Friday, June 7, 2013


Things and stuff and everything.... and yeah....
I am wearing a size down today. I'm officially a size 14 again. Now to get down even further. My goal is to at least get back down to a 10. I doubt I can get to a 6 again... but I'll try. I still can't believe I got so lazy and allowed myself to get that big. I went running on Tuesday. I took that day off because Lilly has had so many games this week and Tuesday was her earliest game. I figured it be easier for me to get 8 hours vacation time than only 6 hours working there. I took the kids to the Y, went running... did close to 2 miles and my pace per mile has reduced to 13:55. That made me very happy. I just have to get back in the groove of things. I got really lazy there for a bit.
Lilly's last game was last night, but the president of the league cut it short because it was getting dark and he didn't want to turn on the lights for us. Bitter old man. So, no one won or lost.
Lilly was invited to a birthday pool party tomorrow and she's excited. Its one of her best friends who plays on her team and was in Lilly's class. Sunday we have another pool party with the team to get trophies.
Oreo is doing ok with the kids. He likes to nip at your toes and Zach says, NO Doggie! and then runs from him. I'd say we have him halfway house trained. We did have an accident last night, but its coming along quite nicely. He slept all night last night too. Unfortunately, Zach did not.
My birthday is this coming Thursday. I'm thinking about taking that day off, but I'm not sure yet.
I still haven't posted any pics, have I? I have to redownload the app so I can do that.
The fire station is also have a boot drive and hot dog sale tomorrow. I'll swing by with the kids for an early lunch, but I'm not staying this year to participate in the boot drive. I visited last year, but I didn't do anything then either. People threw a fit the year I was pregnant with Zach because the only thing I did to help was stay inside and count money... kind of my expertise since I work in a bank and was store manager at a gas station which consisted of counting large amounts of money daily. They didn't care that I was pregnant and it was blistering hot outside-they wanted me to stand outside to collect money. I'm not a member of the fire station, I was there to help out and if they couldn't appreciate what I was doing, then that's not my problem. Haven't been back to help out since.
Lilly has to read a book and write a book report during the summer and also write a 2 page essay about what she did over the summer. They both have to be turned in on the first day of school. I'll make her to the book report in July and the essay in August. I'm sure she'll want to write about going to Disneyworld and they aren't going there until the week school starts. She really doesn't need anything for school either. I'll get her maybe a couple of outfits and a pair of shoes, but she really doesn't need any clothes. We also have all the supplies she needs at home, except a new box of crayons.
Looks like Chris and Tony are coming by my house Saturday evening after the pool party. Chris needs his oil changed and asked if hubby could do it. I'll try to plan something to cook for them. I have everything needed for my pizza casserole. I can do that. Quick and easy and yummy. I haven't seen Chris in a long time. I think it was Christmas. Might cook for them.
I just finished reading Sharp Objects  by Gillian Flynn. Good book. Easy read. Very interesting and a little crazy. I'm going to the bookstore today to get one of her other books, either Gone Girl or Dark Places. Probably whichever is cheaper. That's how I decided last time. Gonna get a gift card for the shoe place for my bubby because he needs new shoes but is broke. I don't know what size he wears, but I know what shoes he likes, so I'll scout them out and get him a giftcard. I'll try to figure something out to get for Chris too. I'll look around while I'm at the mall today.
Yeah... that's good for now.... I have to get back to work.

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