Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Day

I found out yesterday that a girl I work with was found dead in her garage with the car running. It was so shocking. We all knew that she was going through a rough divorce, but never thought that this would happen. She has 2 teenage daughters. I put a candle and a rose on her desk today.
Lilly has a game today, so I'll be leaving work a bit early. Actually did some job searching today, but every place I saw that looked good wanted me to work weekends and holidays. I can't do that. Hubby works weekends and holidays. Who would watch the kids?
This weekend was ok. Lilly's team won their game on Friday 20-2 and then again on Saturday 18-0. None of the other teams are really any competition yet. The team we are playing today we did lose to the last time we played them. Lilly missed that game. I told coach that they only lost because Lilly wasn't there.
I took Lilly running with me on Saturday while Zach and hubby took a nap. I was hoping she would be my motivation- "Faster mom! Come on...let's keep going.. further" We made it half a mile and she was done.
Zach actually slept through the night Sunday night. That morning he and his bed were soaked where his diaper had leaked. Last night he only got up twice and the last time was because hubby was making lots of noise when he was getting ready.
Weight loss is still on track. Last night for dinner I had a salad and a baked potato. Tonight is crock pot teriyaki chicken over white rice. I've been on the stairs all day today too and I always get plenty of exercise at Lilly's games. I stand, never sit, and I'm always running after Zach. I did some Just Dance on the Wii last night for a bit too. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it. It feels great to lose weight and I always feel awesome after I go for a run. I wish I had some exercise machines in my house. Even a treadmill would be great so I could still run when I don't have a sitter, or when the weather is bad out.
Mother's Day is coming up and what do I want? I want to sleep in!!!! It won't happen. Hubby will be the one sleeping in like always. Last year though he kind of left us on our own. The night before he took off with his buddies and didn't get home until super late and he was a little drunk. Then, the day of, he takes his mom and dad to go look at our future house. I was not a happy camper last year. Hopefully this year he won't go running off. I know I'll probably end up spending the day at his mom's house. I don't want to. But I'm sure that's what'll happen. One day a year that I want for myself.... I don't even ask for anything special on my birthday. That is just another day. But I pride myself in being a good mom and Mother's Day should be for me. One day. Just one day out of the whole year where I want to feel special. One day.

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