Thursday, December 22, 2011

See you next year!

I am taking a bit of a vacation starting tomorrow. I won't be back until Janurary 3, so there will be no posts until then.
Last night I let Lilly wrap Zach's sippy cups we got him. It occured to me after she had wrapped them that they didn't come with lids. Now I'm going to have to go out and get some more that have lids so we can go places with his sippy without the worry of dirt and such getting in/on the cup. Its crazy that they would even make a sippy without a lid, or even some way to cover the part they put in their mouth, ya know??!
Lilly goes to her father's today and I will get her back Saturday night. He gets to do Christmas with her Saturday and I get her on Sunday. Next year its going to be switched around.
I'm taking Tony to get a tattoo tomorrow and wrap presents. I have to remember to get all the gifts out of the closet here at work and take them home today. Saturday, we have dinner at hubby's uncle's house and a little gift exchange with some of the people there. Sunday, of course is Christmas. We'll do our thing in the morning, then head out to hubby's mom's house. When we are done there, we will go to my grandma's house and do Christmas with Dad and most of my brothers. Yesterday while I was out at the mall, I bought my brothers a game. Chris got a game for his computer, Tony got one for his XBox...its about zombies of course, and I got hubby another one for the PS3 I bought him. I also got my nephew and his (soon to be) step brothers one of those metal plates with their names on it that you put on bicycles. Yeah... my oldest brother is getting married........ on Christmas Eve!! I won't be there. There's no way I can be there. He never really told me or even invited me anyway. I heard it from Mom. I was a bride's maid in his first wedding... and not even invited to his second wedding. He has a church booked and everything, from what I hear from Mom.
Anyway.... Next week, probably Thursday, I'm going to Mom's to have Christmas with her and then to her mom's house to give grandma her stuff. After that, I'll go to my second ex-step dad's house to do Christmas with him.
A lot to do, I know, but its what I do. Holidays are actually a bit more tame these days than what they used to be. I always tried to fit everyone in on the same day and I only had Lilly for half the day. Now I have her the whole day, so that part is a little easier.
So super excited about Zach's first Christmas. I went way overboard this year with the gifts, but I'm happy  and I know they will be too. Today was pajama day at the day care, so I put Zach in some pj's and sent him on his way. Babies in pajamas are some of the cutest things I've ever seen.
I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!! Stay safe, stay happy.

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