Friday, May 31, 2013


I know its been forever since I've updated either one of my blogs. I was having issues with my phone and its memory and had to delete a lot of my apps and unfortunately, the Blogger app was one to go. Everything is resolved. My phone was just having a really bad few days. I'm not going to go back and check the last time I did update, so I'm just going to wing this.
Hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I really have no idea what to do for him. I bought him a Bluetooth ear piece. Got him one last year for Father's Day and he lost it, so I got him another. Gonna get him a cheesecake too. He prefers cheesecake over regular cake. Other than that, I have no idea. I might suggest going out to eat, but that would probably be it. I'll let him sleep in a while... like he does every weekend anyway. He does have to work, but he has no set time on the weekends.
Zach can reach the peddles on his Big Wheel now. He couldn't back in January when we got it for him for his birthday. He peddles it too.... right into the road. He got a good time out and then we walked down to where he knows he is supposed to stop in the driveway and we drew a line with chalk. I then spent the next 10 minutes telling him that the line means to stop and turn around. Well, now...he stops at the line and expects me to go down there and push him back up the driveway.
Lilly's softball is almost over. We have 3 more games left. She has really been enjoying her time with this team. They'll have fall ball together and then most of the girls are moving up to girl pitch. Lilly will still be in coach pitch. I want to try to move her up so she can stay with her team and her coach. Its hard to find a good coach. I'm afraid we'll get stuck with the coach that yells at the girls. I will pull Lilly out if we end up with him. Softball is about fun, there's no need to get out there and yell at a group of 7 and 8 year olds and tell them they aren't doing good enough. What a way to blow their self esteem. I'm trying to get Lilly's father to want to coach, but it'll be hard because he lives so far away. I really don't know enough about the sport to do it or I would. I'm also hoping that one of the assistant coaches decides to coach next year. I think his daughter is the same age as Lilly. He's really good with the girls too and he has a job and understand that the rest of us do too and its hard on us to get to these 5:00 practices.
Weight loss was at a stand still for a while. I wasn't able to get out and run and I just got lazy. But I'm back on track and back at it. Went out running last night. 2 miles and my pace per mile went down a whole minute. I'm hoping to get to my 20  pound weight loss by the end of June. My goal for the year was to lose 25 pounds and I'm already at 16. I also signed up for another 5k. This one is in August so it'll be my first. The Color Run and The Color Vibe, both 5k's where you end up a colorful mess. I'm excited about them both and I hope to be able to sign up for more. I think there's one in July that I may do. I'm going to go for a good walk today for lunch. When my brother gets out of training for his new job, I'm going to make weekly walks to his workplace. He's right across the river, but its a decent walk. I'd say its about a mile to his work and then I'll have a mile to walk back to mine.  
Relay is just 15 days away! I have Lilly this of right now. It may change again. I wasn't supposed to have her, but we'll see.
My birthday is also coming up. I told hubby that I wanted a set of 5 pound weights and some resistant bands. Nice and cheap and I will use them. I have a set of 10 pound weights but its difficult to do aerobic exercises with them. I need something a little lighter. Told hubby that I'm going to find a doctor and get some anti depression meds for my birthday. I'm having second thoughts about that. I don't have a family doctor and I don't want to just walk into a new doctor office and go on and on about my depression. I have to trust the doctor before I do crap like that.
Summer camp for Lilly begins on Monday and I still have no idea if her bathing suit fits her or not. They are doing lots of things this year and I hope she has a lot of fun.
I can't really remember much that has happened that I can write about. Me and hubby went 4 wheeling Sunday with a few of his friends. Only lasted about 2 hours though and then we went out to eat. Still actively looking for another job as well as helping Tony find another one.
Oh yeah... Lilly had practice on Tuesday and it lasted 3 hours! Lilly was the last one to practice batting. Honestly, that's the one thing the girls don't need to practice. They need to work on their plays instead. Anyway.. it was hot and it was a long day and all the girls were tired. Lilly was missing a lot of balls and the coach's daughter started hounding her. Made me mad. I wanted to yell at her to shut up. It was just making Lilly mad and she missed more balls. 3 hours for practice is too long. Toward the end of practice, my ex neighbor/running buddy called me to tell me she fell down the stairs at the apartment. I've fallen down those stairs while pregnant and I know how it feels. After practice I took Lilly home, spent 5 minutes with Zach and headed to her house to take her to the doctor. Nothing was broken, but I didn't get home til about 10. Broke my heart that I didn't spend time with Zach or get to put him to bed. I was in tears. Also brought Lilly to work with me on Tuesday. Figured it would be some good me and her time since her father was getting her two weekends in a row and even a day early the second week. She watched movies on the portable DVD player I brought, listened to her MP4 player, played computer games and me and her went for a walk for lunch. She watched me work and kept asking me how I know what to do.
All stars for softball also starts in June but Lilly will not participate this year. They do either practices or games every day for 2 weeks straight and Lilly is having a week of summer vacation time with her father during that time and I doubted he would take her. I wasn't going to pay the $40 for her not to participate.

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