Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is Almost Here

This weekend was fantastic! The weather was wonderful.
Friday, me and Zach went out to dinner with my ex neighbor. The service was horrible, but the food was good. Hubby had a class to go to, so he missed out.
Saturday, I called up my grandma and told her I was heading to Walmart if she wanted to go or needed anything. My grandpa was in NC for a funeral and my grandma doesn't drive. We went up there and I got basically everything I need for Lilly's party. Zach started to get restless and sleepy about halfway through the store. I couldn't find any Full House DVD's that I wanted to get for Lilly. We shopped and checked out. I gave Zach a cookie to entertain him while we drove back to my grandma's house. He took one bite and fell asleep. After dropping Maw off, I took Zach home. He was still asleep with his cookie in his hand. I pulled into the driveway the same time hubby got home from work. By now, Zach had crumbled up his cookie all over himself.
I introduced Zach to chalk. It was the first time he had played with it. It was pretty outside so I grabbed some and he colored the driveway. We spent most of the day outside playing. When we went inside, I had to clean and cook dinner.
Sunday was another pretty day outside. Took Zach out again and he played with just about every single outside toy he has. He helped me pick up sticks from the yard, pull weeds from the flower bed, leaves out of my bushes and he even swept the sidewalk off. I dressed him in shorts! We climbed trees, played sword fighting and bird watched. I took him in for his nap and I finished laundry, stripped Lilly's bed, opened up windows, washed dishes, cleaned the windows and swept up the cobwebs from the corners. After he woke up, we went back outside and cleaned up the patio furniture and the back door. Hubby grilled us some steaks for dinner and I attempted to make dehydrated fruit and failed.
Tonight we are going to attempt to make the bubble paint that we haven't gotten the chance to do yet. I hope it works out ok.
I got to hang out with CJ for lunch. She's supposed to leave for Australia to visit her husband for a week soon. She's in her first trimester and is having some small issues and is debating weather or not she's going to go.
So far everything is a go for Lilly's party. She only invited 3 friends though, but plenty of family and kids will be there. This is the first birthday party I'm having at the house. I am even making her cake myself. I found some green icing and am going to make a white cake with green steaks in it. I have green candles, green streamer, green kool-aid, green napkins, green plates, green forks, green cups, green garland and I'm going to get green wrapping paper. I have some green mints too but am also going to get the chocolate gold coins and put in a plastic pot to look like a pot of gold and I'm going to hide it and make the kids find it. I hope the weather is nice. Right now its calling for rain, but only 30%. I am still debating weather or not to get her roller skates or wait til Christmas for them.
Today has been a very unmotivating day. I haven't gotten anything done or even made and attempt to.  

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