Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Vacation

Its been one hell of a week. Mom went home from the hospital on Sunday, grandpa got to go home Monday. My other grandpa went to North Carolina yesterday to be with his cousin who had a stroke on Monday and didn't wake up. He passed away today. Tuesday I was off work because I was sick. Wednesday I left work early because Lilly was running a fever. Tuesday, hubby was in a wreck in the fire truck. Hubby's fine but the truck is totaled.
Turns out mom really did have a small heart attack. The dr said that the 2 arteries that she had bypass surgery on are the worst. One is 100% blocked and the other is 30% blocked. The one that is 100% is growing itself around the blockage and is fixing itself. In the meantime, the other artery is 15% blocked and is working double time to make up for the lost blood flow.
Lets see.. I'll start with the past weekend. Lilly had a small fever Saturday and hardly ate, but with meds her fever went down. I spent a few hours in the hospital with mom and grandpa on Sunday until mom was released. My oldest brother took her home. I kind of feel bad because my weekend with Lilly was not spent with Lilly. Grandpa was supposed to have a blood scan done, but his bleeding stopped so they didn't.
Monday night I started feeling sick and had to call hubby to come home from his meeting at the fire station. I was sick all night and was really trying to go to work in the morning. I made it as far as day care and decided to go home. I had a high fever and my stomach was doing flip flops. It was a bad day. I felt ok as long as I had Advil in my system, but as soon as it started wearing off, I got bad again. About 6:00 Tuesday night, hubby leaves on a fire call. I'm feeling a little better but not 100%. I get a call while I'm putting the kids to bed at 8:00 that he was in a wreck. The guy that was driving went over a hill, but everyone is fine. I stay up until midnight waiting on hubby to get home so I can check on him.
Wednesday I got a call about 3:30 to come get Lilly from the Y because she has a fever. Got the kids home, gave her some meds, fixed her a grilled cheese sandwich and by 6:00 she was asleep. She slept until about 10:00 when I tried to get her PJ's on her, but went back to sleep. Me and Zach just hung out and watched tv.
Thursday, I woke Lilly up and she was feeling fine so she went to school and I went to work. My grandma calls me and tells me my grandpa is in North Carolina and just texted me this morning saying that paw's cousin passed away.
Tony works his first midnight shift tonight.
Seth is spending time at moms to help her out and make sure Donavan gets up for school.
I'm so far behind on my work that its impossible to catch up. Some of the stuff that happened while I was gone, I'm spending today fixing. On top of all that, my wrist is killing me again. I wore my brace for a couple of days, but I forgot it today and it really hurts today. On a good note, I lost a pound and am now down 12 since the new year.
I've hardly seen hubby this week and it'll probably be a few more days before I do. Monday he had his meeting. Tuesday, he was in a wreck. Wednesday, he spent at the fire station taking all the equipment off the totaled truck. Thursday, he had another meeting. Today, he has a fire class. He works this weekend and then he has his weekly Monday meeting.
I've become quite addicted to the Candy Crush game and I haven't even had the app for a whole day yet. I've also become addicted to Pintrest. I'm so far behind on the times. I'm like an old lady, I swear.

Here's some pics of the kids....

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