Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm awake, I promise

I'm exhausted. I've been drinking coffee all day and I can still go to sleep. Spent all day at the hospital yesterday from 7 in the morning until almost 6 at night running between mom and grandpa. I broke up arguments between Seth and Donavan. I led them through the hospital and helped grandma get find her way too. Took her to get coffee and she spilled it everywhere, so I cleaned that up. Fed my brothers. Asked the doctors and nurses questions. Kept on top of things. Stayed strong for everyone else. Mom's heart cath went fine. Doctor said that she has 30% blockage and that the enzymes in her heart were so elevated that she should have had a heart attack. She didn't need stints or surgery or anything. She was supposed to get out today, but the doctor wants to monitor her a few more days, so now she's there until Sunday. I went to visit her today during my lunch, took her some Captain D's fish.
Grandpa... I can't remember what I have and haven't said about him. He was in the ER Wednesday from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. Around 5 that evening, his blood pressure dropped so much that when he went to the bathroom, he passed out, fell and hit his head. That was the last time that he bled too until the next morning after he ate breakfast. He is in the ICU right now but is expected to move to a regular room later today or tomorrow.
I left the hospital around 3 yesterday to go get Tony and Bre. Tony worked until 3 and wanted to come down but didn't know how to get to the hospital so I just went and got him. When we left there around 6, I took them to pick up dinner and then took them home. I went home and I just wanted to go to sleep. Hubby had ordered pizza for dinner and the kids were eating when I walked in. Zach jumped up and ran to me. I sat at the dinning table and just put my head down and waiting until they were done. I helped Lilly with her homework and quizzed her on her spelling and played with Zach until bedtime. I put them to bed and hit the shower and crawled into my own bed. Then I had a dream that a new day care worker took Zach home with her because I couldn't make it to pick him up and hubby was supposed to go but never showed. Then, she wouldn't give him back to me. Zach woke me up around 5 in the morning and I was so sad from the dream... until I went into his room and discovered that his diaper leaked. Then, I had to clean him and his bed up. He wouldn't go back to sleep after that, so we just cuddled until I had to get up.
That's all I got. My mind is blank... I'm just so tired. Yesterday was just so stressful and I'm emotionally drained and running between rooms and running after my brothers wore me out. Happy Friday

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