp was weird but ate it anyway. The next morning, I thought I was grabbed my cup full of soda, but I grabbed someone's coffee and took a big gulp. Grossed me out.
-Kindergarten graduation, we sang I've Been Working On the Railroad and I played the triangle.
-Second grade, we sang a song in Spanish for the school. I still remember the Spanish words I sang, but I had just looked up the song and I had the words soooo wrong.
Ok... that's enough for now. No ball game until Wednesday and then Thursday is Mother's Day tea with Zach.

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